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A GENTLEMAN who had been distin-made was not to be effaced. He sought guished at college for his strict morality, counsel from a neighbouring clergyman amiable disposition, attention to learn- whom he had derided, and whom he ing, and great acquirements, having formerly considered an enthusiast. This taken holy orders, as many young men gentleman, in the true Christian spirit do who are ignorant of the truths of the of kindness, responded to the call, freely gospel, was appointed to officiate in a communicated what he knew, and was parish in the country: He entered on the means of laying open to this awakthe duties of his vocation, and his minis- ened sinner the blessed doctrines of the try was much approved; for he incul- glorious gospel; truths which he had cated on his hearers the proprieties of heretofore refused to believe. On the moral conduct, and the advantages ensuing Sunday the new convert (for so derivable from the preservation of a he must be called) proclaimed from the decorous exterior. He continued to pulpit the change that had taken place. preach in this style for eleven years; He frankly told the people that he had being however one day invited to christen been leading them hitherto in paths of a child at the house of a wealthy parish- error; and boldly preached the gospel ioner, and requested to make one of the of Christ.

The sermon

was deeply company to dinner, he was placed oppo- affecting, producing a singular effect on site a picture of the crucifixion. Be- some, and making a lasting impression neath the painting were these plain, on others ; for nine succeeding Sundays simple, but highly important words- the glad tidings of salvation was proI did this for thee,

claimed from the“ pulpit, but on the What doest thou for me?

Monday after thaimeriod had elapsed,

the preacher was attacked by cold, and The minister, who had hitherto disre- in twenty-one days from that time “ the garded, nay, even ridiculed the doctrine silver cord was loosed;" the minister of salvation by grace, through faith in was no more. On his dying bed he freChrist Jesus, was most deeply affected quently reverted to the words whereby by these memorable lines. They sank God had awakened him; and eternity, deep into his heart, they resounded in he said, would not be too long to celehis ears, they fixed themselves in his brate the praises of that redeeming memory, telling him of the love of Jesus, Saviour who had graciously received and discovering his base ingratitude in such a rebel as himself. What an inneglecting such a Saviour. He could stance of the free mercy of God! Let say but little during dinner; and as us, then, praise His holy name for these soon as he could do so with propriety, gracious declarations, "The blood of he took his leave, and returned home. Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin ;" He retired to bed; sleep had forsaken "Him that cometh unto me I will in him : the penetrating words still sounded nowise cast out.”—Extracted from the in his ears, and the impression they had | Portraiture of a Christian.


TRUTH is the most glorious thing ; There is not the least spot on truth's the least filing of this gold is precious. face ; it breathes nothing but sanctity.

Truth is ancient; its grey hairs may Truth is triumphant; it is like a great make it venerable; it comes from Him conqueror; when all its enemies lie who is the Ancient of Days.

dead, it quits the field, and sets up its Truth is unerring; it is the star which trophies of victory. leads to Christ. Truth is pure (Psal. Truth may be opposed, but never cxix. 140); it is compared to silver re- quite deposed.--Watson. fined seven times (Psal. xii. 6).



Truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ..

1 John i. 3. Yes! we met ! 'twas heaven's own plat- ii. 5, 6), as children do in the presence form, raised by love divine and infinite. of a loved and loving father. I did not Not only must our shoes be off our feet, talk; I seemed to have no cause for but flesh and blood must lie aside before prayer, for ten thousand times more we tread upon such holy ground. A blessing was lavished in my lap than I secret pathway from this vale of tears could ask or think (Eph. i. 3). Cause lies hid from common sight; but a enough for praise I had; yea, too much sovereign God in sovereign love reveals, cause to say a word. in sovereign way that path to whom He It is not that I was there alone; ten please. These eyes, once blind, He thousand more, unworthy-favoured ones, opened. Vainly I tried to climb the were sitting near with souls enrapamazing height some other way (John tured; no harp had tone enough; no x. 1), but when the scales were off my voice was sweet enough; no words were eyes, I sunk in sad despair ; when, lo, full enough to vent the fulness of in way I know not, a lovely, heavenly these overflowing hearts; yet they were guide led me to a new and living way destined still to be more filled. Jeho(Heb. x.)—a plain and unmistakeable vah's eye was stayed upon His own way (John xiv. 6), the door, the way; elect, beloved but strongest lanyea, every step was marked with blood. guage faints away in striving to describe Softly, and sometimes sadly, I walked that look of love ineffable; delight unalong this path. Many called and told speakable possessed our souls, but inme I was wrong, but 'twas all too clear, finite delight lies far beyond our comtoo plain to be mistaken; and I rightly prehension. Our every eye was fixed judged and pitied them, that they were on Him-most worthy object of Jehostill as blind as I was once.

vah's joy-the wisdom of God-the We met! oh, what an hour! how power of God, and in whose body dwelt sweet! how awful! how solemn! yet, the fulness of the Godhead. how free I was. The Lord Jehovah ! Jehovah “rested in His love;" yet the great, unsearchable, invisible, eter- would not rest alone. In admiration of nal One-that One who rules in heaven, His Son others must join in fellowship and orders all on earth according to His with Him; and so, with eye upraised will--that One, before whom angels, (which rested full on me), and taking men, and devils bow-glorious in holi- in its vision all in heaven, earth, and ness, mysterious, blending. Three in hell, He said, with voice more sweet, One. Yes, He was there—the eternal more loud than earth has ever heard, Son-the Father's one delight, proof of “This is my beloved Son, in whom I His wisdom, power, and love--the in- am well pleased.” Heaven's arch uncarnate Deity--the blessed Jesus; yes, limited, with joyful echoes rang. Millions He was there. And I, a worm, a man- of crowns were cast before His feet, and a worm who often dared, and often with spontaneous voice sang, dares, to lift its puny head in mad re- Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, bellion against the author of its life and to receive power, and riches, and wisevery good. Oh, what a meeting! And dom, and strength, and honour, and was that worm, so vile, so hateful, so glory, and blessing," when every creapolluted, hurled from the presence of ture gave assent, and said, “Blessing, the holy Ones? No! each seemed to and honour, and glory, and power, be doat on me, as the object of their love; unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and lavished such expressions, and such and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. tokens of their love, that I became em- In way peculiar to Himself the Father boldened and was quite at rest; I did further showed His full delight in Jesus. not even stand, as servants do in the It was He that stood up from all presence of their master, but sat (Eph. I eternity, the Head, the Husband, and

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It was

the Champion of His bride, the Church. Jehovah's thoughts of Christ; and now It was He who humbled Himself, and I try again to give some faint idea of became obedient unto death, even the what I see to be the happiness and joy death of the

He of Jesus' heart. who brought in everlasting righteous- He sits at perfect rest; no wrinkle ness. It was He who conquered every loiters on His lovely face; no anxious foe; trampled on Satan; put away sin; throbbings now disturb His loving, peaceovercame death ; barred the gates of fal heart. His work is done; His people's hell, and took the keys; opened the sin is gone, and now He enters fully gates of heaven to all believers, and then into all the joy and love of love's pure arose triumphant; therefore it is that fountain. He looks upon His Father's the Father hath highly exalted Him, and face, which, once concealed, was sharper given Him a name which is above every pain than twice ten thousand deaths. name, that at the name of Jesus every He reads-He understands the satisknee shall bow (Phil. ii. 7–11); yea, faction there; and thus exulting says, He has seated Him at His own right " It was thou, thyself, O Father, eternal hand, angels, principalities, and powers, and unchanging one, who formed the being made subject to Him (1 Pet. iii. plan of love, and gave that bride to me. 22). Nothing seems enough to mani- It was thou who didst


that wonfest this satisfaction and delight. He drous body, and thou didst send me forth, sits-Jehovah Jesus sits, in glory, far and then sustain me in the vast, stupenabove all principality, and power, and dous work; and thou didst raise me every name that is named; but that is from the grave, and give me glory such not enough. One by one, the purchase as this. For thy glory thou hast done of His blood, becomes the conquest of His it all, and all the glory shall be thine grace, and, spotless, lovely, and glorious for ever. as Himself, is raised to share His glory. By faith he sees the travail of His Soon every one of His redeemed, with soul, and is fully satisfied. Yea, He out a hoof behind, shall be with Him- forgets the agony and bloody sweat, like Him—to see Him as He is, and for joy that His bride is free, and pure, praise His name for ever; but this is and happy. One by one He sees His not enough. “He shall see of the lilies gathered ; and as the Father puts travail of His soul and be satisfied;" them near His heart, He_takes them Jehovah will see him satisfied, yet hence to lay them at His Father's feet, not Himself be satisfied; no this is who takes them up again and places not enough His enemies must be made them as precious jewels in the Saviour's His footstool; Satan and all his follow- crown. He sees that not many mighty, ers must bow before His feet, and con- not marly noble, are called, and still de fess that He is Lord; but this is not breathes with joy, “I thank thee, O enough. A thousand years He'll reign Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that upon the earth, where once He was thou hast hid these things from the wise despised and rejected, and had not and prudent, and hast revealed them where to lay His head; but this is not unto babes; even so, Father, for so it enough. On, and on, and on, through seemeth good in thy sight." He sees out eternity, broad rivers of delight His loved ones toiling in the field of will flow from that exhaustless fountain. life, and suffering in the furnace of Infinite wisdom will be expended-infi- affliction; and though His heart beats nite love and power will be exhausted, high with sympathetic throbs, yet He to make the myriads of redeemed ones knows that all is well, and loves to full of joy; but still it never seems watch the refining process to the end. enough. Jehovah's heart is full to over- But oh, the crowning thought is this, flowing still.

He cannot do enough to that we, poor sinners, have such fellowshow His infinite delight in that be- ship with the Father, and with His Son loved Son."

Jesus Christ, that we can enter into so But the half has not been told as yet, sublime a truth-all glory and thanks to nor can I tell it. I have but tried the Holy Ghost we can. It is He who (almost in vain) to tell in earth's poor takes of the things of Jesus and shows language, and my poor knowledge of it, them unto us. It is He alone can influence our hearts with thoughts of love from whence also we look for the and grace so far beyond our compre- Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who hension. Oh, may He teach us more, shall change our vile body, that it'may and enable us feelingly to sit together be fashioned like unto His glorious body, in heavenly places in Christ; to walk according to the working whereby He is more worthy of our high vocation, and able even to subdue all things into to have “our conversation in heaven, Himself.”

H. W.


To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. REVEREND AND DEAR SIR, I have P.S. My conviction is, that you now been a constant reader of your would really learn what the Holy Magazine since 1844, and have helped Ghost has taught us in 1 Peter, i., forward its circulation, and I trust that by witnessing a great practical exI have derived considerable benefit from hibition of verses 7, 8. That chapter, its perusal.

from beginning to end, was very much My immediate object in writing is to on my mind whilst in Ireland, and

very express my astonishment at your opinion often read to the converts ; and the respecting the great awakening in the intense desire to read, mark, and learn, North of Ireland. I have spent a fort- the Word, is most encouraging. night there, and visited from house to If possible, go down yourself, and I house and I assure you if you had done cannot fear the result of your visit. the same you would have formed a My own soul was particularly refreshed, different judgment. There is as much and many others both from England. difference between the people of the and Scotland. North and South as between English [If “G. W.” refers to our remarks and Irish. I assure you that a great again, he will see that we have not and marvellous work is going on, in- ignored the work altogether, which his dependent of exciting scenes, such as letter would seem to imply. We you seem to be afraid of. Read the intimated, that the accounts ought to remarks on Things New and Old” for be received with caution, and that due September and October, and also the allowance should be made for excitement speech of the Right Hon. Earl of Roden and novelty. The very fact of hundreds and others, at Belfast, the other day; and -yea, thousands--visiting the towns then, instead of keeping back from your and villages of Ireland for the purpose readers this marvellous work, you will of witnessing the Revival, is, in itself, give it a prominence to exhibit the enough to introduce an unnatural sovereignty of Jehovah's grace. For in element, and would rouse, in the Irish all my life I never saw so many proofs mind especially, no small degree of that it is not of him that willeth or of excitement. him that runneth. I might give many But with all that may be unreal and instances of what I have witnessed with merely natural, we are prepared to my own eyes. Oh, dear friend, take admit our belief that an important and heed how you write or speak a word a genuine work is going on. Moreover, against the Lord's own work, or I feel we are of opinion, that that work is sure you will repent afterwards, for I antecedent to some manifestation. From know you would not willingly retard the our hearts we believe that some great onward progress of our glorious gospel. convulsion is near. A crisis is at hand !

May the Lord prosper you in what and, when that crisis shall come, we you preach and what you write, and He believe it will shake Christendom to its shall have the glory.

very centre.-ED.) I remain, yours in Him, G. W. North Egremont, Cheshire. THE richest saint is an humble beggar at grace's door all his days.--Traillo



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From the fact stated by the apostle, soul; the last_Adam was made a quickthat the resurrection of the believer's ening spirit. Howbeit that was not first body is to be brought about " because which is spiritual, but that which is of Christ's Spirit that dwelleth in him," natural; and afterward that which is we may learn, in the last place, how it spiritual. The first man is of the earth, is that the resurrection-body is to be, earthy; the second man is the Lord not a soulical but a spiritual body; from heaven. As is the earthy, such which is the doctrine fully set forth in are they also that are earthy: and as is the second of the passages we referred the heavenly, such are they also that are to as unfolding the rationale of the first heavenly. And as we have borne the resurrection ; and which is in fact only image of the earthy, we shall also bear the development of the briefer intima- the image of the heavenly. Now this I tion contained in the passage we have say, brethren, that flesh and blood canbeen considering : “But if the Spirit of not inherit the kingdom of God; neither Him that raised up Jesus from the dead doth corruption inherit incorruption. dwell in you, he that raised up Christ Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall from the dead shall also quicken your not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, mortal bodies because of His Spirit. that in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, dwelleth in you."

at the last trump: for the trumpet shall If we turn, then, to 1 Cor. xv. 35—sound, and the dead shall be raised 54, we read, “But some men will say, incorruptible, and we shall be changed. How are the dead raised up ? and with For this corruptible must put on incorwhat body do they come ? " Thou fool, ruption, and this mortal must put on that which thou sowest is not quickened immortality. So when this corruptible except it die; and that which thou shall have put on incorruption, and this sowest, thou sowest not that body that mortal shall have put on immortality, shall be, but bare grain, it may chance then shall be brought to pass the saying of wheat, or of some other grain : but that is written, Death is swallowed up God giveth it a body as it hath pleased in victory." Him,

and to every seed his own body. Of this wonderful and comprehensive All flesh is not the same flesh; but oracle we shall not here attempt a full there is one kind of flesh of men, ano- and formal exposition; but would briefly ther flesh of beasts, another of fishes, direct the reader's attention to the fol. and another of birds. There are also lowing lessons to be learned from it, and celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial; which seem to us to include all that can but the glory of the celestial is one, and be safely said upon our subject. the glory of the terrestrial is another. 1. The first of these lessons, then, is There is one glory of the sun, and an- that natural death, or the separation of other glory of the moon, and another the soul and body, is an essential preliglory of the stars; for one star differeth minary to the first resurrection. from another star in glory. So also is which thou sowest is not quickened the resurrection of the dead. It is sown except it die.Life through death is in corruption; it is raised in incorrup- the rule of the kingdom of heaven. Jution : it is sown in dishonour; it is dicial life, or justification from sin, is to raised in glory : it is sown in weakness; be attained only through the vicarious it is raised in power : it is sown a natu- death of the Divine Mediator; and ral body; it is raised a spiritual body. resurrection-life, as it originally sprang There is a natural body, and there is a up in Christ only by His being put to spiritual body. And so it is written, death in the flesh,” so it attains its conThe first man Adam was made a living summation in the glorification of the

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