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in actual service. But the Board have not preach to them three Sabbaths more: I acbeen unmindful of the exigencies of this dis cordingly preached to them on the ensuing appointed people. In May last they ap. Sabbath. As they did not wish the remainpointed the Rev. Herman Halsey to under. ing supply to be given immediately, I made take the mission, who was pleased to accept an excursion to the destitute places on the their appointment, and to enter immediately Ridge Road. On the Sabbath, I preached upon the duties of a missionary. Mr. Hal- at Gaines; and on every day but one, dursey reached the field of labour on the 9th ing the week, I preached at different places of June. “On the 25th May," says he, “1 along the Ridge. The next Sabbath I commenced my journey, and, travelling preached at Ridgeway. The people in the with all convenient expedition, reached places which I visited, seldom hear preachBergen and its vicinity, the place of my ing from a Presbyterian minister. Preachdestination, on the 9th of June. After be- ers of other denominations are considerably coming acquainted with the Committee of numerous. After this I returned to Bergen, the Church, I was invited to preach to them where I spent the two ensuing Sabbaths, four Sabbaths. I accepted their proposal, which completed the term for which I was and immediately commenced my labours. invited to stay. Being requested to preach I found in this place a small society that re. again at Bergen after a few weeks, I spent gularly attended public worship at the the intervening time at the settlement on school-house on the Sabbath, and a Church Cayuga Creek. Here I found a Church consisting of about fifty members, all of consisting of between twenty and thirty which, excepting two, had been members members, and a people of whom many apof other Churches. During the term for peared very anxious to hear the Gospel. As which I was invited to supply this place, I soon as an appointment could be made, I preached twice on each Sabbath, to more preached a Sermon, and spent the remainpeople than a large school-house would ac- der of the time in visiting from house to commodate. I also preached occasionally house. The people appeared to be truly during the week in different parts of the rejoiced to behold a Missionary among town, and visited families and schools. them. On the Sabbath I preached to Thrce Sunday Schools have been establish- crowded and attentive auditories, and visited here this Summer, which I have visited ed a well-conducted Sunday-school. Duras my convenience permitted. I have de- ing the week, I preached every day but posited in each of them a quantity of reli- one, in different places. Here also I attendgious Tracts, for circulation in the schools, ed the Female Missionary Society, auxiliaand in the families to which the scholars be- ry to yours, to which there was an accession long. After spending three weeks in Ber- of eight members. The work of the Lord gen, I visited Murray, a place about twelve is evidently prevailing in this place. Chrismiles distant from this. Here is a small tians are much animated. Several who Church, that has no supply of preaching, were lately the avowed enemies of religion, except that little which is afforded them by are now its professed friends. Some are reitinerating missionaries. I preached to them joicing in the hope of salvation, and a greaton the Sabbath, and the next day returned er and increasing number appear to be to Bergen. On the Sabbath following, I earnestly asking the way to eternal life. administered the Sacrament of the Lord's The formation of a Missionary Society Supper to the Church in Bergen. Four among the men, auxiliary to the New York young persons, having been previously pro- Evangelical Missionary Society, was conpounded, were at that time admitted to the templated, and will probably be effected. Church, on profession of their faith. The They are very desirous of Missionary aid, Committee of the Society requested me to and appear to be willing to do something

themselves for the supply of their spiritual almost every town would be able to give a wants."

faithful minister of the Gospel a competent In a communication of September 18, support. In their present condition the Mr. Mills also takes notice of the desirable encouragement to ministers is exceedingly condition of this settlement. “At Cayuga small; and I kpow not how they will ever Creek, within a few days, I hear there is a be formed into permanent, efficient congre revival, which is the fruit of the labours of gations, unless their present efforts are your missionaries. Mr. Halsey came there strengthened by aid from Missionary Socie. a short time ago, and found things in a very ties. Perhaps no part of our country affords favourable state; and since be has been a fairer prospect of success to missionary there, there seems to be every reason to labour than this western region. I have hope for a great and glorious work of the made several excursions to different towns, Lord. I hope to visit them in the course of and it seems as if God had inclined their this week.”

minds to attend to the word, and opened Beside these appointments, the Board their hearts to receive the truth. The Spirit also engaged, in July last, the Rev. Sylves is now breathing on this wilderness, and the ter Eaton, and the Rev. Norris Bull

, the effects are seen and felt in the souls of many one for Centreville, near Buffalo, and the who have been dead in trespasses and sins. other for Warsaw, about twenty miles Your Society may number many new-born south of Batavia. From Mr. Eaton they souls in this desolate region, who have alhave received no communications whatever. ready become the trophies of victorious They learn from Mr. Bull, that his minis- grace, as the fruit of your benevolent estrations in Warsaw have not been in vain. ertion." When Mr. Bull first arrived at Warsaw he In addition to these appointments, Mr. found the people in a most unhappy state; Hutchins Taylor, of whose labours we have divided into parties, and alienated by jea- already given some account in another part lousies, they presented very little hope to of the vineyard, visited this region sometime the exertions of a faithful Missionary. But in September last, and has accepted a comGod has blessed his own institutions. “ It mission from the Board for six months. became,” says Mr. Bull, “ a matter of the The board did not direct him to any partifirst moment to heal the breach, and, if pos- cular place, but left the immediate scene of sible, to effect a union. This, by the Divine his exertion to be selected at his own discreblessing, I was enabled to do; and the So- tion, in consultation with the brethren ciety, at present, appears to have forgotten already on the spot—making the greatest all pre-existing difficulties, and to be per- necessities of the people, and the fairest fectly barmonious. They have exhibited a prospect of usefulness, the criterion of their good degree of satisfaction with my labour, judgment. No intelligence has been reand are anxious to settle me permanently ceived from Mr. Taylor since bis appointamong them. They discover an unusual ment. attention to the preaching of the word; and Just previous to the last annual meeting, there is evidently considerable excitement the Board appointed Mr. Randolph Stone in the minds of the people, together with to spend six months in the destitute parts of some instances of genuine conviction, and Georgia, under the advice and direction of hopeful conversion. The prospect is fair the Female Missionary Society at Savan. and promising for a revival of religion in nah. This Mission espired at the close of this place. It is, however, a matter of six months from its canmencement. The deep regret, that the people of the Western intelligence Mr. Stone has, from time to Country are so much divided in their reli- time, communicated to the Board, contains gious sentiments: were they all united, much valuable information on the state of

Teligion in Georgia. “Often," he remarks, West-Chester, in our own state. They are " have strangers come to me, after public happy to ipform the Society, that they have worship, and expressed in prayers and been enabled to procure a Missionary well tears the gratitude they felt to the Society adapted to the wants of this section of the for sending them a Missionary."

country; and that the Rev. Truman Osborn There is still another destitute region the has accepted a commission to labour in the Board have begun to occupy, in the course county of West-Chester for three months. of the past year. Ever since the mission

The resources of the past year, though ary tour of the Rev. Messrs. Mills and far from being adequate to our disburseSmith, in 1814 and 1815, the district of ments, have been considerably increased. country embraced by the Missouri, Illinois, The Board have received intelligence of the and Indiana Territories, has been conformation of four Auxiliary Societies ; viz. sidered among the most important fields of The Youth's Missionary Society of Newmissionary labour. In their early inquiries York; The Female Missionary Society of for Missionaries, the Directors ascertained Cayuga Creek; The Young Men's Misthat two gentleman, well qualified for the sionary Society of Bridgehampton, (L. I.); duty, would engage in the service of the and the Society already named in the comSociety, if they might be stationed some munication of Mr. Colton, formed at Lewhere on the Missouri River, on the Wa Roy. To all these institutions the Board bash, or in the vicinity of Kaskaskias. would present this public testimonial of These gentlemen are the Rev. David Tenny their thanks. and the Rev. Charles S. Robinson. The bearts of these young men were set on that formed of youths whose age is not wont to

The Auxiliary Society in this city is desolate region; and the Board rejoiced in

inspire them with so deep an interest in so the opportunity to employ them. They laudable an enterprise, and deserves, therehave received comunissions for one year, fore, the distinguished tokens of approbaand ere this are probably on missionary

tion. ground. Souls are not the less valuable because they are separated from us by

While adverting to the augmentation of tracts of country, over which we have ne

their resources, the Board acknowledge the ver travelled, or which we may never see.

receipt of the following sures, exclusively The Board fervently hope these Missiona of the annual dues : ries are destined to commence a course of Avails of Collection in City exertion which shall make that remote

Hotel, ..

$191 50 wilderness blossom as the rose. Surveying, Avails of do. in Brick Church, 238 30 as they have, so many destitute thousands From the ladies of one of the con. in one of the most fertile parts of our coun

gregations in this city, to contry, the Directors encourage themselves i

stitute their Pastor a member with the inquiry, Who can tell how much

for life,

50 00 good may be done from these small begin. From the Female Charitable So. nings? Who shall limit the numbers bere

ciety of Middletown, (L. I.) 6 25 after to rise up and call your Missionaries from an Auxiliary Society of blessed? The Board fervently cominend

Southold, (L. I.)

17 50 this newly selected field to the affection and From the Youths' Missionary Soprayers of the Society.

ciety, of New York,

67 92 Besides these appointments, the Directors Amount of Donations from differhave recently received an application for ent individuals,

502 25 Missionary services from two Committees residing in different parts of the county of Amounting to

$1074 22

* It is with no common pleasure the Direc- self relative to the facts which gave birth to tors, also, make their acknowledgments to this Institution :-“At the first view of For an unknown friend for the donation of one Sociсty, permit me to say, I felt uneasiness. dollar, under circumstances which evince Separations sound ill, and are frequently ardent attachment to the cause of Missions. the effects of ill tempers: but on reading The Board cannot deny themselves the sa- your report, it appeared that even if evil tisfaction of inserting the following note, bad existed in one or both parties, the wise directed to their Treasurer:

and gracious Saviour, whom we all adore “ March 3, 1818.—The enclosed dollar and serve, had educed good out of that is the amount of the savings of a small evil; and thus, as, of old, the confusion of family in an article of domestic consump- tongues tended to the population of the tion for one week. You will please accept world, so your disagreement and separation of this mite, as a donation to the New-York bas produced the means of making car Evangelical Missionary Society of Young more extensive efforts for the spread of the Men, &c. &c.

Gospel, than before. You have indeed : A FRIEND TO THE INSTITUTION." vast field of operation, and it is natural for Did such a spirit prevail, how soon would you first to seek the salvation of your neigt. the deep disgrace of the Christian world be bours; but whether that object might not wiped away! How soon would such a with advantage be pursued, together with spirit enlighten the darkness, purify the a more distant object, the conversion of the pollution, and alleviate the sorrows of apos- heathen, is best known to yourselves. This, tate man! Should all the families of this however, I can affirm, that since the London country, or all the families of this city, or Missionary Society have been active in coneven all the families of this Missionary Soci- verting the distant heathen, the good people ety, follow this blessed example, how long in England have multiplied their efforts, befo men who have sown in tears wonld and redoubled their exertions at home.” reap in joy ! how long before the knowledge With this communication, the Board also of the Lord would cover the earth as the received several copies of the last Annual waters cover the sea !

Report of the London Missionary Society, The Society will recollect, that at their together with a valuable collection of other last annual meeting they desired the Board documents, highly interesting to the Misto open a correspondence with the London sionary cause. Missionary Society. The Board have not From this statement, the Society will perbeen unmindful of this request. They early ceive what the Board have been enabled to transmitted the resolution of the Society to effect during the past year. The number that Institution, together with the Brief of Missionaries which they have appointed, View of Facts resulting in the formation of and who have been in actual employment in this Society, and their last annual report. the course of the year, including the last The Directors of the London Missionary appointment, is twelve. The amount of Society are pleased to say, “ They think good which has been accomplished, can be themselves obliged, by our communications, unfolded only at that day when Missionary both written and printed; and hail the Societies, and their Missionaries, and the formation and progress of The New-York destitute, who, through their instrumentaliEvangelical Missionary Society of Young ty, have been supplied with the Word of Men, as an additional instrument, which Life, shall stand before the Son of Man. they trust the Great Lord of All will employ We would record it as a token for good that for the glory of his holy name.” The Board your Missionaries have been enabled to have not been displeased with the frankness collect, organize, and build up so many with which their Secretary expresses him. Churches in the faith and order of the Gos

pel. Bat, to the bonour of illimitable grace, ful, unspeakably grateful, for what has been we would especially record it as our done, yet tremblingly alive, and solicitous sweetest encouragement, and our heaviest for the future. Wanting those barriers impulse, to zealous and unyielding perse- which fortify the stronger holds of religion, verance, that the Holy Spirit has descended she feels her weakness and dependence; in so many instances, to cheer the hearts, looking away in the attitude of desire, and and strengthen the hands, of your Mission with the feelings of hope, to a kindred aries, by the special and liberal effusions of spirit, where ability rests, and whence the his sacred influence. In our review of the first assistance has been rendered, her lanyear we discover little else but the monu- guage is, though silent, yet easy to be read, ments of saving mercy; and our report con- Will that charity dry up, till we also are sists of little else than the narration of made strong?" Tell us, Brethren, can revivals of religion. Not merely have thou- our ears be deaf to such a cry as this? Shall sands been furnished with the external not the apprehensions of trembling piety be privileges of the Gospel through your in- relieved, and all her tears wiped away? strumentality, Brethren ; but hundreds, we Yes, fellow-labourers, were we to utter the trust, have actually been born of God, who sentiments which pervade this Society, we will not cease to praise the Father of mer- are persuaded we should publish to the cies for the existence of this Society. Bless wilderness, that so long as the cause this the Lord, O our souls !

infant Institution has espoused is capable of It has been the purpose of the Directors progression, so long the Society will proto make a gradual advance; but they are gress with it, and never cease from the pained to say, they have been still much work, till it is become the fountain of blessrestricted for want of means. They have ing to millions yet unborn. We shall still been willing to feel the pressure of embar. cherish the hope that God has in reserve for rassment, that they might be more urgent

us larger measures both of exertion and sucin their solicitations for relief. But not.

Obstacles may still be in our path,

but Christian wisdom and perseverance withstanding all their solicitations, they have been obliged to turn a deaf ear to up. The painful distance at which we have

cannot fail in the end to surmount them all. wards of twenty applications, and those too of the most pressing character, for Missiona- stood from many of those, with whom it ry aid. Beloved Brethren, is it not time to was our pleasure once to co-operate, we think more seriously, to feel more strongly,

would fondly hope is diminishing every and to act more industriously and strenuous- day. The time must come, when the dif. ly for this exalted cause? Who can put

ferences which have so unbappily divided his hand to the plough and look back? Let the Christian interest in our favoured city, our Missionaries themselves plead with will die away, and the spirit of rivalship and you :" The spiritual necessities of infant jealousy find its grave in the common cause settlements, and heathen lands, have made of evangelizing the globe. Who does not an appeal to favoured piety, that sits unmo

wish it? With such a moral wilderness lested within the precincts of the sanctuary,

under his eye as you have had occasion to and not with an empty reply. Streams of survey, who will not pray for it? What love have richly and largely flown to create, might not the single city of New-York acor be the means of creating, the same holy complish, if her heart were as the heart of affection, where abominations, fit to make one man in this glorious enterprize ? an angel weep, have made the land groan, and heavens afraid. Think of the situations

ANECDOTE. of piety in such regions, and in such cir.

Ar the first anniversary of the Cumbercumstances ; you have thought of it-grate- land and Carlisle Sunday Union, Mr.


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