Her Price: Not Negotiable

AuthorHouse, 2004 M11 10 - 204 páginas
What makes a woman tick? Is it the pleasure she brings to a man or the capacity to bear children and propagate the human race? Perhaps, it is her ability to make or break a man, to build a home or to wreak a house? What gives her a price? Can her substance and relevance be defined by economic value, social status or educational class? Beyond the cosmetic appeal of her body and the domestic appraisal of her role lies a grand purpose by design of the Maker. Beyond the gratification of earthly pleasure and the relativity of her domestic values is God showing His everlasting beauty and enduring mercy through the essence and character of the woman. Nevertheless, the woman stands out a target in the carnage of satanic wrath. She is been violated, socially relegated, dislocated and displaced out of orbit; mentally disrobed of her honor and dignity, and torn in the spiritual fabric of her destiny and eternal relevance. The conclusion is sobering and the implications far reaching; a violation epidemic of enormous and frightening proportions created by sin, the satanic nature and negotiable instrument in humanity. Log on to the restoration track, the mind and purposes of God, revealed in this book for women of all ages; God's answer to the woman's clamor and cry and the restoration of beauty in purpose by design. Navigate through God's course and be blessed. Your price is not negotiable!

Acerca del autor (2004)

PANEBI CHURCHILL SMITH is a dynamic young man born for a time like these.  Born on November 24, 1975, he was raised by a godly mother and groomed by two role models of Pentecostal ministers, Revs J. O. Doroh and Sunday Umukoro.  Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, and a onetime Youth President of Divine Christian Assembly, a thriving Pentecostal church with headquarters in Lagos, his life is one marked with divine providence and encounters.

A man with a rare combination of God’s matchless grace, he has received the requisite hue of the spirit.

“ANSWERS FROM THE FATHER’S HEART’ is Churchill’s peculiar ministry to the body of Christ.  He says “when you have answers your price is not negotiable and God has equipped each one of us with answers for our confused world”

He is married to Malisa and they make their home in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Speaking of his wife he calls, “an answer to my quest for companionship, my inspiration, and her price is not negotiable!”

He serves his country on active duty in the United States Navy.  Expect more answers in his books.

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