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Pleasure and amusement, pursued with moa deration, is as requisite for the preservations of health, as heat, air, and moisture, is for the growth of plants and flowers.


Knowledge, which are separated from justice, are to be call craft rather than wisdom.

The ignorance of youth oughtest to be directed by the experience of old man.

Whatever thou shall undertake, always imagines that God stand a witnesses of the actions.

Let we despise earthly thing, and thinkest apon that who are heavenly and divine,

Without chastity, however fair the bodies mayest be, it cannot is amiable.

Does not thou composest thy eyes to sleep, before thou have revolved on all the action of the days past.

EXERCISE XI. Young person are not less indebted to their teachers for the good and wise instruction that are given him, than they is to their parents which broughtest them into existence.

When the amounts of all earthly acquirements art duly consider, it wilt be found to be very little, if any things, more than-vanity and vexations.

We were born for society and the commu. nity of mankind, and therefore shouldest contribute as much as are in our power to the common benefits.

Bitter enemies deserves much better of us than those pretended friend, which would enticeth us into wickedness.


The due management of the early part of life are of such singular importance to the future welfare of men, that he are usually good or bad according to the good or bad principle they then imbibes.

Person of high spirit strive to conceal his grief and distress from the world as much as he are able; not because they wishes to be deemed insensible of feeling, but because they wouldest appears to suffereth with firmness, rather than becomes the object of pity, which, while it mayest brings relief, banish admiration.

It are one great provinces of reason to suppresses sanguine expectations from any thing below; since many unforeseen accident may

overthroweth in a moments those scheme, which had been formetk for years with care, deliberation, and secresy.


It are report of Hercules, that, when he grow up towards manhood, they went into a lonely places, and there sit down deliberated with herself a long times, whether he shouldest gave himself

to the


of virtue or plea


Plato wroteth to Archytas, that he were born not for himself alone, but likewise for his countries and his friend.

Pythagoras thoughteth them to be a wicked ness that body shouldest be fatten by bodies, or that ones animal should be supporteth by the deaths of another.

When a persons once offereth to teaches Thea mistocles the arts of remembered all thing, Themistocles repliest, that he wouldest does her a much more acceptable favors, if he would taught him how to forget those things, who he wished not to remembers.

EXERCISE XIV. Alexander was at length convince, how much more happier he were which covetedst nothing, than he who require the government of the whole worlds.

It were a sayings of Demetrius, that no ones was a more unhappier person than he, to who no adversity hadst ever happening.

Notwithstanding Xerxes was replenisheth with all the blessing of body and fortunes, yet, not content therewith, he proposeth a reward to him, which should inyents a new kinds of pleasure.

The Athenians, though the wise and most learnedst of all the Greeks, condemnedst So. crates to dies, because he teached the unity of God, and the spirituality of the worships that are due to him.

Isocrates used to calls boy of a ready genius the son of the gods.

EXERCISE XV. For a considerable times after the deluge, hunting seem to hast be one of the principal employment of mankinds, on account of the great number of wild beast with whom the world then abounds. Nimrod displaying par.

ticular skill and activity in this exercises, were advances to great honour, and at length acquireth such an supremacy over his cotemporary, as to be enable to founds the cities of Babylon, and establisheth the first monarchy of who history make mention.

The religion of antiquity, who prevails the longest, and extendest the farthest, was the doctrines of a plurality of God, and seem to hast acquired their influence in the rudest age of society, while the effort of reason wert fee. ble, and imagination and passion direct the conducts.

The Phenician have been universally allows by Pagan writer to be the first people, which cultivateth the art subservient to navigation.

EXERCISE XVI. A taste for what were superb and magnifi: cent seem to has been the distinguish character of the Egyptians, Babylonian, and Assyrians, which he chiefly displayeth in their work of architecture, though without any pretension to elegances.

The history of the Roman emperors present we with a set of wretch, that, if we excepts

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