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this gracious influence: the ungodly who would not be persuaded though and careless becoming anxious; the one rose from the dead, and argue

bedrunkard becoming sober; the profli- cause there are some false cases, there gate leaving his vices and becoming are no true ones. All the objections I chaste.”

have heard are such as I myself should Still further, the Rev. W. MARRABLE, be ashamed to make. The experience Prebendary of St. John's, Dublin, says : of every day confirms more and more

“I left Dublin on Tuesday, by the my conviction, of a great and unusual one o'clock train, for Belfast. I was work of God having been wrought in informed that the Bishop of Down and this place.” Connor was to preach that evening in The Rev. G. V. CHICHESTER, curate Trinity Church. On arriving at Belfast, of Portrush, has published a statement I proceeded at once to the church, of facts, “ from one residing and labour. which was soon crowded to excess. The ing in the midst of this most hopeful Bishop preached a suitable sermon from and genuine work,” in introducing Galatians v. 16, after which he referred which, he

says: to the revival movement to the following “ I cannot but feel, in conjunction effect:—'Though looking with some with the great majurity of those who, distrust upon the extravagant reports like myself, have personally witnessed which have reached me, I yet felt it my and shared in the movement, that duty to summon my reverend brethren, Archdeacon STOPFORD's pamphlet is calwho were witnesses of what was going culated to leave a wrong impression on on, to consider how it was best to im- the public mind. It is quite incorrect prove the opportunity; and after hearing to say that sensitive women are the only the reports of men of calm and sober subjects of the change, for there are a minds and mature judgments, I felt that great number of strong men affected in God was shedding abroad in many every locality; and sometimes more places a spirit of knowledge and the violently affected than the women. It fear of the Lord, inducing in many cases is also unjust to give the impression a reformation of life. I speak not now that all the cases of conversion can be of bodily prostrations, to them I attach reduced to hysteria. By far the greater little importance; but of that strong number of cases are either without conviction of sin, prayer for mercy, hysteria, or soon lose the symptoms ; calling on Christ for pardon, and the and the genuineness of their religion is testimony of a reformed life-and who proved by its fruits.” can scoff at such fruits as these? We Well now, beloved, we say, in the behold reformation in the drunkard; the language used by the Rev. Wm. dishonest becoming just; an increased MARRABLE, “Who can scoff at such fruits attendance on the means of grace ; as these," or say otherwise than that surely, “ this is the Lord's doing, and this is the finger of God? “It is the it is marvellous in our eyes.'

Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our Another clergyman of the Church of eyes.". But what say the Roman England, in the diocese of Down and Catholics themselves about this work ? Connor, writes :

Why they are terribly perplexed at it, “In this great awakeing movement- which is a good sign. The Nation, a I speak only of what I myself have seen, Roman Catholic newspaper, says: and I can, thank God, bear the most Irish nation is fast dissolving encouraging testimony-I see a con- Ireland is ceasing to be a Roman tinued steadfastness and seriousness in Catholic nation.

The Roman all our people, and a continued anxiety Catholic Church in Ireland will need a for the Word of God and prayer, toge- defence association of guardian angels, ther with great love for all those who to save it from extinction.” are Christ's people, and an anxiety for The truth is, we are in an emerthe souls of those who are not. The gency. We have fallen upon a crisis. objections which some have advanced The enemy has already forced our are made either by persons who sit at a entrenchments. These gallant Celtic distance, and have not taken the trouble poor that stood the front of the to examine for themselves, or by those battle these three hundred years are

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routed and falling, and we are holding ! pass, that whosoever shall call on the silly councils in the camp! The ! name of the Lord shall be saved ?" proselytisers are everywhere-even the Whether the present be the times poor soldiers' wives are ensnared.spoken of thus, we dare not venture to

Dear Editor, we could multiply facts judge, but, beloved, it does seem that but dare not further lengthen out our course should be, to be found much our article. One thing must be, I in prayer. Thanking God for what He think, evident to every thoughtful mind, has done in snatching, poor deluded which is, that we live in most eventful Romanists from the thraldon of Popery, days. What is passing in other places and praying that whether with instruwe know not, but in this town, nowments or without them, He will still that these wonderful movements are further accomplish the purposes of His being noised about, in the Apostle love and favour. Nor should we forget Peter's language, « Multitudes are to pray for those Ministers of the coming together and are confounded.” Gospel who are labouring in the midst Some, amazed and in doubt, are saying of this work. We are told that if God one to another, “What meaneth this?" was not giving them supernatural Others, mocking, are saying, “These strength, it would be impossible for men are full of new wine.” But may them to get through their duties. Oh, not Peter's further language be appli- then, may they have supporting grace, cable to the present times, Ye men of and may He pour out a spirit of grace Judæa and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, and supplication upon His believing be this known unto you, and hearken to family; that union with one another may my words : for these are not drunken as be more manifest ; that the spirit of love ye suppose, seeing it is but the third and sympathy may prevail; and may our hour of the day. But this is what was one object in all be to glorify Jesus and spoken by the prophet Joel; And it testify of His love and faithfulness. shall come to pass in the last days, saith Dear Editor, we rejoice to hear, from God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all dear ALFRED HEWLETT's testimony, flesh: and your sons and your daughters what the Lord is doing through you shall prophesy, and your young men and by you'at Bedminster; and sincerely shall see visions, and your old men trusting He will still shine in your shall dream dreams. And on my servants midst, and preserve your valuable life, in and on my handmaidens I will pour out all affection, in those days of my Spirit; and they shall Believe me, yours in covenant bonds, prophesy. And it shall come to Bury St. Edmunds.

G. C.

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circumstances have con- | raising of this temple, who have neither bined to prevent our furnishing our part nor lot in the house not made readers ere this with particulars of this with hands, eternal in the heavens." most solemn and interesting ceremony. They may chisel, and square, and lay We

say solemn, and so it is on many stone after stone in this earthly temple, accounts.

but give no evidence whatever of being First. How many of even those who themselves stones hewn out of the may have witnessed the laying of that quarry of nature by an almighty hand, stone, will never live to behold the in order to be “built upon the foundacompletion of the building ; for, “Whatis tion of the apostles and prophets, Jesus your life? It is even a vapour, that Christ Himself being the chief cornerappeareth for a little time, and then stone; in whom all the building, fitly

framed together, groweth unto an holy Secondly. It is to be feared that temple in the Lord.” there will be some, and perhaps the Thirdly. How great is the responmajor part, of those

engaged in the actual sibility of those who shall, from time to

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time, be called to minister in the place Lastly. The brevity of life may well about professedly to be dedicated to the produce the utmost solemnity of thought. Lord." Will the trumpet give a certain Should the assembly then present, for sound within those walls ? Will Christ most part, be permitted to behold the be the Alpha and Omega of the salva- completion of the building now in course tion that shall be proclaimed there? of erection, how patent the fact that, Will Jesus, in His glorious Person, long, long, ere that building shall character, and offices, be the one crumble into ruin, the spirit of each and grand theme of the preacher? Will every beholder-pastors and people, the fulness, freeness, and finished shall have returned to the God who nature of a salvation, without money gave it. Where are now the designers, and without price, be declared beneath the builders, the occupants of any one that roof? Shall man be set in his or other of the stately edifices we may right place, and God in His ?. Shall enter? Where, indeed ? May it not the Creator be abased, and God alone be said of them as was said, no less exalted ? Oh, how momentous these than eight times over, of the names of considerations, especially in these latter those given in the short record contimes, when every species of error aud de- tained in the fifth chapter of Genesis, lusion is so rife; and remembering, more and he died?” Will not the same over, that Jehovah has “hid His treasure three short but momentous words be in carthen vessels, that the excellency of attached to any little remembrance of the power may be of God, and not of us." each of us, and he died ?" Solemn

Fourthly. The fact of the trial to consideration, indeed, when connected which every man's work must be sub- with the idea of how and in whom we shall mitted, may well suggest inquiry as to die; for if we die out of Christ, it were the nature of his doctrine and the charac- better far that we had never been born. ter of his teaching, “ We are labourers together with God," says the apostle writing to the Corinthians, ye are The ceremony was thus recorded by God's husbandry, ye are God's building the journals of the day According to the grace of God which is The weather, on the day fixed for the given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, occasion, fortunately was fine, and, as I have laid the foundation, and another we have stated, numbers of buildeth thereon. But let every man gathered together to view the founding take heed how he buildeth thereupon. of another sacred edifice in Bedminster. For other foundation can no man lay

As the time fixed for the commencethan that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. ment of the proceedings drew near, the Now if any man build upon this founda- crowd in and around the site of the intion gold, silver, precious stones, wood, tended church drew every instant more hay, stubble; every man's work shall numerous; and, despite the blazing rays be made manifest; for the day shall of the sun, gaily-dressed ladies and more declare it, because it shall be revealed soberly clad gentlemen kept their seats by fire; and the fire shall try every or standing places beneath the fervour man's work of what sort it is. And, of his rays with the utmost persistency again, in his epistle to the Galatians, he and equanimity. About three o'clock says, “I marvel that ye are so soon a procession of clergy started from the removed from him that called you into residence of the Incumbent, the Rev. the grace of Christ unto another gospel: D. A. DOUDNEY, which is within a short which is not another; but there be distance, and proceeded to the site. some that trouble you, and would on their arrival the service was at once pervert the gospel of Christ. But commenced, and the Revs. Canon though we, or an angel from heaven, MadaN, COOPER, COGHLAN, DOUDNEY, preach any other gospel unto you than HOLLINS, KNAPP, EDWARDS, ASHWIN, that which we have preached unto you, TURNER, and BANKES, took each their let him be accursed. As we said before, part in the following: so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that „ye have received, let him be accursed.” DEARLY BELOVED -Forasmuch as the

persons had



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Let us pray

Lord has been pleased to put it into the thee, let thine eyes be open and let thine hearts of his faithful people to build an ears be attent unto the prayers that house for His holy worship, we have shall be offered in this place. And do assembled here this day, we trust in His thou gramt to tlıy servants, Almighty strength, to carry this good purpose into God, to be strong and of a good courage, effect, and devoutly to beg His blessing for the performance of this thy work on our present undertaking. Let us, let us not fear nor be dismayed, knowing therefore, commence this service, by that the Lord God, even our God, will singing the 117th Psalm.

be with us; He will not fail us, nor forT'he following hymn was then sung:- sake us, until we have finished all the “From all that dweil below the skies,” &c.

work, for the service of the house of

our Lord. Amen. Minister * Except the Lord build the house, their labour is but lost that After prayer the jar containing the build it.”

inscription, &c., was deposited; and the People. Except the Lord keep the stone being ready to be laid, the Minister city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” said :—"The earth is the Lord's and all -Ps. cxxvii. 1, 2.

that therein is: the compass of the world, and they that dwell therein."

People. - For he hath founded it Prevent us, O Lord, in all our doings, upon the seas : and prepared it upon with thy most gracious favour, and fur- the floods” (Ps. xxiv. 1, 2). ther us with thy continual help; that in Mr. E. T. INSKIP (the representative all our works, begun, continued, and of the chief contributor) having been ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy presented by his co-Trustees with a very Name, and finally by thy mercy obtain handsome silver trowel, proceeded to everlasting life; through Jesus Christ the work of spreading the mortar; and, our Lord. Amen.

laying the stone; he said: How solemn O merciful God, who has been gra- is this hour,its history was connected with ciously pleased to promise thy especial the past, and is connected with the presence wherever two or three are met present and the future; and whilst I together in thy Name; vouchsafe, we have been thus privileged to be one of beseech thee, to be present with us, who the feeble and humble instruments of are here now assembled, with all humi- bringing about the scene you are now lity and readiness of heart, to lay the permitted to witness, and in which I am chief Corner Stone of this building, that so highly honoured in sustaining so it

may be a house to thy glory, through prominent a position, I am led with one, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

of old to ask, “ What am I, and what my O Lord God of Israel! there is no father's house, that thou hast brought God like thee, in the heaven nor in the me hitherto ?" And I can assure you. earth, which keepest covenant and shew- that I feel it to be an office of great est mercy unto thy servants. honour that has thus been conferred dwellest not in temples made with hands : upon me in being thus called upon to heaven is thy throne, and earth is thy lay the chief Corner Stone of a house footstool. The heaven of heavens cannot for God. contain thee, how much less this house Now, as to the history of this day. It which we would build in thy Name. has long been notorious, thaťof all places. Yet, O Lord ! have respect to the prayer in or about Bristol, Bedminster is the of thy servants and to their supplication. place where the greatest dearth exists of O Lord our God, hearken unto the cry the Word of life ; its teeming multitudes and the prayer which thy servants pray being larger than any, single minister before thee—that day and night thine could undertake. And to supply this eyes may be open upon the house which want has been the anxious and deep we would here raise unto thee. Hearken solicitude of a few Christian friends; unto the supplications of thy servants, the teeming myriads have been, and O Lord !-hear thou from heaven thy they, as you now behold, are being cared dwelling-place; and when thou hearest

, for; their spiritual wants have been the forgive. And now, O God! we beseech subject of earnest prayer, that the:



Great Shepherd would open up a way Minister. O Lord open thou our lips. to some spot on which a Temple People. And our mouth shall shew for Himself might be erected. This forth thy praise. site at length found to be The 811h and 89th Psalms were then suited as a place where the erection of read. a Temple for Him who dwelleth not in These Psalms were followed by the earthly Temples alone, might be wor- reading of the First Lesson, Ezra i. shipped; and it has pleased that God 2-6, and iii. 10, 11. who hears and answers prayer, to move

Then followed Psalm lxvii. the hearts of some of His servants to The Second Lesson was Eph. ii. 19. come forward, and of their substance The following hymn was then sung, bountifully to contribute towards sup- (composed by the Rev. George D. plying the spiritual wants of this be- Doubner, Incumbent of Charles Chapel, nighted locality. The heart of our Plymouth) :respected and truly endeared Bishop, Father of mercies! God of love! with others who partook largely of his philanthropic virtues, had been moved ; A Father's kindness we would prove,

We, needy sinners, seek thy face ; and here we are now assembled to

carry Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling place. out the benevolent design which God, in answer to prayer, has moved His Fir'd are our hopes on Christ alone, servants to bestir themselves, commence,

While resting on thy Spirit's grace; and carry out. You have now only to We breathe our prayer, and lay this store,

Oh let this be thy dwelling-place. pray on, that the blessing of the Lord Jehovah might rest on this temple when When by thy help the walls we raise, erected; and that within these four walls Grant us bright visions of thy face ; many, nay, very many, might count their The mourner's sigh, the cheered one's praise, new birth; and of whom it might be said, Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling-place. “Lo! this and that man were born there." Now, my friends, we behold an earnest Yes, in this valley of dry bones, of the Lord's goodness; and we are Ao army raised, Jehovah's sons,

Speak but the word, Behold, they live; permitted to see the first evidence of

Jesus to serve, and praises give. the Lord's smiles upon this work, and to assemble ourselves upon this ground Accept our feeble offering, Lord, where, in a few months, I trust we may

Bestow aboundings of thy grace; again assemble to greet each other Open, and let us eat thy Word, on the consecration of the building.

Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling-place. Having laid this stone, it is not neces- To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, sary I should detain you longer, as I The God whom heaven and earth adore ; shall have another opportunity of ad- Be glory as it was of old, dressing you in the evening; but will, Is now, and shall be overmore. before I retire, ask you all, in true fervour, and in earnest prayer, to join in Minister. Lord, have mercy upon us. the supplication, the form of which is

People. Christ, have mercy upon us. in the programme, and which I will now Minister. Lord, have mercy upon us. read:

Our Father, which art in heaven : “Forasmuch as Almighty God once hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom accepted the purpose of Solomon, to come. Thy will be done in earth, as it build an house unto His Name, and is in heaven. Give us this day our daily nothing doubting but that He favour- bread. And forgive us our trespasses, ably alloweth this work of ours, to as we forgive them that trespass against found and erect this Temple for His And lead us not into temptation; service, We therefore, lay this chief but deliver us from evil. For thine is Corner Stone, in the name of the great the kingdom, and the power, and the Jehovah, the Holy, holy, holy, undivided glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three Persons, but one God, blessed Blessed be thy holy name, O Lord for evermore. Amen."

God Almighty, for putting it into our hearts to build this house to the glory


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