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to try your faith; but there shall be a meeting, and He is more concerned about it than you. He says, “I will come to you.”

I went but down to see anew,

My garden of sweet nuts
Within the shady grove, and view

The pleasant valley fruits.
I, ravislied, saw my beanteous bride

Lament my absence sore;
Nor could myself in thickets hide

From her a moment more.”

" With friendly mind I hid my face,

Yet went not far away ; Retiring but a little space,

My orchard to survey.


To G. C.

| from the frugality of an industrious DEAR FRIEND,—Will you pardon Wife, with his small pittance he manages me if I make a remark upon a part of to pay his way, and keep his children your “ Wayside Notes” for this month? neat and clean. He has been for many Is it really imperative for a child of God years in an establishment, and has sucto occupy a situation in which he must ceeded for some time in awarding off work on the Sabbath-day; should he Sunday work; but at last the time not rather give up his situation? The comes when he must either do it or Lord would not suffer one of His chil throw up his situation. It is in vain for dren to lack and to suffer hunger, him to appeal to his employers, and tell because he would keep His commands? them that they ought to have such a “Them that honour me I will honour."; provision made that work on the SabAnd again, “If thou turn away thy foot bath day might be entirely avoided. from the Sabbath, and call the Sabbath They are men of the world, and would a delight, the holy of the Lord, honour- not bear such interrogation. In this able, and shall bonour Him, not doing emergency he comes to the writer, and thy own ways; then shalt thou delight with tears in his eyes, says, What thyself in the Lord,” &c. How could


you do if you were me, Sir? I the man you mention expect to delight

feel I would throw up my place at once, himself in the Lord on his “free Sun- if I were a single man; but with the day," when he had previously, habitually, difficulty of getting another berth, and and for the sake of a worldly subsist with my seven dear children, I am afraid. ence, dishonoured God by breaking His Had he thus come to H. E. W., accordlaw ? Please forgive my freeness.

ing to her ideas, she would have said, Yours in best bonds,

Oh yes, you must not break the Sabbath H. E. W. day; the Lord will not let


children suffer hunger. 'Tis Saturday night, get your wages and have done with it. But

we must confess this was not our advice. BELOVED IN THE LORD,- I would have We counselled as follows :-Well, my replied to your queries privately, but, as dear fellow, is there not a throne of grace I have received other communications to go to? Now don't throw yourself out upon the same point, perhaps it is best of a place hurriedly; but you go to the to make use of our family Magazine for the throne; tell the Lord your grievance, and purpose of making a few remarks upon I know and believe He will deliver you, Sunday work. Methinks, H. E. W., though perhaps not at once. Never you have never had your faith put to mind; fulfil your duties quietly, and the test under the circumstances alluded cheerfully, yet pray on,

The sin lies at to. Let me bring before you the reality the door of your employers. Pray for

A working man, the father them too; and I verily believe the Lord of a large family, and a lover of Jesus, will deliver you out of your present is struggling on amidst all the trials emergency. And so it is, for I think attendant upon such a position; his sole I can see the cloud breaking for this income is a guinea a week, and yet, poor fellow; and if that is on the break,


of the case.

appear out of it.

the hand of the Deliverer will soon If in these views I err, I wait for

counsel, remaining, dear H. E. W., Now I think H. E. W. is hardly right Yours in Christian fellowship, in calling this poor man's position

G. C. habitually, and for the sake of a worldly subsistence, dishonouring God by break- [The foregoing was improperly placed ing His law, any more than when the in the compositor's hands without our disciples of our Lord, under circumstan- knowledge ; but we cannot allow it to ces of need," began to pluck the ears go forth to the public, without stating, of corn on a Sabbath day and eat that we feel compelled to differ from the them;" for which, while the Pharisee views taken by our beloved Correspondcensured them strongly enough, our ent, G. C. Had the question been put dear Redeemer rebuked them not, but to us, which it would appear was put to founded upon it a parable, showing that him, we should have said, “Refuse to a case of necessity is no breach of the work on the Sabbath-day, and, with all Sabbath. No, dear H. E. W., I do due respect to your employer, state, think, however painful it may be, we plainly and faithfully, why.Then leave must wait for the moving of the pillar of the result with God. If the employer cloud, and not run before it; and we persists in his unlawful demands, then may recollect, even with our dear Re- the God whose laws and whose day his deemer Himself, that Joseph was not child has honoured, will provide elseadvised to expose Him to Herod's where. No man was ever yet a loser wrath, because His eternal Father would for his practical regard for the Sabbath. shelter Him. No; the angel's advice If G. C. looks at the subject again, we was, Flee into Egypt, and be thou think he will find that the case of our there until I bring thee word.” So I Lord with His disciples, and that of think the lot is cast into the lap, and Joseph fleeing into Egypt, are not paral. the Lord will bless in the lot; and if a lel with the case of the man who is trial like the one alluded to breaks over us, urged by his employer to labour on the still our position is to be there until the Sabbath-day.- ED.] Lord's command comes, Go forward !

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HAD I my choice of honour or of place,
It would be this, A Herald of free grace,”
With all its trials, its burdens, and its cares,
My soul a love to this employment bears.
Called to this office, what a wondrous thonght,
By Christ Himself, and by His Spirit taught,
What need of humbling grace to keep from pride-
From rash presumption, and wliate'er betide.
Paul had his thorn, to keep him very low,
And I mast have my thorn while here below;
But here's the mercy-all-sufficient grace
Is stored in Jesus for the ransomed race.

Sin shall not have dominion over you,”
Says He whose name is Faithful, Just, and True;
“ But grace shall reign," oh, blessed promise this,
For it contains the flower of endless bliss.
Lord, put thy holy unction in my heart,
And let me never from thy truth depart ;
Fearless thy precious gospel still proclaim,
And spread abroad thy honourable name.
Let power divine attend thy preached word,
When spoken from my lips, my blessed Lord;
Without thy blessing all will come to naught-
Then bless the Word, and let some fish be caught.

A. II.



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And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul's neck, and kissed him.--Acts xx. 37. IT appears

needful that the heart of man, we love, it is the mercy and privilege of should be well furrowed by sorrow, in each child of faith, to have his path, order that the precious seeds of truth place, and portion below, assigned him bý may take deep root within, and bear fruit his Father's hand. It must be wrong, to the praise of his great Creator. It is therefore, to sorrow over those froni a cheering thought, however, that the whom we are parted in the faith, as April days of our grief, when sanctified, though the hand of an enemy had torn do but prepare us for a spring-time of us asunder, or invincible necessity or joy, and a ripe autumn of spiritual fruit- blind chance had effected our separation. fulness and beauty. Arising out of the When called upon, therefore, to part nature of things, therefore, it is impos- from those dear to us in the Lord, let us sible for those who despise the rod of not view their lawful avocations, simply affliction ever to be wise, or for those as calling them from us, but let us who simply weep without God, to be recognise the hand of their God and possessed of that holy and sublime hope Father upon them, just selecting them, which is the especial heritage of those and guiding them to the place and the who are chastened and subdued by work He means them to accomplish. Divine mercy. Among the many things Beholding thus the love which severs, it which sadden the heart and fill the eyes will mitigate our sorrow, and we shall with tears, is that of separation from not dare to oppose its decision. Nor those made dear to us by the ties of should we forget that the absence of an natural and spiritual love. The inspired endeared friend, may be sanctified to the evangelist, in describing the departure of bringing our hearts nearer to One who the apostle Paul from the brethren at is present at all times, and who by every Miletus, presents us with an interesting trial He appoints us, perpetually exand deeply affecting illustration of this. claims, "My son, give me thy heart." It is not our intention, however, to dwell The believer, too, slıould consider, that upon this incident in the life of this as his Christian relatives and friends great man, but just briefly to state some belong to God, they have an especial few things which may tend to console interest in His love and care; that He the Christian under such circumstances. has promised to be a wall of fire round Let him, then, consider that those from about them, and the glory in their midst; whom he is parted belong to God, that that Jesus Himself will be a sanctuary they are His especial property, and that, to all who love Him, and that it is redeemed by the blood of His Son and declared that nothing shall harm those sanctified by His Spirit, He has a greater who are “followers of that which is interest in their well-being and all that good.” Upon the words of a covenantconcerns them, than any one else, how- keeping God the Christian may thereever near and dear to them; and has a fore rely in peace, when called upon to right, therefore, to fix the bounds of surrender those whom he loves to a their habitation, and to determine perilous path or a strange country. whether they shall dwell upon

the land The Christian should also bear in or the sea, in the solitary and unculti- mind, that his friends are witnesses for vated wilderness, or the crowded city. God, lights enkindled by His love to Whatever, therefore, our feelings may dispel the darkness of men; that wherbe, it is our duty to bow to the will of ever they go their example may elevate God, and cheerfully to acknowledge that their fellows, and the seed of truth which He has a right to do with His own as it they scatter, yield a rich fruitage to the may please Him.

glory of their Lord. To accomplishi it behoves us, therefore, to remember, these designs of Divine mercy, many that whatever we may be called upon to must constantly sail upon the mighty suffer from the absence of those whom deep, and others wander in distant lands.


Christian hearts may weep over the in- | destined to be the temple of truth and exorable influence of the bread which the throne of Jesus. perisheth, while yet the purposes of There is the mercy-seat, too, ChrisGod's love are accomplished by His all tian, to which thou canst perpetually go but homeless children, who are compel- and commune with thine absent one. led, as it is sometimes said, to travel Neither wind nor wave, storm nor temhither and thither, in obedience to the pest, nearness nor distance, can affect call of a secular avocation. But O, this ; here thou wilt ever find One who Christian! reflect that the one over can help and sympathise with thee, and whose wanderings thou dost mourn so whose love, stronger than death, still frequently, whose absence thou dost binds thy heart to thy absent friend, deplore, is an epistle of God's love; and with a cord no change can break, and it may be the will of thy Father, that he whose spirit enkindles in thy heart the should be frequently taken from thee to immortal hope, that when death shall exhibit the truth in the midst of thick remove thy frail tabernacle, thou wilt darkness, and to bring many wanderers meet with the endeared object of thy to the feet of his Lord. Should not this Christian love in that holy world where mitigate thy sorrow, and constrain thee sorrow and parting are unknown.-From to pray that each step taken from thee, " Lessons from Jesus," by the Rev. P. by those thou dost love, may be but a Bulfern. step towards some poor benighted heart,


To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. DEAR SIR, - Believing that the in-1" dwelt alone, and not reckoned among terest of Zion lays near your heart, I the people," and having

no open have felt constrained to call your atten- vision,” the word of the Lord is precious tion to the state of York.

unto us. My only channel of Christian A mysterious chain of providences ommunion is the correspondence of cast my humble lot in this city in January, many of the excellent of the earth with 1855; I had then but one attraction, which it is my high privilege to be nor have I ever seen another since. honoured; and,“ kept by the mighty Nearly three years passed away without power of God,” I have been preserved meeting one individual whom I could from mingling with the heathen and feelingly greet in the name of Jesus. learning their works, and proved, that In vain I searched for a trumpet that “certain sound," and came away

“ When all created streams are dry, gave a from church and from chapel with the

His fulness is the same.” language of Mary, “They have taken My soul has been kept alive, in this land away my Lord, and I know not where of drought and famine, by a daily mainthey have laid Him." My Sabbaths were ushered in with a sigh, and closed eat the world knows not of," and water

tenance from the King's table,“ Meat to with tears, at the remembrance of by- from the smitten rock. My precious gone days, when the Sabbath morn was Jesus hands me many a sweet morsel in hail'd with a

secret, and often has He wiped the tear “Welcome, sweet day of rest." from the widow's eye, by sweetly whisI inquired at some of the booksellers pering, “ Peace, be still

, for thy Maker is here, “Have you any subscribers for the thy husband, the Lord of Hosts is His Gospel Magazine ?” The answer was, name.” But to the point in hand.

No; we have a few for Zion's Trumpet After many tears and many prayers, I and the Gospel Standard.", This led me once made an appeal to the “Editor of to one whose heart the Lord had touched, Zion's Trumpet, to which he called the and who was inquiring the way to Zion, attention of his readers, as may be seen with his face thitherward;" and who, on the covers for January, 1858; but like myself, dissatisfied with all he heard, I having had no response, I feel a strong

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impression on my mind to make an ap- dling bands for want of better nursing ? peal to you, having first spread the And who can tell, there may be many matter before the Lord; and should the poor sinners, dead in trespasses and sins, Lord incline your heart to publish it who may be brought to hear the joyful abroad, through the Protestant Beacon, sound and live ? “ Is anything too hard who can tell whose eyes it may meet, for the Lord ?” at all events, light diswhose heart it may touch with sympathy, covers darkness, and truth is the best and God is a sovereign, and causeth it to mirror for error. - Salvation is of the rain upon one city and not rain upon Lord.” “Not by might, nor by power, another,

but by my Spirit saith the Lord of hosts."

He that made the walls of Jericho fall Say not, my soul, from whence can God relieve thy case ?

- blasts of rams'

down flat before the Omnipotence hath servants everywhere,” horns,” Gideon and his little band "faint,

yet pursuing, to gain the victory,” the and it is only for Him to say to one, “worm Jacob to thresh the mountains,"

Go, and he goeth; and to another, the stripling David's fingers to fight, Come, and he cometh;" and should this and hands to use the bow, so that Goliath meet the eye of one of the King's am- falls before him; can, if consistent with bassadors, who has received his commis- His sovereign will

, send a man of truth sion from the Lord, to “Go and preach to York, and make him a “sharp threshthe gospel to every creature,” necessity ing instrument having teeth.” Should laid upon him to declare the whole this appeal meet the eyes of a herald of counsel of God, whether men will hear, salvation, whom love to Jesus, and love or whether they will forbear,” bold for to immortal souls constrains him to his Master and His cause, “armed with count all things but loss "for Christ,” the Spirit's two-edged sword,” “deter- and should he hear the voice of his divine mined to know nothing among men, save Master saying, “Go over into Macedonia Jesus Christ and Him crucified;” unin- and help them,” I feel persuaded that if fluenced by any secular motives, an the Lord sends him without purse or ardent desire for the salvation of im- scrip, He will provide him with a better mortal souls, the welfare of poor, lan- lodging than He found Himself when guishing Zion at heart, a single eye to He came to tabernacle in our flesh, of the glory of God, "willingly to take joy, whom it is written, The foxes have fully the spoiling of his goods,” and holes, and the birds of the air have nests, come to York upon the rule laid down but the Son of Man hath not where to by the great Master of assemblies lay His head.” And though I may not (Matt. x. 7-16): I would say to him, be able to provide for a servant of the in the name of the Lord, “ Come, and Lord, what the Shunamite did the where Satan bath raised an altar to the prophet, still the interest of Zion lays unknown God,” there unfurl the blood- nearer my heart than any earthly object stained banner of the cross, erect the or subject, or I should not have taken gospel standard, and exalt a precious up my feeble pen upon a subject of such Jesus upon the gospel pole, as Moses vast importance. But who can tell, the did the serpent in the wilderness; point race is not to the swift, nor the battle to poor sinners to Calvary, with a “Behold the strong," “ the lame takes the prey." the Lamb of God," the poor sensible There is in this ancient city a population sinner's only refuge, the saint's eternal of more than 40,000 souls, twenty-six and everlasting portion; and who can tell churches, and fifteen chapels, and not a how many may rally round the banner ! " trumpet that gives a certain sound.” There must be some “salt” in this city. It is indeed a dark place, but I leave the Surely the Lord hath reserved unto matter in the Lord's hands, whose I am Himself a remnant “ who hath not and whom I serve. And may the choicest bowed to the image of Baal ;” and are blessings of Israel's Triune Jehovah, there not some of the Lord's hidden crown your work of faith and labour of ones who have wandered out of the way love, with His broad seal, is the prayer of understanding, dwelling among the of one of the Lord's mourners. congregation of the dead; and many of the Lord's little ones kept in their swad- York.

S. H.



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