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cept our cordial thanks for the loan of For still we're as free the manuscript; and our readers will As creatures can be; excuse the omission of other articles of Nor can we of shackles complain : intelligence, to give place to a more Then why can't it be, full exhibition of the importance of an That God may decree, event, which must fill the christian While we in full freedom remain! world with joy.-Christian Disciple.

A will without motive

Would be a thought sportive,

The saine as to move without motion : MA. EDITON,

No motive, no will, Sir The following Poetry, written not long

To go, or stand still !

ftion. since, has never been published in any re

Such words are words but without noligious Magazine. It is thought desirable by a subscriber, that it be inserted in the A will independent Utica Christian Magazine; not so much,

Is power too transcendent however, for its merit as to composition For mortals to have or conceive;

It cannot be given or poetry, as for its general ingenuity of

By the great power of Heaven, sentiment, and illustration of truth.

Till God his own nature can give. DIVINE PREDESTINATION AND HUMAN

We must be agreed

That all things proceed,
THAT God should decree

As causes produce their effects;
And yet man be free,

And by the same laws
Is whot you* deny to be true;

There must be a cause
The first you refuse,

Why I will what my conscience rejects.
The latter you choose,

Whatever may be said
Then let us this statement pursue.

Of mover, and moved,
I grant you free-will

Each motion must sure have its mover:
To go, or stand still,

Each movement of mind, As best suits your present occasion: To whatever inclined, But can't hence conclude

Depends on some mover or other. Your inference is good

Each thought in my heart, That there is no predestination.

Each purpose I start, sence: That God does foreknow, Had a cause which produced the exist If you stand still, or go,

And the first moving cause, Is a matter you'll readily own:

To the chain must give laws, The point that we part in, And nothing is left for resistance. You think it uncertain known.

Disorder, 'tis true,
If the thing come to pass that's fore-

Appears to our view,
If facts that are past

In the group of a vast complication;
Are immutably fast

But the All-sceing cye, And fixt in God's knowledge immense, With a glance can descry, It is equally true

The order throughout all creation. He has the same view Of the fixed future events.

By mortals unseen,

Is the order I mean,
All things you will own Through causes and all their effects.;
By him are foreknown

Where a cause does exist
Consistent with freedom of will:

Th' effect can't be miss'd';
Foreknown, or decreed, No power that is, disconnects.
The same must succeed,

Pursuant to plan
Yet no inconsistency still.

Was the being of man, • Written in inswer to an opponents

With all his vast train of volition

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The plan was the same,

God has his design
Which comprized his blame,

In vilitions of mine,
And fix'd his blaine-worthy condition. To answer some purpose most wise ;

Invold is my plan,
If thus I express

To obtain, if I can,
Man's blame-worthiness, Some real, or ideal prize.
As fixed by God in His plan,
An inference you'll draw

It was God's decree,
(Not heeding the flaw)

That we should be free,
That then there's no blameworthy man. To decreefor ourselves what we please;

If we choose what is best
Pray where rests the blame,

We shall surely be blest
(You will still exclaim)

By our own and by Heaven's decrees.
Since God bis decrees must fulfil ?
If his throne we assault

But such as oppose
Why doth he find fault,

God's counsels, and those “For who hath resisted his will ?" Who decrec against God and his throne:

Then leave such to tell
Why mortal -- why!

By decrees how they fell,
Against God thus reply;
Shall creatures instruct their Creator? While they fall by decrees of their own,
Shall vain and weak man

As Judas decreed,
Be judge of God's plan,

So Jesus must bleed,
Be Infinite Wisdom's dictator! While God the same thing did ordain :
Leave God to concert,

The redemption of man

Was the end in God's plan,
And act thy own part;

In Judas's, criminal gain.
His precepts and not his decrees,
Point out the right way

Your decree was to write,*
For us to obey,

And God's thus to fight,
And be blest in our God if we please. As a bar in the way of your own;

I decree to explain,
Can we will what we please ?

And thus to maintain,
Then we clear his decrees,

That both are concenter'd in one.
And know, when we sin, 'tis our own:
Did God not decree,

We decree for some end:
(Could such a thing be)

If it is to befriend
No odds in our sin could be known. The cause of true virtue alone:

So God hath directed,
But we'll drop the decree

And we are accepted;
And say sin was to be :

Our ends and decrees ineet his owo.
What was to be, must come to pass :
Then draw your conclusion,

God can't be defeated, (The same old delusion)

His plan is compleated :
That free-will is only a farce. In all future time, He is there ;

His works are all done
Or to some free volition

As soon as begun,
Deny the position;

For time in the whole has no share.
Deny that what is, was to be:
As well as dispute,

Then let us adore
Or attempt to refute

His wiedom and power,
The doctrine of God's fix'd decree. Display'd in decrees all abroad;

And let us decree,
To deny God's decree,

Since the will is thus free,
Or deny the will free,

To be workers together with God.
Absurdities follow on either:
Let God then ordain,

* Referring to the above opponent who had Let free-will remain,

written against this doctrine. et Heaven and man be together.



Vol. II.

AUGUST, 1814.

No. 2.

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For the Utica Christian Magazine. ess, else this remarkable display of INSTRUCTION FROM THE BOOK OF providence must all have been kept

hid. To obtain a new queen, beauty, ESTHER.

and not birth, must be made the prime THE following are among the les object, else Ésther could have had no sons of instruction to be derived from pretension to a pastnership in the

a the Book of Esther.*

throne of the greatest empire then on I. The book of Esther most striking earth. Here again we see that beauly displays a divine prividence. It also | ty is no accidental thing. It is God makes it evident, that providence is a who gives us all our features. He for greeable to a plan previously concert

an infinitely wise purpose gave

Esther ed in wisdom; that it is like a machine those beautiful and striking features, that has a wheel in a wheel, or one which at a glance, attracted the attenwheel turning around another. It

tion of those who sought for the fair shows that the rings of the wheels are virgins; which also attracted the parso high as to be dreadful, and yet that ticular attention of Hegai, the keeper they are full of eyes round about, agree- of the women; and which won the af able to the representation of divine pro- fections of the Persian monarch. vidence in Ezekiel's vision.

Another important thing in this great All the parts of the striking history providential plan, was, that Mordecai contained in this inspired book, are could be the informer against Bigthan evidently parts of one most glorious and Teresh, the two chamberlains who display of the DIVINE MAJESTY. To

sought to lay hand on king Ahasuerus; bring it about the Jews must be scat- and that this should be certified to the tered through the l'ersian Empire and king in Mordecai's name. To his creAhasuerus must come to the throne at dit it must be written in the chronicles just such a time. His sumptuous feast of the kingdom; and this must be all was a part of the plan; also his sending that should now be done to express for queen Vashti to appear before the the royal approbation for this great fanobles and princes, that he might show

vor. The best time was not yet come them her beauty. Her beauty was for this to be done. As the butler fortherefore not so inconsiderable a thing gat Joseph until it was the most imas to be left out of the plan of God; portant time that he should remember but was absolutely necessary to the him; so Ahasuerus forgat the man who turning around of the great mystical had saved his life, until the rememberwheel. Her refusing to come at the ling of him, could be the means of savking's bidding, was another little wheel ing his, and the life of many others. The in the great wheel. She must be set promotion of Haman was one necesaside, to give place to Esther the Jew

sary part of the scheme of providence; • If the Sacred History contained in this and Mordecai's refusing to do him rebook be not perfectly familiar to the reader, verence, was another. Should it be he would do well to read it again, previous said, if this part had been left out, there ly to the reading of these lessons of instruc- I would have been no need of the othtion which are drawn from it,

er parts of the scheme; it may be res: E VL, 2

plied; that the display which is here- 11" On that night, [i.e. the night between by made of what there is in God, and these two banquits could not the king of what there is in men, is of infinite sleep.” This must needs be: God held importance; so that all those, whose him waking. It seems his conscience happiness it is to know God and them. I was troubled, as if he thought he had selves, rejoice, that effectual measures incurred the displeasure of his gods; were taken to bring out to view such and was therefore determined to spend wonders as are recorded in this book.*|| his wakeful hours in reviewing the re

The chain of providence required cords of the kingdom, that he might that Mordecai should be a Jew, and rectify any thing which he should find that Haman should become acquaint-|| had been done amiss. His falling upon ed with this, which led him to deter-that particular part of the records, mine the ruin, not of one man only, which made mention of the conspiracy but of the wliole nation to which he of the two chamberlains, which was belonged. It was divinely ordered, discovered by Mordecai, was as much that Haman should have recourse to included in the divine plan as the exJot, to find out what day to fix uponistence of the record. Haman came for the destruction of the people which into the outward court at the very mohe hated. (Chap. iii. 7.] Though it | ment he was needed there. Before was in the first month that they cast he could propose the device which he lots, the lot fell upon the thirteenth day had devised against Mordecai, the king of the twelfth month. The relation had a question to put to him." The which subsisted between Mordecai and answer of the tongue is from the Esther was another link in the chain. Lord.” Haman's answer was divinely Their humiliation, fasting and prayer,appointed. He had his object in giyin concert with their brethren the Jews,ling this answer, and the Lord had his. was a part of the plan which could by The way was now prepared for queen no means have been left out. Esther Esther to bring forward her main petimust go in unto the king; the golden tion to advantage. This she did in the scepter must be held out to her, ac- | very manner and language which Heacompanied with the most generous of- ven had ordained to work up the feelfer to ask what she would, even to the sings of the king to a high pitch of inhalf of the kingdom. The plan of pro- dignation against the enemy of his bevidence required, that at this time she loved queen, before he knew that this should ask nothing but the favor of the enemy was his favorite. The king's presence of the king and Haman at returning from the garden, and finding her banquet prepared for them. Here Haman fallen on the bed where the again the plan required, that she should queen was sitting, was a circumstance postpone her great petition until the which divine providence by no means next day at another banquet, which left undirected. This hastened Haman should be prepared for the same guests. | to the gallows which he had prepared Matters were not yet ripe in divine for Mordecai. providence for her to come forward Now the way was prepared for Ésboldly and ask what was in her heart.ther to introduce Mordecai to Ahasue.

* Without taking any delight in natural | rus, in the character of her kinsman, or moral evil, we may rejoice that God who had acted the part of a father to makes use of both, to unfold to beiter ad. || her. Mordecai, who had saved the vantage the greatness and goodness of his nature. Jesus Christ said to his disciples, king's life, and indeed the life of his (Jolin xi. 14, 15.) "Lazarus is dead; and 1 queen, was now promoted, and held in am glad for your sakes that I was not there, the highest estimation at court. This to the intent ye may believe.” He was glad prepared the way for the favor requestthat there was room made by the death ofled for the Jews. And God had orderLazarus for God to make a greater display ed it so in his providence, that all this of his glory than would have been made by preserving him from death.

took place so soon after Hamau's obtaining his wicked decree against them,|| deliverance. He made every wheel that there was sufficient time to re- of his providence turn this way. Even

fatal those appointed for their destruction, should a different aspect, proved in the end arrive.

to be for, and not against his people. Who can attentively read this piece | Instead of Mordecai's being hanged on of sacred history, and not see that the gallows fifty cubits bigh, the Jews' there is a God* who judgeth in the greatest enemy was hanged on it; and earth; who ruleth in the kingdoms of|| Mordecai was placed next to the king, men; who putteth down one and set-to the great joy of all the Jewish nateth up another; whose counsel shall|tion. The day which they had expectstand, and who will do all his pleasure! ||ed would be the day of their utter deIs it not most evident that there is a struction, was a day of great victory providence which leaves nothing undi- and triumph. The God of Israel knew rected; no, not even the features of all the while what he was doing for his the face, nor the casting of the lot? Is people. There was no darkoess for it not most evident that God is not dis- || him. From the beginning he saw the appointed by any thing which takes end. The mercy of the Lord endurplace; but, on the contrary, that eve-eth forever. The Lord taketh pleasure ry thing which takes place is according in his people. Though they may be to his foreknowledge and determina cast down, they will not be destroyed. tion? Ought not this view of divine The church is like the bush in the providence to lead us to the most fame; it is not consumed though in adoring views of the God of provi- the fire. Zion is graven upon the palms dence? Ought it not to lead to the most of the hands of her King; her walls are grateful acknowledgments of his care continually before him. He rules in over us; to entire submission to every the midst of his enemies. He spreads allotment, and to perfect confidence in a table for his people in the presence him, as it respects events in the womb of their foes. of futurity? Although clouds and dark- III. The history of the people of ness are round about him; yet justice God, contained in the book of Esther, and judgment are the habitation of his is evidently designed to administer throne : Let the earth rejoice, because comfort and courage to the saints in the Lord reigneth.

trying circumstances, to the end of the II. From this piece of sacred histo- world. In the world, said Jesus to his ry we are led to discover the great ob disciples, shall ye have tribulation.ject wbich God seeks to promote by Haman is not the only enemy which his holy providence; it appears to be the people of God have had, and their the safety and welfare of his church.- trials have not been confined to the God had a people scattered through reign of Ahasuerus. While Satan is the Persian empire. This people Sa-| God of this world, and is suffered to go tan and wicked men sought to destroy ; up and down in it, and while so great but He wrought marvellously for their a part of mankind belong to bis king

* Some have doubted whether this book dom; and while there are so many was given by inspiration, because the name || false brethren, and even false teachers, of God is not found in it. The name of God within the pale of the church, the true iş not seen in the works of creation, but yet || Israel of God must expect trouble.creation is full of God. That thy name is near, saith the Psalmist, thy wonderous Christ never gave us any reasou to exworks declare. So with the canonical book pect to get through the world without of Esther; it is full of God. It cannot belit: but he has mixed consolation in our read in connexion with other parts of the sa. bitter cup. Though in the world we cred volume, without constantly impressing || have tribulation, in Him we have peace. the mind with this truth, that God 18; and that he is the rewardes of them who diligent. not distressed; we are perplexed, but

“We are troubled on every side, yet ly seek him.


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