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“ There now,

upon his head. So they set a fair mitre / realization of salvation brought down to upon his head, and clothed him with the most simple points; only claim your garments. And the angel of the Lord adoption, and then are you introduced stood by,” consenting, ordering, and to all the glorious results—“If chilrejoicing in this hallowed change." Ah! dren,”-a step higher," then heirs,”—a well may David exultingly say, "He step higher," heirs

of God,” - step

, poor out of the dust, and higher, “joint-heirs with Jesus Christ; lifteth the needy out of the dunghill; and then the full burst of hallowed realthat he may set him with princes, even ization of an inheritance which fadeth with the princes of his people.” The not away. change is all the Lord's work ; no power And now notice, beloved, 4thly, The can accomplish it but His omnipotent angel's charge—“If thou wilt walk in grace and divine command; hence was my ways, and if thou wilt keep my inscribed

upon the mitre which the high charge, then thou shalt judge my house, priest wore, “Holiness to the Lord.” and shalt also keep my courts; and I And then,

will give thee places to walk among 3rdly. What was the cause of this those that stand by;" mighty change! It was sovereign elect- would say the freewiller, " you high docing love ; for if you notice, before the trine men talk of there being no condichange was effected, it is written, “And tions in the Bible; what is this but one ?” the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord re- Ah! but, friend, it is a condition after buke thee, O Satan; even the Lord that the change of raiment has been effected; hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee : is and we glory in such a condition as this, not this a brand plucked out of the fire ?” because it brings us to the throne with Now do mark this gracious fact, be the cry, “Lord, undertake for us :" and loved ; Satan goes up before the angel we are prepared to prove that all the with the greatest confidence and effront- conditions of God's Word, as addressed to ery, to make his charge against Joshua: His people, are based upon the salvation but after the angel says the Lord hath already procured, and are accompanied chosen Jerusalem, we hear nothing more with power to perform them, and a proof Satan, he slinks away before this mise to sustain while under them. As blessed assertion. And my sin-perplexed the apostle Peter, in addressing those brother, my soul-distressed sister, take that have obtained“ like precious faith," it as an axiom for thy practice in the puts it in this way; Now having this divine life; if you want to know an faith, "give all diligence to add to your effectual way to get rid of that vile tor- faith virtue ; and to virtue knowledge ; mentor, tell him of sovereign electing and to knowledge temperance; and to love: he detests this doctrine, because temperance patience; and to patience he knows its truth. Do not attempt to godliness; and to godliness brotherly argue with him upon your sins of omis- kindness; and to brotherly kindness sion and commission, grant it all;, but charity.” And what shall be the result ? tell him thy God hath said, "I have Why, “ If these things be in you and loved thee with an everlasting love, abound, they make you that ye neither therefore with loving-kindness hath He be barren nor unfruitful in the knowdrawn thee” out of the world to Him- ledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he self: and he will back out of your pre- that lacketh these things is blind.” And sence, at all events for the time being. we all know that a blind man, groping And then no doctrine is calculated to about in the dark, will soon fall into comfort the soul more than this precious some danger, or get into some difficulty ; doctrine of covenant electing love. so that we glory in such conditions as “My life, and strength, and joy, and peace, these, which are a means to bring us to My hope of bliss above ;

the throne of grace, and to Him who My union with the Prince of Peace, hath said, “I will be inquired of by the All flow from cov'nant love."

house of Israel, to do this thing for “If children, then heirs ; heirs of God, them.” And surely, beloved, such haland joint-heirs with Jesus Christ,” of an lowed conditions, under such circuminheritance which fadeth not away. stances, cut down that man who, folding And how we see the great and glorious his arms in presumptuous security, says,

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“Oh, I am a chosen vessel; and if I am he is a marked man, for a sanctified to be saved, I shall be saved, no matter spirit and a contrite heart regulates his how I live." He who would affirm this actions; so that though there may be must certainly be the most presumptu- silence, yet the world, wise as a serpent, ous hypocrite that can be imagined. detecting soon the difference, gives the Sure we are that such is not the lan- cold shoulder and the scornful look. guage of a poor broken-hearted sinner; Well, be it so ; rejoice, beloved, that you no, his earnest desire will be to honour are bated by the world; it is a sign of Christ, and to show by a life, walk, and discipleship; better be a door-keeper conduct, that he is in very deed an heir in the house of the Lord, than a dweller of glory. Therefore we rejoice in the with them in the tents of wickedness. charge given to Joshua after the removal And then, of his filthy garments, and believe that 3rdly. Angels wonder at them. Those by such means shall the soul become angelic spirits who wait for the manifesexpanded; and, as the angel said, tation of the sons and daughters of Zion, "places given to walk in among those they wonder at the mercy and goodness that stand by;” And then, lastly, there of the Lord in arresting such rebels, in is the inevitable consequence-"Ye and saving them from yawning destruction, your fellows will be men wondered at.” and making them trophies of sovereign Yes, beloved, ye must be told the cer- grace. “Ăre they not all ministering tain result of this mighty change ; for servants, sent forth to minister to them depend upon it, it is no easy matter to that are heirs of salvation ?" And as be a follower of the Lamb of God: as they fulfil their gracious offices, doubtour dear Redeemer said to His disciples less they wonder with holy admiration in His farewell sermon—"These things and joy at the wonderful ways of a have I spoken unto you that ye should Triune, covenant God. not be offended. They shall put you out 4thly. The professing church wonders of the synagogues : yea, the time cometh, at them, and thinks it a pity they have that whosoever killeth you will think gone to such extremes. They might that he doeth God service.” Yes, ye very well have gone half

waymust in this world have tribulation, and ye will be men wondered at; “but be of

Religion never was designed good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

To make our pleasures less," And who wonders at the children of they say, and truly so, but not in the God?

sense in which they mean it. And the Ist. Satan wonders at them. This fact of great professors thus wondering fact we may draw from the prophecy at them, will at first be a stumbling before us; for doubtless Satan went up block to them : but by-and-by they will before the angel of the covenant, with be brought to cease from man, whose all the confidence he can so well master; breath is in his nostrils, and trust only and though we are not told what was in that unfailing Friend, “who knows the direct charge of this vile accuser of no change, neither the shadow of a turnthe brethren against poor Joshua, still ing: there can be no doubt it mainly referred And then, lastly, they are a wonto his uncleanness and pollution : so der to themselves. “What has God that when the angel ordered his filthy wrought!" will be the language of their garments to be taken away, and spoke hearts. Oh! when they think of the pit of him as an object of sovereign electing from whence they were hewn; of the love, Satan did wonder to think that mighty and strong hand that brought God should choose the vilest of the vile them out; and of the revelation of the to represent His Church. And then, purpose of a covenant God in Christ

2ndly. The world wonders at them, since, they are astonished, and gaze, and and pointing the finger of scorn at them, admire the goodness of the Lord with says, " They have turned Methodists;" overwhelmed feelings. And then, beand as they advance it wonders still loved, while these are several time conthe more : and though, on the part of sequences of the mighty transformation the Christian, there may not be any that has been effected by the power of great outward demonstration, yet the Holy Spirit in their experience, there

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, in conclusion, the eternal consequence. i especially who have so lately testified And this is a most blessed and soul- that the Lord is at work in your souls, comforting consideration. What is all we congratulate you with all our hearts this mighty work for? Why this mar- upon the blessed change, and upon

the vellous change? Why plucked as a fact that you are brands plucked out of brand from the fire ? Just to prepare the fire. "May the Lord bless these few you and me, beloved, for our Master's use hints to your souls' encouragement and in yonder realms of never-ending joy. profit, and His own dear name shall Therefore, my dear friends, and you have all the praise. Amen.


arms, and

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(See page 577, last volume.) When the Lord the Spirit is graciously "Like"-similar, in comparison of. pleased to open the eye of the soul, to “ A”- the “

set up by Jehovah as discern the very great blessedness con- His. tained in the Scriptures, every word “ “Shepherd ;'--to go before His sheep, seems to come out, as it were, in the to remove hinderances and difficulties ; blaze of gospel light. Such was the to shield them from danger ; protect case with me on the last Sabbath, when, them from enemies ; seek them when after reading the 40th_chapter of the they go astray, and provide suitable Book of the prophet Isaiah with the and necessary pasture for them. children of my school, I began, as usual, “He shall”--surely, and at all times. to talk to them upon what we had heard; “Gather”-find and bring to His fold. and having briefly gone over some of “The lambs in His


them the former verses, I was particularly in His bosom; and shall gently lead struck with the 11th, almost each word those that are with young.' -Young of which was opened up to me in a very believers, keeping them close to Himdelightful manner; and if God the self, and encircling them with His Eternal Spirit shall be with me as I tender care and love; and carefully, now write, and with those who may cautiously, wisely dealing with older hereafter read these lines, the labour of ones, suiting His mercies to their both will be sweet, and the Lord will be need. magnified. “He shall feed His flock Here is a brief view of this blessed like a shepherd; He shall gather the 11th verse of the 40th chapter of lambs in His arms, and carry them in Isaiah's book; but let us, as the Lord His bosom; and shall gently lead those shall enable, consider its contents more that are with young

at large, and in connexion with conIf the reader will bear with me, I will comitant or illustrative passages of the paraphrase this verse thus :

Word of God. “He”—The Messiah ; Jesus; Imma- That Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ,

nuel; God with us; God manifest in was frequently revealed under the the flesh; who is revealed in the Word character of a Shepherd, in the Old of God under a vast variety of titles, Testament Scriptures, must be well names, characters, offices, and relation- known to every attentive reader of the ships, in which His elect are indi- Bible. But as upon

line” is convidually interested.

tinually required, we shall do well to “Shall ” —without doubt, or fear, or search out a few of them. uncertainty.

Jacob and David spake of Messiah as “Feed”-nourish, provide for, sustain. “the Shepherd of Israel ” (Gen. xlix. 24; “His”-own, peculiar, personal pro- Psa. lxxx. 1). perty.

Ezekiel calls Him“ one Shepherd” "Flock”-given to Him by God the ! (Ezekiel xxxiv. 23).

Father ; redeemed by Himself; and By, Zechariah He is said to be “My regenerated by the Holy Ghost; there. Shepherd,' saith the Lord of hosts 5s fore “His” by gift-by purchase-(Zech. xiii. 7). and by the conquest of grace.

Under the New Testament dispensa

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tion we have full proof that this appela- ! shall any man pluck them out of my tion belongs . to the Lord Jesus hand. My Father that gave them me is Christ.

greater than all; and no man is able to He speaks of Himself as “the good pluck them out of my Father's hand. Shepherd” (John x.)

I and my Father are one." Paul calls Him“ the great Shepherd Beloved, let us inquire, Are we of the of the sheep” (Heb. xiii. 20); and Peter flock of Christ ? that “ beautiful flock” (1 Pet. v. 4) "the chief Shepherd” which God the Father gave Him before

And in Matthew xxvi. our blessed all worlds ? Lord applies the prophecy of Zechariah Can you and I say, as David did, (already noticed) to Himself, saying, “ The Lord is my Shepherd ?" If so, “ All ye shall be offended because of we can add in faith, “I shall not want ; me this night, for it is written” (and He yea, though I walk through the valley of quotes the latter part of the verse), the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:

Smite the Shepherd, and the sheep for thou art with me; thy rod and thy shall be scattered;" which was literally staff they comfort me (Ps. xxii. 1-6). fulfilled but a few years after our Lord's Our Jesus feeds His people with the return glory, as we find from the 8th wholesome pasture of His own blessed of the Acts, where we are told that the Word, by the hands of His ministering disciples were all scattered abroad, ex- servants. He gathers His children out cept the apostles.

of nature's darkness, and brings them Both Testaments, then, prove that into marvellous light. He leads them the Lord Jesus, in an especial manner, into His fold—His visible Church ; is the Shepherd of the sheep in a spirit- being members of His body—the inual sense, in relation to Himself and His visible “ Church of the first-born, whose people ; and hence it is that we read in names are written in heaven.” And Ezekiel xxxiv. 31, “And ye my flock, whether babes, young men, or fathers, all the flock of my pasture, are men, and I have a portion sealed to every individual. am your God, saith the Lord God.” What a glorious "One, How applicable is the term sheep to "Good,” Chief Shepherd is Jesus! Oh!

“! the people of God! For although re may the inquiry thrill from heart to deemed by Jesus, as His special property, heart-Am I of the flock of Christ ? having His Father's name upon them, and may the Triune Jehovah give to yet, like sheep, they are prone to wan- every one such a kind answer of peace, der; like sheep, also, they are apt to as to one of old, saying, "I will never stumble upon mountains of sin, to be leave thee, nor forsake thee." snared in holes of Satan's making, until Read the blessed verse again, “He released by their glorious Shepherd, and shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He hrought into His fold. To drop the shall gather the lambs in His arms, and figure, the people of Jehovali's choice carry them in His bosom, and shall and love from eternity, while in a state gently lead those that are with young;' of nature, often sin with a high hand, If the allusions to our readings in the are the slaves of Satan, and friends Lord’s-Day School at W— shall rewith the world. But Jesus hath re- sult in the least degree of comfort or deemed them by His blood. His mark instruction to any child of God who may is upon them. "I know my sheep read these lines, the labour of the writer (He declares), “and am known of mine." and the attendance of the reader, will When He hath poured out His Spirit not be “in vain in the Lord.” tipon them, then they know Him and May God add His blessing, and daily follow Him. They hear His voice apply His own words to our souls, through the written Word, by the appli- “Fear not, little flock. It is your cation of that same Almighty Lord the Father's good pleasure to give you the Holy Ghost to their hearts. And our kingdom ;” which may He of His infinite Lord adds, “I give unto them” (I admire mercy grant to each of us, for Christ's the words, "I give unto them”) “ eternal sake. Amen. life, and they shall never perish ; neither W., near Plymouth. G. H. C. A.


“ Great,"


That minister is worth nothing who cannot make the devil roar.-Ryland.



This work shows the power of the women who were suffering with her: gospel when received in the heart by Cease to accuse the fragility of the faith. We should like to hear of its female sex. What, are we not made of being in the hands of our young friends, the same matter that men are ? Yea, for whom it would form a valuable after God's image are we all made as present. We

e are glad to have this well as they. God did not use flesh to opportunity of showing its quality, and, make wonien of in token of infirmity; at the same time, of transferring to our we are bone of His bone, in token that pages the following extracts.

we must be strong in the living God.' Our first quotation relates to the Mar. Let us add the name of the lady Blantyrs in Pagan Times :-" The numbers dida, and Ponticus, a youth of only who have submitted to death as wit- fifteen. The youth being requested to nesses to the faint glimmerings of truth, deny Christ by acknowledging the or as victims to the delusion of error, heathen deities, refused, and at the cry bear no comparison to the multitudes of the enraged multitude, was subjected of all ranks and ages who have died into a circle of tortures until he expired; the faith, and for the faith of Christ. and Blandida, having been scourged, and In the first three hundred years of its placed in a hot iron chair, was put into history, Christianity was summoned by a net and exposed to a furious bull, by the Jewish hierarchy, and by the power which she was tossed, until at length of Pagan Rome, to yield up its martyrs, she was despatched by a sword. Such and they came forth with a noble courage was her unswerving fortitude, that the wherever their testimony was demanded. spectators acknowledged they had never Their blood was poured out like water, before seen such female courage." but it proved the seed of the Church.' The work makes a faithful protest Jerome complains that there was no day against the corruptions of the truth, and, in the year, except the 1st of January, as in the following passage, describes, to which five thousand martyrs could the Martyrs and Confessors in Papal not be ascribed. The laws that defended Times :- When in later times those the life and liberty of the Roman citizen who built the tombs of the prophets were suspended, to the damage of all departed from their faith, and in their who acknowledged Christ as their king. turn became persecutors, there always The furious

Christiani ad Leones,' stood up a number of faithful witnesses whenever raised by the enraged Roman to the truth in its uncorrupted purity. populace, never failed of its response in Before the glorious Reformation, these the supply of victims, hoary-headed confessors and martyrs arose in the valsages, venerable matrons, delicate vir- leys of the Pyrenees, the Albigenses of gins, and noble youths, who, to save the Garonne and the Rhone, the Cathemselves from beasts at Ephesus' or therists of Germany, the Paterines of in the Roman circus, would not refrain Milan, the Brethren of Bohemia, and from the noble testimony, I am a the Wickliffites and Lollards in England. Christian.' The courage of the female During the dark mediæval night when martyrs filled their persecutors with Rome revived her ancient power, and astonishment and perplexity, and often used it for the perversion of the gospel awoke the suspicion that the new faith and restoration of Pagan superstition, allied its possessors to the celestials. the lamp of truth was not permitted to And who can read their good confes- expire; it was sedulously watched and for sions without perceiving how powerfully with fresh oil, until the darkness had they were adapted to the results they passed and the true light returned. began to produce ? Hear the language There were many who heard the voice of the martyr Julietta; when put into from heaven, saying, Come out of her, the fire, she thus encouraged the other | my people, that ye be not partakers of


* Simpkin and Marshall.

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