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such creatures, so esalted in their tranged from God, and thus he
nature, 90 capable of enjoying not only lost, but became unfit
vast and endless felicity, prostrated to enjoy, the divine communion ;
to the lowest hell, and made for his sin separated between bim
ever miserable ? We know not and God, and as a token of this,
that they had committed more he was driven out from the gar-
than one sin, till God, the good den of Eden; he became subject
and gracious God, hurled them to death, temporal, spiritual, and
from the pionacle of glory, and eternal ; not merely deprived of
sealed their damnation : for one felicity, but liable to excruciating
sin he foreclosed their condemna- and eternal misery ; to all this he
tion, and shut up all the avenues became subject by one sin ; to all
of hope. Let us learn the na- this a just and good God bound him
ture of sin from this transaction: over; and if even one sin require
let us endeavour to concentrate all this at the haods of infinite
the rays of light which are thus justice and goodness, how odious
cast upon it. Does not this teach must its nature be ? How can we
us that sin is utterly abominable ? call it, or believe it to be, a small
Does not this show us that it is matter?
very hateful in the sight of God: But this is not all ; that same

But let us bring it nearer home: act which involved Adam and let us see whether there be not Eve in this terrible ruin, reaches something in sin as connected in an equal degree, and covers with human nature, which shows with an equal ruin all their natuits abominable and hateful nature.ral posterity ; Hence it is said, We know from the Scriptures". All have sinned and come short that God made man in his own of the glory of God.” " There image, and that man, thus made, is none righteous, no, not one. obeyed and enjoyed God: he They are all gone out of the way, possessed the divine favour, and they are together become unproparticipated the divine commu. fitable ; there is none that doeth nion : he was holy, happy, and good, no, not one.Of this the immortal. By one sin, however, tirst transgression was the prohe lost the image and favour of curing cause, the fruitful source. God, and became subject to death. Hence it is written, “By one The image of God consists in man sin entered into the world, knowledge, righteousness, and and death by sin; and so death holiness. By sin bis understand- passed upon men, for that ali ing became darkened; he no have sinned ; for until the law longer knew or followed God as sin was in the world, but sin is his chief good; he became wise not imputed where there is no law; to do evil, but to do good he had nevertheless death reigned from no knowledge ; he lost his right- Adam to Moses, even over them eousness, and fell under the con- that had not sinned after the simidemnatory sentence of the law ; litude of Adam's transgression.” he no longer was what the law Millions almost countless, have required him to be, and could thus by one act of transgression only answer its demands by bear- lost the image and favour of God, ing its penalty: his heart became become guilty before him, and polluted, and his affections es- forfeited their lives and eternal


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happiness. How subtle must born of a woman is of few days, that poison be which runs through and full of trouble."

66 Man is so vast a mass ! How odious, how born unto trouble, as the sparks abominable, how awful the nature fly upward."

With respect to of that sin, which could excite the individuals of the human famthe wrath of God against such a ily, this world is a groaning hộsmultitude, and spread so wide a pital, it is full of misery and ruin! Lookiog at this picture, we wounds. A volume would not may well ask ourselves, whether contain a catalogue of the ills to we have ever properly and ade- which we are subject, and there quately realized the odious na- are more than a few of them ture of sin ? If the holy, just, which fall to the lot of every inand good God bring all this opon dividual; every age and sex and his creature man, for sin, sin condition are subject to them. must be a most odious and awful Almost every situation has its thing.

own peculiar trials and sufferBut again, there is on earth a ings. vast deal of suffering and misery. Communities suffer. The world Individuals suffer, communities of mankind, with the exception suffer. Individuals suffer in bo- of eight individuals, were in the dy: our animal frames are not days of Noah prostrated and deonly subject to death, but to a stroyed at once. When Sodom thousand privations, aches, and and its neighbouring cities were pains which lead to death; the overwhelmed, only Lot and his bones are subject to dislocation daughters escaped. The Egypand fracture; the vessels and ten- tians suffered amazingly when Isdons are often bruised and rup- rael was delivered from bondage. tured; there is not a point in the Israel suffered much in the wilwhole frame which is not vulner- derness. The nations of Canaan able, and sometimes the whole were almost exterminated to system is as it were burnt up with make room for the descendants of fever, or wasted with consump- Abraham. These were themtion; plague, pestilence, and selves frequently delivered into famine, fill the mind with terror, the hands of their enemies, and and prostrate thousands. have been twice plucked up by

Individuals suffer in their the roots from the land of their minds. Most generally bodily inberitance, and amazing sufferevils cause mental sofferings, and ing and distress have attended very often the mind suffers when them. We have heard of the the body in all its parts is in numbers who once inhabited Nihealth ; the mind suffers in the neveh and Babylon; and now the sufferings of others; it suffers places where they once stood are from the apprehension of evil ; are hardly to be found. We read it suffers from the absence of of the mighty armies which have good, and from a sense of sin. been led forth out of Syria, Egypt, To the individual, “ All things Greece, and Persia, and the muare full of labour : man cannot tual slaughter which they occautter it: the eye is not satistied sioned. It is on record, that the with seeing, nor the ear filled Romans extended their conquests with hearing." “ Man that is in every direction, amid blood

and carnage, and were finally makes them the ministers of his brought into a state of desolation vengeance. This is conformable by the incursions of barbarous na- to his language in the 20th chaptions. It is known that a consi- ter of Isaiah, “ For, behold the derable part of Asia, and a por. Lord cometh out of his place to tion of Europe and Africa were punish the inhabitants of the earth subdued to the faith of Mahomet for their iniquity; the earth also by fire and sword. Millions of sball disclose her blood, and shall Europeans, Asiatics, and Afri- no more cover her slain.” If cans were slain during the cru- now sin draw down these calamisades. Europe has often been ties, public and private ; if sin the scene of bloody battles. The make these inroads upon human discovery and settlement of Ame- life and human happiness, and if rica have caused vast quantities of it be true that God delighteth not blood to be shed. The settle- in the death and misery of his ment and conquests of the Euro-creatures, and yet all these things peans in India have cost immense take place under his government, sacrifices of comfort and life. who is goodness itself; is it posThe West Indies and a portion of sible to conceive how odious and America are tilled by the bond- abominable sin is ? age, sweat, and blood of Africa. Let us advance a step farther. The Independence of this coun- But a small part of the Divine gotry has cost thousands of lives ;vernment is developed in the disand the French Revolution has pensations of Divine Providence made Europe a field of blood from upon earth. Unquestionably inone end to the other.

dividuals and communities are These thiogs must have a cause. even here made to koow, and What is their procuring cause ? feel, that there is a God who The Apostle James furnishes us judgeth in the earth; but both with the answer, “ From whence communities and individuals are come wars and fightings among often spared, though greatly you? come they not hence, even guilty. Crime and guilt most of your lusts that war in your commonly must be greatly aggramembers ?"' Of all these things vated before God visits with exsia is the cause. Take away terminating judgments. Such is sin, and man will no longer the nature of sin, and such the meet man as a murderer; he will divine forbearance, that sin selno longer come to his fellow-crea- dom receives its due recompense ture with the sword in bis hand, of reward in this life. There is and thirst of blood in his heart: a future judgment, and an eternal apart from the existence of sin, state of misery reserved for the these things would not be. Thus wicked beyond the grave. A mulGod makes the wicked, instru- titude of the family of Adam die mnents for punishing each other; in their sins ; and, by the just thus he dashes them against each judgment of God are made for other as potters' vessels until ever wretched. There are those both are broken ; they act out of who are to go away into everlastthe malignity of their own hearts, ing punishment ; who are to be but he makes them subservient to for ever banished from the prethe purposes of his justice ; he sence of the Lord; who are to

be for ever deprived of every law of God, and incurred the joy, and every hope, and be made penalty. The curse of that law to feel for ever the might of God's rested apon us, and Divine Jusdispleasure. “Who among us tice demanded our blood ; and if shall dwell with the devouring he would save us he must bear fire? who among us shall dwell the curse, and satisfy the Divine with everlasting burnings ?" Why Justice. This he undertook ; are they thus abandoned ? Why this he fulfilled : "For he was has God given them over? Why wounded for our transgressions ; has be made them eternally he was bruised for our iniquities ; wretched ? What has be seen in the chastisement of our peace was them to excite his anger ? Sin. upon him; and with his stripes Nothing but sin has made him we are healed. All we, like their enemy. How abominable, sheep, have gone astray; we how odious, must sin be! have turned every one to his

The odious nature of sin will own way; and the Lord hath laid most fully appear from the pro- on him the iniquity of us all.” curing cause of salvation from it." He bare our sins in his own In order to the salvation of sin- body on the tree.” “He hath ners, a Mediator must be found made him to be sin for us, who who is related to the offended knew no sin, that we might be God, and to his offending crea- made the righteousness of God tures : God, that he may have in him.” “Christ hath redeemed power to deliver ; man, that the us from the curse of the law; law may bind him, and exact its being made a curse for us." In penalty. Such a Saviour was doing this he sustained the wrath found in the person of God's only of God and the pains of hell in begotten and well-beloved Son. his soul. To him was adminisWe accordingly find that the Son tered the cup of Divine wrath, of God has left his throne of and he drank it, though it made glory; has visited our earth; has him sweat blood in the garden; been made of a woman ; made he bore the curse, though it under the law, 'to redeem them obliged him to forego his Father's that were under the law. He presence, and made him cry, has condescended to become the “ My God, my God, why hast Instructer of his creatures; he thou forsaken me ?” All this has set before them a perfect ex. was necessary, in order to renample of holiness in his life, by der satisfaction to the divine law doing and suffering the will of and justice, and make the pardon God; he has exhibited himself of sinners consistent. If this be as most tender and compassion- the penalty of the law against ate, by taking an interest in the sin--if nothing but the blood of welfare of bis creatures, and go-the Son of God can expiate iting about doing good; he has if God thus treat the Son of his humbled himself to reproach and bosom in taking satisfaction-if shame ; for when he was a man such an atonement be necessary of sorrows he was despised and for its expiation-none can tell rejected of men. But this is not how odious and abominable it is ; all; nor would this have been but we may judge of its nature as enough: we had broken the lit appeared when it agonized Je

sus in the garden, and forced him; Lord hates it, and why he beto complain on the cross. Judge seeches us not to commit it. now, Reader, why the soul of the


Obituary Rotice.

On the 15th of May last, de-I his family and bis many ministeparted this life the Rev. John rial friends; and the General SCHUREMAN, D. D. Professor of Synod of his Church have just Ecclesiastical History, Church testified their respect for him, Government, and Pastoral Theo their sense of his worth, and their logy, in the Theological College regret for his loss, by ordering a of the Reformed Dutch Church, tomb to be erected over his at New Brunswick, N. J. grave, with a suitable inscription,

Dr. Schureman had occupied declaring the esteem which they some of the most important will long cherish for one whose stations in the Denomination to praise is in all the Churches. which he belonged, and for some

A friend bas informed us that time was a Pastor of the Church he is endeavouring to obtain the of New-York. But his health necessary materials for a Biograbecame impaired, and disease, or phical Sketch, which he purposes at least great feebleness, ren- to prepare for our pages. dered him unable to preach in

AM. public. He had however sufficient strength to discharge the duties of his Professorship, which Died, at Flatbush, on the 10th he held for nearly three years. June last, the Rev. Peter Lowe. His services in this office were Mr. Lowe had attained to the of essential advantage to the age of 54 years, 30 of which were students who attended on his in- spent in the ministry of the Gosstructions, and were very highlypel, in Kings county, on Long. acceptable to his brethren in the Island. For about 21 years he ministry who became acquainted preached in regular succession in with his lectures, and witnessed the six Dutch Churches of that the examinations of the students. county ; and for the last 9 years His piety

undoubted. he was the Pastor of the Churches Though his last hours were of Flatbush and Flatlands. hours of extreme weakness of Mr. Lowe had thus laboured body, which greatly affected his much in his Master's vineyard ; mind, yet his conversation and but, however long and able those conduct for many years afford labours may have been, it will the most satisfactory evidence that not be denied that he was most his religion was real, and that he eminently useful in the months of lived by the faith of the Son of disease which preceded his death. God. Ilis memory is precious to That disease was the cancer ;


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