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" Justified from all things." MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER IN glorious truths of the gospel of our salOUR PRECIOUS LORD JESUS, --I think vation were most blessedly believed, felt, it right to inform you something respect- and enjoyed. It was indeed upon the ing the decease of our dear and esteemed high mountains of Israel: Christ alone minister, Mr. A. Triggs. He died on exalted; sin put away; righteousness Wednesday afternoon, August the 10th, imputed; the Church complete in his end was peaceful and blessed. He Him; new creatures in Christ Jesus, old had been confined to his room about things passed away and all things become a month; the means of taking down new; Christ made sin, and believers made his tabernacle arose from a wound in the righteousness of God in Him; conhis foot, which, after enduring for a cluding with that blessed scripture in considerable time, ended in mortification. John's Epistle, “Because as He is, so He had the best of medical advice, both are we in this world;" which truth had by his own providing, and also the high- comforted him for many months before. est professional skill

, sent by one of the I was fearful my conversation might exfriends; but it availed nothing; the time baust him. No, he would not let me go. of his departure was drawing near for At last I said, “I must go,“Peace be his being called to his “house not made with you,” he instantly replied; “Ile, with hands, eternal in the heavens.” Jesus, is our peace.” All the time I was

His desire and prayer was, for a con- with him not a word said about the pain siderable time before he kept his bed, of the poor body; all was peace and joy that his dear Lord would take him home, in believing. His dear wife told me this not to be released from bodily pain and state of mind continued for some time affliction, but clothed upon with his after I left; but at times his sufferings "' house from heaven, that mortality were so heavy, that he was incapable of might be swallowed up of life. He con- conversing with any one, but no doubt stantly exclaimed, “I am on the Rock, the blessed communion we had was by I am safe for eternity." His dear wife the dear Lord's appointment and precontinually hearing him say he was de sence. He was in a very peaceful state sirous to depart and be with his precious before his departure ; it was scarcely Jesus (at that time there being no pros- known when the last breath was drawn. pect of so near a dissolution), he blessed- We can say, “The end of that man was ly exclaimed, “his dear Lord would be a peace.” Father to the fatherless, and a Husband His mortal remains were deposited in to the widow."

Norwood Cemetery, on Monday last, folHis sufferings were extreme beyond lowed by his dear relatives and friends, description, so much so, that at times, there to await the resurrection morn; his mental faculties were affected, but and as he has said and believed the Holy his mind always stayed upon the Lord. Ghost would descend with the bodies of About ten days before bis dissolution, the saints, to preserve their dust until I had a communication from his dear the vital change shall take place, and wife, to say mortification had taken their vile bodies changed and fashioned place, and I had better see him. I made like unto His glorious body. My dear no delay, but went immediately. When I friend is well acquainted with his minisarrived he was asleep, and I particularly try, which the Lord had given him, requested them not to disturb him; but mighty in word and deed, to exalt the he awoke, and his dear wife told him I Saviour and debase the sinner, comfort had come to see him. "Oh,” he said, the feeble minded, and strengthen the “let him come up.” It was such a meet- weak; instrumentally to give them ing as I never expect again to have in beauty for ashes, and the garment of the flesh. The dear apostle had but one praise for the spirit of heaviness. His of the same; whether in the body or out manner of preaching was bold, but not of the body, he could not tell. The presumptuous; every statement was founded and built upon the sure founda. | Christ: that He has presented the tion, and stood the test in a dying bour, Church to Himself a glorious Church, not as he said the truths he had ministered having spot, or wrinkle, or any such in life were his solace in death. He thing. I remember hearing Mr. Spursometimes made statements that profes-geon preaching a sermon on his birthsors would condemn, and possessors too, day; I think he said his age was twenty. but they were always proved true He took his text from the prophet according to the Word of God. There Micah (ii. 13), - The breaker is come was the phrase, “Sin a nonentity," he up before them.” In his discourse he made use of to set forth one of stated, “such was the wonderful work the most blessed truths of the gospel, accomplished, that everything that opwhich appeared adapted for the pur- posed was removed, and was so blessedly pose to set forth the truth of the cleared away, that sin was a complete doctrine of sin put away ; but his nonentity: ' I marvelled at hearing a enemies taking it in an abstract sense, stripling like this take up the


words instead of a relative, which was to con- of our dear friend, and quote Kent's vey to his hearers the non-existence of beautiful linessin in the salvation of Jesus, who was made sin for His people, that they might

* Now, free from sin, I walk at large; be made the righteousness of God in

This Breaker's blood's my soul's disHim, as the apostle declares, “If any man

charge : be in Christ, he is a new creature; old

Content at His dear feet I lay,

A singer saved, and homage pay;" things are passed away, and behold all things are become new. Can there be but have never heard it from a pulpit any sin in this new creation? Can there since. My dear friend will please to be any sin in the righteousness of God! look over the few lines that are written, Can there be any sin where the Scrip. I hope, in soberness of mind; and he ture declares, " Because as He is, so are well knows I have great esteem for our we in this world ?” The phrase, “Sin a dear departed friend, and also to his nonentity,” has been a bugbear, taken to memory. frighten poor souls ; but those who Yours in our precious Lord Jesus, know and believe the truth connected

A lover of truth, with it, rejoice in the mercy that sin is

V. SMITH. put away, and that we are complete in

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AUGUST 10TH, 1859.

He has entered his rest, more fully to prove
The heights and the depths of God's changeless love;
Released from the flesh, in glory arrayed,
He heightens the triumph of Jesus his Head.
He has entered his rest, enlarged are his powers
To enjoy all the “good” he used to call ours;
Removed from wbatever could try to annoy,
He sits at the banquet o’erwhelmed with the joy.
Oh! call it not death ; 'tis life clearer shown-
The pilgrim of earth advanced to a throne,
The friend called up higher, completely made one
With Alpha, Omega, who all things hath done.
'Tis light everlasting, without any shade;
The spirit with God in glory arrayed ;
The end of the journey, perpetnal rest;
The enjoyment of all“ It is to be blest.”




about me.

(Continued from page 392.) Mary.- I want to ask you about God's He calls them "an holy nation.” You family being as holy now as ever they may therefore depend upon it that it will be ; for you said to me, they are, in is true; and I hope I shall

, in the course a most blessed sense, as holy now as ever of the conversations I intend to have they will be. But now I see in the with you, be enabled to make it plain Magazine you have left out“ in a most that God's family are perfectly holy in blessed sense. Did you make a mistake? three ways.

George. - Well, Mary, I did leave out Mary.I don't remember reading but those words through mistake. But while of only one righteousness, and you know, I was thinking of putting them in, those we must not add to what is written. words in Solomon's Song came into my George.Well, Mary, if you will just mind, "Thou art all fair my love, there look at Isa. xlv. 24, you will find these is no spot in thee.” Then, thought I words, "Surely, shall one say, In the Why should I make any qualification if Lord have I righteousness," and by of

just looking at the margin, you will Mary.--Well but, George, instead of see “righteousnesses.' It is, therehaving no spot, it seems to me, I am fore, not unscriptural to say, God's spotted all over; and that instead of people are, at least, righteous in more getting better, I get worse and worse senses than one. But I will try to every day. Why sometimes it seems as explain to you what I mean. if the evils within were ready to boil 1st. God's people are righteous over ; and that makes me a burden to through Christ, in that He fulfilled the myself; and I am sure if one quarter of law for them in His life, which, I believe, what I feel within were to break out, or is called by good and learned men, His boil over, I should be a burden to all active obedience. God is pleased to

I hope I shall be different impute that to them just the same as if by-and-by.

they had fulfilled it themselves. George.Yes, yes, by and by you will 2nd. They are made righteous in Him get rid of all that now vexes your holy through His bearing the curse due to soul day by day; and I trust I shall too. the breakers of the law in their stead,

Mary-Do you feel such dreadful which, I believe, is called His passive evils ? I don't really think you can feel obedience. He pays the whole demand them half as much as I do.

of the law, and God accepts it in their George.--Ah, Mary! you would not stead. say so could you see what passes within 3rd. They are righteous with respect me at times. Why, sometimes it seems to that new nature—that new manas if I were possessed of an evil spirit, which, after God, is created in righteouswhich causes a tempest to rage within ness and true holiness. The new manfor hours, and I think I may say days, that which is born of God-is, like its together. And you know there is one almighty Father, righteous even as He is thing especially over which I mourn day righteous. by day, which has often brought on much Do you understand, Mary, what I heaviness of heart. That passage which mean by God's people being righteous I have spoken of in Solomon's Song, through His active, and also by His was brought home to me with a sweet passive obedience ? power, I trust, some few years since, Mary. I think I do. By His passive when, being sunk very low in feeling, I obedience our debt of suffering is paid, went into my chamber, groaning and and we are made the righteousness of mourning over myself. But it has just God in Him; and through His active struck me about what Peter says. You obedience we get a righteousness which know his corruption did break out at entitles us to every blessing: one time, therefore he writes from George.—Yes, that is what I mean; experience, and he speaks as if there and oh! who can tell how great, how was a "needs be" for some, at least, of manifold, those blessings are which we God's family to be in heaviness through get through His righteousness ? for “ the manifold temptations ; but, for all that, I Lord is well pleased for His righteous


ness' sake” (Isa. xlii

. 21). And remem- means or other, from every charge which ber, Christ and His people are one ; He can be brought against us. is, therefore, well pleased with them. Mary.--Oh, that these conversations

I will now tell you, Mary, what made may be profitable to us; and through me think more about the first two, or, seeing what a firm foundation is made perhaps, I had better say, the double for our faith in His excellent word, we righteousness, which God's children may take up “our beloved brother" have through the obedience of their Paul's triumphant language for ourelder Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ; selves, “Who shall lay anything to the for “ Christ is the end of the law for charge of God's elect ?” “Who shall righteousness," in whatever way we separate us from the love of Christ ?" may look at it, “ to every one that be- “ We are persuaded that neither death, lieveth.” When engaged in prayer nor life, nor angels, nor principalities

, a few Sundays ago, it seemed 'allat nor powers, nor things present, nor

as if I could see God's people things to come ; nor height, nor depth, (and I do not think I should be wrong nor any other creature, shall be able to were I to say myself, as I trust I felt, separate us from the love of God, which and do now at times feel, the precious- is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” ness of it), clothed with Christ's glorious George.--Yes, my dear friend, may the righteousness, shining in it, and God Lord so bless our conversations, that the Father pouring down blessings on that may be indeed the case; and that

, them continually on account of it. It through seeing that we are justified, as came into my mind afterwards about the dear Dr. Goodwin says, over and over, woman being clothed with the sun, and I may add, covered all over with which we read of in Rev. xii.; also about His glorious righteousness, we may, with the fine linen, clean and white, which is gratitude and joy, triumphantly join in said to be the righteousness of saints singing (Rev. xix.); and when I looked at the

Now I can read my title clear margin and saw or bright,” that with

To mansions in the skies; the other text seemed to make it all I bid farewell to every fear, plain to me. It was indeed like being And wipe my weeping eyes. clothed with the sun, so bright, so glorious. But, I think, it will be well for " Soon shall I bathe my weary soul us when we have another opportunity to In seas of heavenly rest; have a little talk about justification. And uot a wave of trouble roll You know before we can be accounted Across my peaceful breast." righteous we must be justified, by sone







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To the Editor of the Gospel Mugazine. DEAR EDITOR,- There is always a bold and clear enunciations are calsomething so much to the point in culated to arouse to a sense of the

Metrios' papers, that one turns to danger, and to lead to the coming out, their perusal with an expectation of that they may not be partakers of its pleasurable instruction. That in this plagues. month's Magazine, page 372, is quite I have fancied this rifled piece of responsive to that hope.

ordnance might be useful to fire away I have often found that there is upon, and I have instructed your printer, nothing so well calculated to lay false Mr. W. H. Collingridge, to cast me two doctrine on its beam ends as a broadside or three hundred in the mould of his from its legitimate extreme, after this press, in the shape of a page tract; and fashion of "Metrios';” and whilst many I dare say many of your large family of the Lord's family, from a misplaced the Gospel Magazine children--that are liberalism, tamper with, and connive at, fond of big guns, will be glad to learn the unboly thing, in defiance of the ad- where this Årm-strong can be obtained. monition to beware of its leaven, which oft produces much present damage, such Dover.

J. B. K.



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Neither do I condemn thee : go, and sin no more.—John vüi. 11. AND Jesus to the Mount of Olives went, | Full well He knows the thoughts that rise That sacred place where He so oft abode,

within And there the solemn midnight hours He The heart of man- --that boundless source spent

of ill, In holy converse with His Father, God. From whence there issue copious streams of

sin Then, in the dawn, He to the Temple came

That overflow, and every action fill. To seek His own, His lost and scattered sheep;

But when they urged Him, with a seeming For He engag’d, by His most holy name,

zeal In all their wandering steps, their feet to Of crafty words, this question to decide, keep.

And that He would to them His thoughts re

veal, Then all around the common people press, The Law-falâller rose, and thus replied: To hear the gracious words His lips de

“Let him who hath no sin, and him alone, For this is He who gives the weary rest,

In whom the eye of justice finds no flaw, Heals the diseased, and all their burdens At the defenceless woman cast a stone, bear.

And in obedience strict fulfil the law." But who are these, with stiff and stately pace, With that a flaming arrow wings its way

Talking so loud in Pharasaic strain, To the proud hearts of those inveterato Yet in their look they carry something base ?

foes; And who that woman, walking in their Before His holy frown they could not stay, train ?

When, at His high command, their sins Now, to the Temple come, they enter in, And in the midst the guilty woman place ;

He stoops again, and writes upon the gronnd; With language bold they there proclaim her

But what He wrote is not for us to know, sin

Because it is not in the Scripture found, Spoke rather largely of her sad disgrace.

And there we must for information go. "Master, this woman we have brought to Pierced by conviction sharp, they haste away thee,

To their belov'd abode, where darkness Charg'd with adultery; we know the fact : dwells, The witnesses are here, in number three, With haughty pride they shun tlie blaze of They prove the truth-they caught her in day, the act.

And hate the light which on their con

science fell. “Now Moses said such should be slain with But there was one who linger'd still behind, stones,

Convinc'd, subdu’d, nor dares presume to And die a cruel, ignominious death, of torture keen, with bruised and broken Ah! what revolves within her tortur’d mind ? bones,

Her sin, her scarlet sin, of deepest dye. And thus in agony resign their breath.

The Holy Spirit takes her by the hand, But what sayest thou ? for great is thy re- Directs her view to Christ her Righteousnown;

ness, We have heard thy fame proclaim'd both Quickens her dormant powers to understand, far and near :

And shows her where the sinner finds reAre we to put our great lawgiver down,

dress. And scorn his laws? Thine answer we would hear."

She leaves not, but, with humble hope in

spired, But Jesus stoop'd, and wrote upon the ground Stood still to hear the sentence He will Mysterious words, as though He heard give; them not;

For see, the pompons men are all retired Deep in their guilty bosoms He had found Who brought her there, and said she The dark contrivance of a hellish plot.

should not live.

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