How God Talks When He Isn't Talking

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Reading the content pages of this book will show you that this book is very practical and may change you forever. However, there are some who should not read this book. I dare you to overcome the should nots. Those who should NOT read this book: Anyone who does not want to have a loving relationship with God. Anyone who thinks psychiatrists and psychologists are smarter than the Bible when it comes to human nature. Any one who believes that God is not interested in his or her problems. Any one who thinks some things happen by chance, without Gods consent or control. Any one who thinks that there is no way to ask God for an immediate decision to do or not to do, to go or not to go a certain direction. Any one who thinks the 66 Book Canon has no better information than any other book. On the other hand: If you to want to learn what TICKS GOD OFF; If you fi nally see that drugs, getting drunk, sex orgies, homolesbianism, riches can never satisfy your longing for something real; If you want to try God out, to see if He is really loving; this book will probably help you. Especially if you have been water baptized, you will fi nally realize that many times God had his fi nger on your life. I want to see you in heaven with me.

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How Close a Fellowship Does God Want with You?
Changing Your mind is God Talking
My Gods Glory Testimony
God Just Talked to Me When He Wasnt Talking
How to Get God to talk when He isnt Talking
You are the Apple of Gods
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Rev. Al is the oldest of four siblings born to one of the last circuit riders of western Montana, where he was born, whose dad became, a missionary to the deaf for 39 years, and fi nally, to his death, a chaplain to nursing homes. Alvin was born May 1, 1930.

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