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He was not only a gifted man in his į He taught the frailty of man, for he writings, but also in his ministry, being knew it was a humiliating truth. In pre-eminently successful in his devout | one of the descriptions which his elooccupation. There was not one particle quent pen depicts so vividly in the of bigotryin HERVEY's actions, thoughts, Meditations


the Tombs”) or writings. If he met with a Christian occurs a striking warning not to boast it was not his first question, as it is with of to-morrow. A young man cut down some, “To what Church do you belong? by death in the prime of his life, as he are you a Churchman or a Dissenter ?" was about to enter the matrimonial state, but rather, “What evidence have you of and was breathing such aspirations as the new birth-of an interest in the these—“Yet a very little while, and I atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?” shall possess the utmost of my wishes," This was the grand question; to party &c., but" the bridal festivity was turned matters he did not stoop.

into the funeral solemnity.” “Oh, trust It

appears almost necessary for us to not in youth or strength," appeals the expect that an evangelical writer or writer, or in anything mortal : for there minister should have been given the is nothing certain, nothing to be depended character of an Antinomian. Strange on beneath the unchangeable God.” that one so explicit as this good man In the hour of his approaching disso. was in his explanations of divine truth lution he is reported to have said, should be so accused. But he was far - Bonus textuaritus est bonus theologus from having such notions, such horrid a good textuary is a good divine); perversion of the truth. The religion and that is the armour ; the Word of of the Antinomian is more detestable to God is the sword. Those texts are the the free-grace doctrine man than it is to weapons which I must use, when that the Puseyite and " moralist.”. It is well subtle spirit--that arch adversary of worthy of remark here, that HERVEY mankind-comes to tempt and sift me exerted all his powers in exploding the in my last conflict." HERVEY! thou fallacious sentiments of the Antinomian, couldšt not have been equipped with a He studied to know himself, which, as better mail than an assurance of a SENECCA says, “is the hardest thing for blessed realization of eternal happiness a man to know;" felt his insufficiency as in the last hour of conflict, when thy a fallen and sinful creature, and was led enemy assaulted thee. Thou wielded to trust in the all-sufficient merits of the the weapons in thy life-time, in death Redeemer. The man who professes to thou found them thy only comfort; and understand most of the human heart, now, having laid down thy full quiver, and does not bring this as a standard thou hast calmly entered into thy propoint, viz., his own utter weakness in mised rest. Well may we wish that our spiritual matters, is ignorant of buman last end may be like unto his. nature, and its inward springs of action. Northampton

E. L.

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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. SIR.-In last month's Number of the ! " His bleeding body;" but the cross Gospel Magazine, page 435, col. 2, in the could not sanctify it: there can be article.“ B. V. M.,” the writer has used found nothing but His Deity to do the following words, " Upon the altar of that. And so I believe that on the the cross was He offering up to God His altar of His Godhead He offered His bleeding body.”

humanity. In dealing with Romanists I think the writer, in this sentence, I have found this distinction important. has made a very serious mistake, and I feel that there is a great need to be one that I find" to be very prevalent; accurate in our phraseology, especially which is, calling, or speaking of the on so important a subject; and therecross as the altar on which our great fore, though reluctant, to act the part High Priest offered our sacrifice. We of a critic, I cannot forbear at this learn from His own lips (Matt. xxiii. time, and am, my dear brother, in the 19), that the altar is greater than the best of bonds,

Yours, gift, and sanctifieth it: the sacrifice was Clashmore, Ireland. J. D.






The church of God are called according Now was the time for the Lord to to His purpose. “There are many devices appear. To his astonishment, the people in a man's heart, but the counsel of the whom he had despised and hated, Lord, that shall stand.” “A man's heart especially one of them, in his affliction deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth were his greatest friends. He suffered his steps.” “ The wrath of man shall himself to be led to that house of prayer praise Him, and the remainder of wrath he had in his ignorance vowed never to He will restrain."

enter; and then the Word of the Lord The foregoing scriptures are beauti- found him out. It was fixed as an fully exemplified in an instance which arrow in his soul. The Lord's servant has been afforded us within the last two was addressing the people on the words years, and which I shall now briefly of Paul-" That I may win Christ and relate.

be found in Him." That was the first T. G. was a son of parents who have word he heard with power in the heart; for many years been lovers of Jesus, and and from that time he diligently attended humble, but sincere followers of the the means; and gradually his mind vas Lamb. He grew up an enemy to the enlightened, and the sorrows of his heart cross of Christ, and very early broke rose up as a flood. The knees that had away from the house of God, to which never been bent in the worship of God, he had been accustomed to go with his now yielded to the deep necessity felt; parents, and ran into all kinds of wick- the mouth that had been more accusedness, to the great grief of his mother, tomed to the oath or profane jest, now whose prayers for her undutiful son sent forth cries to the God of salvation, were constant. Amongst other instances to Jesus, for mercy; and in due time he of his determined opposition to the found mercy, While sitting in his people of God, it is said that he made a house, literally sitting in darkness, the vow never to enter the chapel where his Lord arose upon his soul with a glorious parents worshipped. But God, who had light, and the voice of the Lord was thoughts of love and mercy towards this heard speaking peace to his poor, troubled wanderer, took means, peculiarly His heart. Soon after he was constrained to own, to bring down the pride of his come forth and confess Christ, by a public heart, and destroy its enniity. As he profession of His name; and some time was engaged one day in his usual em-after that, by a mysterious movement ployment-farming work-he found, to of Providence, a way was opened for his dismay, that his sight failed him; him to live (rent free) in a house adjoinalthough a young man, he was growing ing the chapel, under the same roof. blind. The affliction increased upon Thus his purposes were cut off, and the him rapidly, and soon he was obliged to Lord's purposes of love and mercy give up his employment and fall back toward him were established. For two upon his club. Still his affliction in- years he has adorned the doctrine of creased; and, notwithstanding all his Christ by a daily testimony, to all who efforts to ward off the blow, he found will hear him, of his salvation. He is his sight entirely gone. Here was a entirely dependent on the parish, and strong man brought down to the weak- the charity of the brotherhood, being ness and helplessness of a child; a wholly unable to provide for himself, naturally robust constitution reduced to his wife, and his child. a state of infirmity, by the course of Blackmore, Essex.

W. T. medicine he underwent to cure his



The Holy Ghost continues to show thing delightful in His doctrines; someus something new in the Saviour ; thing attractive in His invitations.something attracting in His love; some- Moody. thing efficacious in His blood; some


To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. MY DEAR Sır.-On reading that went to the Psalms ; at last I came to portion of the Gospel Magazine for the 31st Psalm, and these words, July, “A Father's Gift ; or, a Thorn in “Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I the Flesh,” I felt very much disposed am in trouble : mine eye is consumed to write as there suggested; but on with grief, yea, my soul and my belly. reading the letter from “J. K. Hails. For my life is spent with grief, and my ham,” in the August Number, I came to years with sighing: my strength faileth a decision, because the portions of because of my iniquity, and my bones Scripture mentioned in that (I trust I are consu

nsumed,” were attended with may say they) belong to me. I hope, power, especially, “My strength faileth therefore, you will excuse the liberty I because of mine iniquity." They seemed thus take in writing to you. I would to live: it was not merely printed paper, first acknowledge that I have frequently but living words. I saw then where I profited from reading the Gospel Maga- was, and was enabled to pour out my zine: sometimes in the way of en- soul for pardon. After this I again couragement, sometimes of 'strength, sank lower than ever. The Magazine, comfort, and sweet communion. for March, 1857, again came in, and

One time, after having enjoyed much described my state in the piece “Trust of the Lord's presence, I fell into a - May I ?” But says one, and said I fearful state of mind, cold, dead, and you have not touched my case.

Morerebellious ; I thought I had never over, it seems useless to attempt to open prayed a real prayer, and resolved never it. It is so complicated, so peculiar, to attempt it again. Just about then, &c., &c. If I had been speaking to the words came to my mind, “In all you, Sir, you could not more accurately thy ways acknowledge Him, and He have described my state. In the calshall direct thy steps. While looking lous, indifferent state, there described, for them in the Bible I came to other I had (previously to reading that) been

were attended with up to the house of God, where I am power to reprove and to teach : " Be a member. My dear pastor took for careful for nothing, but in everything, his text, Luke xi. 13. He showed with prayer and thanksgiving, make how none would rightly ask for the known thy requests unto God." “Be Holy Spirlt, but those whom the Spirit not rash with thy mouth, and let not had taught to feel their need of Him. thy heart be hasty to utter anything He spoke of adoption, &c., and was led before God,” &c. A day or two after to take me up so sweetly that I was I read that piece in the Gospel Muga- glad to go and weep before the Lord, zine for February, 1857, "Why should with feelings I cannot describe ; what I fear ?" Towards the close of that with the blessing at chapel, and the piece, I again met with the words, blessing of that piece, "Trust-May I?” * In all thy ways,&c., ani the words, I was quite raised up for a short time. “Prayer, simple, earnest, persevering Soon after this I was somewhat exercised prayer, and a waiting, watchful spirit, concerning a temporal matter, and havfor an answer, is the only advice we ing risen early one morning, I opened can offer.” The whole of the piece was my Bible at the 24th of Genesis. It very blessed, but the words I have opened up to me in such a way that I quoted were especially encouraging, felt sure the Lord would grant the and not only then but many times since. desire of my heart. I sensibly felt the Also, “Words for the Weak and Lord's presence; I was refreshed and Weary,” in the same month, was a help strengthened. I felt that He was my to me; but I was sunk so low that I God, and that he would never leave me. felt afraid to take comfort from any. This was on March 20th, 1857, and the thing, but I was constrained again to Lord has not yet granted me the temthrow myself before the Lord and weep poral mercy I was then praying for, so from very misery. I went to Job, I' that on reading J. R.'s letter it quite

passages, which

encouraged me to think that the Lord | port to me (I do not mean merely conwould

appear for me yet. It has been cerning this temporal grant I was confirmed to me several times, that the speaking off, for I think I had more Lord would appear to me in this mat- than one cross, or one cross made up of ter, but I have doubted and despaired many), and I have since then realised of it. This has made me rebel most the truth of those remarks; it was the fearfully, and these rebellions have made Number for December, 1858, "Himself me question whether I was born of God. hath done it;" that piece I found I felt that I was like king Saul and particularly sweet. I must now hastily Judas, and that I was given over to a notice how I came by the other two reprobate mind. It was, indeed, a passages, and hope you will excuse me complicated case, one trial acted upon for trespassing so much on your valuable another, and Satan acted upon all, so time. Though surrounded with every that I felt at times, if I could go raving comfort and many friends, yet I was in mad, it would be a relief to me. I was a very, desponding state, and full of tempted for a long time to commit forebodings. One day, while looking for suicide. I thought (or Satan said) hell a marginal reference in my Bible, my will be my portion, die when I will, and eye fell upon the words, - Thou shalt I may as well die at once and know the not go forth with baste nor go by worst. Another way in which Satan flight, for the Lord shall go before thee, handled this was : you think the Lord and the God of Israel shall be your will appear for you in this matter; you rereward.” These words were attended find He does not and will not grant it, with power, and abode with me some so you must have been deceiving your- time; still I feared to say decidedly that self (for if He had promised to appear they were applied (I like to be cautious He could not fail), and if you are de- and not take things for granted; indeed, ceived in this, you are deceived in all; I cannot), until å little while after they your religion is vain, and you will be were confirmed to me while reading Mr. lost at last. But I have been kept Huntington's remarksin “Light Shining cleaving to the truth through all, and I in Darkness," or, “He that believeth feel now that if I am deceived in that shall not make haste.” Some time after point, the Lord has suffered it to try this, being a little more comfortable, I my

faith, and if I perish I will perish at went up one week evening to the lecture. His feet; but, if he should grant it My pastor, in the course of his sermon, after all this time, I must say His time quoted the words, “ He that goeth is the best time. For, by withholding forth weeping, bearing precious seed, it, he has brought me to a deeper shall doubtless come again rejoicing, knowledge of the deceitfulness of my bringing his sheaves with him." He heart, and to know and desire to know spoke of being distressed and tired, yet

, more of the riches of His grace. in the midst of all, the seed of truth

You must think, Sir, under these cir- abode in our hearts, and, therefore, we cumstances, how anxiously I read the should come again with sheaves of conpieces on “ Is it from the Lord ?” and I solation. I do not remember any more must say (though the other pieces were of the sermon, but that was my portion. good, yet they were not quite to the I was so nicely taken up. One Sunday purpose) I was very much comforted morning, a little while after, he again and edified by your remarks, which were referred to that passage, and enlarged to the purpose. In the November Num- upon it. He said the word seed was in ber, 1858,“ A Word to the Wise,” was the plural in the original-seeds; so very much blessed to me. I knew what precious faith was one seed. Prayer

, it was to feel, as there described, “to praise, love, every sigh of our hearts wait His decision, to do or not to do, as after God, were seeds; and then the He should think fit. The writer says, harvest was very certain-shall doubtIf you are brought here deliverance is less come again, &c. I felt I had those not far off.” This was so encouraging precious seeds in my heart, and a hope to me. This reminds me of one of your sprung up that consolation, was waiting pieces where you write in a similar for me. What a sweet passage that is strain, and which was a very great sup- where it says, "The Lord waiteth that He may be gracious." It is as thougbi be kept faithful, and made increasingly the Lord said, Poor soul, the time is useful, and abundantly blessed in your fixed when I am to bestow my comforts own soul; while I remain, on you, so I am waiting to give as much Yours respectfully and affectionately, as you are waiting to receive. I must London.

d. 2. now.conclude, hoping, dear sir, you may


To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. BELOVED EDITOR,--If my previous to these revivals in the north of Ireletter upon this subject did no further land.” good than drawing from you those most Mr. Scott, the City of London truthful and valuable remarks you were Chamberlain, says, “I have visited a induced to make, I am amply repaid for large portion of the province of Ulster, any amount of trouble and time which which comprises nine counties, and I it has cost me. And now, according to found the awakening, more or less promise, in taking up my pen to resume everywhere. It manifests itself in a the subject, I must confess I do so with very general solemnity of feeling and rather less doubting upon my mind as deportment, particularly in the house of to the genuineness of the work, since I God, whence all levity, trifling, forhave had the testimony of a dear man of mality, and inattention appear to have God, a minister of the gospel in this been banished ; a very wide-spread conparish, who has himself been to Belfast viction that good is to be obtained by and neighbourhood, and returned stating attendance upon religious services. The that, without contradiction, God is apparent results upon society are undoing a marvellous work among the doubted and most gratifying; drunkenpoor, deluded Roman Catholics. Let ness, the besetting sin of the district, us add to this testimony several more is in some places abolished, in others that are before us, which, from all I greatly abated." hear, may be depended upon.

And again, the Rev. C. SCAVER, Look, for instance, at the statement Incumbent of St. John's, Belfast, writes of that well-known man of God, Mr. as follows to the British Messenger : GRANT, the Editor of the Morning “The result of all my investigations Advertiser. He says that he had for and observations is this some time past felt a very earnest desire “1. That there lias been plainly an to form a correct opinion as to the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in answer nature and extent of the religious re- to prayer. vivals which had been going on for some 66 2. That this has not been in the months in the north of Ireland ; and usual way of human agency, but that it with this view he gladly embraced the has been the direct work of the Spirit of earliest opportunity which presented God. itself of paying a personal visit to the "3. That physical manifestations principal scenes of the movement, to see bave accompanied it, but not being with his own eyes, and hear with his necessarily connected with it, the numown ears the real facts of the case.' ber of those seriously impressed being The result of this visit is made known far more than those physically affected, in the pamphlet now before us; wherein “4. That its tendency is to unite in he says, -"Never, in all my life, was I closer bonds the members of all Evanmore convinced of anything than of this gelical churches. that this movement is the work of “5. That it has pervaded all classes the Holy Spirit. Let me also repeat of society. the expression of my full belief, that, “6. That the abiding fruits of the taken altogether, the history of the Spirit have been manifested in the Christian Church contains no parallel | altered lives and conduct of those under

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