The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, Parte2

Henry Colburn and Company, 1833
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Página 104 - SOUTHEY, &c. -LIVES OF THE BRITISH ADMIRALS; With an Introductory View of the Naval History of England. By R. SOUTHEY, Esq. and R. BELL, Esq. 5 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, £\. 10s. cloth. SPIRIT OF THE WOODS (THE). By the Author of "The Moral of Flowers.
Página 163 - Swinging slow with sullen roar; Or if the air will not permit, Some still removed place will fit, Where glowing embers through the room Teach light to counterfeit a gloom...
Página 164 - He, making speedy way through spersed ayre, And through the world of waters wide and deepe, To Morpheus house doth hastily repaire. Amid the bowels of the earth full steepe, And low, where dawning day doth never peepe, His dwelling is ; there Tethys his wet bed Doth ever wash, and Cynthia still doth steepe In silver deaw his ever-drouping hed, Whiles sad Night over him her mantle black doth spred.
Página 110 - And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea ; into your hand are they delivered.
Página 149 - Tis left to fly or fall alone. With wounded wing, or bleeding breast, Ah ! where shall either victim rest ? Can this with faded pinion soar From rose to tulip as before? Or Beauty, blighted in an hour, Find joy within her broken bower...
Página 164 - That from their noyance he no where can rest, But with his clownish hands their tender wings He brusheth oft, and oft doth mar their murmurings.
Página 398 - It is a mighty change that is made by the death of every person, and it is visible to us who are alive. Reckon but from the sprightfulness of youth, and the fair cheeks and full eyes of childhood, from the vigorousness and strong flexure of the joints of five-and-twenty to the hollowness and dead paleness, to the loathsomeness and horror of a three days...
Página 168 - She was a woman in her freshest age, Of wondrous beauty, and of bounty rare, With goodly grace and comely personage...
Página 356 - When a country squire hears of an ape, his first feeling is to give it nuts and apples; when he hears of a Dissenter, his immediate impulse is to commit it to the county jail, to shave its head, to alter its customary food, and to have it privately whipped.
Página 178 - The lone wild flowers from blowing. " High, high above the tree-tops The lark is soaring free ; Where streams the light through broken clouds, His speckled breast I see : Beneath the might of wicked men The poor man's worth is dying ; But thank'd be God, in spite of them, The lark still warbles flying. " The preacher prays, Lord bless us...

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