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Long before this Number of the Gospel | Christ " of whom he so loved to speak, Magazine is in the hands of its readers, “no more through a glass darkly, but they will doubtless have heard of the face to face.” Now, what he would removal to his eternal inheritance of our delight to express in some well-chosen late valued friend and occasional corres- verse at the table of the Lord, he enjoys pondent, Mr. ARTHUR TRIGGS. He to the full. Then, with a rapturous now realizes, in all their fulness and heart and tearful eye, he would exclaim, power, those glorious things upon

“Now free from sin, I walk at large, which, during a lengthened ministry, he This Breaker's blood's my soul's discharge; was wont to dwell. That “most glorious At His dear feet content I'll lay, Christ,” whose sacred person was his A sinner saved, and homage pay.” all-engrossing theme, now stands revealed But now how fully and how blessedly to him in all His perfection, loveliness, does he realize what he then expressed and glory. The consciousness of this fact brings to

in the following verse :our remembrance a little circumstance

“ Jesus, to celebrate Thy praise, in connexion with his ministry when he

My soul shall wake her noblest lays; was in the zenith of his popularity as a

Till round Thy throne Thy face I view, preacher. He was preaching

And sing Thy blood and victory too." Sabbath evening, as was usual, to Doubtless many of our readers will a crowded audience in Zion Chapel, remember the peculiar power with which Waterloo Road, London; and there he would give expression to these and happened to be seated at our side a young sundry other verses at the time of Cambridge student, who bad just com- administering the Lord's supper. Nay, pleted his college course, but who has as far as we ourselves were concerned, since been called to his account. Mr. it was in his prayer before the sermon; TRIGGS' text was from Rev. i. 17, “And and in the comments which he offered when I saw him, I fell at his feet as upon the hymn before Mr. TRIGGS dead.” When Mr. T. announced his announced his text, where our souls text, his whole soul was fired, a heavenly were most fed. With his natural love rapture overspread his countenance, and for singing, and with a hymn rich in he seemed as though his very spirit gospel truth, well given out and well would leap out of the body. He gave sung, bis soul would be fired, and, in all out his text with a grandeur and a the warmth of his heart, he would rise pathos that far exceeded everything we and plunge into the subject; so that the ever heard. It was the evident expres- hymn, and about the first third-part of sion of the heart, and his words seemed the time commonly devoted by others to to echo and re-echo through every corner the sermon, were in sweet keeping and and crevice of that crowded building. blessed harmony: After that Mr. T. Turning to our young Cambridge friend, would read a Scripture for a text withwe said, Did you ever hear a Cambridge out opening his Bible, but only occasionman equal that ?” "Never!" was the ally open that text at the time. It was reply. There was an originality-a not the order of his preaching, nor his power-and such a telling effect about abiding by his text,' that commended that simple announcement of a text, that him as a preacher; but it was the origin. some thirteen or fourteen years have ality of thought which here and there in never obliterated; and the idea that his every sermon, he would bring removal by death suggests to the mind, the Fountain-head, and that special is that of his having now entered upon power and divine unction with which it the sweet, and full, and blessed realiza was conveyed to the hearts of the Lord's tion of that which he then anticipated, tried and tempted people. and of which he had but the foretaste. Whilst he was a champion for the Yes, he now beholds that “most glorious truth, and would come forth as one who

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had fought the enemy for every truth he Father's hands. It was not a want of brought forward, and at times, in the love, but a superabundance of love, showjoy of his conquests, seem to soar far ing itself in a certain amount of fear and above the heads of the majority of his distrust of God's providence, that led to hearers, there were times when he would steps for which he was reproached. descend from those rapturous heights to We write thus, not in a spirit of conwhich he was wont to rise, and mingle demnation, but to account for what with the veriest babes, taking up their might otherwise appear inexplicable. lispings, and encouraging them on their We wanted him, during his life-time, to onward way with sweetest sympathies. have published the secret and special At one moment he would triumph in the leadings of the Lord, with regard to his great fact that sin had virtually become a removal from

Plymouth to London, from nonentity, as far as the believer was con London to Plymouth, and from Plycerned, because every particle of it had mouth to London again; but this ne been charged home upon the great Sin- was unwilling to do, intimating to us bearer, and

that it was written, and in reserve for “ In their Surety they were free;" publication after his death. Now the rejoicing in the fact, that there is fact that this is to be published gives us therefore now no condemnation to them heartfelt delight; and, from our inmost which are in Christ Jesus ;” and the soul, we hope that there will be a most. next moment he would come down to liberal response to his now sorely-becommune and sympathize with those reaved and deeply-afflicted widow, with who were waging à ceaseless warfare respect to this publication. We hope with sin, Satan, and the world. If any our readers will send in their names

ever understood practically the promptly to the address which will be apostle's language, “sorrowful, yet always subjoined. The perusal of the First rejoicing,” Mr. TRIGGS did. None Part of Mr. Triggs' life, we shall never could say more unhesitatingly than he, forget. We had spent three hours and “We are troubled on every side, yet not a half on the field of Waterloo, and, as distressed; we are perplexed, but not we surveyed a spot, the scene, a few in despair ; persecated, but not forsaken; years before, of such a fearful carnage; cast down, but not destroyed; always our feelings were horrible-most horbearing about in the body the dying of rible. We walked as among a mass of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of spirits who seemed whispering into our Jesus might be made manifest in our ears from every quarter of their awful body.”

destruction. We at length jumped into As we purpose (God willing) to add the conveyance which we had hired at in future Numbers some personal recol- Brussels; and, happily finding in our lections of this man of God, and as we pocket the little work" alluded to, Mr. have moreover now to introduce from Triggs' Life, we opened it and read one of his sons, and from a beloved with avidity; and never shall forget friend, particulars of his last illness and the sweetness of that work, in contrast removal, we will not at present add more with the scene we had just been conthan the expression of our deepest sym-templating. We were just reading about pathies with the bereaved widow and the little girl whom he there mentions children. She has lost a husband, they as having been blessed in the early part a father indeed! No man shone more of his ministry, as we drove through the brightly in either the one character or village of Waterloo ; and the preciousthe other than Mr. Triggs did. He was ness of that account melted our hearts a devoted husband and a loving father. before the Lord. We doubt not that He had his failings as a man-and who equal interest and equal power will be has not ?—but it was his tender (and found in the part of Mr. Triggs' life perhaps over-)solicitude as a husband which remains to be published, and we and a father that caused him to betray hope our beloved readers will, by their those failings. To us it appears he was names, stimulate to its very early issue a man of great faith in every respect, except in leaving what he was wont to

THE EDITOR. term" the moveables” of a family in a Bedminster, Aug. 18, 1859.


from the press.




To the Elitor of the Gospel Magazine. MY BELOVED BROTHER, I have been. Oh! the long-suffering of my gracious looking over some letters which we have Lord and God! I arrived ať nineteen received from time to time from our times, and then, instead of praying the dear departed friend, Mr. Triggs; and, twentieth time, as I intended, it was as I find there is a never-ceasing fresh- vibrating and sounding in my ears, ness, and such a sweet savour of Christ I“Curse God, and die." I arose from in them, I doubt not they will be ac- my knees confounded and confused, and ceptable to many of the Lord's living, believed I had sinned against the Holy hungry, needy, tempest-tossed, devil- Ghost; but after a few weeks, wonderhunted family, who can be satisfied with ing that I was not cut off and turned nothing but " Jesus only.", I shall, into hell, I pondered, and searched the therefore, be pleased to send you one scriptures, and found I was the subject every month, as long as they will last, of real prayer. As it is written, " Let for insertion in the Gospel Magazine. the sighing of the prisoner come before Yours ever affectionately,

“Thou hast heard my desire.”. Plymouth, J. B. DENSHAM. Those “think upon His name.” And Aug. 14, 1859.

the body of Christ, in our olden Bibles,

is called His breathing frame; therefore Angell Road, Brixton Road,

it is only the living that breathe and London, May 3, 1859.

say, "I opened my mouth and panted.

I say not a word against bowing the DEARLY BELOVED, -As sorrowful, knees; let people do it as often as they yet always rejoicing; as having nothing, think right. But I do love secret comyet possessing all things; and so we munion with the Lord, and secret aspiralive and abide, being new creatures in tions to the Lord. " Thou knowest all Christ, joined to Him the Lord and one things; thou knowest that I love thee." Spirit; and to us the Holy Ghost de- "Teach me to do thy will, O God; clares, ". All are yours, ye are Christ's make me to know thy truth; lead me in and Christ is God's.” And to this truth the way everlasting. “God be merciful we respond, saying, “ The Lord is my to me a sinner." All this, and much portion, saith my soul, therefore will I more, expressed without bowing the hope in Him;" and to Him say, "Whom knee, or speaking a word verbally. have I in heaven but thee ?” and also in When our Lord spake the words it was the glorious liberty of the children of to the Jewish people and their priests, God, we say, “My Beloved is mine, and who prayed openly in and at the corners I am His."

of the streets, to be seen and heard of Beloved of and in the Lord, I hail men; and plainly intimates to them that and greet you in Fim in all fulness of secret heart-prayer, separate from the eternal life and salvation: Though world, and the world shut out, with the once afar off, made nigh by the blood commandments of men, and the prayer of Christ;" and are “reconciled to God with the spirit and the understanding, by the death of His Son,” “who is our are only acceptable unto the Lord. peace, and hath made peace by, the Paul, a representative of the Gentile blood of His cross ;” and we being born Church, saith, “I bow my knees unto of God, and passed from death unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of life, pray with the spirit and with the whom the whole family in heaven and understanding also. This is a secret in earth is named,” &c. And such as have a secret place, as it is declared, “The received the Spirit of adoption cry; secret of the Lord is with them that fear“ Abba, Father." “The Spirit Himself Him, and He will show them His cove-beareth witness to our spirits that we are

I foolishly, in by-gone days, the children of God.' And whatever thought that if I could bow my knees posture we may be in, we come with twenty times in one day to pray, I boldness to the throne of grace, and in should be a perfect man.



the name of Jesus ask for a Father's


blessing and a child's portion. I am | band, John, whose souls are bound up fully persuaded that no living, new in the bundle of life with the Lord your creature can live without prayer, though God. Love, blood, and salvation abound he does not live by prayer, but lives by in you, and you abound in hope by the life in Christ, who saith, “ Because I power of the Holy Ghost. The time of live you shall live also.”. And we say, my departure is at hand. I die daily; “The life I now live in the flesh I live and shall soon realize the full truth of by the faith of the Son of God, who “ Blessed are the dead that die in the loved me and gave Himself for me.” Lord.” Thus in living life we live and walk by Now I have sleepless nights and restfaith; that is, we live and walk in the less days, from pains in flesh and bones; Spirit, and so come up from the wil- but soon all pains will end. Sorrow and derness leaning upon the Beloved,” sighing will for ever fly away; and God,

casting all our care upon him, for He our own God, will wipe away all tears. careth for us."

I long to see Him as He is; then I shall All the promises of God are Yea and be like Him. Even now He is to us, Amen in Christ Jesus, to the glory of and for us, Jehovah our everlasting God by us. And one promiseis, light, our God, our glory, Emmanuel, “ Before my people call I will answer; God with us. And the increasing mercy and while they are yet speaking I will is also, that we have not an High hear.” This is most blessed; and also, Priest that cannot be touched with the “My God shall supply all your need, feeling of our infirmities. He hath in according to His riches in glory by all points been tempted like as we are, Christ Jesus.” And we are witnesses, yet without sin; and we have salvation that not one thing hath failed of all in Him with eternal glory: the Lord our God hath promised. And My own Mary unites in love to you the words are from His own mouth, “ In both, and also to our brother and sister, me ye shall have peace; in the world ye George and Sarah. The Lord bless shall have tribulation; but be of good you all with the revelation of the abuncheer, I have overcome the world;" and dance of peace and truth, and daily “We are more than conquerors through showers of blessings ; and by the fellowHim that loved us." Cheer up, my ship of the Spirit at all times say, truly sister, happy is he that hath the God of our fellowship is with the Father and Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the with His Son Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Lord his God. And He saith, “My Yours in our precious Lord Jesus, grace is sufficient for thee; my strength

A. TRIGGS, is made perfect in weakness.”

Zion's Pilgrim, past 72. Peace be unto you and to your hus

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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. I SEND you for insertion, if approved of, His high praises, who had “ done so a short account of the last illness and great things” for him whilst in this death of my beloved father, Mr. A. valley of tears.” It pleased the Lord to Triggs. Truly can we say of him, that "he come and take him to Himself, August has come to the grave in a full age, like 10th, 1859, about four o'clock in the as a shock of corn cometh in his season." afternoon, after suffering intense pain Also, " Precious in the sight of the Lord for many weeks, from gangrene in the is the death of His saints.” I write foot. His end was peace. He could this, believing there are many of the joyfully testify, that "For me to live is Lord's people, readers of your Gospel Christ, and to die is gain.". Reading Magazine, that will feel a mournful and studying his Bible; preaching, writpleasure in hearing that another of the ing, and talking of his precious Jesus, Lord's faithful ministers lias been taken were the delight of his lieart. IIe was home to glory by Himself, and is now firmly rooted and grounded in love; and with a precious Jesus, sounding aloud ! his füith remained uns!aken in the good


ness and mercy of his faithful God; and being of “Jesus only.” After the pain had he could exultingly say with the Psalm- left him, he said, "It is just over, in peace ist, “Surely goodness and mercy shall with God.” He put out his arms as it emfollow me all the days of my life, and I bracing some one, and cried out, “My prewill dwell in the house of the Lord for cious Lord Jesus.” He called his dear wife ever.” He died in peace with God, and children around his bed and blessed “ looking for that blessed hope, and the them, saying, " The Lord give you peace glorious appearing of the great God, and in believing; the Lord bless you all; our Saviour Jesus Christ.” A few of the Lord will provide for you

all.” At the sayings uttered to his family and a another time he said, " If any of my few friends during his illness, may be friends ask about me, tell them it is interesting; for “A good man out of sweet to die in Jesus.” To a friend who the good treasures of the heart bringeth called to see him, “You have come to forth good things.” During great and see me die in Jesus; I am longing to be acute pain, he repeated those sweet with Him ; no fear, no anger, no wrath ; lines :

it is all love." "I am longing to die; “Should death be at hand, I'll fear not un- before he died he had a severe fainting

He is my Redeemer.”. A few evenings dressing, But cheerfully throw off my garments of fit; we thought then that he was about clay ;

to be taken from us; but it was not the To die in the Lord is a covenant blessing, Lord's time. My dear mother asked Since thou, O my Jesus, hast first led the him if he had not a blessing for her ? he

answered, “He will be a Father to the "I wish the time was come to depart fatherless, and a Husband to the widov." to be with Jesus was at hand.” At one

Thirty hours before he died he did not time he cried out, “ It is all come to a move, but slept very heavily until about

five minutes before he was taken home stop; it is all gone." No doubt, meaning, that he had at that time no commu

to glory, but his speech had then failed nion with his precious Lord and Saviour. him. The last words I heard him utter Shortly after he said, “ This cannot last distinctly were, “ Come, Lord Jesus." long; I am sinking fast.” But still the

He will be buried this 15th day of Lord bis God was with him to support August, 1859, in the Norwood Cemetery. and comfort. Once that deadly enemy

I will close these remarks with, “ May of souls, the devil, was permitted sorely my last end be like his ;”. “May I die to try his faith in the faithfulness of his the death of the righteous." God. In the intensity of his feelings

“And when I close my eyes in death, he suddenly cried out, “ Oh! thou devil,

And human strength shall flee, devil, to set at me so !" But immediately

Then, then, my dear redeeming God,

Do thou remember me.after he repeated his favourite verse, “ The Lord liveth, and blessed be my

His bereaved widow and family are in Rock; and let the God of my salvation great sorrow of heart for a loss nothing be exalted.” Another expression was, “It on earth can replace; but may we is close work to die.” On another occa- be enabled to look to Jesus, and say, sion he said, “I am sinking rapidly, but “Thy will be done."

“ The Lord gave, I am very happy, I cannot be otherwise." and the Lord hath taken away; blessed “I am a citizen of no mean city, I am be the name of the Lord.” free born.” “Bless the Lord, O my soul.” During his life-time he preached 10,103 “I am now proving my acceptance in the sermons, the first was delivered January Lord.” 6 Christ is all I want.” “ Come, 12th, 1817, from Romans i. 16; the Lord Jesus, come quickly.” His dear last, July 5th, 1859, from Ps. cxi. 9. friend, Mr. V. Smith, called to see him Thus died in the Lord His faithful during his illness; and I have been servant, aged 72 years last 23rd day of told by those that were in the room

April. the time, that it was like heaven upon

Yours faithfully, earth to them, a time never to be for

W. B. TRIGGS. gotten; it appeared as if both were N.B. Communications to Mrs. Triggs

out of the body, present with the are requested to be addressed, No. 3, Lord” in heaven; their conversation Angell Road, Brixton Road, London, S.

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