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the priests, is a circumstance also of the the land, and the transference to Orenburg, most auspicious kind. Not only has Seid of the civil privileges connected with it Ouchli Mahomed, according to the latest points on which the Directors have as yet report, fulfilled his promise of putting them been unable to form any definite resolutioninto the hands of his scholars; but an Effen the field around Karang must not be given di, who formerly lived in the vicinity of up; nor the hope of its becoming the centre Karass, but now resides on the Kuban, bas of communication with the natives of the written a book consisting solely of extracts Caucasus, and the wanderers on the Kuban, from the New Testament, of which many be relinquished. On the contrary, the cir. students about the Kuban have taken copies cumstances now detailed regarding it, seem for their own perusal.

imperiously to call for increased exertions, Respecting the Ossatinians, no particular and a supply of new Missionaries, more information has been received since the last proportioned in number to the extent of that anniversary. The establishment, however, field, and to the means that are necessary of a school at the Fortress of Valadekefskoy, to the realization of this hope. by the commanding general of the district, Perhaps," says Mr. Mitchell, writing for teaching a number of their youths to from Astrachan, “ there are nearly as read and write the Russian language, is a many languages spoken in the mountains circumstance which may eventually favour of Caucasus, as there are between the Indus the introduction of Christianity among them. and the Ganges; and not the smallest effort The disposition, likewise, which not a few is yet made to translate the sacred volume of them have shown to give up their former into any of them. Thus, while the atten. wandering and predatory mode of life, and tion of Christians in general seems to be to settle in the neighbourhood of that for- turned to other parts of the globe, Mahometress and in other level parts of the country, dans, in this quarter, are using every means together with the encouragement and pro- in their power to bring these numerous tection afforded them by the General, seem tribes over to their religion. And in this, to hold out the prospect of a Mission being their efforts are but too successful; for, at no great distance of time attempted, for from every account that we have received, their conversion to the knowledge and obe they are accomplishing their end very dience of that Gospel, which is the power fast." of God unto salvation to every one who The motives which have induced the believes. This, indeed, is a station which Directors to deliberate on the new arrangethe Missionaries at Astrachan point out, ments with respect to Karass, to which among others, as one that should be kept in allusion has been made, are detailed in the view; and of which trial should be made, Appendix. The natives, from the beginas soon as the nuinber of the Brethren at ning, considered the grant of the land to Karass shall be augmented.

the Mission as an intrusion on their possesAnd should such a sphere of Missionary sions. The Kabardians, moreover, identilabour as this be abandoned, when the ex- tied the Missionaries with their protectors, pectations of usefulness at it, so long and so the Russians, against whom they indulge fondly cherished, equally by the directors particular enmity; and have occasioned and by their faithful labourers, who have the expense to the Russian government of been for so many years diligently employed maintaining 120 soldiers and Cossacs, al. in cultivating it, seem to be nearer being most wholly for the protection of the settlerealized than at any preceding period? ment. Of the proposed plan it is saidEvery friend of the Gospel will repel the Arrangemenis are making, not for abanthought. Wbatever may be done with redouing the field of Missionary exertion, gard to the settlement, the renunciation of which the country around Karass presents ;

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but for removing the Missionaries to some their way to the aid of the Lord agaiøst the station in the vicinity, such as Georghievsk, mighty. Many precious souls, it is boped, where they may enjoy equal protection, have, through their instrumentality, beca without the present expense; and may rescued from the power of the prince of possess opportunities of instructing the na- darkness, and have received an inheritance tives, and itinerating among them, in which among those who are sanctified throagt they may have no such prejudice or hosti- faith in Jesus Christ. lity to contend with, as at present so essen The Board now proceed to lay before the tially circumscribes the sphere of their Society a history of their transactions; and labours, and counteracts their effects. it is hoped they also will find in it argument (To be continued.]

for thankfulness and congratulation, as well as ample' encouragement for future and

much greater exertion. Third Annual Report of the Board of Di

In obedience to the direction of the So rectors of the Young Men's Missionary ciety, they applied to the legislature of this Society of New-York.

State, at its last session, for an act of incor

poration, to enable them to purchase and IT is with no small pleasure, and they hold real estate. The application was trust with much thankfulness to the God of granted, and the Society was duly incorpo mercies, whose we are, and whom we serve, rated on the tenth day of April last, by the that the Board of Directors meet the Socie- name and style of “The Young Ma's ty, on this their third anniversary as an in- Missionary Society of New-York." The dependent institution.

Board bave also devised and procured : Although the Board were enabled, on the common seal for the incorporation. last similar occasion, to present to the at The Society were informed, in the last tentiou of the Society some things calcula- annual report, that circular letters had been ted to encourage, and in the retrospect of printed and distributed, inviting the formswhich they felt themselves entitled to re- tion of auxiliary societies. In consequence joice ; yet they were constrained to acknow- of this measure, three institutions have been ledye, that their hearts were “ pained by formed and reported to the Board, viz. the reflection, that a body so respectable " The first Auxiliary to the Young Men's as the Young Men's Missionary Society, for Missionary Society of New York," of which numbers, zeal, and resources, should be Thomas S. Manning is Secretary, and forced to content themselves with doing so which was organized in the month of Jade little for God and man, merely because last. there were so few to cry-here aml; send “ The Caldwell and Warrensburgh Aus. me.”

iliary Missionary Society," of which GusA gracious God has been pleased to hear tavus A. Bird, Esq. of Caldwell, Washing. our prayers, and not to disappoint the anti- ton county, is Secretary. cipations of a favourable change, which the And “ The Bolton Ausiliary Missionary Directors then encouraged the Society to Society," of which Daniel Winter, of Bol. entertain. He has sent us a number of ton, in the same county, is Secretary. Oi faithful Missionaries, who have enlisted un- the formation of the last two institutions, the der our banners, and materially aided in Board received notice on the 14th of Sepour conflict with the powers of ignorance tember last. and irreligion. Some bave already return From the first of these auxiliaries, formed ed from the field, bearing trophies of victo- in this city, and composed of “ Young Mea, ry; some still continue engaged in the ho- between the ages of 12 and 25," a donation nourable struggle; and others are now on of thirty dollars was received on the 1.24

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of August. Such an example of youthful spared, he will, under God, become a rich
zeal, in the cause of Christ, will no doubt blessing to the people of that new, but rapid-
receive the approbation of the Society, as it ly-increasing territory. The term of Mr.
has that of the Board.

Platt's engagement is six months, with
In the last Report the Society were in- liberty to extend it, if he think expedient.
formed that an application from a Mr. Sar In the course of the summer they employ.
geant, of Vermont, for Missionary employed Mr. James S. Woods, a licentiate of the
ment, was before the Board, and that they Presbyterian Church, as a missionary for
only waited for proper credentials of his four months, to the same district, with pow-
ministerial character, to employ him in the er to prolong the period to six months, if his
vicinity of Oneida Lake. As Mr. Sargeant labours are found profitable. Mr. Woods
has never forwarded the required docu- was to go to Alabama from Lexington in
ments, be bas not been taken into the ser- Kentucky, and was instructed to proceed
vice of the Society.

directly to the scene of his labours. From
The different fields of Missionary labour, him no information has as yet been re-
to which the attention of the Board has been ceived.
directed during the year past, are the su In the month of August, the Directors,
burbs of this city, the Northern, Northeast- having learned that the parts of the state of
ern, North Western, and Southwestern fron- Virginia between Fredericksburgh and the
tiers of this State, the Northeastern parts of Blue Ridge, afforded an extensive and very
Pennsylvania, the parts of Virginia between encouraging field for missionary labour,
Fredericksburgh and the Blue Ridge, to- employed Mr. William Chester, a licentiate
gether with North Carolina, the new State of of the same Church, to labour for the term
Illinois, and the Alabama Territory. of nine months in that destitute region, and

It will be remembered, that the Society in such other places as they might after.
were apprized, in the last report, of an in- ward designate. Mr. Chester commenced
tended mission to the last-mentioned region. his mission in the beginning of September.
It will no doubt be gratifying to learn that The Secretary has received a short letter
Providence has enabled us to obtain, as it is from him, dated the 4th of October. He
boped, two suitable missionaries to proceed represents the scene in which he is engaged
to that important field of missionary enter- as one of the most interesting character.

Many are engaged in religion, and he has In the month of April last, Mr. Isaac W. frequently been urged to settle among them Platt, formerly a member of this Society, for life. He had already preached twenty and then a student of very respectable sermons, and established eight Sunday standing in the Theological Seminary at schools. He remarks that there are in that Princeton, and Mr. Thomas I. Biggs, also country a few bright Christians, the most a student at the same place, made a condi- eminent he had ever known; but adds, tional engagement with the Board to under. " they are indeed a little flock; while on take a mission to that part of our country. the other hand, infidelity, and vice, and Both these gentlemen have since been li- error, prevail in some places to an extent censed to preach the Gospel. Mr. Biggs that I never witnessed or believed existed in declined an appointment, having felt it his any part of our country. If you were here, duty to accept a call at Frankfort, in Penn- your heart would bleed.” Since he has sylvania. Mr. Platt, however, proceeded been in Virginia, Mr. Chester has excited from this city, in the month of October, on the people of two places to take measures to his mission to Alabama, where the Board erect churches for the worship of God. One have reason to believe that he will be re- of them has already been commenced. He ceived with joy; and that, if his life be says, " the fields here appear whitening to

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the harvest.” The Board would add, “God | sive, and interesting manner. The meetiag grant that it may be abundant.”

was conducted with the greatest propriety. In the course of the summer, Mr. William I attended it with much satisfaction to myD. Snodgrass, another licentiate of the same self, and observed with pleasure the spirit Church, was employed to undertake a mis- of undissembled piety which seemed to ins sion to the eastern parts of Virginia and tonifest itself among a majority of those preNorth Carolina, in company with Mr. Ches- sent.” ter. Mr. Snodgrass has recently set out for Mr. Snodgrass visited Caldwell, where the place of his destination.

he preached twice, and was treated with Previous to his departure for Virginia, Mr. much respect ; but was presented from proSnodgrass, at the request of the Board, un- ceeding to Warrensburgh by the inclemendertook a short tour of Missionary duty in cy of the weather. the towns of Bolton, Caldwell, and War. The Board are engaged in endeavouring rensburgh, where auxiliary societies were to procure suitable missionary aid for those formed during the summer; and from which three places. places, particularly Bolton, very pressing On the 25th of June, the Directors agreed calls had been received for missionary aid. to employ the Reverend Thomas C. Searle, Of the very interesting Church at the latter of the Presbyterian Church, as a missionary, place, in which the power of the grace of to labour in the present state of Illinois. As God has heretofore been remarkably dis- they have received do communication fraan played, almost without the use of means, he that gentleman, they are uncertain whether gives the following account:~" The Pres. his commission has ever reached him. byterian Society in Bolton is scattered over Some time ago they resolved to send Mr. an extent of country of alout six miles William Timlow, a licentiate of the Hudson square. As a Society they are extremely Presbytery, to the counties of Sullivan and poor, and from their situation have no oppor. Broome, in this State, and Wayne and Sustunity of attending upon the administration quehannah, in Pennsylvania. They have of the word, except wben missionaries are been informed that Mr. Timlow received his sent among them. They however manifest commission, and intended to fulfil it, but was a very unusual anxiety to enjoy the preach providentially prevented. They are still in ing of the Gospel, and are always ready to hopes he will be able to accomplish this make a missionary comfortable and useful mission. among them. Their congregation consists In the last report it was mentioned, that of about 40 families, in which there are Mr. John Barnard, a licentiate of the Prese about 80 persons wbo publicly profess the byterian Church, had been engaged to la. religion of Jesus. They have a very con- bour during the winter in the northern parts venient place of worship, in which they as of this State. He entered on the perform semble on the Sabbath, for prayer, and to ance of his duties in the beginning of Deattend the reading of a sermon. Besides cember last, and continued three inonths in this, they bold a conference meeting on Sab- the employment of the Board. He laboured bath evenings, and one on Thursday even as the colleague of the Rev. Mr. Dunlap; ings, which is intended particularly for the but the pressing calls for the word of life, benefit of the young. One of these l attend in that destitute region, frequently kept ed. After the introductory exercises, I de them asunder in their work. The field of livered a short exhortation, and then re- their labour was in the towns of Western, quested them to proceed in their usual man- Boonville, Remsen, Steuben, Russia, Fairner. One of the deacons then made a few field, Floyd, Constantia, Volney, Oswego, remarks, and was followed by two young Newhaven, Richland, and Williamstown, men who spoke in a very solemn, impreso in the counties of Oswego, Oneida, Herki

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mer, and the vicinity. During this period, I little about it. Sectaries, such as Univer.
Mr. Barnard preached 54 times, and attend. salists, Socinians, and Chrystians, abound
ed a variety of meetings for religious pur in many places, while religious institutions
poses. He spent much time in visiting are so utterly disregarded in some, that im-
schools and families. The unusual severity morality is not ashamed to appear without
of the season, the badness of the roads, the a covering. The labours of missionaries
scattered state of the population, and the in-are, however, generally well received ; ma-
different means of conveyance, prevented ny hear the word gladly, and the assemblies
him from preaching as often as he wished on the Sabbath and at conference, are often
This circumstance, however, gave him large, attentive, and solemn. In concluding
more time for performing that most impor- his modest and interesting report, Mr. Bar-
tant part of a missionary's duty, visiting at nard says, “ On a review of the mission, I
their houses the people to whom he preach. I have not the happiness to collect and pre-
ed. These visits be often found profitable sent to your view an abundant ingathering
to others, and exceedingly refreshing to that I have made from the Gospel field in
himself. We are happy to find, from his which I have laboured. But the seed is
report, that the New Testament, even in sown, I trust, in truth and sincerity. It re-
these dark parts of our state, is generally mains with the great Head of the Church to
used as a school-book, though we regret to give the increase. I could indeed tell you
learn, that there, as well as in other places, of some thronged assemblies of the silent
where it is less excusable, “piety is consi- and solemn attention that pervaded them
dered so unimportant a qualification in the of the tears that told the anguish of the
teacher of a school.” Mr. Barnard repre- heart; but these are no certain indications
sents the prospect in Western, where a of a gracious renovation. They may be
Churcb was organized by Mr. Dunlap, in like the morning cloud and the early dew;
January last, as promising; the attention to get, I humbly trust, our prayers and labours
means as more general; and the desire to have not been in vain. The want of mis-
enjoy stated ministrations as increasing. sionary labourers in this particular section
After Mr. Barnard's first visit to Remsen, of the country is great. It has, until quite
a Church was formed there, which has since recently, been almost entirely neglected by
received an addition of twelve members; other societies. To yours they now feel
and though the prospect in March, when he encouraged to look for assistance, and they
wrote, was less flattering than it bad been do look with earnest importunity. Having
early in the winter, there was still much at- become personally acquainted with these
tention to means, and an earnest desire for facts, and having heard the entreaties of the
Gospel privileges. When he left them, a people, it is not without reluotance that I
subscription was in circulation to raise mo- yield to the call of indispensable engage-
ney for procuring a partial supply of preach-ments, and decline a longer continuance on
ing; their intention being to place it in the the mission.” Mr. Barnard received 7 dol-
funds of this Society, and request such sup- lars from two places in which he laboured,
ply from them. The other places he de- which have been credited by him to the So-
scribes as greatly in want of missionary aid ciety.
Some of the people are indifferent, and In the latter part of July, the Board
others very much engaged as to spiritual agreed to employ the Rev. John Davenport,
things. Some infant Churches are languish of the Presbyterian Church, who was re-
ing for want of the means of grace. Some commended by Dir. Dunlap as an old, ex-
places, from great division of sentiment, are perienced, and very acceptable missionary,
unable to procure religious instruction, 10 supply the place of Mr. Barnard. Mr.
while others, though abundantly able, care Davenport probably received notice of his

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