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Coëgisti me, Nepotiane chariffime, lapidato jam virginitatis libello, quem fanctæ Euftochio Romæ scripseram, poft annos decem rursus Beth leem ora reserare, & confodiendum me linguis om. nium prodere. Aut enim nihil scribendum fuit, ne hominum judicium subiremus, quod tu facere prohibuifti : aut scribentes nosse cunctorum adverlùm nos maledicorum tela torquenda. Quos obfecro ut quiescant, & desinanț maledicere. Non enim ut adversariis, sed ut amicis fcripfimus. Nec inveci fumus in eos qui peccant, sed ne peccent monuimus. Neque in illos tantum ; sed & in nofmetipfos severi judices fuimus. Volentesque feftucam de oculo alterius tollere, noftram prius trabem ejecimus. Nullum læsi; nullius nomen saltem descriptione fig. natum eft. Neminem specialiter meus fermo pulsavit. Generalis de vitiis disputatio eft. Qui mihi irafci voluerit, ipfe de se quòd talis fit, confitebitur.

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Referr'd to in the foregoing.


Shall divide them into Three Classes, for a

Reason which will presently discover it self. 1. Those that relate to the Duty of the Clergy, mentioned p. 2. of which some one or more ought by all means to be seriously perused, are

D. Chryfoftomus de Sacerdotio.
D. Gregorii Nazianzeni Apologetica Oratio.

These two Pieces may be found amongst their respective Works, in Greek and Latin. But there is a Greek and Latin Edition of them both together, printed at Cambridge in Oktavo in -1712. with preliminary Differtations by Mrr Hughes, and also with the Notes of Mr. Hughes on St. Chryfoftom, and Mr. Thirlby on St. Gregory Nazianzen,


D. Hieronymi Epiftola ad Nepotianum. It is printed

in these Papers. Gregorius Magnus, P. de Cura Paftorali. ?Tis prin

ted amongst his Works. But it has been also printed alone several times. The best of those Editions, that I know of, is in Oétavo, Lond.

1629. Bishop Burnet's Paftoral Care. It has been printed

three times. In the last Edition there are some Additions. It may be convenient for the Student to forbear reading the late Preface,

as being forein to his present Design. Mr. Herbert's Country Parson. Any Edition will

serve. Mr. Dodwell's first Letter of Advice. That Gentle

man published Two of them : But I propose the reading of only the First. Any Edition

will serve. I take it for granted, that the Student is furnished with our Church's Offices of Ordination,

2. Those that contain positive, dogmatical and controversial Divinity, and are recommended and referred to from p. 9. to p. 22. are Dr. Clarke's Demonstration of the Being and Attributes

of God.

----his Discourse concerning the unchangeable Obligations of Natural Religion, and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Revelation.

These Two Books are commonly called Dr. Clarke's Boyle's Lectures. Each of them has been three times printed. In the Third Edition they are joined together in One Volume. There are some Alterations made in the Third Edition, and it has been reduced to a smaller



Bulk and Price : But yet I should rather prefer

the First or Second Edition. Mr. Houdly's Reasonableness of Conformity.

------Defence of it. ---------of Episcopal. Ordination, with a Reply to Dr. Calumy's Introduction.

Any Edition will serve. The Third, in which all of them are printed together, is the

cheapest. Dr. Jenkin's Reasonableness and Certainty of the Chri

ftian Religion. The best Edition is in Two Vo.

lumes in Oétavo, Lond. 1708. Mr. Nelson's Companion for the Festivals and Fafts of

the Church. This Book has often received new Additions. There is little or no Alteration in several of the late ones. The Eighth was

publish'd a few Months since. Bishop Pearson on the Creed. I believe the Au

thor never made any Additions or Alterations since the Third Edition, which was printed in 1669. The Ninth Edition has a Table of the Texts explained, and an Alphabetical Index

of the most material Heads Mr. Plaifere's Appello Evangelium for the true De

Etrin of the Divine Predestination, concorded with the Orthodox Doétrin of God's Free Grace, and Man's Free Will, in Ottavo, Lond. 1652. I know of

no other Edition. Bishop Wake's Commentary on the Church Catechism.

The Third Edition is improved. Dr. Whitby's Paraphrase with Annotations on the New

Testament, in Two Volumes. The Third Editian is the most improved,

The Two general Systems, written by Foreiners, and pretty often quoted, are


Fr. Turretini Institutio Theologiæ Elenchtice. This,

with some other Tracts, is printed in Four

Volumes in Quarto, Lugd. Bat. 1696.
Pb. à Limborch Theologia Christiana. I know no

Difference between the Folio Editions.
As for my own Papers, mentioned p. 19, 20, 21,
12. 'cis no great matter what Editions are used.

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3. The Casuistical and Practical Writers, referred
to p. 22, 23: are
Dr. Barrow's English Works. Either of the Folio

Editions will serve.
Dr. Hammond's Practical Catechism. 'Tis in the First

Volume of his Works. Tho' an O&avo Edition

will serve as well.
Mr. Kettlewell's Measures of Obedience.

----of the Sacrament.
Thefe Two Books have received Additions,
So that any Edition since the Time of his
Death, which was on April 12. 1695. contains
(I presume) all that he left.

---of Christian Prudence in trying Times. 'I think it never came to a Second Edition. Bishop Sanderson's Cases of Conscience.

---de Obligatione Conscientiæ.

---de Juramenti Promifforii Obligatione.

Any Edition will serve.
Dean Starhope's Christian's Pattern, being his Tran-

slation of Thomas a Kempis's Book de Imitatione
Christi. I take the later Editions to be better

than the former ones.
Arch-Bishop Tillotson's Sermons published in his

Life time, either in Folio or Ołtavo.
The Works of the Author of the Whole Duty of

Man, either in Folio or in Oitavo,


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