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been so widely disseminated through the land. Whether this arises from the caprice of fashion, or from some supposed defect in the plans of academical institution at home, I will not take upon me to determine ; but of this I have the fullest conviction, that all these combined cirçumstances call loudly upon every one of us to support, the credit of our common parent; which can only be done by the strictest attention to discipline and ima provement in learning and virtue. For; though we can boast of every advantage, which can recommend, or adorn, a place of education ; though our fabricks are ves nerable and commodious; though our institutions are wise and salutary, and our emoluments and immunities honourable and ample; though we can display a sex ries of names, the most illustrious 'which ever graced the page of history, to animate us in the pursuit of science; yet all. these will be of little avail, unless we make it appear to the world, by our dis


tinguished pre-eminence in every branch of useful knowledge, that we apply them to their proper uses, and that as we have freely received, so also we freely give. For, however the tree may be planted in a rich and friendly soil ; however its branches may be stately, and its foliage thick and umbrageous; yet, unless it blossoms also, and, like the tree of knowledge, brings forth fruit “ good 6 for food, and pleasant to the eyes, " and to be desired to make one wise, the united voice of mankind will


in one short and equitable sentence of condemnation, “ cut it down: why cumbreth « it the ground?”

But as it is my earnest wish, so also it is my firm persuasion, that this will never be our case. And, whilst I recite the names of our most illustrious Founders and Benefactors, I trust that every academic breast will glow with a generous ardour of deserving by his future

conduct, conduct, those honours and emoluments, which were intended by them, not to be the instruments of promoting monastic idleness and brutal sensuality, but the just rewards of distinguished excellence in discipline, learning, virtue, and piety,


Vol. IV.



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Rom. X. 15.

How shall they preach, except they be sent ?

T was long the darling project of the

friends of the Romish communion to subvert the foundations of our established church in this nation, by endeavouring to call in question the mission and regular appointment of her clergy. But this project, like many others, not only proved abortive, but redounded to the eternal disgrace and infamy of its contrivers. The arrows of falsehood and chicanery, though dipped in poison, and Janced by the arm of pretended infalli

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