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tutions; and that, since the former anni- encourage us in labour, we consider Sab. versary, no less than ONE HUNDRED AND bath Schools as holding a place in the first SEVENTY-FOUR Clergymen, of different de- rank. nominations, have been made life-members

So important is education, that a regular of the Society, by the contribution of their

course of academical instruction is conparishioners. It also appears, that the sidered an ample fortune for those who are Board are now engaged in publishing parts able to obtain it. A state of ignorance is a of the Bible in two different Indian lan

state of barbarism ; and without religious guages. Other parts will be printed in the instruction man is neither prepared to live same dialects as soon as correct transla- nor fit to die. Ignorance is the parent of tions can be procured.

superstition, and the fruitful source of many of those evils and crimes which desolate society, and are alike damning to the body

and the soul. So deeply have the present SPEECH OF THE REV. MR. BLATCHFORD,

age been impressed with a sense of the im

portance of education to the well being, Al the anniversary of the Female Union and even the existence, of civilized society,

Society for the promotion of Sabbath to the temporal and eternal interests of Schools, April 8, 1819.

men, that associations have been formed THE day in which we live is a day of

and multiplied, and supported by the most

liberal charities, for giving instruction to peculiar interest. Unparalleled exertions are making for the advancement of the those who have not the means of proRedeemer's kingdom, and these exertions curing it for themselves; and by this chaare attended with unparalleled success.

rity, we are warranted in saying, more has

been done for the alleviation of human Religious intelligence of the most glorious character, like fertilizing and refreshing misery and the promotion of the real hapstreams, is flowing in from every quarter. piness of men, than by any other charity The spirit of prayer and supplication is whatever. In this charity are included poured out upon the children of God; the Common Schools

, Bible, Missionary, and hearts of the people are opened to contri- Tract Societies ;—but all this has been bute of their substance, their time, and found insufficient. their talents as well as their prayers in the It was seen that there were multitudes work of God. Multitudes, in various parts who, although a school was opened for of the Church, among the different deno- their reception, could not afford to deminations of Christians, are seen pressing vote their time to this object, whose daily into the kingdom of God, forsaking the labour was requisite to procure their daily service of sin and Satan, and enlisting under bread; and others from different causes the banner of the Prince of Peace. Joy found it impossible to attend; so that while and rejoicing are in the habitations of the the Bible was put into their hands they were righteous, because the cross of Christ is glo- unable to read it. And shall this class be riously triumphant, sinners are converted neglected? while others are preparing to be unto God, the darkness is fast hasting useful members of society, sball these be away, and already, we devoutly hope, our left to prove its curse, to grow up in ignoeyes behold the dawning of that day, so long rance and vice? With the sacred volume the subject of prophecy and of prayer, in their possession, shall they be permitted when the knowledge of God shall cover the to remain ignorant of its sacred truths, to whole earth as the waters cover the seas. go down to the grave strangers to its hopes

Among the signs of the times which and consolations? For ages this has been cheer our spirits, rejoice our hearts, and the deplorable condition of multitudes in

our community, but such it is not now. fardent zeal, to take the foremost rank:God has put it into the hearts of his people and it is both our duty and our pleasure to to provide for the instruction of these long- make this acknowledgment on the annineglected precious immortals.

versary of the Female Sabbath School The plan at its commencement met with Union. But, to the honour of the other sex, much opposition ; but obstacles have been it will be remembered, that they were not surmounted; difficulties have been re- backward to follow so bright an example ; moved; objections have been answered ; and now both sexes are employed, and, in Sabbath Schools have been established, the establishment of Sabbath Schools, have and the experiment has shown that the introduced a new era in the Christian work is of God. The report which has world. just been read, and the company of in Mothers with their daughters, fathers structers and instructed, assembled this with their sons, have embarked in this inmorning in this sanctuary of grace, testify teresting work. And what have they acs the utility of these institutions, and are complished? Brethren, we cannot tell alone sufficient to destroy every thing in the you. Much, inuch has been done to reform of an objection. The sight is inter- joice the heart of every friend of man-to esting beyond expression, and we hardly refresh and gladden the Church of God know which to pronounce as sharing most upon the earth, and spread a holy joy richly in privilege, the instructers or the throughout the hosts of heaven. The suinstructed. In this charity of charities perintendants and teachers in these Schools American Christians have not the honour of have gone from street to street, visiting the taking the lead; but we have the honour habitations of the poor, the destitute, and of following a noble example. The Chris- the ignorant, and have thus collected tians in Britain went before us in this work, children in these circumstances, without and we state the fact, because we delight distinction, wherever they have found them; in every opportunity of giving honour to they have required no certificate of recomwhom honour is due.

mendation but poverty and ignorance; and, In crossing the Atlantic, my Christian taking these objects of charity by the hand, friends, we might occupy you for days in they have led them, from Sabbath to Sab. reciting some of the glorious results of this bath, to the place of instruction. experiment in the land of our fathers; and Nor has this instruction been directed in calculating the amount of good which alone to children; they have also regarded has been done in that country through the those who, through neglect, have been perinstrumentality of Sabbath Schools, we mitted to grow up in ignorance. And now should find the science of arithmetic to fail. in our Schools is presented the interesting Yes, brethren, the value of the work, and spectacle, parents and their children, hoary the importance of the object, can only be age and lisping infancy, learning together to estimated by the value of the soul and the read the word of God, and unite their hearts blessedness of salvation.

and voices in solemn prayer and praise But it is enough for us at present to look with their instructers. Many who were not at home. And here we are constrained to able to say their letters, have, in so short a say, that that sex which might have been time as to be almost iacredible, had we not expected to go forward, with too much in the facts before us, been taught to read the difference held back; they seemed to be Bible, and have committed to memory large afraid to meet the difficulties which were portions of Scripture. Many, many have presented, and to lack that real which was been found, even in this Christian city, who requisito for the arduous undertaking. To were not only unable to read, but who had the honour of the female sex be it spoken, never been told that they were sinvers, had that theirs was the holy boldeers and the 'never seen a Bible, or heard the precious

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name of Jesus Christ the Saviour. These taken his redeemed ones to the blessedness
objects of charity are now not only instruct- and the glory of his kingdom above.
ed in the Schools, but go with their teachers Many thousands are now receiving in-
to the house of God, and enjoy the privilege struction in this city, in Sabbath Schools
of public worship. Thus now is the Sabbath the exact number we are not able to state.
employed by thousands in our city, who be. We are surprised at what has been accom-
fore were found in the streets, profaning plished in so short a time. But although
the sacred day and disturbing the public much has been accomplished, there is yet
peace. .

much, very much remaining to be done. We know that the labour of instructers is You are not, my Christian friends, to be great and arduous; in their work they are satisfied with what is past; but let the past called to make many sacrifices, and to ex- stimulate you to future exertion in the great ercise much self-denial; but we also know, and glorious work; and whatever may be that in the good which they have been the in your power to do, do it with readiness means of accomplishing, they have a suffi- and cheerfulness, whether in contributing cient recompense, not only for the toil they to the funds of the institution, or assisting as bave undergone, but for a whole life of instructers. The question with each of toil. They have not, in their instruction, you should be, In what way can I be useful simply rendered a temporal benefit to the in promoting the benevolent design of these objects of their charity, but in many in- Schools? It is not to be considered as a stances, under. God, have been instru- drudgery; it is your honour and your priviments of good that will be remembered lege. And I charge the people of God, in throughout eternity.

their addresses at the throne of grace, not Brethren, in several of our Churches we to forget Sabbath Schools; remember the see many sitting down at the table of the instructed, and pray for the teachers. I Lord, commemorating the dying love of their know I speak the desire of their hearts, Redeemer, walking in the commandments when I ask your prayers in their behalf. of God, and adorning the doctrine of their And let those who are engaged in this Lord and Saviour, who received their first interesting work not be discouraged. Do you religious impressions, and were brought to desire honour ?—you hare it-the honour the knowledge of the truth, through the in- of being co-workers with God, and your strumentality of Sabbath Schools.

reward is on high. Let teachers not forTeachers have been called to attend ma- get that they themselves are learners, and ny of their pupils upon the bed of death ; while they are instructing others, let them they have seen them in dying circum- seek in fervent supplication the teachings of stances, rejoicing in the hope of the glory that Spirit which alone can render the word of God, and acknowledging the Sabbath of God effectual ; so that they themselves School as the school in which they first be may understand the truth, and know its came acquainted with Christ. Thus, while power in their own experience. Wo be the paleness of death has marked them for unto them if they neglect to improve the the grave, they have experienced that opportunities which they enjoy for their peace of mind which passeth all under own improvement. standing, and closed their eyes for ever And now, ye labourers in the vineyard of upon the world, rejoicing in the prospect the Lord, take courage. The blessing of that rest which remaineth for the people which has attended your institution is a of God.

pledge that the same blessing will still fol. This honour has God put upon these in- low you. That God, who has called you stitutions; he has made them nurseries for to the work, will undoubtedly bě near you, heaven; in them he has called sinners from and sustain you in it, and crown your la. darkness into light, and from them has, bour with success. Be not weary in well

doing; you shall assuredly reap if you faint here', to whom, under God, your instruc-
not. The blessing of many, ready to pe- tions have been blessed, you shall be able
rish, shall come upon yoa. Many, while to say, Here, Lord, are we, and the children
you live, shall call you blessed ; future thou hast given us.
generations will pay their grateful tribute Had I the powers of an angel, and an an-
to the memory of those who patronized and gel's tongue, my powers would prove too
supported Sabbath Schools, and in the feeble, and my tongue would falter in at-
great day multitudes shall rise up and call tempting to describe the glories of that
you blessed. They that be wise shall shine hour. O! it will be blessed news indeed,
as the brightness of the firmament; and joy unspeakable and full of glory. In-
they that turn many to righteousness, as structers and instructed interested in the
the stars for ever and ever.

same covenant, united to the same glorious
Already, methinks, I see the day when head, clothed in the same robe of spotless
the kingdoms of this world shall become righteousness, and washed in the same pre-
the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, cious blood, collected together about the
when the love of God shall 6ll every heart, throne of God, shall unite their voices in
and every mouth show forth his praise; celebrating the triumphs of redeeming
and in that day shall Sabbath Schools be grace, singing the heavenly anthem unto
regarded as one important mean in the Him that hath loved us, and washed us
hand of God in ushering in the millennial from our sins in his own blood, and hath
glory. Nay, I look further still. I behold made us kings and priests unto God and his
a company of teachers called to give an ac- Father, to him be glory and dominion, for
count of their stewardship; and ah! my ever and ever. Amen.
friends, can you conceive the transport of
that hour when, finding your own residence That this may be the blessedness of the
at the throne of God, you shall find your instructers and instructed in the Female
selves surrounded by the objects of your Sabbath School Union, may God of his
present charity; and, recognizing those to infinite mercy grant, for Christ's sake,
wbom you have administered instruction Amen.

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Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 2c.


of New York, in behalf of the institution,

by Dr. Samuel L. Mitchill, one of the WE are extremely happy to find that the vice-presidents. It is due to this producplan for establishing an Asylum for the In- tion to state, that it ranks among the most struction of the Deaf and Dumb, in this finished of the author's efforts, and that it city, has not been relinquished. Upwards does equal credit to him as a philosopher of a year ago a society was formed for that and a man of benevolent feelings. purpose, and in April, 1817, an act of in The following extracts we doubt not will corporation was obtained from the legisla- be highly gratifying to such of our readers ture of the State. Nothing, however, was as have not seen the discourse. done until a few weeks since, when a dis

“Much can be accomplished for them coarse was pronounced before the citizens (i. e. the deaf and dumb) by human means

Can be done, did I say? Let me correct certain individuals in Spain, Holland, and myself, and say, much has been done al- Germany, are referable to the one or the ready. The present undertaking is not an other of these. untried project, or visionary scheme of be “Of the British method, the first disnevolence. No; it is an experiment that tinguished teacher was Mr. Braidwood. has been successfully made ; it is a pro- He instructed pupils at Edinburgh. Mr. ceeding sanctioned by reiterated trial. The Green, a gentleman of New-York, placed a cautious have no place to rest a doubt upon. deaf and dumb son there about the year The enterprising consider the great work 1780. The succeeding year he visited the as achieved. What remains is as plain as school, and wrote an account of it from a school upon the plan of Lancaster. London, to the late Mr. Bayley, professor

“ The task was deemed by the ancients of anatomy in Columbia College, &c. I an impossibility. Lucretius has a sentiment cannot do anything so much to the point as about it, which has been translated thus : to read you the letter. (Vide Medical Re.

pository, vol. viii. p. 73–75.) T' instruct the deaf no art could ever reacb, “ This justly distinguished teacher in No care improve them, and no wisdom teach. Scotland has been succeeded by his pupil,

Dr. Watson, in England. His school is in “ Deaf and dumb persons may be in- London, the most prolific place, perhaps, structed in four different ways. 1. By sig- on the terraqueous globe for the institutions nificant gestures ; 2. by spelling words on called charitable. It does not appear to the fingers ; 3. by writing words and sen- have established a society for relieving this tences at full length; 4. by actual articu- class of persons, until 1792; when an lation after the manner of those who hear. asylum was opened • for the support and

“ By the first of these, the Mima of the education of the deaf and dumb children of Romans are reported to have made them the poor.' The benefits of it have since selves understood, on almost every subject, been felt by many of those compassionate by all who beheld them. Some individuals objects. They are admitted, as I underof the Malay tribes in North America are stand, between the ages of nine and fourcelebrated for the skill with which they teen ; are taught to speak articulately, and convey every thing they wish by intelligible to write; and are made to understand the signs. The ingenious Mr. Dunbar, of meaning of letters, and of the sounds conNatchez, has explained, in a very curious stituting speech. They are also instructed memoir, the manner in which these ges- in arithmetic. By an acquaintance with tures have been arranged into a system. A penmanship and calculation, they become few years ago I witnessed the performance qualified for the common business of life. of a native Ricara from the Missouri, who Afterward, the acquisition of some of the was a proficient in this mode of communi- most useful mechanical arts, enables them cation. It is by this method chiefly, that to earn a livelihood and to be comfortable. deaf and dumb persons among us receive As the two volumes written by this practiand impart ideas.

cal labourer in the field are before you in “ By the three other of these methods, a print, it is enough that I mention the work plan of regular instruction has been in- with respect, and refer to it for information, vented.

as a document of peculiar value. « These will be considered under the In France, the Abbe de l’Epee gathered two heads of the British and of the French; the deaf and dumb into a seminary of his it being all the while remembered that both own, and taught them. His successor, the methods, which are artificial, practise the Abbe Sicard, continues the business with natural gesticulations, as far as they can be the most encouraging result. His pupils useful. The modes of teaching pursued by learn to connect the powers of the letters is

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