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we all know, are sufficiently children ; I cannot conceive upon prone to deviate from truth. And what principle a Christian can a habit of falsehood acquired in reconcile it with a sense of relichildhood, is likely to be a per- gion and of duty; upon what manent one, and calculated to principle he can either indulge in

baneful effect on the it himself, or justify it in others, whole conduct and condition of or speak of it as a matter of pure after life. But what can tend indifference. more directly or more strongly I will not trouble your readers to form and to fix this babit in with my ideas further on the subchildren, than the practice I com ject, but will narrate to them, plain of? Will children compre- as briefly as I can, two occurhend refinements in language rernies, which may show, that the more readily than servants ? Is fashionable practice alluded to is it possible to convince them, that sometimes attended with awks not at home is equivalent to an ex- ward circumstances. One of pression which implies at home? these occurrences relates to a Can any argument be made use of friend, and the other to myself. to persuade them, that the decla- My friend shall have that preceration uttered at the door, is con-dence which he deserves in matsistent with the fact which is beters of greater moment. A friend fore their eyes ? Is not this a of mine, who is remarkable for lesson to them, that whenever it his integrity and regard to truth, may serve to secure them from and who, I believe, as it is repunishment, or to procure them corded of Epaminondas, never an indulgence, or in any way to told a lie even in jest, called one gratify their inclinations, they day in the town of D at the are at liberty to speak in direct door of a man of business, whom contradiction to what they know he had seen entering the door a or believe? Is not this lesson little before he came to it, and given them by those to whose was told by a maid-servant that conduct and opinions they feel ber master was “ not at home.” disposed to pay the greatest de- My friend, though he is as much ference? And what effect can distinguished for his good temper any verbal advices or admonitions as for his sincerity, could not rerespecting the sanctity of truth, press his indignation on hearing and the sinfulness of falsehood, truth so grossly violated. In a produce on their minds, when tone of voice much above its they see their parents practically ordinary elevation, he said to the and daily setting at nought the girl, “ Will you tell a lie to my very distinction which they thus face, unprincipled hussy ? you profess to inculcate ?

must have seep your master pass I confess, when I take those you in the lobby just now ; go views of the subject to which I tell him that Mr. wants to have been directing the attention see him immediately on particuof your readers; when, independ-lar business; he certainly would ently of the intrinsic evil with not give you such a message as which I think the practice fairly that which you have now delichargeable, I look to its injurious vered with such unblusbing asconsequences as to servants and surance.” Her master

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friend's voice, came to the door delivered the message, you may bimself, and received him with be sure, with pleasure ; and my that cordiality with wbich he is joy was auspicious, for the day received by all who are acquaint- was spent very agreeably by us ed with him. When I was a all, and I was thanked both by tutor in a genteel family, Captain Mrs. and her visiters for

- was one day really not at having, by my blunder, been the home, and his lady was at home : means of bringing together pertwo very fashionable and well- sons so welcome and go congenial bred ladies came to the door. to each other. Thus my morality There happened to be po servant was confirmed, though it got a at hand, which was seldom the shock at first; and I have had a case. Having left the younger house of my own about 14 years, part of my charge, I ran to the but have always used the terms door along with my oldest pupil," at home.” in their plain and a fine boy of about five years old. unperverted signification. I might have allowed him to be

Edin. Ch. Instructer. spokesman, but whether I had wished to preserve my authority,

ANECDOTES. or yielded to the impulse of the moment, I addressed the ladies in Mr. W. a merchant in Boston, my best manner, and was asked agreeably to his usual liberality, if any of the family were at home? sent a present of chocolate, sugar, I never doubted with respect to &c. to the Rev. Dr. Byles, with what I should say. My pupil a billet, desiring his acceptance looked me in the face with all the of it as a comment upon Gal. vi. innocent simplicity of bis years. 6, “Let him that is taught in the Abp. Tillotson, I think, says, word communicate unto him that “ truth sits on the lips," or uses teacheth in all good things.” The some such words. Truth was doctor, who was then confined by spoken without any effort. I said, sickness, returned his complithe Captain was abroad, but Mrs. ments to Mr. W., thanked him

was at home, and slowed for his ercellent Family Expositor; the ladies into a parlour. I then and wished Mr. W. to give him a gave notice to Mrs.

that two practical exposition of Matt. xxv. ladies wished to see her. , Mrs. 36, “I was sick, and you

visited said with emotion, “ I hope me.” you said I was not at home.” Then, for the first time, I blushed King Charles II. once said to for having spoken the truth, that great man, Mr. John Milton, “ No, ma'am," said I, with con “ Do not you think your blindsiderable embarrassment, “ they ness is a judgment upon you for are in the parlour, beside the having written in defence of my" I was soon, bow. father's murder ?"

“ Sir,” anever, relieved from my confu- swered the poet, “ it is true, I sion; for Mrs. with that have lost my eyes ; but, if all gentleness which was so natural calamitous providences are to be to her, said to me,“ never mind, considered as judgments, your no matter, no harm at all, say 1 majesty should remember that will see them immediately." Il your royal father lost his head."

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Heligious Intelligence.

BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SO-lation 13,696 copies of the Bible. In thre CIETY. .

renowned valleys of Piedmont, the La Tour

Society have distributed 150 Bibles and THE fourteenth Annual Report of 1806 Testaments, and have subscribed to the British and Foreign Bible Society the new edition of the French Bible y1800 bas just reached us. This mighty moral francs. In France the Protestant Testamachine continues to act upon the world ment, by Ostervald, and the Catholic, by with increased energy and effect. The Sacy, have been stereotyped, and many same zeal, intelligence, and enlightened thousands circulated. At Montaubon, Mar. piety distinguish the proceedings of the tin's Protestant Bible is printing, and in Committee, as on all former occasions. Italy editions of the Catholic New TestaLiberality, on the largest scale, is observa- ment, without note or comment, have been ble in all their movements. They watch printed both at Rome and Naples. with the most anxious care every new open The Danish Bible Society have printed ing, and apply the bounty of the Society for during the past year 10,000 Danish Bibles, its expansion and growth with a prompti- with 5000 extra Testanients. The Holstein tude which ensures instant success. We Society had flourished so rapidly that at the wish this interesting report was in every end of the first year it numbered 10,000 person's hands—was it in our power we members, and has since increased several would present it entire. At present we can thousands more. The Swedish Bible So. but give a brief extract.

ciety have printed during the past year The report pursues, as usual, a geographi- | 13,000 Bibles and 8000 Testaments, and in cal course, commencing with the United Norway a New Testament in the language Netherlands Bible Society. This Society of the country has been completed. numbers 52 auxiliaries. Its funds for the The Russian Bible Society is now estab. first year amount to 38,763 florins. The lished on a scale which almost dazzles the Prussian Bible Society has increased its mind to contemplate. Within four years strength, and greatly extended its opera- it has printed 43 editions of the Scriptures in tions. The various independent states of 17 different languages; forming a grand Germany appear to vie with each other total of 196,000 copies! Preparations were which shall most extensively spread the making for stereotyping the Scriptures in 5 word of the God of Truth. Various editions more languages, and versions in the common of the German Bible and Testament have Russian, 'Tartar, and Corleian. been completed, and distributed, and yet Passing from EUROPE to Asia, we find the demand is considerable. In the de. the Parent Society has extended its liberal partment occupied by the Thuringian So- hand by a vote of 15001. sterling, to promote ciety alone, not fewer than 3,974 copies of translations of the Scripture in India. Two the Scriptures have been required. In Surit- editions of the entire Bible in Armenian zerland the Basle Society report its having and Roman-Malay would soon be comcompleted its 13th edition of the German pleted at Calcutta, and many other versions Bible, and that 50 copies were not left, be were in a state of forwardness. sides an impression of 5000 French Bibles. The Colombo Auxiliary Society is proT'he St. Gall Society have put into circa ceeding with its accustomed zeal in trans,

lating and spreading the Scriptures. The Arabic Bible and Turkish Bible. Wesleyan Methodists have introduced them The anniversary of this Society was into the jail-the result of which is “ that crowded to excess three hours before the the prisons are no longer disturbed by the time for taking the chair. Animation and drunken noise and gambling which before zeal pervaded all its exercises on this metoo frequently prevailed.” In many parts morable day. Rank, talent, and piety were of Ceylon the Scriptures have been eagerly volunteered in its service. There was no sought for by the natives, and even by indifferent eye, por cold heart found in this many of the Buddhist Priesthood, and many vast assembly. No unholy jealousies, or in consequence have renounced their idol-invidious distinctions dared venture into atry.

this Society. Every man felt that be was The institutions in the Indian Archipe bound to promote its interests to the utmost lago continue to flourish, and the Asiatic in his power, and we believe all retired details are closed by announcing the form with the full determination to bend their atation of a Society at Sydney, the seat of tention towards spreading the precious seed government in New South Wales.

of the word of God through every part of The American Bible Society has a very

the earth. distinguished notice in this Report, and its operations spoken of in high terms of commendation. Various auxiliaries had been

MISSIONARY SUMMARY. formed in the British settlements, and were widely extending the Scripture.

Our reports reached us at so late a pe. The receipts of the British and Foreign riod, that we are unable to enter into details Bible Society for the past year were on the extended plan of Missionary opera. 80,9791. 10s. 11d. (560,000 dollars.) The Lions in the present month's Magazine. We expenditure 71,0991. 1s. 7d.—but its en. shall therefore present but an outline, regagements for the ensuing year already serving details for future numbers. amounted to 42,000L. sterling. 3,9031. had THE LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY was been received, besides 6002. from two un increasing in zeal, numbers, and efficiency. known benefactors. The number of copies Its anniversary is represented as having issued by the Society in the past year, were been unusually interesting. The receipts 89,793 Bibles.

for the past year were 22,1321. 1s. 62. 104,306 Testaments.

sterling, or $100,000. The versions completed during the same THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY period, are

seems already to have outrun the last-men5000 Irish Bibles.

tioned Society. The receipts for the last 5000 Dutch do.

year were 23,000l. sterling ; its expenditure 5000 New Testament, French and 20,500l. The state of the Missions was reEnglish, in parallel columns.

ported under seven divisions--The MEDI5000 Martin's Italian Testament; TERRANEAN; the Calcutta and NORTH besides various editions of the Scriptures. INDIA; the MADRAS and South INDIA; The Society has now in press,

the Ceylon; the NEW ZEALAND; the West German Pocket Testament, 10,000. AFRICA, and the WEST INDIES.

Portuguese Bible, 5000, and as many The Methodist Missionary SOCIETY, extra Testaments.

though it embraces but the operations of a Malay Bible, 5000, and 10,000 extra single body, very nearly equals the two Testaments.

former. The receipts for the last year were Hindoostanee Testament.

17,0001. sterling, the wbole of which had Syriac Old Testament, 4000, in 4to.

been expended. They act in the most per:


fect harmony with all the other Societies in printed. The Auxiliary Society shall renspreading the sound of the Redeemer's der to the Board, as often as may be requi

red, a particular account of the number and The Jews SOCIETY still proceeds in its cost of the Bibles printed and distributed by great object of restoring the lost sheep of them. the House of Israel. The apnual report “ 3d. In consideration of the gratuitous was deeply interesting. In Poland, Russia, use of the stereotype plates, the Auxiliary and various other countries there is a spirit Society shall cause to be printed, bound, of inquiry excited, which promises the best and distributed, at the expense of the Board, results. The Jews receive the New Testa- and agreeably to their orders, as many Biment gladly, and seriously peruse its con-bles as they may from time to time direct. tents. The Missionaries sent out by the “ The Committee beg leave to offer the Society have been successful so far in following remarks on the above conditions : awakening the attention of God's ancient “By the first condition the Board reserves people to their everlasting interest. the important privilege of changing the lo.

The receipts for the past year were cation of the plates, should expediency re9,2841. 178. 6d. sterling; the expenditure quire it; and to this no real friend to the 8,4951. 18s. 3d.

Bible cause can consistently object. The Board also assumes the expense of transport. ing the plates, and will thus render the offer

of them more acceptable than it would SECOND REPORT OF THE AMERI.

otherwise be. CAN BIBLE SOCIETY.

“On the second and third conditions, the (Continued from page 144.)

Committee would remark, that in the dispo“With regard to the conditions on which sition of the plates the Board of course will the Board ought to dispose of these plates, be anxious not to violate any of the fundait would probably be most expedient that mental principles of the constitution. One they should be of general application. The of these principles is, that no auxiliary shall, committee, therefore, recommended to the at its own expense, distribute Bibles beyond Board the adoption of the following resolu- the limits of its own district, the general Sotions : viz.

ciety being entitled to all the funds of its “ Resolved, that, whenever the Board of auxiliaries which may not be appropriated Managers shall grant to any Auxiliary So- to the distribution of Bibles within their reciety the use of any of their stereotype plates, spective districts.

The Board cannot, the grant shall be made on the following therefore, either give or loan to any auxilconditions:

iary a set of plates for the purpose of sup“Ist. The plates shall remain the pro- plying any,but its own district; otherwise perty of the American Bible Society, and the Society would lose its character of an subject to be removed at the pleasure of the auxiliary, would never have any surplus Board, whenever, in their opinion, they can funds to transmit to the general Society, and be more advantageously placed elsewhere. would, in fact, become a branch of the The plates shall be transported from New American Bible Society: at the same time, it York at the expense of the Board. would be of comparatively liide use to send

“2d. The Auxiliary Society to which the plates to an auxiliary, if the Bibles to be plates are sent may print from them, at their printed from them were never to pass the own expense, as many Bibles as they may confines of the district in which the Society think proper for gratuitous distribution or is established. In order, therefore, to presale within their own district; but they shall serve inviolate the principles of the constinot send out of their district any Bibles thus tution, and the prerogatives of the Society,

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