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On a Late



Cbrifiianlty not founded on Argument.
In a LETTER to a Friend.


Author of An Answer to Christianity as Old
as the Creation, by Dr. Tindal:
A N p

4The Divine Authority of the Old and New T'statnent
Averted, &c. against The Moral Philosopher.


Printed for R. He T T, at the Bible and Crown, in the
Poultry : And Sold by J. Stago, in Westminster-.
Hall. M. DCC. XL1V.

[ Price One Shilling. J

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IT is proper to advertise the Reader, that the Letter now publish d, and another which is to follow it, were written by the Author, some lime since, at the Request os a Friend, before he had seen any os the Answers that have been made to that Pamphlet. After reading some os these Answers, he judgd it unnecessary to publish these Remarks: But as some Persons, for whose "Judgment he has a very great Regard, were of opinion they might fill be of Use, he has consented to the Publication.

E R R A T. P. 8. lin. 31. for Truth read Faith.

In Two Volumes. Price gr. The Second Edition (Revised by the Author, and made to refer both toy

the Quarto and Octavo Editions it is an Answer to) os LAN Answer to a Book, entitled, Christianity as old as the Creation. In Two Parts. Parti. In which the Author's Account of the Law of Nature is consider'd, and the Scheme is fhew'd to be inconsistent with Reason and with itself, and of ill consequence to the Interests of Virtue and Good of Mankind. Part If. In which the Authority and Usefulness of the Revelation contain'd in the Sacred Writings of the Old and New Testament are asserted and vindicated against the Objections and Misrepresentations of that Author.

In Two Volumes. Price Iox. 6d.
The Second Edition corrected, as

II. The Divine Authority of the Old and New Testament asserted j with a particular Vindication of the Characters of Mosts and the Prophets, our Saviour Jesus Christ and his Apostles, against the unjust Aspersions and false Reasonings in both the Volumes of the Moral Philosopher.

Both by John Leland, D, D.

The Reverend Dr. Delany, in his Refections on Polygamy, and the Encouragement given to that Practice in the Scriptures of the Old Testament, &c. sneaking of the unreasonable Objections of our modern Deists to God's not having sufficiently reveal'd his Will to Mankind; and of their extolling the Light of Nature above that contain'd in the Scriptures, Page 40, fays thus: See this pernicious Doctrine, together with many others of like Tendency, clearly and full) confuted in Leland'j learned and excellent Answer to Christianity at old as the Creation.

N- B. These four Volumes contain not only an Answer to Christianity as old as the Creation, and the Moral Philosopher, 6ut an Explication os several of the most difficult Parts of the Sacred Scriptures, and a Defence of Revelation in general against the most considerable Objections of other Writers.

III. A Paraphrase and Critical Commentary on the Prophecy of Joel: To which are prefix'd two Prefaces; the first on the Necessity and Usefulness of a Christian Minister's studying the Prophetick Writings, and of the Difficulties that occur'd in the Prosecution of this Work, with the Method taken to surmount them. The second contains an Attempt to fix the Chronology when this Prophecy was deliver'd, wherein Kimchi, Lightfoot, Grotius, and other Commentators are shewn to be mistaken. There is also a Table of the Hebrew Words illustrated in the Commentary. 4K). Price 4 /. By Samuel Chandler.

IV. The Truth, Inspiration, and Usefulness of the Scripture, asserted and prov'd. In several Discourses on the Second of Timothy ii. 16. Price 4*. 6d. By Benjamin Bennet.

R E MA R KS on a late Pamphlet* entitled* Christianity not sounded on Argument, &c.


INow send you, according to your Desire, Tome Remarks on a Pamphlet that has made some noise, and which hath a very odd Title, Christianity not founded on Argument. It is but very lately that I read it, tho' it be a considerable Time since it was first published. For, besides that I live at a distance from your great Metropolis, I have seen so much of these Gentlemen's Way of Writing, and have met with so little to inform the Understanding, or that can be called fair Reasoning and Argument, that I confess my Curiosity is not much raised by any thing that appears from that Quarter. But upon your acquainting me, that it was represented as a subtil Attack upon Christianity, and desiring my Thoughts upon it, I have read it over with some Care. The way of treating the Subject, and the Turn given to Things, is new and uncommon, the Style sprightly and agreeable; but upon the most impartial Consideration, I cannot think that Christianity has much to fear from this Gentleman, any more than from those that have gone before him.

He has chosen a Manner of Writing, which, it is probable, he supposed might answer his Purpose;

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