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strongly opposed to this trade. On this for warehousing the contraband opium ; account it is one of the greatest ob- and the annual import into China bas stacles in the way of Christian missions. risen, since that war, from less than Our countrymen there are known only 40,000 to 80,000 chests. as vendors of opium—the curse of China 7. During the continuance of peace, --or as preachers of Christianity. The the British Government importuned the Imperial Government set itself against Chinese Enperor to legalize the opium the trade for more than sixty years, and trade, but always without success. He declared it contraband. It was, how. refused again and again, alleging that ever, utterly unable to contend with the

nothing should induce him to derive a heavily-armed vessels in which the opium revenue from the vice and misery of his is carried; but in 1839, after repeated people;" but a second war having broken wafnings to the English residents (the out, they have now dictated a new treaty, last being addressed to them indi- by which their former obligation to disvidually) to send away their opium then courage smuggling is abrogated, and the in Chinese waters; a special commis- Chinese have been forced to legalize the sioner from Pekin caused the owners to trade, with every prospect of its inbe confined within their own dwellings definite extension among their vast pountil they surrendered the entire quan- pulation of 400,000,000 more than a tity, amounting to 20,283 chests. He third of the human race. The great rise then destroyed the whole, valued at be which inmediately took place in the tween one and two millions sterling, and price of opium in Calcutta, shows what took such measures as rendered it almost ground there is for this apprehension. impossible to dispose of a chest along the coast.

OPIUM. REVENUE. 5. The British Government thereupon 8. By far the greater part of the declared war against China : and, after opium imported into China is prepared the slaughter* of nearly 40,000 of its by the British Government in India, subjects, dictated a treaty by which the expressly with that view. It is manuChinese were compelled to pay more factured ACCORDING TO SAMPLES OBthan £4,000,000 for the opium destroyed, TAINED FROM CHINA OF THAT PREPARAand for the expenses of the war, and also TION OF THE DRUG MOST IN DEMAND to give up the island of Hong-Kong on their coast. The English merchants had DEMORALISING INDULGENCE before de previously signed a pledge to discon- scribed. It has all along been packed tinue the trade, and the British Go- according to Chinese weights, even durvernment entered into a Supplementary ing the subsistence of the treaty binding, Treaty, by which they bound themselves this country to discourage smuggling to discountenance all smuggling for the into China, and it is disposed of by future.

public sale now in the name of her Mas 6. Instead of these engagements being jesty, the profits arising from it forming kept, the merchants (with, it is said, two a large part of the Indian REVENUE. exceptions) immediately resumed the 9. Within the presidency of Bengal trade. After a time, the British Go- the Government exercise a strict movernment also allowed the island ceded nopoly in the growth of the poppy. This to them for the purpose “ of careening is enforced by regulations often made and refitting ships, and keeping stores instrumental of great oppression in the there for that purpose,” to be used hands of the corrupt native officials.

The money requisite for the cultivation * "It appears that field- pieces, loaded is advanced by Government, and an with grape, had been planted at the end of ever-increasing extent of the richest land long, narrow streets, thronged with men, is annually devoted to that purpose, at women, and children, and that they were mowed down like grass, and the gutters the cost of the proportionally diminished filowed with their innocent blood.” -Speech growth of the useful products of the of Sir H. Pottinger, H. M. Plenipotentiary soil of India, such as sugar, indigo, &c. at China, at a dinner given to him by the Thus, notwithstanding the remonstrances Liverpool Merchants, as quoted in Letter by of some of the ablest of the chairmen, Aug. S. Stapleton, Esq. p.7.

directors, and members of the service,


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the East India Company have extended | classes, the loss would be only temthe cultivation to districts where it was porary, and the new sources of revenue before unknown, and have derived an prove much more secure than the preadditional revenue from farming out the carious and dishonourable opium mahome sale of this article; while they nufacture. themselves, in their own “ Memorandum In the name of the Committee, of Improvements in their Administra

G. D. CULLEN, Chairman. tion" (presented to Parliament, 1858),

D. DAVIDSON, Vice-Chairman. call the consumption of opium

a hurt

David MÄLAREN, Hon. Sec. ful indulgence, from which India itself Edinburgh. has hitherto been comparatively free.” *** Those wishing further informa

10. According to the testimony of tion on the subject of this paper, are recompetent and unprejudiced witnesses, ferred to—"The Opium 'Trade in China, the demoralisation which is proved to by an Eye-Witness;" being Four Letbe inseparable from the trade in China, ters by the Rev. James Johnston, Misattends the cultivation in India. A Go- sionary at Amoy: Heaton and Son, vernment officer in that department de- London, price 2d. “ The Opium Trade

e; clares, that one opium cultivator de- Appeal to the British Nation against it,' moralises a village," another, that in by Rev. W. Tait: Wertheim and MacAssam, where the cultivation is free, Intosh, London, price 6d. “The Traffic " it is depopulating the country, and in Opium in the East,” by Dr. Jeffreys, degrading one of the finest races” of Staff-Surgeon at Cawnpore : Longman, that peninsula " into one of the most London, price 6d. "What is the Opium abject and depraved."

Trade? by Donald Matheson, Esq. : 11. In the North-Western provinces, Constable, Edinburgh, price 6d. and in Scinde,, the culture of the poppy is prohibited; in the presidencies of Madras and Bombay it is virtually som


PUBLIC. and (as in the case of the prohibition of the growth of tobacco in the United TELLOW-COUNTRYMEN, — Having peKingdom) this prohibition is easily en- rused the foregoing statement of facts, forced, the plant being extremely con- we feel constrained to call on you spicuous, and requiring to be four to awake to your responsibility in months on the ground.

this matter. All these things have 12. The remainder of the opium been done, and are being done in shipped from India to China is the pro- your name. Through your representaduce of native independent States; but tives in the East, you are chargeable it can be shipped only from British with the introduction of a new vice; ports, where the British Government with fostering it to a gigantic growth; have no difficulty in levying any amount and, finally, with extorting from its of transit-duty they choose to impose, victims a legal sanction to your unthere being no other route by which it hallowed enterprise. You first induced can pass.

the poor heathen to taste your poisonous From these two facts last mentioned, drug, then plied him with ever-increasing it is evident that whenever the Legis- draughts, till

, awakening from his delature wills it, the CULTURE AND MANU- lirium, he dashed your cup from his FACTURE OF OPIUM IN INDIA CAN BE lips. You filled it afresh, and forced him

again to drink; and now you have That this would, at first, entail a se- obliged him to take it into his own rious loss to the Indian revenue, is ad- hands, that, in his seeming consent, you mitted; but the Committee believe that might have a poor palliation of your by wisely developing the great resources guilt ! of India ; by employing the large ca- Do you resent the charge? We know pital, which Government has now em- that you have done it ignorantly through barked in the manufacture of opium, in your rulers. Would we could say as works of public utility, yielding a good much for them! Do you, then, condemn return; and by an improved system of them for the past ? Prove your own taxation, reaching the more wealthy innocence for the future. You are citi


zens of a free country. You form its | possessed, will depend much on yourpublic opinion that public opinion, selves. With the example of the abowhich, sooner or later, becomes public lition of the slave-trade and slavery, why law. For the formation of that opinion, should you despair ? This is not your for the passing of those laws, you are cause, but God's; and (need we say ?) responsible. Shrink not from the re- He can, in a manner the most unlooked sponsibility. This is no party move for, and at a time the least expected, ment for which we ask your aid. We overthrow every obstacle, and conduct cannot say it is not a political, econo- to a triumphant issue any cause that is mical, or commercial advantage which His own. we call on you to secure, for it could Does any one ask, “What can I do?" easily be shown to be each and all of Circulate far and wide these facts brought these. But it is infinitely more. It is to your own knowledge; inform your the honour of Britain, in the face of the neighbour of the wickedness perpetrated world, we call on you to vindicate. It in his name and yours; and then tois the welfare of a third of the human gether demand of the Legislature that race we call on you to defend. It is in the culture of the poppy be forbidden in the cause of degraded humanity, of out. India, except as it is required for mediraged morals, of the glorious gospel of cine; and that the opium trade with the blessed God-impeded by this ac- China be prohibited, as are other trades cursed traffic—that we call on you to which are CONTRARY rise and abolish it for ever. Say not it SENSE OF MANKIND. is impossible. It is rigbt, and therefore Communications regarding the subject can be done. It is right, and therefore of the above Statement and Appeal may one day shall be done ; but whether in be addressed to the Secretary, DAVID your day, or only after you have given MʻLAREN, Esq., 2, Victoria Terrace, in your account for every talent you Edinburgh.






Ah mother! you are smiling, well you may, That thenwhen feeble faith is lost in sight,
When yon remember on this very day, That tongue and heart will both their powers
But two short years ago, the gracious Lord unite
Spake by the hammer of His mighty Word In celebrating, ʼmid that holy throng,
In tones so solemn, that the heart was bent The love that in that dark night gave
To listen to His dictates, and repent.

song." Oh, what mighty change! a child of hell, Till then, oh strive to know His precious Steep'd in transgression, doomed to torments power, fell

Renewing, cleansing, cheering every hour ; Awakened by the voice of sovereign love, Bringing down thoughts of self, of ease, of To cry for mercy to the fount above :

earth, And then--to find that mercy full and free- | Aud raising to a life of heuvenly birth, That mercy (which a Paul found) stretched Trusting His merits, seeing in His sight, to thee!

Striving in His strength, working in His Ah! words may strive, but words will ever might. prove

And when the picture stays on earth alone, Powerless to paint the worth of sovereign love. And thou to many mansions shall have gone, It may be when a few more rolling years We'll give back smile for smile, and think Have spent their little course, a few more fears

“Ah, now you're smiling where there's no Been felt, a few more triding sorrows known, alloy." When bending low before the eternal throne; And then, we'll hope to meet you there ere That then you'll better tell the wondrons

long; theme;

So now, God bless you-I have closed my That then your tongue will not so feeble song.


with joy,

seem ;


To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. MY DEARLY BELOVED BROTHER,—I The revival had its first beginning in doubt not that your mind has been Ballymena, and in a strange way. It greatly exercised about the strange i was a wea and sm instrumentality religious movements in this country. that the Lord made use of to bring about

Many of your readers are also anxious the great and wonderful work which has to hear the testimony of an eye-witness created so much astonishment throughrespecting the revivals.

out Great Britain. I therefore send you a few particulars A good Christian lady, who was not which I hope may prove interesting; a native, came to sojourn for a time, last and I ask all who read this to unite in year but one, in this busy place. She fervent, hearty prayer to Him whose was delighted with the cleanliness, and

ear is not heavy," that the power of the industry, and the prosperity of the the Lord the Spirit may be abundantly people; but she loved her Lord and displayed through every corner of our Saviour Jesus Christ; and it was a land; and that many may be found cry- great and sad grief to her that, with ing out, in heartfelt sincerity, “Lord, some exceptions, there was great deadwhat wilt thou have me to do ?” ness, and coldness, and lifelessness.

I commence by giving you a short She became an active missionary. sketch of the present movement from God blessed her humble endeavours for its beginning, which is to be traced to His cause. Several were brought, by the town of

her instrumentality, to know the truth BALLYMENA.

respecting salvation for themselves, and

to be anxious about it for others. A Ballymena is a large market town. prayer-meeting was established; God's The parish in which it is situated is blessing, and God's Spirit was earnestly called by the strange name Kirkinriola. asked for, and God seemed to give a It lies to the north-west of Belfast, in special blessing in this large and poputhe county of Antrim, and is about the lous district. The results were very same distance that Bonmahon is from strange. The conversions of the most Waterford. It contains about 5000 abandoned characters were most striking. inhabitants; and, in the history of Ire- The morality of the community became land, Ballymena has a questionable most remarkable. Intemperance espereputation from the circumstance that, | cially became checked. Out of twentyin 1798, a bloody battle was fought two public-houses in Ballymena fifteen here between the United Irishmen and were closed for want of business. The the Protestant Yeomanry.

outward evidences of a great change The linen manufacture is carried on in the community could not be conhere to a great extent; there are from cealed. It was evidenced in a greatlyfourteen to twenty large bleach-greens, increased attendance upon every plače several linen factories and flax estab- of worship. A great desire to know lishments; and from all the surrounding and hear the message of salvation chadistricts, every Saturday, an immense racterized both young and old. concourse come in to trade in flax, and Many also "received the Word with to the market. The population is com- gladness," and desired to be called and posed of those who work in those fac- known as Christians; they desired to tories, as well as those who are engaged tell it also to others. in agricultural pursuits. Besides the The ministers of every denomination members of the Church of England there joined heart and hand, and gave the are two congregations of Presbyterians, right hand of fellowship one to the of the Synod of Ulster, one of Seceding other. The foremost man appears to Presbyterians; there is a large body of have been the Rev. Mr. Moore, one of Wesleyans, some Independents, and the Presbyterian Ministers of Ballythere are also some Romanists resident mena. It was in the early part of this in the district.

year the work began to spread itself.


In the neighbouring parish of Connor promote a breach of the peace.” In the a similar spirit, like to that which was end Government had to send down two evinced in Ballymena, began to show special commissioners to make inquiry itself; and so on, the circle became into the facts, and to report upon it. wider and greater, until at last it reached Now, mark you! all this was done the important town of Belfast. From because that earnest men wished to thence it has been gradually extending bring before their fellow-sinners, in the itself to the counties of Armagh, and high-ways and by-ways, the simple Down, part of Louth, Derry, and even message of salvation. It was no excitas far south as Monaghan. The savour ing controversy that was preached by of the great work has diffused itself in the men who desired to arrest the some measure over the whole of Ireland. passer by. It was the simple gospel of Faithful, earnest men, in every quarter, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. have been continually instant in prayer

Man declared it should not be preachthat . God would bless His work, and ed; God, however, willed it otherwise. that He would extend its influence to In a very few months after, that this every quarter of the land, and God has open-air preaching was put down, and heard them.

after that the Rev. Mr. HANNA was

obliged to desist from his open-air serBELFAST.

vice, a great change was wrought upon Belfast, from its population and im- the minds and characters of those who portance, seems to have been the place were most turbulent. Many who were to excite most attention ; but you must ready to fight for the Bible, but who not imagine that the work has been con- cared little for its teaching, were fined to this great and interesting place. humbled under a sense of sin, and began In the smallest villages about and to feel the comfort and the joy of a good around, the most strange and extraor- hope. Man endeavoured and Satan dinary conversions have taken place. strove to crush truth; God, however, The great mass of the population has brought about His own work in His been sobered and solemnized.

own way, and determined that there The circumstances of Belfast are should be the testimony of the name of peculiar. You may remember that, Jesus, both in private and in public, about eighteen months ago, the attempt and in a most remarkable manner in was made in Belfast to commence open- Belfast. air preaching in the streets. The im- A great revival of religion was brought mediate consequence was, that the about there by God's Spirit : quietness Roman Catholic portion of the popula- and peace ensued. tion, who are about a fourth of the num- On the 12th of July, 1859, the Word ber, and those of the poorer classes, was proclaimed in love; prayer was determined that this should not go on. made with earnestness and faith. ThouFor several months the Orange Men of sands met together to hear the sound of Belfast determined that it should. The the gospel; and the same man, whose peace of the community was disturbed; preaching excited so much rancour and the worst passions were excited. The violence, went through the streets of 12th of July, 1858, was a day of_battle Belfast followed by thousands, singing and bloodshed. The town of Belfast the blessed song_“Salvation ! Othe was filled with police, and soldiers, and joyful sound,” and no man dared to lift armed men.

Neither life or property even his voice to gainsay him. Where, seemed safe. The “lewd fellows of the before, all was strife and bloodshed, all baser sort” determined that the gospel was now order and great assurance; should not be preached. Although the and since then the Word of the Lord law was upheld in a measure, yet it was has had free course, and has been not fully vindicated. Men of expediency glorified. declared that it was better to give up, The places of worship began to crowd. and that there should not be, and that The inquiry after religion became exthere ought not be, any preaching of citing. Young and old, rich and poor, the the message of salvation. They said, moral and the depraved, all seemed alike forsooth, " It might not be calculated to anxious, earnest, craving, for the Word


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