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dred pounds Sterling to the Church out of And whereas you the Barons of our Exchethe firit and readiest of the rents and reve quer,

to whom the said memorials were nues in Scotland; and that, belides this, referred, to consider, what might be reasonprovision was made for the salaries of the able to be allowed for the time to come, and procurators, clerk, and agent of the Church, in what manner, and how the same might by act of parliament : That since the Revo- he paid with most cafe to the said Assembly, lution, both in King William's, of Blessed are ot opinion, (as appears by your report Memory, and her present Majelly's happy which has also been laid before us), That reign, it has been usual for the Moderators the sum of five hundred pounds Sterling may of the General Allembly for the time being, be a proper and suitable allowance for deto have a warrant under the Royal Sign-ma- fraying ihe aforesaid charges and salaries; nual for the sum of 400 l. which was always and that, if we should be pleased to add the understood to be for defraying the necessary faid sum for that use to the establishmeat of charges in dispatching the affairs of the civil affairs in Scotland, to be paid to any Church.

person having power from the Church to reAs to what is now due to the Church on ceive the same, and in the like manner with this account, it appears to us, that what was others on that establishment, it will be an not satisfied before the Union is Rated as a cafy and proper method for paying the faid public debt on the Equivalent; and liaceallowauce : We, taking the premises into the Union we only observe one warrant our Royal confideration, have thought fit to granted by her Majesty for 400 l. yet unla- agree to what is so proposed; and, accordtisfied, and for payment of which orders ingly, our will and pleasure is, and we do are given, pursuant to her Majesty's privy hereby direct, authorise, and command, seal to us directed.

That you cause the said yearly sum of five As to what may be reasonable to be settled hundred pounds Sterling to be paid to such for the time to come, and in what manner person or persons, from time to time, as and how the same may be paid with most Niall be appointed by the General Assembly cafe to the Assembly;

to receive the same, for the purposes aforeAfter consideration of a memorial, repre. faid, out of any money that is, or shall from senting the many neceffary occasions of time to time be in the hands of the receivercharge and expence in dispatching the affairs general of our land-rents and casualties in of the Church, herewith transmitted to your Scotland, applicable to the uses of our civil Lordship,

goverament there, during our pleasure, in It is our humble opinion, That the sum of fuch manner as other annual fums contained five hundred pounds Sterling yearly may be in our establishment of civil affairs are and a proper aod suitable allowance for defray- Mall be paid and payable. And, of our ing thereof: and if her Majelly be plea- further grace and favour, we do bereby die fed to give the necessary directions for add. rect, that the said yearly fum Shall be recing the laid sum of 500l. Sterling upon the kooed to commence from the 24th day of forefaid account so her establishment for ci- June 1709; and that you the Barons of our vil affairs in this part of Great Britain, to Exchequer do infert what shall be due therebe paid to any perfon baving power from upoo from that time in the next list which the Church to receive the fanie, and in the you shall cause to be made up of what is due 'fame manner with others on the establithe

to our cltablishment of salaries and allowanment; this, in our humble judgement, will ces in Scotland, pursuant to the directions be a proper and easy method for the Church contained in our letters of privy seal in that in obiaining payment of this allowance. behalf; and that the said allowance be for All which, &c.

the future esteemed as part of our faid esta. March 281710 ]

blimmeat. And for so doing this fhall be

your warrant. Given at our court at Sc Sign- Manual L. 500 per ann. For defraying the James's, the 19th of May 1710, in the nintha

charges of the Church, and the salaries of year of our reign. their oficers.

By her Majesty's command † (ANNE R.

GODOLPHIX. WHERE as you our High Treafurer have To our Right Trusty and Right Welllaid before us feveral memorials which you beloved Cousin and Counsellor, sid. have received in behalf of the General Al ney Earl of Godolphin, our High sembly of the Church of Scotland, repre.

Trca furer of Great Britain now besening the allowapres formerly made to ing; and to our High Treasurer or them by us and our Royal predecessors, for Comm flioners of our Treasury for the defraying the charges of their church-affairs, time being; and to ihe Barons of our and the Talaries of their officers; and pray Exchequer in Scotland now and for ing, that we would be gracioully pleased to

the time being.) feuile a yearly allowance for that purpofc:


CAPTURE S. (222.]

By the Union, Broom: An American

schooner, from Nantz to Virginia, laden From Lloyd's Marine List..

with various articles, carried into Pool. By Brilish men of war, &c.

The Friends of Glasgow, from Dublin to

Quebec, retaken, and carried into GuernBy the Ambuscade: The Adm. Spry ten- fey. der retaken, and carried into Plymouth. By the Achilles and Tapley: The Jong The Spry had 100 impresled men on board Gerbrand, from Hamburg io Brest, with when taken, but had only 19 remaining 5336 theets of copper, oak beams, &c. carwhen retaken; the others were put on ried into Yarmouth, board the French privateer who took her. Three Dutch Mhips are stop in their voyage, Also the N. S. De Belia, a Spanish brig from and carried into Plymouth. St Jago to Cadiz, loaded with sugar, hides, By the Peggy, Leigh, of Liverpool : &c.

Thice prizes, taken in the West Indies. By the Emerald, Champion, Wasp, and

By the Pite of Jersey: The St Jean BapLightning fire-Ship:The Dunkirquoise French tifta, from Brelt io Bayonne, ladea with oxprivateer, of 22 guns and 132 men.

hides, and bale good. By the Galatea frigate: The brig Reco By the Unicorn privateer of Folkstone : very, of 10 guns; the Beaver, of 12 guns; The Endraght, from Brelt 10 Hamburg, and the Ohip Recovery, of 16 guas,

with sugar and coffee, carried into Falmouth, By the Pallas frigate; A Spanish foreship By the Bricaonia, Powell, from Liverpool; for Carthagena, laden with 2100 quintals of L'Achille letter of marque, from Bourdeaux gunpowder, and some ordnance, carried in

to Martinico, loaded with 2100 barrels of to Jamaica.

four, 100 ditto of beef, &c. carried into BarBy the America : The King Midas, For- badoes. tone, from Bourdeaux.

By the Alligator privateer of London: A By the Milford frigate : the Duc de Coig- Prullian ship from Bourdeaux to Morlaix, ney, a French privateer of 36 guas, carried with 800 hhds of claret, and some brandy. into Plymouth.

By the Bellona, Fairweather, from LiBy the Chatham, &c. : The Alexander verpool: A prize valued at 4000 l. carried cutter.

into Jamaica. By the Romney: Two rich Dutch Chips By the Macaroni letter of marque : The from Marseilles for Hayre-de-Grace.

Dorp Woodíent, from Bourdeaux to BouBy the Iris and Delawar : The Kitty, of logne, carried idco Guernsey. 38 guns; the General Waim and the Ge

By the Vulture privateci of Jersey: A neral Reid, of 16 guns eacb; the Neptune, Dutch ship from Bourdeaux to Boulogne, and a brig, of 14 guas cach; and chased a with wines, &c. Dother privateer on fhore.

By the Maidstone privateer of London : By Britif privatcers, G.

Three prizes, taken on her patrage 10 Ma

hon. By the Dick, and Viper, both of Livere By the Light-horfe privateer : The Jonge pool : One ship for Hispaniola with lumber, Adriane, fiom Rotterdam to Bourdeaux, and another thip from Cadiz to Virginia, carried into Plymouth. mounting 18 four pounders, laden with wine, By the Pallas privateer of Liverpool : A and falt, carried into St Kitts.

Spanish schooner, with iron, oil, &c. care By the He&or privatecr : Two prizes, ried into Liverpool. carried into Mahon.

By the Sally, Denny, of Liverpool: A By the Dragon and Kite privateers of Spanith brig, from the Canaries Guernsey: The King George, Matthewfrom Bristol co St Kitts, relaken, .;. dua

aied Robert tida jnio Gucrosey.

morton, Esq; of Airdrie.

-97; of SunderBy the Sarah Golbir.. Thomas Swan, of Esq; He was Loid Provost of Glasgow in

Jan. 17. In Maryland, Robert Christie, Jaden with coffee, .. , William and Jane, the years 1756 and 1757.

The Lady W., for 200 guineas ; Expedia Capt. John Maclean, of the 2d battalion dy Erskine psi'y, of London, for 300 gui. of the 84th regiment. He was lost in his the crew, inpton, Pearson, from Tine passage from Cape Breton to Haifax, on

By the verpool, for 100 guineas ; the board the North thip of war, which truck French !on, of whitehaven, for soo guio on the ledges of the Halifax light-louse, and gate ; ¢ Fortiryde, Bricoc, for :600 guis was dashed to pieces. Nani Live Oak, from Lymington 10 May 14. Ai Lise, in Flanders, Mifs M2. Lond. for 100 l. ; iwo loops from Guerna ry Haliburton, daughter of the deceased

By d a brig from Tinmouth, the fums James Haliburton, Esq; of Pitcur. Willi ,cioned; the Savilie, English, from 29. Ac Blechingly, in Surry, Richard ried

By: før 43c0 l.; the Dolly, Fincher, Bower, Esq; aged 98. He has left legacies

" 'mro,

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Barcelona to Amsterdam, carried into Fal The Hawke, Howson, from Dublin for mouth.

London, carried into Corunga. By the General Conway privatcer of Jer The Polly, Mahony, from St Augustine fey: The Wynanda Cornelia, Capt. Hommes, to Jamaica, carried into Cape François

. with 300 pipes of brandy, from Rochelle The Anjo do Senhere Maria, Peres, from for Rouen, carried into Jersey.

London to Oporto, carried into Vigo. By the Spider privateer of Dartmouth : The Polly, Gleed, from London to MaThe Endracht, from Hamburg to Bilboa, deira and New York, carried into Morlaix. Jaden with linens and bale goods.

The Goldsmid, from Jamaica to London, The Friends, Stewart, from Dublin 10 carried into St Maloes. the West Indies, retaken.

The William and Mary, from New York By a Dartmouth privateer: Three Ameri- to England, carried into Guadaloupe. can thips, and one Spanish, carried into the The Wasa, Orden, from Pool to Leghorn, Welt ladies.

carried into Algefiras. By the Grand Trimmer privateer of Lon. The Owners Adventure, from London don: The Anna Catharina, sent for Ply- for Cork, carried into L'Orient. mouth.

The Aurora, Nelson, and Brothers, Peel, By the Eagle privateer of Mahoo: The from Limerick to London, both carried into polacre Maria, with rice, carried into Tunis. Morlaix.

By the Enterprise privateer of London : Le Constance, from Surinam to Nery A brigantine from Dunkirk to Bourdeaux, York, carried into New London. loaded with coals and beer.

The Diligence, Orr, from Greenock to by the Achilles privateer of Folkston: the West Indies, carried into Martinico; The Good Hope, from St Sebastian's to Am- where she and the privateer who took her sterdam, carried into Plymouth.

were burnt, under the guns of a fort, by, By the Ligh-house privateer: La Magda- ten Englith men of war. Jine Maria, from the ille of Bass, and the The Fincattle privateer of Glasgow, cara Bataver, from Amsterdam to Brelt, both ried into Toulon. carried into Plymouth.

Two ships for Greenland, names uns By the Friendship privateer of Darmouth: known, carried into the Texel. La Fortune, from Cape François for Bour The Sparliog, Jackson, from Liverpool deaux, Jadeo with sugar, &c. carried into to New York, carried into Boston. .Dartmouth.

The Betsey, Thompson, from London to The Crown galley, from London to Gcor- Halifax, and the Neptune, King, from gia, retaken.

Nowport Pratt to Ofend, both carried inco By the Tartar privateer of Folkfton: A Morlaix. French inow, cut out of the harbour of An The Emanuel, Nelson, from Cork ta dreart, laden with wine.

Gibraltar, carried into Algesiras. By the Enterprise privateer of Poole: A The Duke of Bedford, from New York, ?urge Duici hoy, said to be laden with na- carried into Deoan. val stores, bound for France.

The Byron, Henderson, from Bristol to By the Phænix and Friendship privateers Oporto, fent for Cherburg. of Penzance : The Wacksam, Kite, from The Hannah, Watson, from New York Hamburg to Bourdeaux, with deals, lead, to London, carried into Cherburg. and copper, carried into Penzance.

The Betsy, Swain, and Bridget, Clark, By the Vengeance, Hypocrite, and Suro from London for Greenland, carried into prite privareers of Liverpool: The Dauphin, Havre de Grace. with winc, brandy, &c. for the Mne of The Neptune, Keily, from Corke to Ha. France comod into Liverpool.

lifax, carried into Sania Cruz.

The King George, Obrien, from Watera Sign- Manual L. 500 per ann. For defroying the James's, linn carried into Brest.

charges of the Church, and the fularies of year of our reig-Sinclair, from Clyde ca their oficers.

By her Majelis Repren in Norway. + [ANNE R. WHEREAS you our High Treafurer have To our Right Trusty anuried into Guar

'ac, M'Naught, laid befoie us leveral memorials which you

beloved Cousin and Cou: have received in behalf of the General Al. ney Earl of Godolphin, om Faya! sembly of the Church of Scotland, repre

Treasurer of Great Britain fenting the allowapres formerly made to ing; and to our High Treaam Jan them by us and our Royal predeceffors, for

Comm fioners of our Treasury niladela defraying the charges of their church-affairs, time being; and to the Barons and the lalaries of their officers; and pray Exchequer in Scotland now aa ing, that we would be graciously pleased to

the sims being.) Settle a yearly allowance for that purpofe :


10 A,

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packet from South Carolina to New York, from Ipswich for Liverpool, for 1300 l.; the leat for Newbury: the mail destroyed. New-Town, Brine, from Liverpool foc

The Jean, Brown, for Lubeck, on board Tinmouth, for 400 guineas; the George, of which were put 60 prisoners, and is since Stanton, from Galway to Bristol, for 450 l, arrived at Port Glasgow. Taken, but whither carried not mention

MARRIAGES. ed: The Friends, Sinclair, from Clyde to May 8, Ac Lisbon, the Hon. Robert Quebec; a Greenlandman; the Race-horse Walpole, his Britannic Majeity's envoy-exfrom Lisbon to Cork; the Barine, from Bric traordinary and minister-plenipotentiary at stol to Portugal; the Hope, from Dart the court of Lisbon, to Miss Diana Grosett, mouth to London; the Afley and Cook; daughter of Walter Grofeti, Esq; Lond. gaz, the Wolf, Murphy, from Cork to New York; June 1. At London, the Earl of Balcarras, the Lark, Knowles, taken off East Florida ; Lieutenant-Colonel of the 24th regiment of nine light colliers, a bark, and a large brig, foot, to Miss Dalrymple, daughter of Charles taken off Whitby; the Hero, Wilcox, froin Dalrymple, Esq; Liverpool to Africa.

1. At the houte of Skene, Thomas Macą Taken, but ransomed : The Liberty, donald, Esq; writer to the signet, 10 Miss Huddard, from London for Dublin, for 850 Sarah Skene, daughter of ihe deccaled guiaeas; the Castor, Straker, for 1300 1. ; George Skene, Esq; of Skene. a collier from Sunderland, for 200 guineas; 3. At London, the Earl of Tyrconnel, to the Grape, Shirlock, from Liverpooi to 0. Miss Hussey Delaval. porto, for 1100 l.; the Liberty of Whiteha 4. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Coleman, yen, for 850 guineas; the Providence of junior, of Leominster, Herefordshire, to Youghall, for 275 guineas; the Mary of Miss Valton, of the same place. Tinmouth, for 250 guincas; the four fol 7. Ai Sempiil-house, Sir William Forbes lowing loaded colliers, off Sunderland, by of Craigievar, Be, a captain in the North one privateer, the Minor, Howe, for 800 Fencibles, to Miss Scmpill, eldest daughter guincas, the Albion, Whitehead, for 750 of Lord Sempill. guineas, the other two belonging to Lynn, 12. At the manse of Auchinleck, Mr A. the one for 850 guineas, the other for 600 lexander Gillies, minister of Kilmaurs, to guineas ; the North Scar, of Lynn, for 400 Miss Isabella Dun, daughter of Mr Johą guineas; the Hammond, from Newcastle, Dun, minister of Auchinleck. for 850 guineas; the Hinchinbrook, Wesson, 20. James Hay of Belton, Erg; to Miss for seo guiocas; the Empress, Wiley; from Dorothea Hay, daughter of the deceased Memel for Hull, for 800 guineas; the Nelly, John Hay, Ely; of Newhall. Beale, of Wemyss, for 210 guineas; the

BIRTH s. Minerva, Scott, from Lyon to Dover, for 300 1.; the Friendship, Spittal, from Alloa

June 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bofwell, to Petersburg, for 300 guineas; the Primrose, wife of James. Bofwell, Esq; advocáte, Primrose, from Borrow founnels to Copen- younger of Auchinleck, of a daughter. hagen, for 425 guineas; Lady Mary, Thomp- of the Earl of Hadingron, of a fon. [47.221.)

21. The lady of Lord Bioving, fon son, for 260 guineas; the Jenoy, Thompfon, from Saircoats to Memel, for soo gui

28. At London, the Counters of Radoor,

of a fon. neas; Rosemont, Kirkwell, from dildo to dicto, for 525 guineas; Thompson, Ritchie,

28. At Kinnaird-house, Mrs Bruce of from ditto io ditro, for sro guiocas; Jeany,

Kionaird, of a son. Dean, from Lancaster to Riga, for 400 gui

DE A T H s. neas; Jean and Ann, Reid, from London In the East Indies, Mr William Hamila derry to Dantzick, for 200 guineas; the çon, eldest son of the deceased Robert HaCharming Molly, Bly, of Yarmouth, for milton, Efq; of Airdrie. 400 guincas; Neptune, Hutton, of Sunder Jan. 17. In Maryland, Robert Christie, laod, for 300 guineas'; Thomas Swan, of Esq; He was Loid Provost of Glasgow in ditio, for 456 guincas ; William and Jane, the years 1756 and 1757. Sturrock, of Perth, for 200 guineas; Expedia Capt. John Maclean, of the ad battalion tion, Stronghill, of London, for 300 gui. of the 84ch regiment. He was lost in his neas; the Hampton, Pearson, from Tia passage from Cape Breton to Halifax, on mouth to Liverpool, for 100 guineas ; the board the North thip of war, which struck Jane, Brown, of whitehaven, for soo gui. on the ledges of the Halifaz light-louse, and neas; the Fortitude, Božicoç, for :600 guia was dashed co pieces. neas; the Live Oak, from Lymington 10 May 14. At Lille, in Flanders, Mifs Mac Bristol, for 100l. ; iwo loops from Guerne ry Haliburton, daughter of the deceased fcy, and a brig from Tinmouth, thc fums James Haliburton, Esq; of Pitcur. not mentioned ; the Savilie, English, from 29. Ac Blechingly, in Surry, Richard Guçsasey, for 42c0 h. the Dolly, Fincher, Boxer, Esq; aged 98. He has left legacies




of 100l. each to the poor of several parishes a Baron of Great Britain, by the title of Lord in said county

Loughborough, io the county of Leicester. June 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Hamilton, wife - 20. to appoint John Campbell, Esq; of John Hamilton, Erq; of Aldershaw. to be Governor of Milford haven in the

At his feat in Argylethire, Colin Camp- county of Pembroke, in the room of Wyre bell of Ederline, Esq;

riott Owen, Esq; deceased. 3. Suddenly, as he was Atepping into his carriage, Thomas Hutchinson, Esq; for

From other papers, bo. merly governor of Massachusett's-bay, in Ships of war commissioned, or new captains apo which post he succeeded the late Sir Fran

pointed. (224.] cis Bernard, and was succeeded by Gen.


Guns, Commanders. Gage. (36. 223.)


T. Allen 3. Ai Balnaboth, the Hon. Mrs Ogilvy Prince George 08 Wm For of Clova.


98 Benj. Hill 5. John Amyand, Esq; member for the


80 J. C. Allen borough of Camelford.


74 C. Saxton Ac Tinmouth, in Cumberland, Daniel


74 Wm Dickson Bennet, aged 107 years.

70 Ant. Hunt 9. At Inglefield, in Hampshire, James Diligente

70 Sir Tho. Rich Hopper, a labouring man, in the 1030 year Monarcha

70 J. Gell of his age. It is remarkable of him, that

Belliqueux 64 T. Fitzhcrbert he was never ten miles from the place of his

Intrepid 64 Ja. Ferguson (257.) birth.

Yarmouth 64 T. Taylor 11. Ac Koaresborough, Yorkshire, Sir


50 T. Lloyd William Fowlis, Bt, of Ingleby manor,


50 T. Shirley the North Riding:


44 T. Symonds 15. At Drimmie, John Gray of Balled


36 John Douglas garno, Esq;


32 J. Bazely 16. At Ballechin, Perthshire, the seat of


28 J. Stanhope his son-in law, John Hope, Esq; late mcr


28 Rd R. Bligh chant in Edinburgh.


A. Scot 18. At Faringdon, Berkshire, Joan Far.

Termagant 24 Ar. Kempe mer, in the 1071h year of her age.


T. Piercy. 12. At Barabarrow, Joho Agnew of Shcu.

St Firmin

16 Jon. Faulkner cban, Ery;

Du Guay Trouin 16 Geo. Stoney 22. At London, Patrick O'Conner, by


14 Howel Lloyd trade a weaver. He declared, a few hours


14 J. Thomas before his death, that he had received hurt,


14 Chr, Major and was much burnt, in setting fire to Me

Endeavour 14 Fr. Woolridge Langdale's house, and destroying his goods,

Minorca for which he deserved the icverest punilli- Victor

14 Hugh Lawson

14 H. Chads ment. He was a Roman-Catholic.


T. Welt 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elisabeth Murray,


Alex. Hood filter of the deceased Sir James Murray of

Tapageur cutter 12 Lord Ch. Fitzgerald Hillhead.

St Vicente

10 Ja. Hawkins 27. At Dunkeld, Mr Daniel M.Duff,

Firebrand fireship 8 Geo. Robertson merchant there.


32 J. Gore 30. At Leven Lodge, near Edinburgh,


26 Ja. King John Williamson of Claythorn, Esq; son of

Vigilant 26 J. OBryen
Joseph Williamson, Esq; advocate.

William 20 C. Gregory

Macworth 20 Ja. Dickenson
From the London Gazette.


A. Bertic
The King has been pleased,

From the London Gazette.
June 9. to appoint Alexander Wedderburn,

War-office, March 18. Esq; late Attorney General, to be Lord Chief Justice of the court of Common Pleas, 18th foot : Capt.-Lieut. Edward Crosbey upon the resignation of Sir William de Grey, to be Captain, vice John Joiner Ellis; and Ki.—He was tworn of the Privy Council, Lieut. Joha de Lancey to be Captain-Licus June 9. and took his place at the board. tcoant, vice Edward Crosbey.

-13. to grant unto the Ri Hon. Alexander 40th foot: Capt. William Montgomery Wedderburn, Lord Chief Justice of the court to be Major, vice Samuel Bradstreet; Cape.of Common Pleas, and to the heirs-male of Licut. John Gason to be Captain, vice Wils his body lawfully begotico, ehe dignity of liam Montgomery; and Licur. William Ha




Armed Ships.


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