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Also that you may from thence sound way, but abounding in hope through the out far and near those blessed truths of power of the Holy Ghost. the gospel which are the stay and

sup- I have extended my letter further port of His own; comforting, refresh- than I anticipated; but I felt constrained, ing, and enriching their souls both in on reading the two articles referred to, speaking and writing : and may your to write to you, therefore forgive my

soul be so abundantly watered, that tediousness; and begging an interest in you may experience the rain come down your supplications at the throne of in copious showers, bringing peace to grace, believe me, in much Christian love, your inner man, and many seals to your yours very affectionately in covenant ministry; that you be not faint by the union,

N. Y. A.


self ;

MY DEAR BROTHER IN EVERLASTING way, and make us lie low at His feet. BONDS,-As I was spending last even- But we get the sweets out of them; by ing with Miss M., she told me you these things men live, and this is the life would like to see the little Memoir of our spirit. We cannot know the which I wrote of one who was once the healing branch, unless the waters are idol of my heart; but the dear Lord in bitter. I am glad to see, by your Old tenderest love took her from me, and, Jonathan, that there is a spirit of hearing from my heart of hearts, I do bless His among the people where you are labourholy name for the stroke. He made ing, and that you get the temporary indeed a void, but it was to fill it Him- church full. The Lord bless


abunand He has caused me often to dantly in your work, and give you sweet say, Blessed affliction! blessed weaning! tokens from time to time that He has

Son of man, behold I take from thee much people there. As you will have the desire of thine eyes with a stroke." many trials, crosses, and oppositions, But though I could not then under may your soul be strengthened and stand why the stroke was so severe, I encouraged by the assurance that the now see and feel it was in love to my Lord is working with you, and confirmsoul, that I might find my all in Him. ing the Word in the hearts of His elect I have given just her own simple people by signs following. The circumthoughts, which, though sometimes for stances connected with building a new want of more light, are rather confused, church will no doubt gather around you yet it shows Spirit-teaching in the soul, a large number of all sorts; but the and the true experience of one who separating Word of truth will be sure to knew the plague of her own heart, and mark out the precious from the vile; was longing to know more of Jesus. and out of the heap of rubbish may the She had not been favoured with such dear Lord enable you to search out faithful, discriminating, and experi- many precious jewels, who shall spangle mental preaching as some are privileged in the crown of our Immanuel in the to enjoy; for she had been years listen- day of His coming. The richest coming to the yea-nay teaching of the forts of the God of all grace and consomerit-mongers, as Luther calls them. lation rest on you in your labours, that But towards the last she was pretty His Word by your mouth may

wound well weaned from such uncertain sounds, and heal, kill and make alive, and the and found a delight in the full, finished, savour of the knowledge of His dear free, sovereign, and everlasting work of name be made manifest to the glory of a precious Christ, on which alone her our God and Saviour. soul rested. Ah! how much pruning, Yours in Him who is our hope, weaning, humbling, and breaking down Bath.

A. S. G. we want all the while to keep us in the

THOUGH Faith may look upon God, and to stare too much upon Him, is the way that with much comfort; yet, for Reason to lose her sight.-Arrowsmith.



3, Angell Road, Brixton, London, I desire to stand with you at the

Sept. 10, 1857. threshold of these depths of God, and

to ponder them over in their fulness,

believing the truth of what the Holy MY BROTHER AND SISTER, BELOVED Ghost saith to us, “ All are yours, and OF AND IN THE LORD, -The peace of ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's;" God rule in your hearts, and the Word and this God is our God for ever and of Christ dwell in you richly. Love, ever, and He will be our guide over blood, and salvation abound in you, and death. We are now passed from death you abound in hope by the power of the unto life, being partakers of the first Holy Ghost, and so live and walk in the resurrection; and raised up together Spirit in peace with God, through Jesus with Christ, the resurrection and the Christ our Lord; for He, Jesus only, is life, cannot die any more; are the chilour peace, and He is the peace of God, the dren of God, being the children of the God of peace, and hath made peace resurrection, that we should be to the through the blood of His cross; and we praise of the glory of His grace, that have redemption in His blood, the for- hath made us accepted in the Beloved. giveness of sins, and He, the most high And of Him the Father saith, - This is God, is our Redeemer, and obtained my beloved Son, in whom my soul deeternal redemption for us, and we have lighteth and is well pleased, and the salvation in Him with eternal glory. Lord is well pleased with us for His

Who can calculate the vast blessed- righteousness' sake; and that we should ness we have in Christ ? To live in a be to the praise of His glory, who first knowledge of Him is eternal life; and trusted in Christ, in whom also we having received Him, Christ Jesus the trusted after we heard the word of Lord, we walk in Him, the way of life, truth, &c.; and they that trust in the above sin, death, Satan, curse, and Lord shall be, and are, as Mount Zion, wrath, reconciled unto God; and who which cannot be moved, but abideth for shall lay anything to the charge of God's ever, and we trust in the Lord for ever, elect ?

and pour out our hearts before Him. Beloved ones, we are as free from con- God is a refuge for us. demnation and the power of sin as our What a precious Lord Jesus ours is ! most glorious Christ, who saith, “If the He is our all and in all; He is God, the Son therefore shall make you free, ye author of life and of eternal salvation; shall be free indeed ;” and though we and He hath saved us in Himself with say, “In me, that is, in my flesh, dwell- an eternal salvation. An heart-expe. eth no good thing," yet we are more than rience of these things, by the power and conquerors through Him that loved us; demonstration of the Spirit, maketh the and in the assurance of this, we freely lame man leap like an hart, and the say, “Who shall lay anything to the tongue of the dumb to sing of the charge of God's elect? it is God that mercies of the Lord for ever, and, with justifieth,” &c. And as the inhabitants David, to each other say, “O come, let of the Rock, we sing, "Behold God is us sing unto the Lord a new song, for my salvation : I will trust and not be He hath done marvellous things ; His afraid, for the Lord Jehovah is my right hand and holy arm hath gotten strength and my song. He also is be- Him the victory.” And all is put down come my salvation.” And because of this, to our account; and we daily exult in sin shall not have dominion over us, for the mercy, saying,

Thanks be unto we are not under the law but under God who giveth us the victory through grace ; and grace reigns through our Lord Jesus Christ.” And this righteousness unto eternal life, by Jesus "experience worketh hope, and hope Christ our Lord, who was made sin maketh not ashamed,” because the love for us, who knew no sin, that we might of God is shed abroad in the heart by be made the righteousness of God in the Holy Ghost. And in and by the Him. Oh! the depth of the riches, &c. fellowship of the Spirit we say, "Truly

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our fellowship is with the Father, and ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's ;" with His Son Jesus Christ;" and if we yet our privilege is to say, “The Lord suffer with Him (not for Him) we shall gave, and the Lord hath taken away, be also glorified together; and as the blessed be the name of the Lord.” sufferings of Christ abound in us, so her sufferings and affictions are ended : our consolation aboundeth by Christ, a few days more and so will ours; and and Himself is the consolation of Israel. God will wipe all tears away. Jesus

I have thus far ran on without let or suffered, “ the just for the unjust,” and hinderance; and again I salute you, say- we have fellowship with Him in His ing, grace and peace be multiplied unto sufferings, being made conformable to you through the knowledge of God and His death; and being partakers of Him, of Jesus our Lord. I do not wonder the first resurrection, we cannot die any at the statement you make relative to more; we are the children of God, being the preaching of the gospel in Oxford; the children of the resurrection, "Heirs it is a city of priests, and there is no of God and joint-heirs with Christ

, room for Jesus the High Priest after joined to the Lord and one Spirit.” the order of Melchisedec.

My wife unites with me in love to The language of such men-made priests you, because you belong to Christ; and hath been, and is now, “ We will not we pray the Lord to give you patience

, have this man to reign over us." Yet, and cause you to stand still and see the I doubt not but there are a few grains salvation of God, that you may abound of salt hid in holes and corners as the in hope by the power of the Holy Ghost

, preservative of the city; and who can yet and we will sing of the mercies of the tell what the Lord hath directed your Lord for ever. steps there for? Wait, watch, and look, I have been suffering much for many the word of our God shall stand for ever. weeks past from wounds and inflamma

My leg continues very sadly and pain- tion in my left foot; many a sleepless ful, and produces sleepless hours. I am hour it hath produced; but there is no ready to depart to be with Christ. My anger nor wrath manifested, nor is it Mary unites with me in love to you, punishment for sin. I am obliged to because you belong to Christ.

sit with


and I have need of Yours in our precious Lord Jesus, patience. I am ordered to ride out; that

A. TRIGGS. I leave with my gracious Lord and God:

I feel no desire only to stand before the 3, Angell Road, Brixton, London, people and preach Jesus and the resur

June 30, 1859. rection. A few words from you will be MY BROTHER, BELOVED OF AND IN very ac

acceptable. THE LORD,-Paul declares, and we Yours in our precious Lord Jesus, believe the truth, "All things are yours ;


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WAY-WORN labourer of the cross,

Fears within and foes without,
Called to suffer pain and loss,

Toiling saint, yield not to doubt;
From this earth thine eyes remove-

Can thy Saviour cease to love ?
Look to Jesus-look above.

Look to Jesus-look above.
Former friends are far away,

Roll thy burden on the Lord,
None to aid thee-none to pray ;

Trnst Him, and His faithful word;
None to soothe thee-none to love-

Will He not thy faith approve ?
Look to Jesus-look above.

Look to Jesus - look above.
Satan may thy soul surprise,

Soou thy toiling will be o'er,
And his agents thee despise ;

Thou shalt sorrow never more;
One there is oh! test His love-

Through the plains of glory rove,
Look to Jesus-look above.

See thy Jesus-look and love.

God manifests most of His love to us when we are in the lowest abasement

D. J.



For the information of merely intellec. opened and the Spirit entered! But the tual professors, dissertations upon doc Spirit of the Lord was there, moving trines, and opinions, and prophecy, and upon the waters, or broodinga word duties, will pass current and satisfy. full of sweet teaching when applied to Not so, however, when a trembling, the new creation, since it contains in it sin-burdened Rahab is anxiously await- the tender, dove-like care of the parent ing her deliverance from wrath to come, fluttering over its brood, just then from the impending and certain destruc- springing into life. And can it be that a tion of doomed Jericho. Here the true soul brought thus far can ever be left to token must consist of home-brought and perish? No! eternal praises to the inwrought testimony by the Spirit, re- Lord. That blessed Holy Comforter, specting that precious blood which who is the great operator in this mighty cleanseth from all sin ; and I know of work-far mightier than the creation of no way so sweetly calculated to confirm worlds, which, when they have run their the anxious sinner in the knowledge of race, and have grown old as doth a this grand token, or to convince him garment, Jesus Himself as a vesture that what he now knows and perceives shall fold them up (Heb. i. 12)---shall of its soul-sustaining power, is the be- brood over and carry on His grand work ginning of the very deliverance he so until, in one eternal chorus, the morning earnestly desires and seeks, as to say to stars shall sing together, and the sons him, Come, dear brother, for you fear of God shall shout aloud for joy. God, and I will tell you what He hath If the safe conduct through the pildone for my soul.”

grim-journey, and the growth in grace Windows have two uses: they are depended upon the poor, feeble little inlets of both air and light. The Spirit brood, then indeed there would be of life enters the windows of the soul ground for terror and dismay; yea, for first, and the true light of spiritual life black despair! Every truly Spiritis borne upon its wings. The experience taught child of God feels that no word of a child of God, in his new creation, of Jesus could be more true than that corresponds with the Lord's description without me ye can do nothing ! But of the old creation. The great work is since the Holy Ghost knows that we are done at one grand creation-stroke by total helplessness, while, at the same the Almighty Spirit, but its develop- time, it is by His own divine power we ments come into open visibility and have been brought into spiritual being; order by a series of successive manifes- and while His own eternal glory, arising tations of power, wisdom, and love, from the perfect accomplishment of that “For we are His workmanship, created branch of the salvation of the church in Christ Jesus unto good works, which which was assigned to Him in the cove. God hath before ordained that we should nant of grace, depends upon our final walk in them." But when this creative presentation among the redeemed of the power is put forth in the dark soul of a Lord, does it not follow of necessity, dead sinner, at first-just as it was with that having called the passive recipient the old creation - The earth was with of His grace into spiritual life, He will out form and void; and darkness was so brood over His own work that it shall upon the face of the deep.” How form- finally grow up, under His divine miless and how void was thy poor soul, my nistry, to the fulness of the stature of a brother, when first thy windows were man in Christ Jesus ?--Gospel Lecturer.

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I HOPE this will find you with your souleven my own mother's children, nay, winged for heaven, and this poor, my spiritual children, will cease from earthly, good-for-nothing world, under troubling me, and my weary soul will your feet. Could I fly away, you should enjoy an everlasting rest.-Whitefield. never see me till

we meet at the right What we win by prayer, we shall wear hand of God. There the wicked, and with comfort.--Dodd.



Here a little and there a little.—Isa. Ixvii. 10. OH, beloved, how various are the ways | belongs to Jesus, and you have had no the Spirit uses to make Jesus increas- hand in the matter. And, beloved, ingly precious to our souls! Perhaps surely such convictions tend to make us great darkness of soul has, for some time always on the look out for the Spirit. past, existed, and all has been very cold There is the captain on the gangway, he and dreary, and in some way, in His own has the management of the ship, and all signal workings, He leads him into the eyes, from the man at the help to the boy company of the Lord's dear people. on the ladder, are fixed upon him. If a Perlaps he feels, for some time, in- heavy sea threatens to break over the ship, creasingly chilly in their midst, and says it is not for the seaman to fly here, and let within himself, This is no place for me; go this sail and the other rope,


capI had better have remained in solitude; tain's movement must command all, or I am fit society for none; when some general confusion would be the result; little sentence is dropped from an un- and so I want to feel it is the Holy looked-for source, or some fellow-sinner Spirit that must alone guide, and the is led out in prayer; and oh! the snowy eye not be looking at the seas a-head, feelings are melted, the hard heart se- and the probable consequence of shipparates into pieces, and the refreshing ping them, but be kept upon the Captain water of life springs up through the of our salvation, who, through the Holy broken fragments, and what a season of Spirit, will command all well; and, by enjoyment follows. And the poor soul frequent tackings, by here a little and feels and knows that this is the Lord's there a little, will bring the weatherleading, that he might get a little com- beaten bark safe enough into the haven fort, and, lifting up heart, forgets his of eternal rest. And I think this shows burdens, and sings for joy that he can us not to despise instrumentalities, howtrace the good hand of his God still upon ever humble, because the Lord makes him, and that not yet has He failed in IIis use of whom He will. We shall know covenant promises concerning him; and nothing by-and-by of the wretched mud so it is, step by step, here a little and there walls which separate Christians now, a little, that the dear Lord teaches us to and it is a great drawback, individually profit, and is making us meet to be par- and collectively, as Christians, to know takers with the saints of the inheritance so much of it here. in light. Great, and, if we may so term A few evenings ago we were drawn, it, regular means of grace, ofttimes provel by unlooked-for influences, into a prayera dull formality, while little springs are meeting; and as we entered, a man, apmade to refresh us most; and it is there- parently a groom or horse-keeper, was at fore that we should so wait upon the Holy prayer, and if ever we heard true prayer Spirit with the inquiry, Blessed Spirit, it was there; and we were told afterwhat is next thy will? And though it wards that the man "could not read a is surely difficult always to say, Well, I word.” What matter; there was the firmly believe this step is of the Spirit, channel, or minor-pipe, which led down when our inner man hardly felt His gra- through the great golden pipe the golden cious presence, yet He clears up the oil into my poor soul, and I felt it was matter by the fruits and effects, as if to one of the here a little” that the show us, Now you must not merely Spirit had appointed for my spiritual throw yourself into my hands for guid- advancement and encouragement. And ance, but also for "every good thing” again, who that frequents the bed-side which is promised; you must decrease of the Lord's afflicted ones, has not felt to very nothingness, while Jesus in- that such opportunities are never-to-becreases in your experience. You must forgotten seasons with him ? Ofttimes he wait in the exercise of soul itself, and learns much more from the afflicted one believe, though you see not my hand than he can impart, although the Spirit immediately that it is close by, because pleases to make it mutually edifying. I want to show you that all the glory | We felt this peculiarly a short time ago.


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