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of life; and no man was followed, or a beautiful precept or a precious promise looked for, but the Lord Jesus.

from the Word of God. The windows of In the history of the revivals in the the stationers' shops are filled with redays of the reformation, and since, there ligious hand-bills, tracts, and addresses, has been ever a great following of man. and the demand for them has been Christians usually took the name of a marvellous. man as a distinguishing characteristic; In Coleraine, Derry, Lurgan, Bannor was it strange that they did so, bridge, and all through the North, the when we take into account that the same evidences and proofs of a real, man whose name was adopted had been vital work are to be seen. To the Lord the instrument in God's hand to effect be the glory. a blessing for their souls. Now, in Belfast, how different is it! Last year

ARMAGH. the ablest and the most gifted men were The city of Armagh is remarkable in there, SPURGEON and GUINNESS, and our the ecclesiastical history of Ireland. Here own John GREGG, went specially down it was that St. Patrick founded the first and delivered the most heart-stirring of his churches; and from this place appeals, and preached the most awaken- Bible truth, in the olden time, flowed all ing discourses, and appealed to men with over Ireland. It has been the seat of all the power of the gifts that God gave

the Primate of all Ireland ever since, them, exhorting sinners to forsake sin, and its name is connected with every and to turn to the Lord in simplicity, religious movement which has taken in sincerity, and in truth. And yet no place in the green island since Chrisfruits seemed to follow. When God's tianity was first planted here. The Retime came, under the ordinary ministry vival movement in Armagh has been of those who usually declared the gos- truly wonderful. The 14th of September pel in their own plain manner to the last witnessed a most extraordinary people, the blessing seemed to follow. meeting in this ancient city, the rememIt was the power of the Lord the Spirit brance of which will be life-long with accompanying the Word.

every Christian who was present. The With exercises of devotion, and vi- following was the announcement of it:sitation, and preaching, and prayer, the “ Monster Meeting.-A Union Reministers of every denomination were vival Prayer-meeting, for all Ireland, well-nigh worn out, and the Spirit grew will, God willing, be held in Mr. STANand increased until all Belfast seemed LEY's field, near the Railway Station, city to be leavened with the desire after the of Armagh, on Wednesday, 14th Sepkingdom of heaven.

tember, 1859. To commence at twelve In this place the great and unnatural o'clock, noon. JOSEPHI M. LYNN, Esq., excitement has now well-nigh passed M.D., to preside. Clergymen and layaway; but there is instead thereof, a men, from all parts of Ireland, England, calm, steady, sober, serious influence, and Scotland, are expected to take part which is pervading all classes, and the in the services. Special trains, at very offence of the cross is ceasing: cheap fares, will run on that day from

The wonderful changes of character Belfast, Dublin, Monaghan, and Dunthat have taken place are most marvel- gannon. For particulars see railway lous. The debased, the wicked, and the bills. A tent will be erected capable of profligate, are turning away from their holding 2,000 persons. "Sanctify ye evil pursuits, and turning to quietness, a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather and godliness, and the service of the the elders and all the inhabitants of the Saviour.

land into the house of the Lord your The duty paid into the Inland Revenue God, and cry unto the Lord.' Prove Office of Belfast forwhiskey, has decreased me now, saith the Lord of hosts, if I £500 per week. The circulation of the will not open you the windows of heaven Scriptures has more than doubled. The and pour you out a blessing, that there number of tracts and religious publica- shall not be room enough to receive it.' tions circulated has been more than half | All creeds and classes who want a a million. The walls of Belfast are blessing are earnestly invited to come.” covered with large placards, with either In answer to this requisition, thou

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sands flocked into Armagh. Sixteen listeners. In a third place, a number thousand, at least, were in this great were congregated, singing a hymn with a field together, serving God. The so- simple Hallelujah chorus, in which all briety of their demeanor and conduct joined. Outside, on the platform, the was most observable. The fervour of place was crowded. Many were pushing their worship was intense. Of a truth, their way into the places where the serGod seemed to be present in that place. vices were being conducted, and could From the platform in the middle of the not get in "because of the press." The field addresses were delivered by the station-master suddenly appeared, crossed Rev. BAPTIST NOEL; by the Rev. Messrs. to the other side of the station, took out MOORE, of Ballymena; HENRY, of Bel- a hymn-book, and said, "While we wait, fast; HUSTON, of Armagh, and several my friends, let us praise God.” He gave other good and great men. Simul- out the hymn, taneously all through the field prayer was offered up; the Word was pounded; the gospel was preached; the joyful hymn was sung. Groups were gathered together in several places for special prayer. Amongst the clergy present you saw the Dean of DROMORE, and many of the Established Church. Several most devoted ministers, of other denominations, all heart and hand, and pious laymen, pouring out their hearts and begging for a blessing. It was, indeed, a time when one could say, "We have seen strange things to-day." The meeting broke up with the greatest order and regularity. It has been stated by the "Times" correspondent, that some of the persons who were present were under the influence of drink, on their return home. It is a foul calumny. The same accusation was brought against the apostles on the day of Pentecost. It was equally true then. The people went back quietly, orderly, and peaceably, and, out of the many thousands who returned home by the excursion trains, only one young man was seen under the

"There is a fountain filled with blood;" and the whole concourse joined in the thanksgiving in beautiful unison. was truly strange, but it was very refreshing.


The North of Ireland was cold, and dead, and without much vitality in religion, although it was famed for its political Protestantism, and its exuberant loyalty. The Word of God has, however, had free course amongst the people,


influence of liquor. There were thou-and it has never been a sealed book there. sands in Armagh on the same day who The commencement of the revival work are prepared to substantiate this state- at Belfast, at Balymena, Armagh, and at other places, has been after prayer-meetings have been established. Prayer has been made that God would send His blessed Spirit down in rich abundance, and draw sinners with power, and revive His work. But we must not forget, that before the flame of religion began to spread, there had been for years a great, silent, but strong preparation for it in the circulation of the Word. The Lord Jehovah works ever by this great means. When God was about, in the fulness of time, to send forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the


Half-way between Armagh and Belfast, a very rising and improving place, is well known to railway travellers. It is called Portadown. On the day of the prayer-meeting in Armagh, the scene that presented itself at the railway station here was extraordinary. In one refreshment-room, while waiting for the train, a number of people were engaged in prayer for God's blessing on the day. In a waiting-room, a young man preached the gospel to a crowded number of


I might multiply instances to convince you that a real, practical, and vital work is being carried on in this and in the adjoining districts by the power of the Spirit, and to show that the fruits of the Spirit are being abundantly evidenced in love, and joy, and peace; but it is not necessary. We must not, however, forget that God works by ordinary as well as by extraordinary means; and for years, in this part of Ireland, it would appear that He has been silently preparing the way for the power of the truth.

law, and to send down the Spirit with to translate, and to compare, and to power, to give to the Son the people as criticise the text, which the discovering an inheritance, He prepared the way by of printing enabled them to diffuse. the circulation of His own Oracles, and Thus the people were soon able to judge by the Word of prophecy. Alexander as to whether what Martin Luther, and tắe Great went forth from Greece, con- John Calvin, and Zuinglius, and Osiander, quered Darius, and overran the whole and Cranmer_said, in their denunciacountry of Persia and its tributaries; tions against Popery and Rome, could be nay, the whole eastern world, as far as proved true. the Indus. The language of his nation

In those times there was a very great was gradually adopted by the people and a very wonderful revival in religion, who were conquered, and the Greek but God silently prepared the way before tongue became almost the universal lan- the Spirit came. Thus He planned to guage in those parts. Well; the Old- bring about the great simplicity of the Testament Scriptures were, shortly after, faith, which points to Jesus as the Lamb by the direction of Ptolemy, translated of God—“the Lamb who taketh away by the Septuaginta, or seventy Jewish the sins of the world.” doctors, at Alexandria, from the Hebrew Now, exactly so was it ere this moveinto the Greek tongue, the language ment began in Ulster. Public ministrawhich was now most spoken. The Spirit tions had become more frequent; the of God, when it moved holy men of old diffusion of the blessed Word of God to speak of the testimony of Jesus, in- had become more general; the testimony spired them so to do in the language respecting Jesus Christ was more earnest; that was known and understood. God, Sabbath-school instruction, and teaching by His own quiet work, had provided, in Holy Writ, was diffused every possible and arranged, and settled the great pre-way. Scriptural education, in this part, liminaries, ere the Spirit was sent down was the rule, not the exception; and the to work the great and wondrous con- people were acquainted with the truths versions which took place. The people of religion and with the doctrines of the had the sure Word of prophecy, and the cross. The bread was cast upon the Word of testimony to refer to, to“ prove waters, and it was found after many all things, and hold fast that which was days. good.” Again ; remember, when the Re

THE EXTRAVAGANCES. formation took place, what were the remarkable antecedents? The wars of It is quite true, that in this great the Crusaders were brought about by movement some things are taking place the strange_fanaticism of the Monk, which must be deplored by sober-minded Peter the Hermit, which some would men of every denomination. God never foolishly imagine was in itself a revival commences a great work, but Satan of religion.

strives to mar it by a counter-work. In The Crusaders brought back with many parts of the North, physical dethem, from the Holy Land, a knowledge monstrations are encouraged, and young of oriental manners, habits, and cus- women, under great excitement, have toms. The Saracens began to overrun been visibly and strangely affected; but the eastern parts of Europe. Backward such cases as these are most excepand backward still went the followers of tional and isolated, and it would be a the cross. Constantinople fell, and the foolish thing to imagine that the great affrighted men who professed Chris- religious movement in the North is of tianity fled towards Rome, bringing with such a nature or character generally. them—what? Why, their lives; but,

THE RESULTS. what was dearer still, the manuscripts, in the Greek tongue, of_the Scriptures The wonderful changes which have of both Old and New Testaments. A taken place in the most abandoned chataste for this literature was created ; and racters; the great love which Christians when the time of the Reformation came, bear one to another; the veneration and although it was a time of gross darkness love for the holy Lamb of God; the love and much ignorance, yet many had of God's Word; the increased attendance learned the Greek torgue, and were able upon religious ordinances; the devout

appearance and manner of the people; that the good work may be blessed, and the check to intemperance and immo- every evil work hindered. Ask that rality; the great zeal of all Christians united exertion may be made to testify to win souls for Christ; with many like of the truth as it is in Jesus. Let us effects of this revival, prove that a great glorify the Lord for what He has done; and blessed work has been commenced, let us praise Him for the triumphs of and is being carried on, by the Lord the the cross ; let us bless His holy name, Spirit.

for He hath brought wonderful things

to pass, and long for the time when He WHAT, THEN, ARE WE TO DO?

shall be « admired of His saints, and Be instant in prayer to God to give glorified in all them that believe.. His people a right judgment in all I beg to remain, in gospel bonds, things. Wrestle with Him to shed

Your affectionate brother, abroad the influences of the Spirit on

SAMOHT. every corner of the land. Beseech Him Belfust.


THERE sometimes arises in the breast of of failure, catches the tips of the fingers God's people, especially of the younger of the drowning man. But it is enough, members, a kind of jealous fear lest they the poor creature is saved ; and in the should give more honour to one person overwhelming burst of gratitude of the of the Godhead than to another; at moment, embraces over and over again least on behalf of myself I acknowledge the HAND of his brave deliverer. But it it has sometimes occasioned a painsul was the feel that ran to his rescue, and carefulness lest I should not equally the head directed the feet. Yes, many honour and love the ever-glorious and members, but one body, and all equally One Triune Jehovah, Father, Son, and instrumental in the rescue; still, though Holy Ghost. To dissipate such a feel- ALL the praise and gratitude is lavished ing from the minds of any of my fellow- upon one member, and one member only, pilgrims, I hope the following illustra- jealousy we know and feel to be impostion may prove useful.

sible, because the body is but one. Let A

poor fellow has accidentally fallen it not be for one moment supposed that into a deep and rapid river. He is it is intended hereby to illustrate the borne down the stream, every exertion oneness of the Three Divine Persons of to recover the bank having failed. He the Godhead. Oh no, indeed not; this sees no one to render any assistance, must for ever remain a profound mystery and all hope of being saved is gone; to poor finite minds. God the Father, only the fearful consciousness in a few God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, minutes more of being dashed down the are ten thousand times ten thousand roaring cataract remains to him. Oh, more unitedly and more sublimely one the horror of that moment! Lost! than the many members of our poor lost ! lost! But, see! see ! across the frail bodies are one. And here is the field a man is running with extraordinary force of the argument, if there can be speed, and the next moment the poor no schism and jealousy between our wretch sees him with the last despairing perishing members, how much less can glance of his eye, rushing to his rescue, there be the remotest feeling of the Just as the deep eddying stream brings kind between the Three most holy, most him within a few feet of the bank, this glorious, and all-wise Persons of the man with the utmost exertion reaches One Eternal Triune Jehovah ? out his hand, and only within one inch Camberwell.





A MAN under God's affliction is like a, cannot be eluded with impatience, bird in a net; the more he striveth the What I cannot avoid, I will learn to more he is entangled. God's decree bear.

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BELOVED, look at this language, “Then I may and do bring upon ourselves the said I, So be it, O Lord." Now look at correcting rod. But the corrected boy this, "Then said I, O Lord, thou hast is at school still, and the child in disdeceived me, and I am deceived.” Can grace is a child as much as ever. we believe that they are uttered by the But, beloved, while you and I say, same person? The former breathing as “ So be it, O Lord,” when what the it does sweet resignation, the latter sour Lord commands is agreeable to our rebellion. And yet so it is; poor Jeremiah feelings, while afterward, when adverse is the speaker in both instances. Jere- circumstances come, we rebel; yet we miah had received such a nice commis- do believe that the Spirit will bring the sion from the Lord, who said to him, child of God, sooner or later, into subGo and tell my people, that I have mission, so that he shall say, “ Thy will sworn unto their fathers to give them a be done." "So be it, O Lord." I would land flowing with milk and honey, as it not have it otherwise.

He brought is this day, and the prophet cheerfully Jeremiah into this spirit some long time responds, “So be it, O Lord.” Oh yes, afterwards, so that when his life was it was easy to say so; the errand seemed threatened he could say to his persecuso pleasing, the pathway so smooth, that tors, Do with me as seemeth you good. the will bowed immediately to the But this will not be effected by once supreme authority of the command: but passing through the furnace. oi no, it by-and-by, when poor Jeremiah is must be heated again and again ere the brought into deep waters, his mountain dross will be separated from the precious no longer stands strong, and he charges metal; and I think it will be found that God with having deceived him. What the most tried among God's children are a different response, beloved; must not the most submissive to His will. Here you and I acknowledge that we have is a Christian, who for many years has done likewise; cheerfully acquiesced in been in the enjoyment of health and the will and command of God when that strength, now laid aside, and displaying command has squared with our feelings great fretfulness of temper and peevishand wishes, but violently plunged, like ness of spirit. Yonder is another who an unruly horse, against His guidance has been bed-ridden for a long period, and direction, when such guidance has and what is her language, “Oh, God is been the very contrary to our calcula- very merciful to me; very good and tions and desires, saying at one time, So kind to me.' Well, but is it not a be it, O Lord, at another, So be it not, great trial to lay here? Oh no, I do O Lord. Oh, what a riddle is my soul! not deserve anything better; it is the Surely we should doubt the genuineness will of my God, and He is so kind to me. of our experience, so conflicting as it is Oh then, here is a poor sinner brought in its movements, were not the dark not merely to say, So be it, O God, but shades as well as the light rays of the to feel it. God grant you and I, dear career of holy men of old left upon reader, this sweet spirit of submission, record in God's sacred word; and what so that when he says, I want you to go a mercy that our feelings, our desires, down into that valley of trial, we may touch not the vital point, the salvation respond, “So be it, O Lord.” of the immortal soul. It may touch our Bury St. Edmunds.

G. C. present comfort and enjoyment, and we


If man can love man with so entire ! anxiety; with what affection, with what affection that the one can scarce brook fervency ought the soul, whom thou the other's absence; if a bride can be hast espoused by faith and compassion, joined to her bridegroom with so great to love thee, her true God and glorious an ardency of mind, that for the ex- bridegroom.-Augustine. tremity of love she can enjoy no rest, Eternity is a circle, the centre is now, nor suffer his absence without great and the circumference always.

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