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yet it has not been neglected. The parents hand, several of the most respectable pas. have in numerous instances been visited by tors, of various denominations, have not those Teachers, who, never wearied in only from their respective pulpits zealously well-doing, have devoted the intervals of recommended the Sunday Schools as founschool hours, and their leisure in the week, tains of pure morals, and of genuine relito this benevolent object. From this much gion, but have devoted much time in visitgood has resulted. Parents have in most ing the Schools themselves; and imparting instances received their visits with grati- that spiritual instruction, which it is the tude ; have evinced a growing attention to, great object of your system to extend. Con. and a more earnest concern for, their chil- sidering the weight which pious Ministers dren, and as the natural effect, exhibit an must always have over the minds of youth, imprrement in their own moral conduct. and the numerous instances on record of

Y ur Committee are also gratified to re- the good which has flowed from their la. port, that the discipline, so necessary and bour and example, your Committee cannot yet so difficult to establish in Sunday but regret that the Sunday Schools have Schools, has much improved during the not had more of their personal attention. * past year. The utmost order and attention One great feature in the Sunday School to the wishes of the Superintendents and system, and for which it has throughout Teachers, every where appears. This re- been distinguished, is the attention which gularity in discipline has been produced by has been paid to BIBLE INSTRUCTION. Like kindness alone. Persuasion forms the only the great BIBLE SOCIETY, which it preweapon of the Sunday School Teacher, and ceded, it has been its glory to bury sect, in it has been found all-effectual. Even the its solicitude to make known the unadulmost obstinate have by this cause been sub- terated word of truth. To this duty the dued; nor have instances been wanting of attention of your Committee has been parsome who appeared so hardened as to ticularly called ; and with feelings of affecmake their dismission from the School abso- tionate gratitude, they express their thanks lutely necessary, afterward returning, and for the uniform and jealous manner in emulating the most orderly in their future which their plans have been carried into conduct.

effect by the Superintendents and Teachers. It has been the desire of your Committee It has been made a duty of those as much as possible to interest the Clergy Scholars, who could read the Bible, to comof our city in promoting Sunday School in mit certain portions of the Scripture to mestruction. They have looked to them as mory during the week, and repeat them the legitimate guardians of the morals and either to the Teachers or Visiters on Sun. religion of our unprotected youth. Not day. They have been rewarded by a only has their co-operation been sought, but ticket valued at one cent for each chapter they have been invited to spend at least one committed. To these have been added hour at the Schools, once a month, in ex- punctual attendance and good behaviour amining the pupils respecting their pro- tickets, 30 of which entitled the holder to a gress in religious knowledge, and in giving Testament, and 75 to a Bible. The ambithem suitable advice on those subjects con- tion which has been excited, and the signal nected with their present and eternal wel. success of this part of the system, your Comfare. The important avocations, however, mittee deem it to be their duty, as it is their of many of the Clergy, have been such as to delight, to dwell upon for a few moments. prevent a compliance with the request of The instances are too numerous to be all your Committee--and the Schools conse- noticed--but a few shall be selected. One quently within their sphere have been left boy committed no less than 26 chapters in entiroly to lay-instruction. On the other the course of four weeks. This may be

considered as extraordinary. There are ceeding Sunday. Your Committee regret sew Schools, however, who do not report that the time will not allow their entering from 3 to 7 chapters. One School reports into detail on this part of their duty Sufthat 54 chapters had been committed by 14 fice it to report that the scholars have not Scholars-16 of which were repeated by only shown in their proofs an uncommon one Scholar alone, a boy but 8 years old. acquaintance with the Scripture, and a Since the last distribution, 7 tickets in one great aptitude in applying the proper texts, School, where but 150 Scholars regularly but many of them have been led to more attend, 550 chapters, containing nearly serious thoughts respecting their responsi17,000 verses, have been committed within bility to that God who searcheth the heart; a period of about six months! In another and have offered up their youthful petitions School, the highest class, had committed to Him who is found of all those who seek 80 chapters in 3 months. A School con- him early. sisting of 80 Scholars, committed in the last A short time previous to your last annual two months 57 chapters, making about meeting it was recommended to the Super2,000 verses; another of 60 Scholars had intendents and Teachers to hold a monthly repeated 112 chapters in 3 months. In a meeting of conference and advice on the School which does not particularly enume- subjects of their duty in general. At this rate, they report that the largest number of meeting your Secretary, Mr. Lord, (who is chapters committed by one boy since the now in Europe) presided with that sound distribution of tickets was 45. The last wisdom, discretion, and Christian deportwhich we shall name is a School which has ment, which render him an ornament not always been exemplary for its improve- only to your Society, but to every thing ment: The Superintendent reports, that connected with Christian benevolence. This one boy, who had to work at a trade, had, association has continued with increasing notwithstanding, committed 300 verses in interest to the present time. At this meetone week; and in 3 months, had committed ing some of your Committee have occa. 1,000 verses. During the last quarter, sionally attended, and they can bear ample 6088 verses had been committed by the testimony to its beneficial effects. The different boys.

different Teachers here become acquainted Your Committee being convinced that with each other ; plans of improvement are the plan of committing Scripture to memory, proposed and discussed; difficulties which though excellent in itself, would lose much at first appeared insuperable are removed, of its effect if some mode was not adopted and the hands of all are strengthened in for giving it a more permanent impression, the great work in which they have voluntarecommended at a very early period the rily engaged. Your Committee therefore necessity of frequent examinations. They hope, that the Saperintendents and Teachalso advised that Scholars should bring ers will be encouraged to proceed in their Scripture proofs for the most leading doc. uniting together for mutual support, and trines of our boly religion. This plan, they ardently pray that the blessing of God while it exercised their ingenuity and un- may rest on all their deliberations. derstanding, was calculated, in the opinion Your Committee also find that meetings of your Committee, to produce much higher for prayer have been instituted by the Sueffects. They have not been disappointed. perintendents and Teachers, to which both Short sentences, comprising the simplest scholars and parents are invited, and at elements of the religion of the Redeemer, which many of them attend. Much good and heads of doctrines in which all Chris. has been the result. The effect of religious tians could agree, have been given to the instruction upon the scholar, which your scholars, and proofs required by the suc. Committee at the commencement ventured

to say would rise to the parent, is now be-f fulfil their respective duties. To them the ginning powerfully to operate. Many of support and increase of the Sunday Schools the children having become deeply thought-is chiefly indebted; and it is a remark ful about their immortal souls, have con- wbich your Committee wish ever to keep veyed the sentiment and the feeling to the before the Society, that where the Schools parent. Some of them have evidenced the decline, it is generally to be traced to the conviction by repentance towards God and neglect of the Teachers, rather than to the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Others, by indifference of parents, or the reluctance a more moral course of conduct; greater of scholars; and where they are found in solicitude about their children, and an at- the most successful operation, there every tendance on divine ordinances. Thus has man is regularly found at his post, disGod watered the seed sown by feeble in charging his solemn obligations, and prostruments, which is producing fruit to his moting to the utmost in his power the dearown glory.

est interests of those children which ProviYour Committee are happy to report, that dence has placed under his care. the effect on the Teachers in general is not Your Committee report, that since the less striking than has been this system on last annual meeting they have ordered the parents and children. Morally, and intel- following books, lessons, and tracts, to be lectually, they are many of them new printed :beings. It is in the very nature of benevo Alphabets and Small Lessons, 10,000 lent exertion to refine and elevate the feel Large Lessons in sheets, 11,000 ings. The constant exercise also of the Spelling Book, Part I.

7,500 mind on such subjects calls forth its latent

Do. do. U.

5,000 powers, while it gives them both expansion

Class Papers,

6,000 and employment. But above all, the week Tickets for punctual attendance, ly recurring duty of religious instruction is good behaviour, and commitcalculated to produce serious reflections in ting the Scriptures,

30,000 the most careless—how much more in

Numerical Register,

100 minds already prepared for the best impres Sunday School Rewards, No. 2, 5,000 sions! Your Committee feel it, therefore, Raffles's Sunday School Teacher's an exhilarating part of their duty to refer to Monitor,

2,000 the quarterly reports, in which the blessed The Second and Third Address effect of your system is so often noticed ; of the Sunday School Commitand are well assured that they will be tee to Parents,

10,000 joined by every member of the Society in Plan for selecting Scripture, to offering up grateful praise to that God who be committed to memory by has made his grace effectual to the enlight the Scholars,

200 ening of so many individuals, and bestowing

The sale of books since your last Annual on them the gifts of his own Spirit

. One Report, for the use of Sunday Schools in Church can number more than 20 Teach this and other states, has been considerable, ers, who have been added to its commu

as will appear from the Treasurer's acnion; and many others have received into

count. their bosom living members from the same Your Committee have purchased 1000

What encouragement, then, does Testaments. They also gratefully acknow. this give for you to proceed in this your tedge liberal donations of Bibles and elevated course! You have blessed, and Prayer Books, from the Auxiliary Bible and shall be blessed.

Common Prayer Book Society of New. The Superintendents and Teachers con-York; of Bibles from the New York Bible tinue with the same zeal and steadiness to Society ; of Bibles and Testaments from



the New-York Auxiliary Bible Society ;guished this city, to provide them with the and of a considerable quantity of the broken means of carrying on that system which resheets of the Bible, from the American turns in its moral effect, whatever may be Bible Society. These last having been contributed to its support. Your Commitbound and used in several parts, have tee are further concerned to state, that the prevented a great expenditure to the Soci- annual subscriptions have fallen far short of ety, and have enabled your Committee also what they first promised. With the exto supply a number of them to schools in pense of collecting, and the number of those the country

who have neglected to pay the small pitYour Committee have again to return tance required from them, but very little their thanks to those gentlemen who have has gone into your treasury: nor can your furnished them with school-rooms without Committee conceal that this cannot be con. any remuneration. Some congregations sidered as a very adequate source for supalso have shown a noble example in the plying the wants of the schools in future. erection of buildings, in which accommoda.

Your Committee are enabled to report on tions for the Sunday Schools attached to the establishment and progress of Sunday their respective Churches have been parti- Schools in different parts of our country. cularly provided for. This example your This part of the Report, however, must geCommittee hope will excite many others to nerally be imperfect. The extent of territhe same good work. The expense to any tory, the various new settlements, with the one Church is comparatively small; but difficulty of either conveying or of receiving the saving to the Society is great, and the information, must operate against a combenefit and comfort of the scholars lasting. plete history; but with all these obstacles, It also reflects equal honour, and confers as the communications are numerous and in. lasting benefit on the Church itself. The teresting. children, educated as it were within its In July last a school was established at walls, nurtured by the affections of its mem-Petersburg, in. Virginia; under the care of bers, instructed frequently by its minister, the Presbyterian Church, which reports on and trained up in its doctrines and its pre- its list 184 scholars, most of whom have cepts, are gradually imbibing those princi- given proofs of improvement both in morals ples which will ultimately lead them to re- and learning. A “ Sunday School Union ceive the truth as it is in Christ ; and thus Society" was formed in Cincinnati in Sepin the course of time to fill the places of ternber last. One great object was to protheir benefactors. What a reward this vide for the education of those numerous offers for their pious exertions! The chil- families, who, in emigrating from the dren of the dust, the neglected, the vitious, northern states, have expended their little and the poor, redeemed by their instrumen- substance, and are often found in the largest tality-raised to a seat among God's peo- towns in a destitute condition. The Sociple, are destined to profess the truth, and to ety, already report the opening of six schools support its cause, when the authors, under for white children in Cincinnati and its providence, of their happiness, shall be vicinity, containing nearly 500 scholars. sleeping with their fathers !

The ladies also, with praiseworthy emula. The expenses incurred by the Society tion, have opened an African school, into will be found in the statement of the Trea- which they have admitted 124, from the surer, where also the present state of the age of seven to sixty five-years. funds will be seen. The resources, your

“ The

Boston Society for the InstrucCommittee are sorry to observe, are at pre- tion of the Poor,” report in October last sent but small; but they rely on that gene having admitted 500 into two schools, not rosity of character which has so long distin-one-fourth of whom could read words of one


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syllable, and the greatest part did not even sit in darkness, and to restore to their moral
know their letters. In Hartford, Connecti- elevation in society such as, without the
cat, the subject is but just awakening the system which we now commemorate, would
public attention ; but in New London and have been its pests. From various quar-
Fairfield, schools have been opened under ters your Committee have received the most
very auspicious circumstances, and with encouraging reports ; but they can only
considerable success. In January last a present very brief notices of the most
school was opened at Brownsville, in Penn- material.
sylvania, with 109 children ; which, on the The Presbytery of Niagara, in their Cir.
following sabbath, increased to 150. In cular to the Churches under its care, dated
the same month a school was opened by the Buffalo, 20 April, 1818, have, by a special
Baptist Society in Pittsburgh, which admit- resolution of their body, recommended the
ted, in a short period, 70 scholars. 16 The establishment of Sabbath Schools. “On
Association for promoting Sabbath Schools this subject," says the Circular,“
in Pittsburgh,” also report their having would say but little. Experience has fully
opened eight schools, containing about 400 tested them. They are found to be the

nurseries of the Church, and of good socieIn Fredericksburgh, (Va.) the Episcopal ty ; to serve the double purpose of enlarging Society report 150 Sunday scholars, and in and invigorating the tender mind, and of rapid improvement, under their care. The storing it with the knowledge of God and of number under the superintendance of other Divine things. They are owned and blessdenominations in that city, is about 250. Aled of God, wherever they are established.” school which commenced in Fayetteville, In the village of Buffalo four schools have N. C. in October, 1816, with but three pu- been opened : one at Cayuga Creek, where pils, is now increased to 80, and is repre- one of the Buffalo scholars has become sented as in a flourishing state. The first the teacher; one at Lewistown; and anoquarterly Report of the Savannah Sunday ther about five miles east; which are atSchool numbers 126; and if your Commit- tended by the Elders of some of the Churchtee may judge from the zeal which, in com- es, who open the schools, and instruct the mon with other associations, distinguishes children in religious knowledge. In Fort this Society, much good will result from its Niagara, Lieut. Becker, who has recently establishment.

been brought to a knowledge of the truth, At Canonsburgh, in Pennsylvania, the has begun a school, which is now in successstudents of Jefferson College established a ful operation. In New Hamburgh, a school school in October last, which has continued of 58 scholars; in Thompson, two schools to prosper ever since. The example of containing sixty; in Rome, two schools of these pious young men deserves particular 50 each; in Smithtown, two schools ; at notice, and your Committee hope that it Stoneridge, one for people of colour; and will soon be followed by similar institu- in Middletown, one school of great protions.

mise—have been formed, and are now shedIn the State of New York, the system of ding the rays of moral goodness on the surSunday School instruction has struck its rounding population. roots deep in the opinions and feelings of The “ Troy Association for Sabbath our citizens. Wherever its principles have Schools” are still proceeding with distinbeen made known, they have commended guished zeal, intelligence, and success. themselves to every man's judgment and They report one school in addition to their conscience. They have at once perceiyed former number, in the city, besides one in its provisions all that was necessary to each at Auburn, Schaghticoke, Peltstown, raise the depressed, to give light to such as Glensfalls, Whitehall, and Catskill. They

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