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BOOKS Printedfor R. Hett, in the Poultry.

I. A Christian Liturgy, or a devout and rational Form cf divine Worstiip; composed chiefly out of the devotional Parts of the sacred Scriptures, and the most antient Liturgies of the Christian Church, especially those in the Apostolical Constitutions. To which is prefixed, some Observations on the Liturgy of the Church of England; upon the present Way of Worship in the Church of Scotland, and among the Protestant Dissenters of all Denominations. Together with an earnest Recommendation of pre-composed Forms of divine Worship to the latter. By a Protestant Dissenter. Price is.

a. A Discourse concerning, I. The true Import of the Words Election and Reprobation ; and the Things signified bv them in the Holy Scriptures. II. The Extent of Christ's Redemption. III. The Grace of God; where it is inquired, whether it be vouchsased sufficiently to those, Who improve it not, and irresistibly to those who do improve it; and whether Men be wholly passive in the Work of Regeneration? IV. The Liberty of the Will in a State of Trial and Probation. V. The Perseverance or Desectibility of the Saints; with some Reflections on the State of Heathens, the Providence and Prescience of God. By Danitl Wbitty, D. D. The second Edition, corrected.

3. Christ the Righteousness of his People; or the Doctrine of Justification by Faith in him. Represented in several Sermons preach'd at the Merchants Lecture at Pinners-Hall. By Richard Ravulin. Publtfh'd at the Request of the Committee of the Lecture.

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Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate-street. M,DCC,XLIV.

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THE following Essay proposes to examine the Scripture-Doftrine of Faith z to rescue it from the Mistakes of Believers, and the Artifices of Unbelievers: to invite the one to a free, the other to a sober Use of their Faculties: to prevail, if possible, on Both to renounce their respective Prejudices; and to recommend, as far as I may, the united Aids of Reason and Revelation. To pursue these Points particularly, and in the iVay of direct Proof, would require more A 2 Time lime and Pains, and be less likely to take Effetf. I have therefore applied my self to the Removal of Impediments, and the . Solution oj Difficulties: especially such Difficulties, as appear to have been chiefly instrumental in retarding the Progress of Christian Knowlege. In what Method this

Design is pursued, will sufficiently appear from the Introduction. At present I would only make a preliminary Observation on a Point nearly related to the SubjeB before us.

I T seems of late a prevailing Opinion among the speculative Part of Mankind, that Moral Excellence means nothing more thaji

Public Utility. To confirm or confute

this Notion, is no Part of my present Design. But I judge it necejjary to premise, that, on Supposition of the Truth of it, the main Difficulty, considered in my first Section, will appear to be no Difficulty at all If Ac!ions themselves, have no other Goodness, ^besides their Connection with Public Happiness; / believe it will be impossible to assign any Reason, why Opinions should be thought incapable of Moral Worth. For surely it is of great and general Importance, , that Men Jl:ould judge rightly in

Matters of Religion. If it be said that


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