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Sufficient arguments may be ad- of the utmost importance. The vanced, a posteriori, to prove the maker of mind had intercourse existence of an innate sense of with minds particularly sanctified Deity in the human heart. The for the Master's use. Thus, he operations and effects of this sen. raised up patriarchs, prophets, timent, torturing the consciences apostles, and evangelists, to reof some in the midst of their receive a revelation from himself, vellings, soothing the minds of and to communicate its truths to others in the midst of their dis- the nations. This is the revealed tresses ; the universality of this system, which is contained in sentiment through all nations, the Scriptures, and is the sure (later accounts having contra- and perfect rule of human condicted the exceptions which duct. Locke and others had quoted) Among others qualified by the and even the systems of Atheists Holy Ghost to write the will of themselves, who notwithstanding heaven, Paul was a chosen sertheir professions, do all in an un- vant. Distinguished as a preacher guarded moment betray their be- and missionary of the cross, he lief of some supreme intelligence, was no less eminent as a writer are sufficient for this purpose. for the canon of Scripture ; in re

But although the principle lation to which he says, 2 Tim. exists, it is extremely confused iii. 16. All Scripture is given by and indefinite in its exercise inspiration of God, and is profitThe fall bas impaired every na- able for doctrine, for reproof, for tural endowment, and has exceed-correction, and for instruction in ingly obscured our prospects into righteousness. futurity. That there is a future This passage contains two disexistence is generally believed ; tinct propositions, which shall be but the modus of that existence briefly discussed in this article. is a mystery to the natural man. That it is affected somehow by 1. The Scriptures are a Divine our conduct in this life is also a Revelation. prevalent opinion; but the connexion between our conduct in II. This Revelation is useful to time and our state through eter- mankind. nity, is very indistinctly known. Darkness and doubts obscure our 1. The Scriptures of the Old prospects of God and futurity, and and New Testament are a Divine mar our religious investigations. Revelation ; Nor is there a possibility of at The Scriptures of which Paul taining to certainty concerning speaks, must have been those of these subjects by any exertion the Old Testament, as the New of human reason, unless asserted had then no existence. But it is by supernatural aid. Such an aid easily demonstrable that if the Old is actually afforded us. Our God, be taken for truth, the reception gracious and merciful, bas deign- of the New cannot be rationally ed to become our instructer. avoided ; and besides, the apostle Upon our ignorance he has had in our text, does not limit the procompassion, and has provided position to the Jewish canon. information for us upon a subject All Scripture is given by inspi

ration.” In this, Paul at least rious disputations and doubts, able bears witness to the truth of all to wade deepest in the waters of his own epistles, and indeed to all rational argumentation. If unbethe books of the New Testament, lievers have made an appeal to except the writings of John, of reason, to reason let the controJude, and the second epistle of versy be carried. No Christian Peter. He well knew that all ex- is afraid to let reason have its full cept these, which had not yet been scope. When it passes its own written, were at this time in the bounds, it becomes raving madpossession of the churches, and ness. Then only do we reject it publicly received by them as a as an umpire. No Christian deed revelation of Heaven's mind. We be unwilling, cæteris paribus, to need be in no doubt therefore meet with any infidel upon the but he would recommend their fair field of reason and argument. perusal to Timothy, in this second I shall therefore attempt to conepistle. Nay more, it would have firm the apostolic assertions, by suggested to him the propriety arguments drawn from the store. of receiving the whole canon of house to which infidels themselves Scripture which the inspired Paul have recourse. In the first place then knew to be incomplete. All then, those portions of Divine truth 1. History proves the divine which come sanctioned to the authority of the Scriptures. churches by apostolic authority, God in our formation, gave us are certainly to be received as a constitutional propensity to besuch. And thus the assertion, lieve what is told us. This was “all Scripture is given by inspi- necessary for the preservation of ration,” evidently includes all our lives. If a system of universal those Scriptures which, either doubt prevailed in early life, the then or in a future time, should be child should never have arrived recommended to the church by at youth, nor the youth to the her inspired directors ;-all those maturity of manhood. Nature writings which the church has teaches us to believe ; the freuniversally received as forming quent experience of deception, to the complete canon of the oracles doubt. When all probability of of God.

deceit is removed, we fulfil a law To pious Christians in the of our nature by firinly believing exercise of gracious affections, the report of witnesses, whether no further proof of the proposi- by word or by writing. We have tion is necessary, than that wbich the testimony of many witnesses this and other collateral passa- to the truth of our holy religion. ges afford, 2 Pet. i. 21. Heb. Every possibility of their being ii. 4.

deceived themselves in what they Christianity, nevertheless, obli- relate, and of their having any ges us to be able on every proper ability or design to deceive others, occasion, to render a reason of is removed. In short, creditable the hope that is in us. And as witnesses, moral in their charache who is able to swim in the waters and virtuous in all their deters, can wade the farthest, so portment, have written an account are Christians whose faith quali- of doctrines which they were inties them to swim through myste- Ispired to teach ; they have con

firmed their mission and doc- knowledge is extremely limited,
trines by a seal which could not be that it is no more than ignorance
even counterfeited without disco- concerning the end of our crea-
very. The seal of miracles per- tion, aod the prospects of a future
formed frequently, openly, and existence.
powerfully. Numbers of wit. We meet with phenomena for
nesses, eyewitnesses too, hare which it cannot account in every
written to those who had every quarter, especially where our best
opportunity of proving the truth interest is at stake. It shows the
or falsehood of their narratives, need of information respecting the
an account of a life spent in a con- origin, the present condition, and
stant series of good offices, the the destination of man. It shows
performance of oumberless mira- the probability that his Maker will
cles, and that in the presence of sbow kindness, and afford such in-
a people learned, powerful, and struction as is required upon these
zealous for their own ways, and important topics. It does more.
prejudiced against him and his It teaches that when a revelation
doctrines. They have written this from heaven is pretended to be
without contradiction and without made, that if it tends to debase
detection. Their enemies, their humanity, suppress the nobleness
persecutors, have also written in of soul, to encourage whatsoever
confirmation of the capital cir. is ruidous to peace and order,
cumstances which they them- such a system cannot be from
selves have related. Jewish, hea. God. It teaches us that when
then, as well as Christian histo- men of credit and honour, though
rians have added their suffrages of little power, declare certain
to the truth of the Scripture ac- things which lay them under the
count of certain persons deliver- severest distresses of body, and po-
ing certain doctrines, and per- verty, without a possibility of af-
forming certain miracles in attes- fording them any earthly comfort,
tation of their divine origin. or advancing their secular inter-

In resisting such evidence, est; when such men form a systherefore, infidels resist an ac- tem, wise in its contrivance, virknowledged law of their nature, tuous in its tendency, powerful in and consequently they act un- its reforming effects upon those manly, unreasonably, and capri- who embrace it, calculated to pull ciously.

down ambition, luxury, and pride, 2. Reason itself confirais the to exalt the noble and benevolent truth of this proposition. affections of mind, such men are

Reason informs us that man what they give themselves out to could not have been his own crea- be. But such is the system which tor, and that being possessed of the Gospel contains, which Christ, active power and design, he who his prophets, and apostles have made bion must have possessed in- published, and they gave them. telligence and power in perfec- selves out to be authorized and tion. Our constant dependence commissioned by heaven. We upon the Author of life, is also a are therefore obliged to believe doctrine of reason. It teaches them, or otherwise to reckon that human affairs are in great them the vilest of impostors, a disorder. It teaches that human thought against which, reason re:

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coils. Black indeed must that|gion, and insiduously to attack heart be, and hardened with sys- some of its isolated and detached tematic gnilt, which can read the doctrines, like the prince of im. Bible and study its pure morality, piety, Voltaire, they would not and yet can in a moment of calm have so much exposed their own reflection believe or assert, that absurdity. But as soon as an infithose teachers of sincerity, those del proposes a system, or publishes sublime preachers of virtue, who a history of being, then does the included thoughts and words as futility of their pretences glarwell as actions under the sentence ingly appear, and the glorious of their approbation or disappro- Gospel recommend its solid truth bation, could have been the worst to the inquisitive mind. The of men, the vilest impostors. creation, the nature, the fall of

3. The intrinsic excellence of man, the depravity of his conduct, the Scriptures announce their bis whole history, is accountable origin to be divine.

and intelligible upon the scheme This excellence appears from of the Gospel, and upon it alone. many considerations.

3. The morality which revela1. The ideas they give us of tion establishes is pure, spotless, God, are gloriously applicable to and every way perfect. It alone the necessary existent Creator of is founded upon a true knowledge all things. The religion of the of human nature, and the relation heatben represented their gods in which it stands to being in gemore like brutes than holy beings.neral. The stoical philosophy Their multiplicity of deities, in- was founded on a belief that man's ferior and superior, was shocking nature was more excellent than it to reason itself. Not so the God really is. The Epicureans foundof the Scriptures. His self-ex-ed their systein upon a supposiistence, his power, his glory, his tion, that human nature is entirely spotless purity, his overruling material, carnal, sensual. The providence, bis glorious conde- former taught the duty of imscension, his constant superin- proving the mind, of putting on a tendence over human affairs, His firm, resolute, unmoved characall sublimely transcends the spe- ter, to the total neglect and conculations of Plato himself, much tempt of the body, and those menmore the trash of Pagan mytho-tal affections which are more imlogy

mediately the result of our em2. They alone afford a proba- bodied state. The latter neglectble history of man.

ed the higher virtues, and cultiExtremely childish have been vated the bodily appetites with the visions of infidels about the the utmost care and attention. origin of humanity, and the na Both were right in some parts ture of mind. No man of sense, of their systems, and wrong in ean peruse without a smile of others. contempt, or a sigh of compassion, They erred on opposite exthe Ruins of Voloey, or the ideal tremes. The morality of the vagaries of Hume. And yet these Bible is alone perfect. It is are truly pbilosophic writers up- founded upon the relations in on other subjects Had they even which our complex nature stands been contented to ridicule reli- to God, and makes provision for VOL. II....No. 6.


the cultivation, the pleasure, and any force is connected. Under the improvement of every faculty system of the former class, the and power of our nature. Man world and outraged humanity have is a contrast. Spirit united with now for a long time groaned. The matter; sublimity and dignity with incapacity of the latter plan to afweakness and sensuality. The ford any real amendment, will perStoics cultivated that, and despi- haps be experienced before mased this ; the Epicureans this, and ny years are passed over our beads. neglected that. True morality It is difficult to know which most gives each its place, and reduces to detest, the hypocrisy of the old, both to the highest state of im- or the avowed impiety of the new, provement.

It instructs us in politicians. The Bible alope proour duty to God, to our brethren poses a scheme of politics, which of mankind, and to ourselves. It if universally embraced, would is not satisfied with externals. It give immediate peace to the earth, reaches the heart, and prescribes and would for ever shut the tem• rules for thinking as well as for (ple of Janus. May the Lord open speaking and acting. Obedience the eyes of mortals to see it, and to its dictates, will inevitably pro- to embrace it for the comfort of cure comfort and happiness to in this distressed world! dividuals, peace and prosperity to Science, though it in part discosociety, honour and glory to vers duty, cannot at all dispose God.

the mind to practise it. Liberty, 4. The plan for a universal though it puts us in possession of reformation, which revelation our privileges, is not able to inproposes and promises to esta- troduce such a subjective state as blish, infinitely surpasses all the is calculated either to enjoy these systems of politicians and the vi- privileges, or to preserve them sions of infidel philosophers. One from the wiles of artifice, or the class of politicians taking advan-grasp of ambition. Real religion tage of human corruption, for supplies this defect. . It changes their own exaltation and aggran- the heart, destroys sordid selfishdizement, assert that nations must ness, and introduces into the soul be forced by the sword and the the love of God and of mao.

It cannon to do their duty. To ob- plucks up by the roots the weeds tain a strong energetic executive, of corruption and pride, it subarmed with severe laws and a jects the passions under the sway borde of mercenary birelings at of reason, and directs the actibis disposal to enforce them by vity of man to its appropriate stripes, by imprisonments and tor- objects. In short, while it teaches tures, is the height of that refor- man his duty to superiors, infemation for which these contend. riors, and equals, it enables him They only propose an established to discharge it with punctuality religion, and a hireling priesthood and care. as a subsidiary. Another class, 4. The fourth evidence for the equally erroneous, suppose that divine authority of the Scriptures, the essence of reformation con- we proposed to draw froin the fulsists in the total abolition of every filment of prophecy. species of religion, and of every God alone knows what is in the form of government with which I womb of time, and whenever fu

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