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Philosophical transactions, Vol. LXXVII. Strictures on duelling, 308.
Part 1. 103.

Struggles of Sheridan, 389.
Philosophical transactions, Vol. LXXVII. Sunday-school dialogues, 311.
Part II. 196.

Swift's, dean, tracts, 469.
Pbilosophical transactions, Vol. LXXVIII. Symmonds's sermon on the 20th June, 175.

Part I. 263.
Pbilosopbical transactions, Vol. LXXVIII.

Part II. 350.
Pilkington's present state of Derbyshire,

T'Empest, the, 147. F

. Te act, debates on the, 472.
Poetical epiftle to John Wolcot, esq. 387.

Thanksgiving sermon on the 230 April,
Peor foldier, a tale, 348.

1789. 474...
Price, a controversial letter to, 468

Thomas's tables of exchange, 150.
Price's sermon, 440.

Thomson's treatise on gunpowder, 373.
- , a review of, 467.

Thoughts in the form of maxims, 308.
observations on, 471. Tour, fifceen days, to Paris, 146.
Priestley's lectures on history, 241. Tour, six days, in Normandy, 231.
Proffer's treatise on horses, 475.

Travels of Anacharfis into Greece, 144,


Trentham park, 466.

Trial of Mr. Sykes, 70.
RAdcliffe's journey through Sweden, Trial of Mr. Brown, 232.

Trotter's review of the medical departe
Rayne's sermon, 473.

ment, 308.
Relapse, the, 306.

Truth vindicated, by Rowley, 474.
Remarks, cursory, 469.

Tyranny annihilated, 232,
Kemarks on pantomime, 68. .
Rowson's poems, 67.

Rusb's medical inquiries, 272.

VEnereal, treatise on the, 475. '

Village curate, 123.
Vince's treatise on astronomy, 253.

Vindication of the liturgy, &c. 309.
SAltoun's thoughts on the disqualification

of the eldest sons, &c. 433.
Salvation through grace, 312.

Sandiland's sermon, 390.
Scotcb preacher, Vol. 1v. 8.

W Akefield's sylvia critica, 134.
Secret influence, 152.

" Walker on the small.pox, 109, 204,
Sermon preached at Cornwall on his ma. 295.

jesty's recovery, 234.
Sick laureat, 386.
Sinclair's letter, 314.

young lady of fortune, 232.

Young widow, 3053
of the, 129.
Smellie's philosophy of natural history,
322, 444.

Sonnets to Eliza, 192.
State of the nation, 313.

7 Hia in the desert, 68.
Sterling's poems, 229.


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Brabant, states of, 154. Right of vot.

ing, ibid. States-general, ibid. Belgic
AMERICAN revolution, influence provincet, ibid. Modern Persians,
2- of the, 72. Effects of the loss of, ibid.

British parliament, 159. Subsidies voted,
Auftrian Netherlands, accommodation ibid. Duke of Richmond's fortifica-

in 1787, 74. Sovereign, precia tifications, ibid. Wilberforce's bill,
pitate measures respecting the, 74. 160. Test act, ibid. Trial of Mr.
Revolt of his subjects, ibid. Retro. Hastings, ibid. Indignation by it

the emperor's conduct, ibid. produced, ibid.
Concessions made by him, ibid. Jea- Budget, observations upon the, 315.
Joufy of the people, ibid. Plan of
governing, ibid. Discontent of the
people, 75. Consequence of their
refusal, ibid. Displeasure of their so-
vereign, ibid. The concessions an CAlonne, N. character of, 316. His
nulled, ibid. Refusal of the states, ibid. a statement of the French finances,
Dispoffefied of their juft office, ibid. 316.
Privilege of Brabant, ,6. Infringe. Chatham, lord, mentioned with applause,
ment of their rights, ibid. General 318.
revolt, ibid. Overi hrow of the con. Clermont, Count de, saying of the, 319.
ftitution, ibid. Standard of revolt, ibid. Frediction that the National Assembly
Success of the citizens, ibid. Con will prevail, 320.
duct of the emperor, ibid. His alarm, Continent of Europe, 479.
77. Promises of the emperor, ibid.
Declaration of the Brabanders, ibid.

Reflections, ibid. Spirit of he states,
ibid. Loss of the provinces, ibid.
Imperial troops, repulse of the, 80.

DSenters, reasoning of the, 240.


Belgic nation, prejudice of the, 153.

Sovereign power, ibid. Indepen-
dence of the nation; ibid. Their an-
cient constitution, ibid. Under the
guidance of priestcraft, 479.

EMperor, his indisposition, 157. Pro-
- bable effects of his death, 158.

Anticipations of his greatness, 235.
Reflections on his death, ibid. Leo-
pold his successor, ibid.' Views that



may influence him, 235. Advice
offered to the Belgians, 237. Specue
lations on hereditary right, ibid. Most lege, the worthiness of the people, 77.
easily comprehended, ibid. And of 'de Aided by Prufiia, &c. ibid. Refusal
weight with the multitude, ilid, Spe of Milanese, 78.
culations on the fituation of Leopold,

M. . .
English parliament, 155, 399. Hastings's

trial, ibid. Complaint against Major M inister, conduct of the, 393.
Scott, ibid. The Major's defence, ibid. .

Reflections on the trial, 400.
English, colonies established by the, 397.

Evils of superstition in the Belgic pro-
vinces, 320.

NEckar, Monf. character of, 316. His
' different statement of the French

finances, 316.

Neckar and Pitt compared, 316.
FRance, the king of, why he admired

Netherlands, counter revolution threat.
the Comte de Vergennes, 71. Policy ened, 399. Case of Vandermersch,
of the French monarchy, 72 Down-

fall of ditto, ibid. Sparks of freedom
in her people, ibid. National af.
sembly, ibid. Form of government,
ibid. Her patriots, ibid. Outrages
of her people, 73. New legislature,

P Arliament, convocation of a new, 475.
ibid. Establishment of the revolution,

General election, ibid. Temper of
ibid. Intrigues of the French mo the people, ibid. Balance of power,
narchy, ibid. Destruction of ditto, ibid. 479. Remarks on the minister's pro-
Revolution honourable to the nation, ceedings, ibid.
152. Their humanity, ibid. Decla Parliamentary reform, 318. Mr. Flood's
ration of the king, 153. Disorders in speech, ibid. The orator praised, ibid.
that country, 239. Diffenfions in, 319. The motion wisely rejected, ibid. Im-
National assembly of, 398. Their portance of the people, 319. Motions
power of making peace and war, 399.

for the production of papers, 393.
Reflections on this decision, ibid.

The minister's inconsistency, ibid.
French republic, 479. Congratulations

Crisis of nations, 394. Diffolution of
of strangers, ibid. Restoration of parliament, ibid.
equality, ibid. Speculation on this Peace, sudden transition from, 393.
step, 480.

Pitt, Mr. his merits and demerits, 476.
Poland and Prussia, an alliance between,


Political spirit in the North, 477. Reo
Reat Britain, diffenfions in parliament, prefentation there, ibid. Chancellor's

28. Right of regent, 'ibid. Des decision on this subject, ibid.
cision of that right, 79. Conduct of Prime minister, policy of the, 31%.
the prince, ibid. Flourishing state of

Avoids responsibility, ibid.
the kingdom, ibid, Commercial treaty,

Prussia, Sweden, Poland, and Turkey,
ibid. Imposition of taxes, 80. Na-

confederacy between, 319.
tional debt, ibid. Extenfion of the
excise, ibid. Zeal of the minister, ibid.
King's speech, ibid. His journey to
Germany, 159. Rights of the Eng. Valifications necessary to a minister,
lish, 395. Enterprises of the English,
396. National honour, ibid. Spirit
of enterprise of the people, 397. Pro.
jects lately formed, ibid.

Romans, king of the, 159. The elec..

tors, ibid.

Russians and Austrians, 319. Probability
HAlings, Mr, character of, 160. of pacification, ibid.

I Sardinia,

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T Axes, additional censured, 3193 - Turkey combines with Sweden, 157.

Present appearances, ibid. Tuscany, the grand duke of, his talents,

158. Censures his brother, ibid.


SArdinia, king of, increases his army, 78.

Sinking fund, 317. Its principle cone

demned, ibid. Spain, succession of a new king, 78. Despotic power, ibid. Rupture with, 394. Reflections, ibid. Pride of the Spaniards, ibid. Their claim to Noorka Sound, ibid. Dependencies of, 397. Exposed to invasion, ibid. Decline of industry in Spain, 398. Co.operation of the porthern powers, ibid. Iflue of war, ibid. Afraid of war, 479. Pro

crastination in answering Britain, ibid. Summary review of 1989, 71. Power of

opinion, ibid. Standing armies, ibid. Rights of human nature, ibid. Spirit

of liberty, ibid. United Provinces, ibid, Sweden, courage of the king of, 156.

Oi the people, ibid.

W AR on the continent predicted, 240.

A general one, 398. The grandeur of the scene, ibid. Frederic II. quoted;

ibid. Tippoo Sultan, ibid. Westminster, importance as an electing

body, 477. Its present candidates, 478. Lord Hood, ibid. Mr. Fox, ibid. Horne Tooke, ibid.

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