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the preached word, that solicitude to praise to Him whose mercy endureth frequent public and private associa-forever. In Princeton and in Kingstions for prayer, together with some in-ton, within the bounds of the Newstances of conviction, and inore of so-Brunswick Presbytery, we have also lemnity, which we venture to hail as the privilege to state, that there is an the earnest of better days.

increased attention to religion. We In many of our congregations, these are exceedingly happy to hear that dạys of hope have already issued in God is drawing so near one of our seasons of refreshing and joy. The principal Seminaries of learning, and same Saviour that took away the hard we indulge the hope, that he will again and stopy hearts of the Jews in Baby- visit in mercy, this favored Institution.' lon, and that shed forth his Holy Spir- We have reason to believe, that vital it on the day of Pentecost, is giving piety is evidently rising in influence in before our eyes, signal exhibitions of some parts of Virginia. In Richmond, his amiable sovereignty, and irresisti- Petersburgh, Fredericksburgh, and parble grace. In many places, the peo- ticularly Norfolk, there have been conple of God have been roused from siderable effusions of the Spirit, though their lethargy ; affected with clear no general revivals. New churches views of divine things, and animated have been established; encouraging with ardent desires to promote the in-| additions to them have been made ;terest of the Redeemer's kingdom, and and at the present time, the prospect to see it promoted in the world. The is unusually animating. In the counties attention of the thoughtless has been of Albemarle, Culpepper and Madison, powerfully arrested. Multitudes have very considerable attention has been been awakened to a sense of their sin- excited by the labors of Missionaries. fulness, their danger, and their duty; In the congregations of Hawfields and and many a stout hearted rebel has Crossroads, within the bounds of : the been brought to bow before the feet of Presbytery of Orange, there has also a crucified Saviour. The Congrega- been some unusual seriousness. In the tions that have been eminently favor- Presbytery of West Lexington, the ed with these effusions of mercy, are prevalence of malignant disease has in the towns of Pompey and Homer,|| been followed by deep searchings of within the Presbytery of Onondaga ; heart and anxious cries for Utica, Whitesborough and Litch-And among the blacks in the Presbytefield, within the Presbytery of Oneida; \ry of Harmony, we are rejoiced to and in Hebron, within the Presbytery learn there is much solemnity, and of Columbia. In several congregations great engagedness in divine things.* within the bounds of the Jersey Pres- In some of the aforementioned places, bytery, in addition to the gleanings of the attention to religion seems to be at an earlier harvest, there have been a present on the decline, and in others; number of extensive revivals. New it is still advancing. The whole scene Providence, Morristown, Bloomfield, is enough to gladden the heart. The Orange, Newark, Elizabeth-town and risen Redeemer still has the work of Connecticut Farms, have been highly salvation in his own hands, and turn. favored of God. In Hanover, South eth the hearts of the children of men, Hanover and Springfield particularly, whithersoever he will, as the rivers of the right hand of the Lord has been water are turned. truly exalted, within the course of the The subjects of these revivals have past winter. While casting our eyes been chiefly from among the youthtoward this favored district of country,

• It was stated by a member of the As. where there have been three extensive sembly from this Presbytery, that there revivals in eleven years, we remember were more than 3,000 blacks in the city of with thankfulness, the years of the right Charleston, who are professors of religio hand of the Most Hig', and render and that many of them are eminently pic

from the children of believing parents; The Assembly feel no small satisand in some places, particularly from faction, in stating the increase of unithe youth who have paid punctual and ted and vigorous effort in some porrespectful regard to catechetical in- tion of country within their limits, for struction. The general character of the advancement of morals. A solithe work has been such as usually citude upon this subject is beginning to marks the genuine operations of the be felt. The indispensable necessity Holy Spirit Though not without of embodying the influence of the land great power of feeling, the subjects in favor of religion and morality is behave been free from the appearance of ginning to be felt deeply; and we canextravagance. The seasons of wor- not but hope that such a combinatiou ship have been sacredly still, rather will be formed; and cannot but believe than tumultuously violent. The speech that it will be greatly successful. less agony of multitudes who have

During the year past, Bible Socie. been brought to see their sinfulness ties have greatly increased in number and their danger, has been more the and utility. Few districts of our couneffect of truth bearing down upon the try are now without them. Their inconscience, than that transcient and vi- fluence is widely extensive, and incalolent emotion, excited by natural fear, culably beneficial. Experience has and cherished by animal feeling. They proved that no human exertions are so have been deeply impressed with a effectual to harmonize christians, to sense of the infinite majesty and holi-excite religious zeal, to suppress

vice ness of God of the spirituality, ex- and immorality, and to diffuse light tent, and obligation of the divine law, and knowledge, as the gratuitous disthe exceeding sinfulness of sin, the tribution of the Word of Life.* total deprarity of the human heart,

The Assembly rejoice, to have it the necessity of regeneration by the in their power to state, that the Great Almighty power of the Holy Spirit, Head of the Church, has vouchsafed of justification, not by works, but freely a signal blessing, on the Missionary by the grace of God, through the re efforts of the past year. Forty Missiondemption that is in Christ Jesus—the aries have been employed the last indispensable necessity of an interest year, whose journals afford the most in atoning blood, and of that holiness pleasing testimony of the beneficial rewithout which no man shall see the Lord. sult of their labors. Several new

The General Assembly are gratified churches have been organized, and to learn that praying societies, estab- more have been put into a forming lished for the special purpose of im

* A circumstance of peculiar interest to ploring the effusion of the Holy Spirit the church, occurred lately in one of the upon the Churches ; Charitable insti- Western towns of Virginia. " A pious young tutions for the aid of poor and pious man was employed to sell on the day of elecyoung men for the gospel ministry, tion, Bibles for the Bible Socicty; who have and for sending the gospel to the healing disposed of them, sent for an additional

quantity. The person who applied for them then-and societies for the religious is a pure descendant of him who was a prince instruction of the children in the sub-nad power with God and with man and preurbs of our cities; have increased in vailed." But he is converted to the docnumber and are widely extending their trine of the cross ; has been baptized in the influence. Nor can they regard with is a member of Messiah's church militant ,

name of our crucified but adored Master ; too much gratitude, the heavenly ar- lives in the faith and hope of the truth as dor of many pious females, whose it is in Jesus," and adorns the doctrine of weekly associations for prayer, and God our Saviour. Behold this Israelite, car. daily exertions in the distribution of rying in the presence of a vast assembly of Bibles among the poor, show us what self to increase the dispersion of the word

citizens Stereotpye Bibels, and exerting himit is to imitate the example of him who of life. The Jew laden with that Gospel pent about doing good.

which his Fathero rejected!


state. Many new Churches are grow-|| But we leave this pleasing retrosing up in the Western parts of Tennes-pect. We turn with grief from these see; a Missionary Society has lately scenes of verdure and delight, to that been formed in that State. The call extensive vast, where no verdure anifor Missionary exertion is loud; and mates; that barren heath, on which the services of our Missionaries have there is no dew nor rain, from the Lord. been received with emotions of grati- Between three and four hundred of tude and joy.

our Congregations are destitute of the In taking a view of the state of reli- stated ministrations of a preached gosgion within the bounds of the Assem pel Thousands in this land of vision, bly, an interesting object which arrests are destroyed for lack of knowledge ; the attention, is the infant Theological thousands suffering a famine, not a Seminary, lately established at Prince- famine of bread, nor a thirst for nater, ton. From this Seminary, it is hoped, but of hearing the words of the Lord. that many able and faithful laborers And even in the midst of gospel priviwill go forth to reap the wþitening har- leges, we behoid very many and very vest. The state of this Seminary is at large portions of our Church in a state once promising and critical. It is un- of deplorable stupidity. The same der the immediate superintendance and rain and sunshine that ripen the wheat instruction of two able Professors, who for the garner of the Great Husbanddevote their whole time, laboriously man, appear to be ripening the tares to the education of the youth commit- for the unquenchable flame. We have ted to their charge. The number of also too much evidence of awful dethese youths has already been as great clension among many of the professed as twenty-four; and if the means of followers of Jesus Christ. In very masupporting the establishment shall be ny of our congregatious, the past year furnished, there is the most flattering has been a season of chilling indifferprospect that it will become a fruitful ence towards divine things. Seasons nursery for the Church. But unless when the people of God were animated these means shall be furnished speedi- with fervent zeak for the promotion of ly and liberally, every prospect will the divine glory, hare given way to be clouded, and the raised expectations seasons, when the pitiable attachment of many of the friends of Zion utterly to earth, the pursuit of lying vanities disappointed. The Directors of that that cannot profit, unhappy and needSeminary have reported a statement less deissensions, have superceded, of the assistance which has been fur- and almost eradicated the once tender nished by benevolent associations of solicitude for the accomplishment of females, to such of the Theological God's gracious designs in favor of his students as need pecuniary aid, which people. O, how shall we speak of that has surprised, gratified, and exceed- criminal indifference toward the cause, ingly rejoiced their fathers and breth- for which, the Babe of Bethlehem, was ren in the church. Let them proceed bathed in tears, the Son of God erimand abound in these works of pious soned with blood! Jerusalem is almost benevolence, so worthy of them, and forgotten. Zion, fair heritage, lies des80 ornamental to our holy religion ;-olate. The spirit, the maxims, and the and let all of both sexes, who witness policy, of the world, begin in some intheir liberality, resolve to go and do stances, to be intimately interwoven likewise.

with the discipline and policy of the In this review we rejoice. Who is a church. The tenderest and the strongGod like unto our God, that passeth est bands of union, in some churches, by the transgressions of the remnant of begin to be severed. That noxious kis herilage, and will not retuin his an- weed, the spirit of party, while it e^ger forever, because he delightelh in bitters the sweetness, and poisons tha merey!

life of vital godliness, is underving

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vigor of Christian exertion. Connect- to deplore, and some, that are matter ed with these foreboding symptoms, of rejoicing. In those places that are there is a melancholy prevalence of adjacent to the seat of the war there has . vice and immorality. Profane swear- been an awful defection from good ing, intemperance, Sabbath breaking, morals, and a lamentable increase of and other immoralities, exist in many bold and daring vices. A few towns places to an alarming degree, threaten- have been favored with special outing to sap the foundation of our reli- pourings of the Divine Spirit, particugions and civil institutions.

larly. Bridport and Pawlet. Of the, From our brethren in the New-Eng. members of Middlebury College we land States we have received very in- are happy to learn there are about fifteresting information. From the Gen- ty who have it in devote themeral Association of Connecticut, weselves to the work of the ministry. learn, that numerous revivals of reli- On the whole the Assembly cannot gion have taken place in that state the but feel, that the cause of religion and past year; particularly in the city of morality has been signally advanced Hartford, in the congregations of East the past year. Notwithstanding all the Hartford, Orford, Weathersfield, Sims- sin and wretchedness of our world, the bury, North Coventry, Litchfield, Mil- past year has been a year of joy to our ton and South Farms. These revivals churches. The Lord seems to have have, under God, been occasioned, come out of his place to redeem Zion and promoted by the preaching of the with judgments and her converts with great doctrines of the Reformation. righteousness. While with one hand, In some instances, this work of divine he is pulling down strong holds, and grace, has been slowly progressive ;- casting down imaginations ; with the in others, sudden and powerfui; but in other, he is raising Jerusalem from the all, silent, deep, and apparently genu- dust, and clothing her with the garine. The inoral influence of this work ments of strength, and salvation. The of grace has been eminently salutary, same voice that is proclaiming the day and signally manifested, in unusual, of vengeance of our God, is also proand general solicitude for the suppres. claiming the acceptable year of the sion of vice, and the promotion of mo- Lord. The night is far spent, the day rality.

is at hand. The darkness is past. From the General Association of Already is the coinmand gone forth to Massachusetts Proper, we learn that the tribes of the wilderness and the islthe cause of truth, in opposition to So- ands of the sea, Arise, shine, O Zion! cinian and Arian errors, is on the for thy light is come, and the glory of whole advancing, though not rapidly. the Lord is risen upon thee, and the genA number of revivals of religion have tiles shall come to thy light, and kings taken place in this state, particularly to the brightness of thy rising. It is too in the towns of Gloucester, Lee, Long-late a period, Christians, to sit down Meadow and Stockbridge. Some fa- and fold your arms in the gloom of vorable appearances, are exhibited at discouragement and inactivity. Yes, Falmouth, and in several places, in the it is too late a period. The mountains western part of the state. The num- of ignorance and idolatry will welcome ber of students in the Theological Se- the feet of them that publish good timinary at Andover, is about sixty.-dings; the Wilderness of this Western The greater part of the present mem-world will blossom as the rose; the albers of William's College, are profes-tars of the East will be overturned ; sors of religion. Spirited and perse- the images of Molock will be broken vering efforts are likewise here making down, and the only question is, whethfor the reformation of morals. er the work shall be performed, and

From the General Convention of the the reward enjoyed by others, or by state of Vermont we hear some things you ? O brethren, our hearts beat high with hope. Will the Lord cast off for- || subscription to fifty pounds, shall be a ever? Will his anger smoke against the governor for life. sheep of his pasture ? Arise, O God! 7. Governors shall be entitled to atplead thine own cause !

tend and vote at all meetings of the committee.

8. An executor, paying a bequest of A SUMMARY ACCOUNT OF THE BRITISH fifty pounds, shall be a member for life; AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. or of one hundred pounds, a governor

for life. A concise account of the origin and progress of this benevolent and important institu

9. A committee shall be appointed tion, we doubt not, will be interesting to to conduct the business of the Society, the readers of this Magazine. The fol- consisting of thirty-six laymen, six of lowing is extracted from papers, late trom whom shall be foreigners, resident in London, received by the Oneida Bible So

London or its vicinity, balf the remain

der shall be members of the Church of ciety.


England, and the other half members The British and Foreign Bible So- of other' denominations of Christians. ciety was established at London in the Twenty-seven of the above number, year 1804, by a number of enlightened who shall bave most frequently attendand pious individuals, desirous of pro-ed, shall be eligible for re-election for moting the best interests of their fel- the ensuing year. low-creatures. The object of this In- The Committee shall appoint all ofstitution is to extend the circulation officers, except the treasurer, and call the Holy Scriptures throughout the special general meetings, and shall be British Empire, and amongst foreign charged with procuring for the Society nations, unaccompanied with any hu- suitable patronage, both British and foman interpretation.

reign. Laws and Regulations of the British 10. Each member of the Society and Foreign Bible Society.

shall be entiled, under the direction of 1. The designation of this Society the committee, to purchase Bibles and shall be The British and Foreign Bible Testaments at the Society's prices, Society, of which the sole object shall which shall be as low as possible. be, to encourage a wider circulation of 11. The annual meeting of the Sothe Holy Scriptures, without note or ciety shall be held on the first Wednescomment: the only copies in the lan- day in May, when the treasurer and guages of the United Kingdom to be committee shall be chosen, the accirculated by the Society, shall be the counts presented, and the proceedings authorised version.

of the foregoing year reported. 2. This Society shall add its endea- 12. The President, Vice-President vors to those employed by other Soci- and Treasurer, shall be considered, et eties for circulating the Scriptures thro' officio, members of the committee. the British dominions; and shall also, 14. Every clergyman or dissenting according to its ability, extend its in- minister who is a member of the Soçifluence to other countries, whetherety, shall be entitled to attend and vote Christian, Mahometan, or Pagan. at all meetings of the committee.

3. Each subscriber of one guinca an- The secretaries, for the time being, nually, shall be a member.

shall be considered as members of the 4. Each subscriber of ten guineas committee; but no person deriving any at one time, shall be a member for life. emolument from the society shall have

5. Each subscriber of five guineas that privilege. annually, shall be a governor.

15. At the general meetings, and 6. Each subscriber of fifty pounds at meetings of the committee, the presione time, or who shall, by one addi- dent, or in his absence thé vice-presitional payment, increase his original dent first upon the list then present ;


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