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be excited in favour of the Gospel. Inceived a liberal education, not only theo October last, Mr. Fraser received a visit logical but literary and medical, and of from the Chief of the horde, who roam whose Missionary qualifications there is between the Uralsk and Astrachan, fand every reason to form the most satisfactory entered into conversation with him; when opinion, has lately been licensed and orhe seemed unwilling to mention the name dained to the work of the holy ministry, of Mahomed even as a Prophet, and said, by the Associate (Burgher) Presbytery of that Jesus was the most excellent; ear- Edinburgh, to whose kindness, as well as to nestly solicited Mr. Fraser to go along with that of their Synod on this occasion, the him, and instruct his people, to which he Directors cannot but express their deep assured him they would most gladly at- sense of obligation. Mr. Gray, of whom, tend; took away with him a copy of the in the department which be is to occupy as New Testament and Psalms ; and promised a Catechist and Teacher among the Kir to send him a supply of any thing in his ghisians, the Directors entertain no less power, which he might choose to request. favourable sentiments, is the second ; and It was with much regret that Mr. Fraser the third, viz. Mr. Selby, it is proposed, was obliged to decline accompanying this shall make the experiment of combining, Prince to his horde. But how could he with the means which he may enjoy of leave a Station, at which he was the only conversing with the natives, a profesional Missionary, with the exception of Walter business, the establishment of which, in Buchanan, who himself needs both pro-Orenburg, is likely to be of most essential tection and instruction ; and give up, not advantage both to the inhabitants and to only the opportunities which he enjoys of the Mission. conversing with inquirers after the truth

“ No particular intelligence has reached among the Kirghisians around him, but the the Directors concerning the revisal of the New Testament, which he is carrying on for their more general and permanent edification in godliness.

since Mr. Paterson's visit to it in 1816; “He, however, promised the Prince and of which an account was given in last most cheerfully to comply with his request, Report. Additional copies of the New as soon as one or two companions should Testament and Tracts hare, indeed, been join him-a promise which, the Directors sent to it from Karass, and they were contrust, he will ére long be able to fulfil. For, veyed thither by Shellivy, a Tartar Efendi, not only has Mr. Fraser advanced in the whose name at least is not unknown to revisal of the New Testament, in the Oren- those who are acquainted with the Misburg Dialect, as far as the 2d Epistle to sionary Transactions at that Settlement. Timothy, so that in a short tiine this work of the book of Psalms in Tartar, 150 copies will be finished; but the Directors have now have likewise been sent from Astrachan to to mention, that they have the prospect of the Bible Committee at Sympheropol, for being able, so early as next month, to send distribution among the Tartars in the out three young men to this Station, who, Peninsula; and 100 of the same part of the they hope and pray, may go forth in the Old Testament Scriptures, with an equal name and the strength of the Captain of number of the Gospel according to Luke, salvation, to unfurl the banner and proclaim to Taganrog, in Little or Crim Tartary, the triumphs of his cross, to the still en- for the Mahomedans, under the Governslaved and deluded worshippers of images ment of Count Mezon. But, with regard or votaries of the false prophet, in that to the effect which the reception of these central district of Russian Asia. One of may have had on the minds of any among then, Mr. (now Dr.) Ross, after having re- whom they have been circulated, the Di.


rectors have as yet had no information. The there, and others going to or coming from Crimea, however, presents too important a Astrachan. Almost all the Persians, indeed, sphere for Missionary labour, to be kept in coming from their native country to this longer out of view than is absolutely new place, take shipping at one or other of cessary to enable the Directors to provide these ports.' some suitably qualified Missionaries, to sow the seeds of Divine truth among its varied “ Such is the statement, with regard to population. As soon, therefore, as the their Foreign Operations and Plans, which Karass branch of the Mission is strengthen the Directors have conceived it expedient to ed by additional labourers, if God shall submit to the Society at this Anniversary. continue to prosper their exertions, they At all the Stations, at Karass, and As. will lose no time in detaching one or other trachan, and Orenburgh, the light of day is of the Brethren, who are at present there, breaking in on the darkened natives. The on this work of love, to the inhabitants of work of God is in progress. The means Taurida.

of commencing it have already received his “ Nor is this the only new Station which the approbation and blessing; and the means Directors are solicitous to occupy. Fully of carrying it forward are at this moment according with the sentiments of their Misin operation. His influence appears to be sionaries at Astrachan, contained in the descending on these means: and, if He following extract from one of their latest will it, the period is not far distant, when a letters, they present it to the public with the shout shall be heard, from the mountains of same design for which it was drawn up; Caucasus to the entrance of Siberia, and and leave it to those whose support they throughout all the intervening districts, and equally hope to receive and earnestly all the regions around and beyond them, solicit, to say whether they will allow the that the arm of the Lord is revealed, and object which it holds out to remain unful- the glory of the cross displayed in the subfilled. Perhaps it is premature to mark jection of their scattered tribes, and settled out new Stations, till the old ones are more villages, and moving tents, and populous suitably supplied with Missionaries, and cities, to its power, as the power of God the funds are in a more flourishing condi. unto salration." tion : but as a view of the country, not yet taken in, may stimulate the friends of religion to put it into the Society's power to make the attempt, we submit to your con

HOME PROCEEDINGS. sideration the propriety of keeping the fol · The Directors have no reason now to lowing places in your eye ; namely, Der complain, as they once had, that none or bent and Baku, on the shores of the Caspian; but few are willing to come forward and and Vladikavkas, on the road leading offer themselves for Missionary Service. through the mountains of Caucasus to Teflis, In addition to the four Missionaries who are the capital of Georgia. Vladikavkas is, soon to embark for Russia, there are at perhaps, the most favourable position of any present nine, either under their tuition as for acquiring the language of the Moun. Students, or accepted as Candidates; and tain Tribes : it is a Russian Fort, where the who, they hope, will, ere long, be qualified Missionaries could live secure, while prose for following these their Brethren to the cuting this indispensable object. Derbent same or similar Stations, where the openand Baku possess the double advantage, of ings may be most favourable, or the call being near the mountains, and of being for exertion most loud and urgent. So frequented by a great inany Persians and numerous have been the applications from Mabomedans, some of whom are resident other young men, that the Directors were

reluctantly obliged, some time ago, not only riety of languages, or by the voice of Living to decline accepting any more, but to enter instruments, been made to resound in cousinto a resolution to refuse every new offer, tries and districts once deemed as inaccessiin the present state of the funds, unless it ble as they were remote ; and till its power should come from candidates who have has been seen and felt, in the conversion and made considerable progress in their educa- salvation of many who once were children tion, before they require to be taken under of disobedience, and heirs of wrath, even as the care of the Society. It is not the want others :--this is the pledge that God is inof inclination, therefore, but of pecuniary deed remembering his covenant with Abraresources, that prevents them from provid. ham and his promise to his Son, and the ing more proportionately for the instruction earnest of the approaching accomplishment and conversion of the multitudes in the of every word that hath proceeded out of south and east of Russia, &c. who are still his mouth as the Lord of Hosts and the sitting in moral darkness, and in the region God of Love, whose power will effect what and shadow of spiritual and everlasting his faithfulness has declared ; that nations death."

shall be born in a day; that the islands

shall wait for his law; that the wilderness An urgent appeal is then made to public of Kedar shall become a fruitful field; benevolence, and a grateful acknowledg. that the cities shall no longer be termed ment of the support already received. desolate and forsaken of his presence; and

From the statement of the Funds, it ap- that the knowledge of his glory shall cover pears that the Income of the Year has been and fill the whole earth, as the waters de 2762. 4s. 3d.; and its Expenditure, the sea. 26811. 16s. 4d.

“ And shall we be lifeless and inert?

While we lift up our eyes to contemplate CONCLUSION.

this scene of attractive beauty and cor“ In conclusion, the Directors would only manding interest, should we not likewise farther say, that, while times and events are open our hands and stretch them forth, to in the hands of the Lord, the period in be fellow-workers with God in producing which it is our happiness to live, and the it?-raising our hearts, with our voices also, events which it has brought forth, and with to the throne of His glory, in ferrent and which it is now teeming, appear to afford unremitting and persevering supplications no unequivocal presages of its approach to for the universul diffusion of that spirit of the expected and promised revelation of inquiry, of faith, and of prayer, which that latter-day glory, in the brightness of must precede, and which will usher in, the which all nations shall rejoice, with all who recall of the outcasts of Israel from their dwell on the face of all the earth. The ac- long.cherished and deep-rooted unbelief; celerating march of those godlike institu- the subversion of Mahomedan delusion tions, which commenced their career in this and antichristian superstition, wherever island of the sea within the memory of the they exist; the emancipation of every slave present generation; and which, under the of fearful, or frantic, or licentious idolatry; saine divine influence that raised them into and the general subjugation of the world to existence, have been every year advancing the rightful authority and peaceful rule of in the energy of their exertions, and ex- Him, to whom every knee shall at length tending the sphere of their movements, till bow, and every tongue confess, that he the Word of the truth of the Gospel has, by Lord, to the glory of God the Father. its translation and distribution in a vast ya- Amen, and Amen.

IMPORTANT ECCLESIASTICAL and to condemn : especially when, in addiUNION.

tion to this, we consider what scrupulous

care and attention are required in compiling Extract from the Minutes of the Proceed. what the church is to exhibit to the world

ings of the Associate Synod of Ireland, as a part of her public and standing testiat Cookstovon, 7th July, 1818.

mony. We have, however, collected the

materials from which we humbly hope that Read a communication from the com- such an addition to the testimony might be mittee appointed last year to make such formed, and we unanimously recommend to additions to the common testimony of Sece- the Synods, that, inasmuch as they have ders as might adapt it to the circumstances agreed to take as a basis of Union the of the Secession Church in Ireland. Appro- Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger ved of the conduct of the Committee.

and Shorter Catechisms, Directory for · The communication of the Committee Worship, and Form of Presbyterian respecting coalescence is as follows. Church Government, with the original Se

“Wg the Committee appointed by the cession Testimony, they should forthwith Associate Synods to make such additions to unite, leaving the adaptation to be afterour common testimony as may adapt it to ward digested, adopted, and exhibited to the circumstances of the Secession Church the world. But to inspire with mutual conin Ireland, beg leave to state, that, in obe- fidence, both Ministers and people in condience to the injunction of the Synods, we nexion with the respective Synods, and to have had several meetings since our ap- remove every vestige of suspicion and jeapointment, at which we have, after prayer lousy that may unhappily be entertained by to the Father of lights for direction and aid, any on either side, that the Synods should given to the very important subject commit- determine on the following things. ted to us, the most serious and extended deliberation. Papers have been drawn up

1. To declare their constant and inviolaby several of our members, which, in their ble attachment to their already approved judgment, might serve as a display of the and recognized standards, namely, the " present truth," and as a testimony against Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger the many errors and evils which abound in and Shorter Catechismy, Directory for our day, and in the land wherein we dwell. Worship, and Form of Presbyterian Church These have undergone respectively calm Government, with the original Secession and dispassionate, but close and accurate Testimony. discussion. We have not, however, been II. That as they unite under the banner able to frame one which we could with of a Testimony, they are determined, in all confidence recommend for adoption as a time coming, as their forefathers have set part of the testimony of the United Body. them the example, to assert the truth when Nor will this, we are persuaded, appear it is injured or opposed, and to condemn, surprising to the Synods, when they con- and testify against error and immorality sider the numerous and dangerous errors whenever they may seem to prevail. with wbich we are surrounded, and the HII. To cancel the name of Burgher and manifold and pernicious evils that exist as Anti-burgher for ever, and to unite the two well in our own as in other communities ; Synods into one, to be known by the name both of which errors and evils, fidelity to of the Presbyterian Synod of Ireland our Lord and Master, regard to the interests distinguished by the name Seceders." of truth, and love to the souls of those com IV. To decla their independence of mitted to our pastoral inspection and care, any superior ecclesiastical court, while, at make it necessary for us to testify against, the same time, they shall esteem it their

pleasure to hold occasional communion with and John Reid. The clerk was directed all branches of the Secession, as circum- furnish this deputation with the necessary stances will offer.

extract. Agreed to hold an Interlocutor a: V. To let all the Presbyteries and Con- 6 this evening, gregations in their connexion, bear the same name, and, in the mean time, stand as A Deputation from the brethren of the they were before the coalescence. other Synod, namely, Messrs. Rentoal,

VI. Carefully to preserve all the public Craig, and Wm. Carr, waited on this Sy records of the two Synods from their for-nod, and presented the following communi. mation in the kingdom till the present day. cation.

July 9th, 1818, 3 o'clock, P. M. The Committee would also recommend "Synod proceeded to consider the subit to the United Synod to publish a history ject of coalescence with the brethren of the of the Secession in Ireland, containing a Other Synod, and directed the Clerk to read faithful narrative of the proceedings and the proceedings of both Synods last year is success of both Synods, so soon as the mate that matter, with the result. They then rials necessary for such publication can be directed that the report of the conjunct conveniently and accurately collected. Committee, as also the Formula of Ques

The Committee have only further to tions authorized and in use by the other state, that should the United Synod see Synod be read. The Union, on the basis meet to reappoint them to complete the already agreed upon by both Synods, then adaptation resolved on, they do not shrink came to be considered. The Synod apfrom the task, while they will cheerfully proved of the conduct of the Committee, communicate the result of their labour and and the preamble of their comerunication experience to any others whom the Synod Articles 1, 2, 3, were approved of, and in may please to nominate in their room.” place of Article 4, the article contained is

Signed in the name and by order of the the communication from the other Synod, Committee.

substituting the words 'insubordination to JOHN REID, CHAIRMAN. for independence of' was adopted. Aro DAVID STUART, Clerk."cles 5, 6, were adopted.

“Agreed to transmit this communication The Synod expressed their unanimous immediately to our brethren now sitting; approbation of the preamble to the paper and appointed Messrs. Rentoul, Craig, and from the Committee.

Wm. Carr for this purpose. Articles 1, 2, 3, of the proposed Union Extracted by were unanimously received. For article 4,

THOS. WHINNERY, Clerk." the following article was adopted. “To declare their independence of any ecclesi

From the above communication it appearastical court; while at the same time they ed that on the Articles of Coalescence for do hereby signify their hearty inclination to warded to the brethren, they had made no hold a correspondence with their sister change, save the substitution, in Article 4, Church in Scotland or elsewhere, for their of the words “ insubordination to" for " inmutual edification : but think it expedient dependence of." The Synod beartily and not to lay themselves under any restrictions unanimously agreed to this alteration. The as to the manner of said correspondence." Synod also declared that “there is now ng Articles 5, 6, were unanimously adopted. obstruction to the formation of the coales

Agreed to transmit these articles imme-cence between the two Synods ;" and with diately to the Brethren sitting in Rev. Mr. a view to carrying it into effect, agreed to Davidson's Meeting-House; and for this' meet our brethren in Rev. Mr. Davidson's purpose, appointed Messrs. Rankin, Millar, Meeting-House this erening at 8 o'clock

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