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Oh, then, rejoice, pursue your course,

You'll surely be received;
Thongh not a “polished corner-stone,”
Still, simple rafts are needed.

Isa. xlix. 2 ; Eph. iii. 8.
The labour's yours, your strength is God's,

Then do not weary grow;
But “ building up yourselves in faith,”
His power you shall know.

Gal. vi. 9 ; Jude 20, 21.

If ever tempted to presume,

Or be to others rigid;
Louk to the pit from whence you came,
That “pit” from whence you're digged.

Isa. li. l; Gal. vi. 1, 2.

Such as are planted in God's house,

Shall flourish in his courts;
Both old and young shall bring forth fruit,
Such David's Psalm imports.

Ps. xcii, 13.
These plants don't grow by nature there,

'Tis God who puts them in ; Blest be the means howe'er severe, Which planted us therein.

Numb. xxiv. 6; 1 Cor. iii. 6. Moved from the "common" of this world,

This wilderness of sin; Transplanted to our Father's house, Our notes of praise begin.

Col. i. 13.

From whence our liberties and laws,
We principally inherit.

Rom. xiii. 1.
But all the business passing there,

Though useful to our nation,
Is but for the concerns of time,
Th' extent of their duration.

Ps. ciii. 15, 16.
But those transactions which take place

Within Jehovah's dwelling,
Are for eternity-not time,
Thus far our own excelling.

Dan. vii. 4; Luke xvi. 9.
Go ask that active man of prayer

His secret employment ?
'Tis business for eternity,
Far, far beyond the judgment.

Matt. vi. 6.
And now I'd bring the question home-

Say which of you here present,
Amidst your many cares for time,
Have thoughts beyond the judgment ?

Eph. vi, 18.
Oh! enter now His temple gates,

His “house not made with hands;"
The Lord of glory, He iuvites-
Ah! see He waiting stands.

2 Cor. v. 1.
Then listen not as “ lookers on,
Lest you a “loose stone”

prove; And, when the building is all done, You with the scaffold move.

Jer. viii. 20. Ventnor.

A. N.

We, in this highly-favoured land,

Can boast two houses' merit;


REGARD attentively the Lord Jesus, and weeps at the death of His friend, and a you will see in Him at once, God and God who raises him by a word. Man, without relinquishing any part of At the well of Sychar, a Man who His deity as God-without alienating thirsts, and a God who gives water, any part of His humanity as Man. springing up into life eternal. At His birth, you will see a Man

per- Upon the cross, a Man who dies, and secuted by Herod, and a God adored by a God who astonishes all nature so much, the wise men of the east.

that the earth trembles to its centre, and At His baptism, a Man in the river the sun itself loses its light. Jordan, and a God proclaimed from! All these are so many indications that heaven as the beloved Son of the Eter- the Incarnate Word was equally God nal Father.

and Man; God eternal, and Man born In the vessel, a Man who sleeps nd in time; God omnipotent, and Man a God who calms the wind and the weak and infirm; God immortal, and At the tomb of Lazarus, a Ma ho Man subject to death.-Pierre Du Bosse,




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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. REV. AND DEAR SIR, -In my neigh-, triumphs of Jesus Jesus' dear name, bourhood it has been the custom for on which I build ; Jesus glorified in the several years,

for some of God's children, earth; our own Jesus carrying on His of various communions, to meet together own conquest over the powers of earth one night in the week, for the purpose and hell, causing all to give way before of reading the Word together. Our plan His onward march (Rev. i. 16, vi. 2). is to take a subject, which is suggested This is a delightful subject to the Christhe week previous; then all come pre- tian. We are led to ask, Is the kingpared to read and talk it over with a dom of Christ ever to be universal on humble and teachable disposition. We the earth? During the past few months, earnestly seek the Holy Spirit's teach- I have been looking closely into the ing, not only when we meet, but while Word for an answer, as far as the Holy studying it at home. I cannot describe Ghost has been pleased to make it plain; how it has been blessed as a means of and certainly there are portions very instruction and comfort. The subjects plain indeed. In looking at the transi. of election, justification, sanctification, tions of Europe for the last three months, resurrection, return of the Jews, faith, we cannot help sighing and saying, How &c., have all occupied our prayerful long, O Lord, shall the enemy appear to attention. The Bible is thoroughly dug triumph ? We confidently say, Not into, to bring out all that bears on the always even on the earth. The day shall subject. We are very ignorant and come when the “nations now in darkweak; but when we meet and pray, and ness shall be undeceived. His saving then sit down and read, and talk over bealth among all nations shall cause the precious words of divine truth, oh, them to sing for joy (Ps. lxvii.). Uniit is so blessed. Light comes in upon versal dominion of Jesus follows the outthe mind, and joy upon the soul. It pouring of the Spirit (Ps. lxxii. 6-8); was at one of these meetings that I was then all nations bless His name. “Savrequested to write to you respecting the ing health” would seem to imply healremark, “rapidly drawing to a close,” in ing of soul. Blessing His name none that beautiful article “ Ebenezer” (May but saved ones understand; and yet number). We thank you for kindly nations are to do it. Hail, happy day! replying to my note. "T. A.," Isling. Oh, how it will swell up the great multiton, has noticed the subject in this tude which no man can number. See month's Magazine; and we thank him, also Gen. xviii

. 18, and xxii. 18; as his object is our and others' good. nationsagain. All nations to FLOW Your reply and his article has occasioned into the high mountain of the Lord's much prayerful thought; a considerable house (Isa. ii. 2). Blessed peace the portion of the latter we cannot under- result; nations will not fight then (Phil. stand. It may be asked, Is this a pro- ii

. 5). All nations to have the vail fitable subject? Many here with differ- removed (Isa. xxv. 7); (or, in other ent views of prophecy, have found it so. words, to be undeceived (Rev. xii. 9): Of course, the first great question is, and then follows the feasting in the Are we God's children? That being mountain (church). The mountain humbly and sweetly settled, then all (church) is to become great, and fill the that concerns our gracious Lord is dear whole earth (Matt. xiii. 31-34), and to His glory in every way becomes consume all other kingdoms (Dan. ii

. our anxiety and joy. The spread of His 35 and 44, vii. 26, 27). These texts, kingdom (Ps. cxlv. 10-13) is a glorious out of many others, point plainly to a theme, not only on account of souls blessed period yet to come. How will being gathered in by His power, and it be accomplished? The great deceiver made happy in the enjoyment of His is to be cast down by our Jesus (Rev. love, and to share with us that peace xx. 1-6); done oficially and effectually, and joy which the saved ones only know; Satan prompted his children to try and but the spreading abroad of the glorious keep Jesus in the grave, with watch,

6 all


and stone, and seal; but Jesus will bind | (Col. iii. 4) the second time (Heb. ix. him, lock him up, seal him up for a long 28) it is evident from 2 Tim. iv. 1 and 8, period: and then the nations so much Acts x. 42, that it will be for judgment. spoken of shall be undeceived. And oh, At His coming He will consign to their what results are to follow! A thousand eternal destiny every child of Adam years, when all are to know Him (Heb. (Matt. xxv. 31-34, 41-46); " when viii. 11). At the end of this period the Son of Man,” &c.,

“then” (John nations are again to be deceived; but v. 27-29; Jude 15; 2 Thess. i. 6–10) that will not last long, Jesus will then the spotless church presented (Eph. v. soon appear on His great white throne 27), the kingdom delivered up to the (Rev. xx. 11). Now, if there is to be a Father (1 Cor. xv. 24), the great buildseventh thousand of years as you say, in ing of lively stones complete, scaffolding which Jesus is to have universal domi- no more needed, creation is destroyed nion, it does not quite agree with the (Rev. xx. ll; Heb. i. 10–12; Matt

. idea of “ His work rapidly drawing to a xxiv. 35; 2 Pet. iii. 7, 10, 12; Rev. close.” That all this will take place xxi. 1), then glory! glory! glory! before He comes personally is quite clear

Yours in Him, from the Worde; for when He appears

J. E.

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Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour.":

Isaiah xlv. 15. The truth of this text_will be most | the light of His countenance, from my readily admitted by the Lord's people. soul. Very young in the divine life must David of old knew what it was to be that soul be which has not experienced under the hidings of God's countenance ; the hidings of God's countenance ; and again and again, in the Psalms, does he we are not left to guess at what may be entreat the Lord not to hide His face the cause of this trial, for the Lord, by from him; for instance (in Ps. xxvii.), the mouth of the same prophet (Isa. he says, “ Hide not thy face far from me, liv. 8) says, “ In a little wrath I hide put not away thy servant in anger; my face from thee.” When, therefore, (Ps. xxx.) “Thou didst hide thy face, we feel that the Lord has hid His face and I was troubled.” (Ps. cxliii.) * Hide from us, we may well inquire, “Is there not thy face from me, lest I be like unto not a cause ?”

them that go down into the pit." The Lord is a very jealous God; and The Christian has still many trials to if He sees His people living in any endure while passing through the wilderknown or allowed sin, He will soon mark ness, but I doubt if any trial is so His displeasure by withdrawing from grievous and bitter to him as to have them the light of His countenance. the face of his Father turned from him. Some persons have, I believe, asserted, It was this that was the cliniax of the that to the children of God sin is a Saviour's sufferings. It was bad enough nonentity, and cannot hurt them; and to be forsaken by His friends, to he although this may be true as touching mocked, and scourged, and spitted on, their eternal salvation, but, if I may to be treated as a malefactor, and to die judge from my own experience, it is not the death of the cross; but the crowntrue as touching their present happiness ing point of all, that which drew from and welfare. I have found, and God Him the exceeding great and bitter cry, grant I may always find, that it is an was the hiding of His Father's face

, evil and a bitter thing to depart from "My God, my God, why hast thou forthe living God. May I always fear to saken me?" grieve the Spirit, and may I be enabled It is, however, our mercy to know to shun that which would move my that the Lord will not hide His face heavenly Father to withdraw His smile, I for ever; that were indeed the due reward of our sins, and that will be the I lead me in the way everlasting ;” and end of the wicked, to be punished with we shall find that though heaviness may everlasting destruction from the presence endure for a night, yet joy will come in of the Lord; but from His own people the morning; but if it is the good it is only for a little moment, “For a pleasure of our Father's will that the small moment have I forsaken thee, but night should be a long one, yet may we with great mercies will I gather thee; derive consolation from the fact, that we in a little wrath I hid my face from thee never should have known what the for a moment; but with everlasting hidings of His face were, if we had not kindness will I have mercy on thee, previously known what the light of His saith the Lord thy Redeemer.” So that countenance was ; for we can never miss while we must not despise the chasten- what we have never had ; and therefore ing of the Lord, we may not on the if we miss the presence of Christ, the other hand faint when we are (thus) presence of our Father, the presence of rebuked of Him. The hiding of His the Spirit, it is quite clear that at one face is but for a moment; His anger time we must have had and enjoyed that endureth but the twinkling of an eye, presence, but if we have had the presence and therefore we should "wait on the of God with us, the light of His counteLord that hideth His face from the nance iifted upon us, we shail have it house of Jacob, and we should look for again. Him.” And this thing is certain, we “ Did Jesus once upon me shine, shall not wait in vain, “ for He has not Then Jesus is for ever mine.” said to the seed of Jacob, Seek ye my face in vain;" and He will be as good

And therefore wait on, hope on, trust


the as His word: “They shall not be on, and ere long Jesus will ashamed that wait for me ;” and, there. Sun of Righteousness will arise upon you fore, if at any time we are under the with healing in His wings; soon He hidings of our Father's face, let us not that shall come will come, and will reseek to regain His favour by any doings


to Himself-
of our own, but let us return unto the
Lord; let us acknowledge our iniquity



shall see His face, that we have transgressed against the

Apd never, never sin ;

But from the rivers of His grace, Lord our God. Let our prayer be,

Drivk endless pleasures in.” “ Search me, O God, and try my heart; try me and know my thoughts, and see

E. J. G. if there be


and Camberwell.

1 John iv. 17.


in me,

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They see Jesus walking on the sea.John vi. 19. It was worth being in affliction to get | sucking child ? yea, they may forget, such a sight! a loving Saviour hastening yet will I not forget thee." to deliver His tempted disciples. And

Forget thee I will not, I cannot, thy name it is still worth being in a sea of trouble to see Him treading its surges, and hear Engraved on my heart doth for ever remain.” Him say, “O thou afflicted, tossed with Look at His conduct to His saints in tempest, and not comforted, behold 1 Old Testament times. Is not this the will lay thy stones with fair colours, and epitome of the life of each one, “ He lay thy foundations with saphires." hath delivered me out of all trouble ?" Christ's behaviour to His Church in trouble of conscience; trouble of mind; distress is well worthy of notice; it is trouble from Satan; trouble from the so different to what it appears to sense. plague of the heart; and from enemies “Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken me, of every kind ? and my Lord hath forgotten me;" it Look, again, at Christ's behaviour to seemed so to sense. And Moses ven- His New Testament disciples, how He tures to say to God, “ Neither hast thou soothed their sorrows :

"'Let not your delivered thy people at all.” “Why is heart be troubled." How concerned it that thou hast_sent me?" Ånd for them amidst His own deep griefs ! Jeremiah says, “O Lord, thou hast de- How He won their hearts by His loving ceived me.”

He was on a stormy sea demeanour! And say, all ye who know then, just ready to let go the anchor of His name, what has been Äis behaviour hope, and make shipwreck of faith; but towards you in affliction ?

Have you looking up again, his pole star shot not many a record of His love, how He brightly out from behind the dark clouds, always made good His word, “ As thy and catching sight of it he exclaims, days, so shall thy strength be?" How

Sing unto the Lord, praise ye the sorely soever you were pressed, He did Lord, for He hath delivered the soul of not fail; He always came or sent. Did the

poor from the hand of evil doers." He once forget ? Come then to Hermon, But the clouds passed over again, and and the little hill Mizar, and say if you he curses the day in which he was born have not seen the end (or purpose) of (see Jer. xx.) And how many believers the Lord, “ that the Lord is very pitiful, since, in a full tide of sorrow, have had and of tender mercy.” an instant comfort, just to support Are you not, o believer, acquainted them; and these moments are precious, with the sea of trouble? Do you not and bring praise to God, and are tokens know that Jesus saw you toiling in rowfor good, not given to the wicked. ing? (Ps. cxlii

. 3). Was He not all the Sense makes sad work in the dark. while engaged for you? You are sure How little the disciples supposed that He is at the Father's right hand; with Jesus was on His way to them; and you it is a matter of experience. when at length He did appear,

and Oh, how often has He come down to they see Hiin walking on the sea,” still the troubled sea ? (Ps. Ixviii. 22). they were terrified; but He quickly May you not say, I live on this sea ? I dissipates their fears, “It is I, be not know its calms and storms; but Jesus afraid.” What, then, is Christ's be- is near, watching, coming, and He will haviour to His aflicted ones? Oh! it soon say, “Peace, be still.” And, when is most tender, most compassionate, He giveth quietness, who then can make “ In all their afflictions He was afflict- trouble ? ed;" “ For we have not an High Priest Whatever your sorrows, do not miswho cannot be touched with the feeling judge Christ. Be sure that He is kind; of our infirmities." He watches His be sure that He is faithful; He intends suffering ones with intensest interest. your good. Oh, then, trust Him in the He appeals to the tenderest feelings of darkest night; the morning will surely our nature.

“Can a woman forget her bring Him. Does He still linger? it is

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