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section of our country. They have unitedly commended it, and requested its publication.

As a specimen of these commendations and requests, I will insert the following note received from an eminent minister of the gospel, who had examined the manuscript with more than ordinary attention.

- Your book, entitled · My Progress in Error,' &c., I have read with attention and care, and with deep interest. I cannot but think it must prove a useful work to guide the young who are exposed; and one which will be profitable, in many respects, to all classes and descriptions of persons who may read it. I rejoice that you are now, at length, concluding to publish it.”

Such flattering notices of my simple storyfor I make no claim to a learned production—together with a revival of the Unitarian controversy, and the hope of doing good, have led me to revise the whole, once more, and present it to the Christian public. To that public, and the great Author of Light and Truth, it is now commended, in the hope that it may contribute, in some degree, to hasten the glad day of UNIVERSAL HOLINESS.


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