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appearance of being in a state of war. His Majesty observes with pleasure Every Sunday is a field-day. At fix their Itrong expressions of the juft sense o'clock in the morning, the Independ. of gratitude which they fo becomingly ent companies muster at the 'Change, e- entertain for the falutary measures advery man being furnished with provisions, opted for the relief of the distresses of his powder, ball, &c. for the day. After Majesty's Irish subjects, and for those being called over, they march into the benefits which have been conferred upon neighbouring fields, where prayers are them by the British parliament, with the read to them; and then they separate generous concurrence of the whole Briinto different bodies; and, taking vario tish nation; and it is most pleasing to his ous routes, the rest of the morning is Majesty to receive the assurances of the spent in marches, mock skirmishes, &c. House of Lords, that they will make it till dinner-time; after which they re- their study anxiously to cultivate and peat the same exercises ; and return in cherish that mutual confidence and harthe evening with drums beating and co- mony between the two kingdoms, which lours flying to the 'Change; where they are so necessary to the prosperity and are dismissed from duty.'

happiness of both : but their just and “ London, March 24. By the Speaker proper declaration, that they will, to of the House of Commons of Ireland's the utmost of their power, discourage arrival here, together with that of the and defeat every attempt which misguiSecretary, Sir Richard Heron [217.). ded men may make to raise groundless the fears of that governnient are presu- jealousies in the minds of his Majesty's med to be great, relative to the affociated people, and to divert their attention corps. The object of their embassy is, to from the extensive commercial advanknow whether the parlianient of Ireland tages held out to them, as it cannot may be permitted to comply with the fail of being moft acceptable to his Mawiihes of the public, relative to the re: jefty, and deserving of his royal appropeal of Poyning's law [ 77.], or what bation, the House of Lords may depend part, or if any of it, may be repealed.” upon a continuance of his Majesty's fa

Instructions given to their representa- vour and protection, and of his constant tives in parliament, which were signed support of the real interests of his faithby 2366 freeholders of the county of ful subjects of Ireland.” Down, contain the foliowing particu. A most gracious answer was likewise lars.--" We are now, and ever will be, given by the King to the address of the determined to support our natural rights. Commons [218.] ; to which that Hon. -- The King, Lords, and Commons, of House gave an address of thanks, viz. Ireland, are the only legislative autho “ Most Gracious Sovereign, rity that we acknowledge; no laws that We your Majesty's moft dutiful and are not framed by those powers, exclu- loyal tubjects, the Commons of Ireland five of the interference of any other, can in Parliament assembled, beg leave to be ever binding to us; nor is that na- return your Majesty our unfeigned thanks tion free that is subject to the controul for your most gracious answer to the adof another. Upon these principles were dress of the House; and to affure your Great Britain and Ireland united; may Majesty of our entire confidence, that that union be lasing! - Convinced that your Majesty will on all occasions attend such parts of Poyning's laws as give any to the prosperity of this kingdom, and Mare of legislative power to the privy to every means that may promote the council, militate againit our original true welfare of your Majelty's faithful constitution, we call upon you to exert subjects in Ireland.” your utmosi abilities for their repeal; as The Rt Hon. James Fortescue moved also to obtain a declaration of the inde- the Commons, Feb. 23. for leave to bring pendence of the lrih legislature, to be in heads of a bill to naturalize such forecorded on your journals."

reign merchants and others as shall settle The King's answer to their Address in this kingdom. Seconded by Mr La[217] was read in the House of Lords, touche, Mr Parnell, and Mr Ogle, very April 12. viz.

warmly. After prefacing his motion, he " GEORGER.

ended with saying, “ Let me lay this His Majesty receives in the most gra- little bill on your table, which contains cious manner, and with the highest fa- only twenty lines. It is fort, but sweet tisfaction, the dutiful and loyal Addreis like a shamrock, and will I hope bring of the House of Lords.


back to us the descendents of many brave CAPTUR E S. [166.] Irishmen, who were forced to leave this

From Lloyd's Marine Lift. lovely iland by absurd restrictions, and

By Britis men of war, 6c. by differences about religious matters, which I own I know nothing of. Let

By the America, Capt. Thomson : Le every man adore his Creator as he likes Roy Midas, carried into Kinsale. bext. And now I must recommend to Monsieur, a very fine French frigate of 40

By the Alexander and Courageur : The my young friends, that before this extenfive fubject is debated, they may read guns and 360 men.

By the Stag: The Sartine, a French priPliny the Younger's letters to the Em

vateer of 16 guns and 87 men. The Sartins peror Trajan, the father of his people, had just taken the Clarendon, which is rewhilft that amiable man was governor of taken by the Stag. Bithynia. They will there see upon By the Macworth armed ship : The Charwhat noble principles that generous na. ming Betsey, Roberts, from Penryo to Brio tion, the subduers of the then known ftol, retaken, and carried into Swansey. world (except Ireland), acted. Whilst By the Fly Noop of war: The Lady Mam godlike liberty prevailed amongst them, ry, Scheffer, from Hamburg for Bourdeaux, they had their Pantheon : let that noble laden with provisions, copper, &c. carried ftruure, the Royal Exchange, be ours;

into Yarmouth roads. and may I live to see the inhabitants of

By the Cormorant loop and the Rattlethis world shake each other by the hand faake cutter : A Nugger privateer, from Vigo, there, as brethren, from the burning of 8 fwive! guns and 85 men. sands of Africa, to the frozen moun.

By the Endymion, &c. : A French ship of tains of Canada, from China to Peru; burg, carried into Guernsey.

300 tons, with stores, from Havre to cherand let the great commandment be writ

By the Rambler cutter : The Jambert, ten, in golden letters, over the entrance, from Dram to Brest, carried into Portsmouth. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” After a long By the True Briton and Young Hazard debate, the motion paired without a di. cutters : Two Dutch ships and a Swede, vision.

laden with naval fores, for France, carried A letter from Burren, in Clare county, into Portsmouth. of March 5. gives an account, that Mr

By Britif privateers. Datoren, in digging away the foundation of an old tower near the abbey of St Da.

By Fame privateer of Dublin : A rah, discovered an opening; and in a

French brig, valued at upwards of 15,000 h. few hours cleared away the rubbish and fundry other prizes of less value. which covered twenty-two fteps of a fort

The Mary, Bonsal, retaken, and carried

into Antigua. of red granite, which led into a large square room of hewn ftone, entirely A French snow, laden with sugar, rum, &c.

By the Tartar, Leyburn, of Liverpool : formed of the same kind as the stairs ; carried into St Kitts. and containing fourteen niches; in seven

By the William, Wignal, of Liverpool : of which were set upright long oak A schooper, with Jumber, seot for Liverpool boxes; each of which contained fome By the Pallas privateer of Liverpool : La earth and a skeleton : the bones were Anna, from Bourdeaux to St Domingo, lavery brittle, and the exterior parts of den with flour, beef, pork, wine,

cc. carthe coffins rotten. On a large square ried into Liverpool; and La Victoire, laftone set up in the south fide is an in- den with naval stores. She is the ship which scription in the old Irish, or Bearla Eirn. the Apollo frigate had captured out of the na, which Dr Dawes has thus translated. French convoy bound to the East Indies,

“ Cahil the son of Aorth, the son of but was retaken by the Frenchmen left ou Ofcra, the son of Cucullen, Tieghernan,

board. the son of Bracklamn. Lunduh, Grea

By the Swiftsure cutter of Folkstone : The naulin, Fardragha, three brothers.

Bartholomew, from Bilboa to Cadiz, with Illaan, Suilaulin, two filters.

250 tons of bar-iron, a large quantity of All the house of Burren.

wheat, &c. carried into Lisbon. From learned Phænicia they drew

By the Achilles, Hawkins, of Folkhone :

The Bemus, Harris, an American letter of that spark of life which was extinguished marque, of 200 tons, loaded with sugar, &c. with the sun in the Western ocean."

sent for Falmouth. No date has been yet discovered, nor By the New Tartar privateer, Capt. Gibo any other monument of antiquity which fon : La Reine des Anges, laden with salt, Can enlighten the subjce.

carried into Falmouth.

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By the Quebec, Smith, from St Eustatia The Penelope, Walker, from Quebec 19 to Jamaica : Two prizes, laden with sugar, Jamaica, carried into Cape François. indigo, coffee, and cotton, carried into ja. The Speedwell, Askew, from Jamaica for maica.

New York, carried into Salem. By the Lord North, Webb, aod the Cham The Empress of Ruflia privateer of Che bers, Langley, both of Bristol : An American ster, Capt. Briggs, carried into L'Orient. privateer, carried into Barbadoes.

The Postiglione Toscano, Bellam, from By the Who's Afraid privateer of Liver- Leghorn to London, carried into Cadiz. pool : Two prizes, carried into Jamaica. The Friendship, Alhford, from Tine

By the Admiral Edwards privateer of Dart- mouth to Portugal, carried into Brest. mouth, Capt. Marden: A Spanish packet, The Buck privateer, Capt. Fagg. She had, from the Havannah to Spain; and the St in an engagement with a French frigate of Anna Experiment, from Corunna for Virgi- 32 guas, 14 men killed and 19 wounded, nia, laden with salt, wine, and bale goods; and 8 feet water in her hold. As soon as on board of which was Cape. Cunningham, the prisoners were taken out, the Buck funk. and ten other captains, going passengers to Taken, but whither carried not mentionAmerica.

ed: The Sally, Filler, from Newfoundland By the Minerva privateer of Jersey: A to Pool; the Bellona letter of marque; ihe French packet, with the mail, from Cama- Countess of Clapbrasil, from New York for rins to Martinico, carried into Penzance. London; the Hero, Hodgson, from Lon

By the Tamar privateer : The Henriade, don to Chepstow; the Wallace, Stevenson, a large French thip, bound to the Ile de from New York to Jamaica; the Richard France, laden with anchors, cables, provi- and Anne, M.Leod, from Cork. fions, and other articles, with 137 soldiers Taken, but ransomed : The Wells, on board, carried into Lisbon.

Smith, from Limerick to Cowes, for 6300l.; By the Achilles privateer of Folkstone : the Hilllborough packet, the mail sunk, for A French Noop from the West Indies with sool.; the Besborough packet, the mail wounded Freachmen, carried into Mounts. sunk, for 400 l.; the Nicholas, M'Kurdy, bay.

from Corke 10 Liverpool, for 150 guineas; The Providence, Tonkin, retaken, and the Industry, from Lymington to Plymouth, carried into Tortola.

for 200 guineas; the Hope, from Yarmouth By the Unicorn privateer of Folkstone, for Corke, for 1000 l.; the Merchant, Wat. Capt. Tapley : La Louisa, loaded with ro- son, from Lynn, for 350 1. sin, pitch, &c.; the Notre Dame de Carme,

[To be continued.] with Spanish wool;;both sent for Falmouth; funk one with wine, and another with salt,

MARRIAGE S. of small value. By the Maidstone privateer of London :

April 10. Ac Inchdairney, Fifellire, Dr Two small veficls which the cut out of Ma: Alexander Eason, to Miss Jane Aytoua, laga, carried into Gibraltar.

youngest daughter of John Aytoun, Efq; of

By the French, Gc.

Ac Glaigow, Mr William Thom, minie The Anna Jacobo, Bomico, and the Wel- her of Govan, to Miss Nancy M'Kechnie, verden, Peters, from Ostend to Genoa and

eldest daughter of Mr John M.Kechnie mera

chaat in Glasgow. Leghorn, carried into Cadiz. The Granada galley, Fendal, from New

20. Mr William Allen merchant in Glaf York to the Leeward islands, carried into gow, to Miss Mary Corbet. Martinico.

The Success, Dras, from New York to
Oporto, carried into Vigo.

March 17. Ac Venlo, the Lady of La The Gustavus Adolphus, Harrison, from Col. Robers Douglas, in the service of the Falmouth to Leghorn, carried into Cadiz. Srates-Gencral, of a son.

The Hoppet, Lindikod, from Mountf. At London, Lady Manners, of a bay to Naples, carried into Algesiras. The daughter. caigo is condemned, but the ship is relea April 8. Ac London, the Countess of Yed, and the freight paid.

Harrington, of a son and heir. The Rose, Davis, from Tirmouth to 9. Ac London, the Viscountefs Stormont, Lisbon, carried into Spain.

of a son. He was baprized April 28. and The Jennie, Bogle, from the Leeward named George; their Majesies sponsors, reislands to London, carried into France. presented by the Duke of Roxburgh and the

The Peter, Byrne, from London to Ma- Couocess of Hertford, proxies. deira, sent for France.

8. Ac Warwick-castle, the Countess of The Philip, Hoare, from St Lucia to Warwick, of a son. London, carried into Morlaix.

11. Ac Balgregg-house, the Counters.



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dowager of Rothes, wife of the Hon. Pa 15. At Edinburgh, Mr John Brows, mer trick Maitland, of a son.

chant, and late one of the magistates of thal 12. At London, Lady Kinnaird, of a fon city. and heir.

16. At Lawton, Perthshire, Mrs MargaD E A T

ret Farquharson, relict of Mr James Beattie,

lace minister of Marycon. Robert Macbride, a fisherman, in the i. 17. At London, Samuel Thorpe, Esq; as Dand of Herries, aged 130 years and some he was fitting at breakfast. months.

20. At Physgill-house, John Hawthorne, March s. Ac Antigua, John Anderson, Efq; of Over:-Airis. Efq; lieutenant and adjutant to the 40ih re 21. At Hopetoun-house, Lady Anne giment.

Hope, daughter of the Earl of Hopetoua. In the West Indies, Dr William Bruce, 21. At Narrowfield, Berks, Thomas Carphysician to the army.

ter, a labouring man, in the 108th year of Ác St Just, in Cornwall, Maurice Binge his age. ham, aged 116.

23. At Edinburgli, Mrs Dalrymple, wife At Chester-le-street, Mrs Wilkinson, aged of Lord Westhall.

24. At Knightsbridge, John Nourse, Esq; At Cheadle, Cheshire, Edward Shrigley, many years bookseller to his Majesty, aged 102.

26. At Bainfield, near Edinburgh, Lord April «. At Hawick, John Gladstains, Charles Gordon, second son of Alexander late of Whitelaw.

Duke of Gordon, and uncle of the present 4. Ac Ely, Fifeshire, Mrs Elisabeth Clei. Duke. land, relict of Mr Wilson, surgeon.

26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Barbara Walkin s. At Glasgow, Mrs Elisabeth Aird, wife shaw, daoghter of John Walkinshaw, Elgi of Mr Archibald M‘Gilchrist, town-clerk of of Barrowfield. Glasgow.

26. At Meiklewood, David Graham, Esa; 8. At Hope Park, Edinburgh, Mrs Mar- of Meiklewood. garet Warrender, widow of Thomas Fair Near Leeds, Yorkshire, Joshua Simpson, holm, Efq; late merchant in Edinburgh. Esq; in the 104th year of his age.

8. At Muffelburgh, John Lindsay, Efq; At Wynchcomb, in the county of Readlate lieutenant-colonel of the s3d regiment. ing, James Pratt, a labourer, in his 1131

2. At Edinburgh, in an advanced age, year. Lady Isabella Douglas, eldest daughter of 28. At his house in the island of Mull, William first Earl of March.

Mr Neil Macleod, minister of Ross. 9. The Rev. David Dickson of Kilbucho, 28. At Cavers, Alexander Douglas, Esq; Esq; in the 71st year of his age.

youngest brother of the Rev. Dr James Dou. 11. At Pilrig, near Edinburgh, Mrs Bal- glas of Cavers. four of Pilrig

30. At Welt-Mill farm, Hampshire, Ms At Glasgow, Miss Christian Brisbane, Thomas Dickens, à farmer, in the rosth daughter of the deceased Dr Brisbane phyfi. year of his age. His wife died last year, e« cian in that city.

ged 98. 11. At Dundee, Mrs Elisabeth Denipster, wife of David Read of Drumgeith, Efq;

P R E F E R M E N T S. 12. At St Martin's workhouse, London,

From the London Gazette. Jane Petit, aged 114 years. She had been The King has been pleased, a pauper upwards of forty years, but had April 5. to appoint the Hon. John Tree formerly lived in great reputation.

vor io be his Majesty's Minister-Plenipotea. 14. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Inglis, de- tiary to the Eleétor Palatine, and Minister pute-clerk of the bills.

to the Diet of Ratilbon. 14. At Bath, Sir James Adolphus Oughton, 8. to grant unto Ralph Bigland the K. B. Lieutenant-General of his Majesty's younger, Ela; Rouge Dragou Purfuivant of forces, commander in chief in North Brio Arms, the olfice of Richmond Heraid, vatain, colonel of the 31st regiment, and cant by the promotion of Peter Dort, Ely; lieutenant-governor of Antigua.

18. to order letters-patent to pati un. 14. At Kailzie, Mrs Martha Crawford, der the great seal appointed by the treaty of widow of William Orr, Efq; of Barrow- union to be kept in Scotland, in place of field.

the great seal thercof, ratifying and 15. At Caftic-Forbes, in the county of firming the ancient rights and privileges by Longford, Ireland, George Earl of Gra- the judges in favour of the płocurator 19 Epard, a privy counsellor in that kingdom, dinburgh, and erecting them into a corpo, and a baronet of Nova Scotia. The title sation or body-politic, by the name and and estate devolve on his elden son George Nyle of The Society of Solicitors before the Coma Lord Foibes

milary, Sherif; and City Courts of Edinburgh.

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70 J. Gell


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'19. to confer the honour of Knighthood

Staff in North America. on Richard Pearson, Esq; Captain in the

Surgeon Joha M‘Namara Hayes to be royal navy. [45. 564.]

Physician to the General Hospital. Ships of war commisioned, or new captains ap William Wood, Hospital Mate to be Surpointed. [112]

geon to the Garrison of Providence, vice Ships.

Guns. Commanders. John Massey.
S. W. Clayton

[To be continued.]
Princess Royal

H. Harmood

Herb. Sawyer

Prices of grain at Haddington, May 12. 1780.

Beft. Second. Third. Gibraltar (Phænix) 80 Sir T. Rich, Bt

Wheat, 16 s.

Hon. Geo. Falconer

6d. 155.. 9 d. 145. od. 74


od. Rich. Oprow

od Bellona

gs. od. 74

Ab. Crespin


8 s. id. 74

8 s. od.

6 s. 8 d.
74. J. L. Gidoia

75. 4 d.

R. Fanshaw

Edinburgh, May 18. 1780. Oat-meal, 8 d.
Resolution *


Lord R. Manners a f. Bear-meal, s d. Pease-meal, s d. Grafton

T, Newpham

Burials in the Grayfriars church-yard, Edinburgh,

E. Gower

in April 1780.
R. Boyle Nicholas

74. J. Holloway

34 Vengeance

70. Conqueror


T. Watson

C. Cotton



2 20 Aged

W. Peacock

2 & 8 Bowelhive

C. Saxton

6 Cancer
Sir Geo. Hume, Bt

4 Chincough
C. Buckner

20 & 30

Sir James Wallace

40 4

Prince William 64 Stair Douglas

40 & SO 4 Consumption
44 Ja. Cumming
50 & 60 6 Fever

C. Fielding

60 & 70 8 Hysterics
W. P. Williams

80 Measles

S. Graves

2 Small pox
Sir Rd Pearson


Hon. T. Windsor



Hon. H. S. Conway


T. Pringle

H. Colins

April 14.
Enterprize 28 P. Lelley

Bank Stock, 112 ! half.
28 ll. Prescott

India ditto, 154 3 41hs a 1 half a 156.


Sir C. H.Knowles, Bt South Sea New Ano. 59 5 8ths.
Amphytrite 24 R. Biggs

3 per cent. Bk. sed. 59 7 8ths a 8 8th.
24 Ja. Reid

3 per cent. Conf. 00 3 41hs a 4 8th.


Lord Hervey 3 half per cent. 1758, 60 7 8ths a 61. Scarborough 20

W. H. K. O'Hara 4 per cent. Conf. 1762, 52 3 4ths a , 8ch. Rover

18 J. T. Duckworth 4 per cent. Conf. 1777, 73 5 8ths a 3 41hs, Shark 16 Ir. Vaillant

Navy and Vict. Bills, uni 8h a 1 4th.

R. Deins

Long Annuities, 16 3 4ths.

14 J. P. Ardesoife Scrip. 75 3 4ths a s 8ths.
14 Ja. Dickenson

Omnium 7 7 8ths a 3 4ths Pr.
Port Royal


Hon. T. Pakenham Annuities 1778, 12 3:16 a 1 4th

14 Hon.J. W.Chetwynd Lottery Tickets, 13 l. 11s od.
14 Hon. G. Berkeley

April 27.
Salamander Gre- 1 16 Hon. Seym. Finch South Sea Old Ann. 58 8th a 1 4th.
Blast thips 16 Geo. Bowen

3 per cent. Bk. red. 59 i half a 1 4th.
Ranger armed fhip 32 Eugh Baikie

3 per cent. Conf. 00 1 half a s 8ths
Rattlesnakc cutier
12 J. M.Lawrin

4 per cent. Conf. 1702, 59 1 balf a 1 4th, Capucins Sir Chaloner Ogle, Theras Cole 4 per cent. 1777, 73 1 8th a 1 4th. lingwood, John Elliot, Hon. Robert Boyle Wal India bonds,

23 5. pr.
fingham, and William Harbam, commanders of Long annuities, 10 s Bchs.
the swips marked thus *, are now appointed Come Scrip: 75 18th.
pradores, with caprains under theni.

Omnium 7.3 8th.
Annuities 1778, 12 i 4th a 5-101b.
Lottery Tickets, 131. 105. 6 d.

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