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of 135 persons. From Okkak 7, and from your most faithful and affectionate Brethren Nain 5 persons have removed hither. and Sistere at Hopedale.

In our family we have experienced the Signed John Hastings, gracious help of our Lord and Saviour; and,

F. JENSEN MULLER, excepting Brother Suen Andersen, who

Jacob NISSEN, before his happy release on the 28th of

J. P. Stock. February, 1816, suffered a severe illness, and Brother Hastings, who was likewise in an ailing state, we have all been preserved in tolerable health, insomuch that, besides

From Nain, Sept. 1, 1817. the usual daily labour, we have been en

DEAREST BRETHREN, abled to erect a building for our own use,

NO language can describe our joy, on containing rooms for provisions and fuel, and a brewery and bake-house.

receiving the unexpected account of the

safe arrival of the Jemima at Hopedale, on The winter was unusually severe, and the the 9th of August. Not long before the ice did not forsake our bay till the begin- welcome news reached us, we had been ning of July. There was great scarcity somewhat cast down, by hearing that, as of grouse and bares ; we had consequently far as the eye could reach, no open water a very short supply of fresh meat.

was to be seen, an enormous quantity of ice We return our best acknowledgments to having beset every part of our coast. the Society for all the stores and provisions

By the same opportunity we received with which we have again been so abun

your most agreeable letter of the 28th of last dantly supplied by the arrival of the ship. May, and the intelligence of the return of May our Saviour richly bless and reward Brother and Sister Kmoch, and the single you, and all those who assist you to main-Brother Körner, and our new fellow-labourtain the work of the Lord in this country.

er Brother Beck, after a most dangerous We also thank you for the kind reception you gave to our fellow-labourers Brother passage through the ice. We were glad

that Brother Christensen, who has served and Sister Kmoch, and the Brethren Körner the Mission both at Nain and Hopedale for and Christensen, and recommend those, eighteen years with exemplary faithfulness, who will come to you this year, to your has found a resting place in one of our setwonted kindness and care.

tlements, as we were frequently under conThe following are the changes in the cern on account of his infirm state of health. service of this Mission. Brother Hastings May our Saviour grant him to enjoy a sweet and his wife, after many years faithful ser. Sabbath at Christiansfeld, and fill his heart vicés, return with the ship to Europe. with divine peace and comfort. Brother and Sister Müller, after having On the 17th of December last year, we served the Mission at Hopedale nineteen were informed, by a sledge coming from years, remove to Nain, as well as the single Hopedale, that the ship with the missionaBrother Stock. Brother and Sister Kmoch, ries destined for that place was missing, and Brother Beck, remain here, and will be which affected us greatly; and we felt the joined by Brother and Sister Meisner from greatest compassion for our Brethren and Okkak, and Brother Morhardt, from Nain.

Sisters there. They were now in want May the Lord grant His blessing to all both of assistants and of the necessaries of these changes, and bring the ship and com- life. We feared also that the vessel might pany across the ocean to you in safety. have been lost. When the Jemima left us With the most cordial salutations we remain on the 3d of October, the weather turned ever, in the bonds of true brotherly union, out very cold and stormy, yet we hoped


at sea.

that she would reach the place of her desti. wished to repair the damage done to the nation. It has also happened in forner ship. Indeed we were quite at a loss what years, that at the same time, and even in to advise and do, but trusted that the Lord November, the ship passed safely from one would conduct the ship safely, as in the settlement to the other; and but last year years past. she was at the islands near Hopedale, on This uopleasant event has occasioned October the 5th. On hearing the above many changes. Brother and Sister Müller account we however trusted, that the Lord could not come to us as intended. Sister had so directed this event, that thereby Schreiber has been and is yet so ill, that good would redound to His cause, and instead of taking her share in the managewere strengthened by considering how ment of the housekeeping, she stood in graciously, for upwards of fifty years, He need of nursing and medical aid; which has preserved the ship from year to year made it necessary for us to apply for assist from destruction ; of which, indeed, we had ance from Okkak. Brother Kohlmeister a most encouraging proof in the foregoing and his wife were willing to help os. The year. We now our unfeigned former arrived here on the 13th of Februthanks to Him, who has so mercifully con- ary, when the cold was most intense, (being ducted her, with all on board, in safety to 30 degrees under Fahrenheit's thermomeEngland; and likewise preserved the ter,) and the wind very violent. We were Brethren Kohlmeister, Lundberg, and truly thankful that his health has not suffered Stock, on their passage from hence to from the cold he had to endure. His wife Okkak in an open boat, when they were in followed him on the 15th of March. great danger. They were seventeen days

The Lord preserved and strengthened us

during the year past, though we suffered Unpleasant as the weather turned out illness, and experienced various trials. last autumn, the severity with which the Whenever we cried unto Him, He drew winter set in proved an advantage, as we

near unto us with His power and grace ; were thereby enabled to send provisions and, under all circumstances, prored Himand other necessaries in sledges to our self a sure help in every time of need. In Brethren at Hopedale. No great quantity meeting for worship in our family, as well can be sent at a time by this method, for, as when we were assembled with our conif snow-storms occur, the goods must be un

gregation at the church, His presence was loaded and secured, and if it lasts too long, sensibly felt, and cheered our hearts. We both men and dogs suffer hunger; we were

perceived likewise encouraging proofs that therefore very thankful to the Lord, when His word is the power of God, to awaken we heard of the safe arrival of these articles the hearts of men, and He blessed our at Hopedale, being always favoured with feeble testimony of His sufferings and death good weather. Other things left here for for our salvation. Hopedale, especially wine and tobacco, we

Brother Kohlmeister and his wife will were not able till now to send by a boat.

now return to Okkak, and the single Brother With respect to our conduct last year in Morhardt to Hopedale. We thank them not detaining the missionaries and the pro- for their faithful services in this congregavisions destined for Hopedale, we have to tion, and pray the Lord to be with them in offer this apology, that when the captain in their respective stations. We recommend timated, that he might be prevented from to you our dear Brother Kunath, who goes reaching Hopedale, he likewise thought on a visit to Europe, and pray the Lord to that perhaps the ice would prevent his put- strengthen him anew, and bring him back ting to sea, and that he might be obliged to to us in safety. He has been thirteen years spend the winter at Hopedale, where be employed in this Mission, and we trust will

be enabled, as hitherto, to labour among self a true handmaid of Christ in His the Esquimaux with the blessing of our Church, will ever remain in grateful reSaviour. Brother Müller and his wife, membrance with all of us. She now enjoys and Brother Stock, will come to reside here a complete reward, in beholding her Saviour at Nain.

face to face, We may with truth declare, that the We rejoiced to hear of the safe voyage Holy Spirit has not left Himself without and return of Brother Latrobe, and are witoess in the hearts of the Esquimaux. thankful to the Lord, that He laid His blessSeveral have been awakened out of the ing upon his transactions, for the good of the sleep of sin, and others, who are already Mission at the Cape of Good Hope. devoted to the Lord, have been more rooted

For the valuable present received from and grounded in the faith. Glad should we the worthy British and Foreign Bible So. be if we could say the same of every mem- ciety, by printing for us the Acts of the ber of our congregation, and that the walk Apostles, we beg you to return most cordial and conversation of all of them had borne thanks in our name. Thus we see more witness to the efficacy of grace in their and more portions of the word of God put hearts. But some are yet too often en into the hands of the inhabitants of this dissuared by sin, and not willing to make a tant corner of the earth, by means of which total surrender of themselves to Him, who the Holy Spirit works powerfully in their has bought them with His own most pre- souls. cious blood: they are like men driven to

We pray the Lord to bless and prosper and fro, and both inattentive to, and unable all the exertions of that venerable Society to distinguish the voice of the Good Shep. to make known His saving name in the herd from the voice of the stranger, though earth. continually warned and reproved by the

August 16th we had the inexpressible Spirit of God. May the Lord have mercy

joy to welcome our worthy captain, the upon them, and grant them true conver

mate, the Brethren and Sisters Hastings sion.

and Müller, and the single Brethren Stock Three adults and five children have been and Korner, by the safe arrival of the baptized; one received into the congrega- Jemima in our harbour. We return to you, tion; one admitted as a candidate for bap- dear Brethren, our most cordial thanks for tism; four readmitted, and four have de- the liberal supply of all the necessaries of parted this life. 163 Esquimaux live on life, which you have again sent unto us. our land, of whom 131 are members of the May our Saviour reward you and all our congregation

benefactors abundantly. As to their outward subsistence, our

As we always remember you in our Esquimaux have suffered no want during prayers before the Lord, so likewise we the winter; but the spring fishery failing, request a continuance of your supplications they were rather straitened for food, at a in our behalf before the Throne of Grace. time when, in general, they get the greatest May it always remain impressed upon our quantity of provisions. The ice did not minds, that He has sent and appointed us leave us till the 19th of July, which has to bring forth fruit, and to feed the sheep never before been the case since the begin- and lambs of His fold in this country with ning of the Mission.

His precious word. To this end may His The account of the departure of Sister love influence us, and His grace enable us, Wollin, has filled our hearts with deep sor- to do His will in all things. We covenant row. Her services to this Mission, and the anew with you to be His faithful followers faithfulness with which she approved her and servants to the end, and remain ever

your affectionate Brethren and Sisters at|27th or 28th of July, which is considerabiy Nain.

later than ever was known since the com Signed C. SCHREIBER, mencement of the Mission. In the begin

Α. ΚΟΝΑΤΗ, , ning of August, some Esquimaus reported
G. SCHMITTMAN, that they had seen the last of the drift-ice to
A. HALTER, the north at Nappartok, and on the 13th we
B. KoulmeiSTER, saw the sea quite clear of it to the north.

ward, but to the south a great quantity ap-
peared still floating. The news, therefore,
of the arrival of the ship on the 9th of

August at Hopedale was quite unexpected. From Okkak, Sept. 1, 1817.

She has been again in great danger, and me DEAREST BRETHREN, YOUR very acceptable letter of May the and Saviour for her preservation with the

gave unfeigned thanks to our merciful God 28th we received on the 18th of August, souls on board, both now and last Autuma and return you our most cordial thanks for

on her passage home. We join you, dear it, as it expresses the cordial share


Brethren, in your fervent prayers, thal, in the temporal and spiritual welfare both of ourselves, and of our Esquimaux congre- the Lord, as hitherto, to keep His protect.

amidst so many dangers, it would please gation. We were very thankful to hear that ing hand over this vessel, that we may con

tinue in our labours in this distant country Brother Latrobe had returned to


without interruption.
a successful voyage to the Cape of Good
Hope, in the service of the Mission among

In consequence of the circumstances the Hottentots, and we have read the ex. above mentioned, several changes bare tract of part of his diary sent to us with taken place in our family. Brother and great interest.

Sister Kohlmeister went to the assistance of But we mourn over the loss we all have our Brethren at Nain, and Brother Stock to sustained by the departure of our much Hopedale. These Brethren had previously beloved and respected Sister Wollin, whose arrived from Nain on the 17th of October, faithful services, particularly in the con- 1816, in company of Brother Lundberg, cerns of this Mission, will be ever remem-after experiencing very great dangers by bered by us with the warmest gratitude. the way. The former had then been at She is now in possession of that reward Nain, to consult about a second expedition promised by our gracious Saviour to all His to Ungava Bay, which was then proposed faithful servants and handmaids,

to be undertaken, He confort her dear partner over the loss

We have lived together in love and of so valuable an helpmate.

peace: some of us have been ailing. Sister It gave us great concem to hear that the Meisner bad a severe illness, but by the Jemima was not able to reach Hopedale Lord's mercy is again restored to health. last year, and we were not without painful Sister Martin, on the contrary, has been ill apprehensions respecting the fate of the ever since last May, and for the last two ship and those on board; yet, as violent months mostly confined to her bed, so that storms from the westward occurred just our hopes of her recovery are but faint. after she left Nain, we had hopes that the Sister Stürman was brought to bed of a captain might have sailed for England.

healthy boy, whom the parents deroted to We looked out with considerable anxiety the Lord in holy baptism, and called for the departure of the ice from our coasts, Frederic Theodore. which, however, did not take place so soon

The preaching of the Gospel has been as last year. It had not left our bay till the here attended with spirit and power. Sere

and may

ral of our people have increased in the been baptized, eight made partakers of the kuowledge of themselves as sinners, and of Lord's Supper, and six added to the candithat great salvation purchased for us by the dates for baptism. death of Jesus, by which he delivered us Winter coming upon us so very early last from the power of sin and Satan, and from year, not many seals could be taken, either eternal misery. The presence of God our by the seal-net or in kayaks; but the EsquiSaviour was often felt among us when we maux were successful in killing a whale, met in this name, especially at festival sea- and thus did not suffer much by hunger, for sons, and at the administration of the Holy which we with them gave thanks to our Sacraments of baptism and the Lord's heavenly Father. After Easter, however, Supper. Our constant prayer is, that the the weather continuing so long unusually precious doctrines of the Gospel may sink boisterous, with great quantities of snow, deep into the hearts of our dear Esquimaux, they began to suffer want. Yet all those and cause them to give themselves, without who were diligent in their search for food, exception, to Him who shed His blood to by land or sea, obtained a sufficiency, so as redeem them. But we had the grief to to prevent famine. The continuance of cold perceive, that several of them, even of the weather injured our garden so much, that baptized, with three of the communicants, we cannot expect a supply of fresh vegetasuffered themselves to be seduced by Es- bles, which is a great loss, as they greatly quimaux emissaries, who last Autumn came contribute to the preservation of our health. into our neighbourhood, to accompany

We are sorry that, by circumstances, our them this spring to the South, contrary to ardent wish to bring the Gospel to the all our remonstrances and warnings, that Ungava country, cannot be fulilled for the thereby their souls would be brought into present. great danger. There were, however, September 10th, the Jemima came safe to among them several young people and wo- her anchorage in our bay, and we had the men, who, being forced away by their rela- pleasure to welcome our captain and mate, tives, came to take leave, and with many with Brother Hastings and his wife, and tears assured us, that they left us with the Brother Kunath. They will take from greatest reluctance, and would still cleave hence the two little daughters of Brother to Jesus. This gives us hopes, that the good Meisner, Charlotte Augusta, and Sophia Shepherd will yet bring back many of Theodore, to Europe. We recommend these straying sheep.

them all to your love and best services. The schools have been kept in regular Brother Meisner and his wife set out on the order, and diligently attended. The printed 14th of September for Hopedale. We pray portions of the Holy Scriptures, with which the Lord to go with them, and to bless and we have been favoured, have proved the reward them for their long and faithful means of great edification and instruction services in this Mission. in the way of salvation. We beg you to We return to you, dear Brethren, our present our most cordial acknowledgments best thanks for the liberal supply of every to the British and Foreign Bible Society for thing needful for our support. May the the valuable present of the Acts of the Lord conduct the ship and company safe Apostles. We pray the Lord to lay an home to England. abundant blessing upon the noble and glo We conclude with fervent prayer to our rious aim of this venerable Society to send Saviour, that He would give us all needful the word of God to every part of the habita- gifts and grace to carry on His work in ble world.

this country, and to lead souls unto Him as Since the departure of the ship last sea- their Redeemer; that He would bless our son, seven adults and nine children have feeble testimony of His love and atoning

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