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24. John Morton, Esq; chief justice of 19th foot: Lieut. John Nodes to be Cap. Chester, Attorney-gencral to the Queen, de- tain of one of the additional companies, puty high steward of the university of Oro vice John M'Pherlon. ford, and member of parliament for Wigan. 25. At Stirling, in the 70th year of his age,

War-office, July 8. and 42d of his ministry, Mr Thomas Rau 79th foot : Capt.-Lieut. William Colsill dall, one of the ministers of that borough. to be Captain, vice Thomas Dunbar; and

26. At his feat of Ross, Robert Buchanan, Lieut. James Mounsey to be Captain-LicuEsq; of Drummakill.

tenant, vice William Colvill. 28. At her house in Crieff, Mis Grizel Erskine, daughter of the deceased Charles Are

War-office, July 15. ikinc of Alva, Lord Justice-Clerk.

goth regiment of foot. 28. At his feat of Auchtermonie, John

Colonel : Maj-Gen. Thomas Raiosford. Bell, Esq; author of Travels through Rullia. Leutenant-Colonel. Maj. James Balfov,

29. A his house in Durham, the Rev. Do Major: Capt. Benjamin Charnock Payae, Douglas of Cavers. 29. At London, the Lady of the Earl of Captains : Capt. Joseph Smith Speer, of late

of 18th foot. Hillsborough.

29. At the manse of Blair in Athol, Mr A 92d foot: Capt. Patrick Moore, of 60th lexander Stewart minister of that parish.

foot ; Licut. Francis Mackay, of 75th July 30. At Bath, Lady Susannah Hou

foot; Lieut. Alexander Grant, of gilt Noun, relict of Sir Thomas Houston.

foot ; Lieut. Robert Campbell, of 38th 31. At Brae-louse, near Edinburgh, Mr

foot ; Lieut. Thomas Mulcaster, of zd Charles Butter, wright, aged 86.

foot; and Licat. Richard Croker, of 28th

foot. PRR FER M E N I S.

Captain-Lieutenant: Lieut. William Giles, From the London Gazete.

of 34th foor. The King has been pleased,

War-office, July 18. July 8, to present Mr Daniel Rose, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parith of

33d foot: Lieut. Allan Malcolm, from Dingwall, in the county of Ross, vacant by 434 foot, to be Captain, vice Robert Craine. the death of Mr Adam Rose.

43d foot: Lieut. William Morris, to be 8. to appoint Me John Pringle, advocate, Captain-Lieutenant, vice William Richard

fon. to be theriff-depute of the shires of Stirling and Clackmannan, in the room of Mr Ales- Richardson to be Captain, vice John K.

both foot, ad batt: Capt.-Lieut. William ander Abercromby, who has religned.

Muller. 11. to appoint James Wallace, Esq; his Majesty's Solicitor-General, to be his At both foot, 3d batt.: Lieut. Hans Carden torney General. [in the room of Alexander

to be Captain, vice Francis Duffield; and Wedderburn, Esq; now Lord Loughbo

Lieut. Alexander Brely, from 54th foot, to rough, and Lord Chief Justice of the court

be Captain-Lieutenant, vice James Roberts of Common Pleas).


both foot, 4th batt. : Capt.-Lieut. James 15. to appoint John Heath, Esq; to be one of the Judges of the court of Common Robertson, from 3d batt. to be Captain, Pleas, in the room of Sir William Black

vice Taylor Croker. None, Kt, deceased.

7oth foot: Capt..Lieut. John Merideth 15. to appoint Sir Hugh Palliser, Bt, to Lieut. James Ingram, from 33d foot, to be

to be Captain, vice Patrick Ferguson ; and be Master of Greenwich hospital, and also one of the Commiflioners or Governors

Captain-Lieutenant, vice Jobo Merideth. thereof.

poft foot : Lieut. Alexander Sutherland From other papers, bo.

to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Charles

Campbell; Capt.-Lieut. Alexander Suther. The Hon. Lt.- Gen. Alexander Mackay, land to be Captain, vice George Munro: is appointed Commander in Chief of the for- Lieut. Harry Munro, from 420 foot, to be ces in Scotland, in the room of Sir James Captain-Lieutenant, vice Alexander Suther. Adolphus Oughton, deceased.

land; Maj. Alexander M‘Donald to be LieuJames Mansfield, Efq; King's counsel, is tenant-Colonel, vice John Maitland; Capt. appointed Solicitos.General, in the room of Patrick Ferguson, from 70th foot, to be Mi Wallace, now Aitorney-Geyeral. Major, vice Alexander M'Donald; Lieut.

Colonel John Campbell is appointed Go- Robert Duncanson to be Captain, vice Havernor of Milford Havea.

milton Maxwell; Capr.-Lieut. Harry Munro War-office, June 27.

to be Captain, vice Norman M'Leod; Lieut. wrth dragoons: Licui. Frank Moore to be John Robertson, from 420 foot, to be Cap. Captain, vice Henry Sayer.

(ain, vice Maciacolh ; and Lieut.


11. 1779.

Norman M‘Leod, from 4id foot, to be Aug. 28. 1779; Maj. Hon. Charles Cathcart, Captaio-Lieutenant, vice Harry Munro. of 98th foot, Aug. 29. 1779; Maj. Joho

Surg. Richard Huddleston, of 7th foot, Campbell, of goth foot, Oct. 10. 1779; to be Apothecary to the General Hospital in Maj. Mackay Hugh Baillic, of 94ch foot, North America.

Nov. 27. 1779; Maj. John Joiner Ellis, of War-office, July 25.

89th foot, Nov. 29. 1779; and Maj. Hon.

Charles Gunter Legge, of 26th foot, Nov. 15th light dragoons : Capt.-Lieut. Jona

30. 1779. than Thomas to bc Caprain, vice Alexander

Colonels in the Army, without permanent Murray; and Lieut. Evelyn Anderson to

rank or halfpay: Col. John Reid, of osth be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Jonathan Tho foot, Od. 10. 1979; and Col. Wo M'Carimas.

Gift foot : Capt.-Lievt. Caleb Barne to be mick, of 93d foot, o&. 11. 1779. Captain, vice Hon. Charles Henry Cadogan ;

Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, withand Lieut. Christopher Nuttal to be Cap- John Baker Holroyd, of 22d dragoons, Oct.

out permanent rank or halfpay : Le-Col. tain-Licutenant, vice Caleb Barne. War-office, July 29.

Licutenant-Colonels in the Army, and to

take rank during the establishment of the re19th light dragoons : Lieut. Sir James giments to which they belong : Li-Col. Sic Erskine, Bt. of 2116 dragoons, to be Capo Thomas Egerton, Br, of the royal Lancataio-Lieutenant, vice Hon. Charles Guater shire volunteers, July 21. 1779; and Lt. Legge. 6th foot : Capt. Francis James Scott to be regiment, July 22. 1779.

Col. Thomas Dundas, of Lord Fauconberg's Major, vice James Balfour ; Capt.-Lieut.

Major in the Army, and to take rank duWilliam Whiston to be Captain, vice Fran- ring the establishment of Lord Fauconberg's cis James Scote; and Lieut. James Blath- regiment : Maj. Robert Paul, of Lord Fauwayt to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Wil- conberg's regiment, July 22. 1779. liam Whifton.

12th foot : Lieut. Charles Hastings to be Commissions signed by his Majesty for the army in Captain, vice Joseph Collins.

18th foot: Capr.-Lieut. John Peter de Four dated Dec. 24. 1779, viz.
Lancey to be Captain, vice Benjamin Chare

uit horse: Lieut. John Hoskins to be Cap-
nock Payne ; and Lievt. Francis John Kel tain, vice Alexander Leskey, who retires.
ly to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Jobo Pe-

13th dragoons : Capt. Anthony Lefroy to ter de Lancey.

be Major, vice James Callander, who resiit foot : Lieut. George Don to be Cap- tires; and Lieut. Alexander Murray to be tain, vice Thomas Green.

Captain, vice Lefroy. 6gih foot : Capt.-Lieut. Archibald Camp

Two dated Jan. 9. viz. bell to be Captain, vice Patrick Moore;

30th foot: Capt. Lieat. Philip Haste, of and Lieut. Joha Ker to be Captain-Licure- the 68th foot, to be Captain, vice Dudley pant, vice Archibald Campbell.

Ackland, promoted. 97th foot : Capt. Naflau Smith, of 88th

69ih foot: Lieur. Hon. Richard St Leger foot, to be Captain, vice James Sholto

1o be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Philip Halte, Douglas.

promoted. 88th foot : Capt. James Sholto Douglas,

One dared March 17, viz. of 97th foot, to be Captain, vice Naifiu

30th foot: Capt. George Ramsay, of the Smith.

94th foot, to be Captain, vice James Lee, Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army: Lt-Col. who exchanges. James Mark Prevost, of both foot, Aug 29.

Tre dated April 7. viz. 1977; Li-Col. James Balfour, of 99!h foot, oth dragoons : Capt.-Lieut. Arthur Orma Nov. 29. 1779; and Le-Col. William Mae. by, of the 12th dragoons, to be Captain, jototh, of g7th foot, Nov. 30. 1779. vice William Adlercron, deceased.

Majors in the Army: Maj. Benjamin Char 12th dragoons : Lieut. James Garden, of nock Payne, of the 90th foot, Aug. 21.1779; the 9th dragoons, to be Captain-Licutenant, Maj. Archibald Kinloch Gordon, of goih vice Arthur Osmíby, promoted. fool, Aug. 22. 5779; Maj. Jofeph Duffaus,

One dated April 10, viz.
of 97th foot, Aug. 23. 1779 ; Maj. Colin lovalids : Sec.-Lieut. Thomas Arkinson,
Mackenzie, of 92d toot, Aug. 24. 1779; of che Royal Irish artillery, to be Captain,
Maj. Peter Hunter, of 92d foot, Aug. 25. vice Lt-Col. Robert Kingston.
1779; Maj. Hon. H. F. Seanhope, of 86th

One dated April 12. viz.
foot, Aug. 26. 1779 ; Maj. John William 661h foot : Licut. William Brownlow, of
Egerton, of zad dragoons, Aug. 27. 1779 ; the ad reg. of horse, to be Captain, vice A-
Maj. James Susanna Patton, of 93d foot, mos Vereker, who rctircs.


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Hon. Charles Phipps Wheat,

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Of Great Britain : Ships of war commissioned, or new captains ap• Robert Willan, De jeringris infiammatione. pointed. [334]

Henry Cullen, De consuetudine. Ships.

Guns. Commanders. Robert Buck, De ifchuria vesicali. Bricaonia

100 James Bradby Will. Charles Wells, De frigore. Ajax 74 J. Symons

William St Clair, De variols inferendis. Raifonable 64 S. Child

Audrew Bain, De caufis febrium. Buffaloe 60 Rowland Cotton

James Moseley, De perineumonia vera. Preston

SO Wm Truscott Henry Slaughier, De febre puerpirali. Warwick

so H. G. K. Elphinstone San Carlos

Hon. T. Pakenham Prices of grain at Haddington, Aug. +. 1780, Roebuck Rd ,

Beft. Second Tbird. Monfieur

18s. 7 d. 17 s. 6 d.

165. 40 La Fortune 40 Hugh C. Chrillian

155. od.

145. od.
H. Hugh S. Conway Oats,

IS. od

6 d. Diana Sir Wm Burnaby, Bt Pease,

95. od. Convert

L. Robertson
La Blanche
S. Uppleby
Edinburgh, Aug. 12. 1780.

Oat-mcal, ed.

1 f. L'Alcmene 32 James Brine

Bear-meal, od. Pease-meal, sdato Providence 32 J. Henry

Burials in the Grayfriars cburcb-yard, Edinburgh, Charlestowa


H. Francis Evans in July 1780.

C. M. Pole

28 Philip Parton

Females 21

35. Decreased 4. Dealcattle 24 James Hawkins


N°1 DIS E AS E S. No Garland 24 James Watt

Under 8 Aged Camel 24 Joha Pakenham

S 3 Bowelhive Sphynx 24 Francis J. Harewell

s & 2 Consumption Cameleon 16 Arcbibald Walter

3 Drowned Surprisal 18 George Day

20 & 30

Eever Helena


Francis Roberts Port Royal Archibald Hayne

30 & 40' 2 loflam. in the throat •


3 Small pox Sylph

Geo. Aon Pulicney

60 3 Teething Star


60 & Halifax Edmund Bower


80 Antigua R. Baron

90 Ærna

Gardiner bombs Vesuvius

190 & 100

Fircoj 8
T. Geary,

Furnace fihips? 8 Wiight
Albemarle armed 20 J Thomns

July is.

Bank Stock, 110 1 half. Satisfaction thips / 20 James Samber

South Sea Old Aun. 01 ; 8ths.. Thomas Langlands, Esq; is appointed by 3 per cent. Bk. red. 62 1 8h a 3 8ihs. the Royal Boroughs to be their agent at Lon 3 per cent. Conf. 02 7 8ths. don, in place of George Rors, Esq; who has ladia Ann 59' 8th. ichzned.

4 per cent. Cons. 62 i Sth a


8ths. On Saturday, June 14. the degree of Doce Ditto New 1777, 75 1 81h a 3 8hs. tor in Medicine was conferred on the fol. India Boods, 195. Pr. lowing gentlemen by the univery of Edin. Navy and Vict. Bills, 119 81hs a 3 4:hs peret burgh 148:512.]. The titles of their theses Long Anouities, 10 5 8:hs. arc annexed to their names respectively. Scrip. 76 1 balf a Dihs. From America ::

Annuities 1778, 12 3 4chs. Nicolas Romayne, De puris generatione.

Louery Tickets, 131. 45. od.
William Mooic, De bili.

July 27.
From Wales :

South Sea Old Ana. 60 3 4th's.
Trevor Jones, De paralysi.

3 per cent. 8k red. 62 1.816. From Ireland:

3 per cent. Conf. 02 a 61 7 8ihs, llenry Blake, De hæmor hoide.

4 per cent Conf. 61 a 01 7.8cbs. Joseph Little, De varivla.

Divro New 1777, 75 r 8th a 75 Edward Nugeat, De febre nervosa.

India Bonds, 22 5. a 23 s. Henry arris, De morbis virginum.

Navy and Vi&t. Bills, 11 3 8ths per ct John Caldwell, D: bysteria.

Long Annuities, 10 7.8.h
Robert Perceval, De corde.

Scrip. 76 i 4th.
Robert Hamilton, D: nicotiane viribus, Annuities 1778, 12 5 Bibs ao 15h.

Lursery Tickets, 13 l. 45. od.


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Guthrie on the manner of treating persons

affected by FUMES 393.

Disribution of the BRITISH LAND FOR-

CES 395

A list of the BRITISH NAVY, where sta-

tioned, &c. 396.-399.

of those of FRANCE, SPAIN, and


An account of the late TUMULTS, conclu-

ded. Blue cockades forbid 401.


French rioters ib. An intended (peech of

Lord Abingdoo 402.

Both Houles ad.

journ ib. Ld G. Gordon committed 403.

A reward offered for discovering rioters


Remarks 405.

A tumult at Bath

ib. A letter circulated by the Protestant
association 406. Letters between the Pris
vy Council and the Lord Mayo ( 407, &c.
Á plan for preserving the peace 408. Let-
ters of Lord Amherst 408, &c. A reward
offered for discoverirx_thc instigators of
the cumules 412. The King's speech
to parliament 412 Lords on the tumults

413. Commonson dicto 415. Addresses416.

An account of the manner in which the Ruf- composed as hot as you defire, and fuffi-
Tennis treat persons affected by the funes of times a fervant is fo negligent as to shut

ciently warms the apartment. But some
burning charcoal.
In a letter from Dr Guthrie of Peterburg, fufficiently burnt: for the red cinders

up the peech or oven before the wood is

to Dr Priesley.

should be turned over from time to time

Froin the Philosophical Transactions, vol. to see that no bit of wood remain of a

69. part 2. 1779.

blackish colour, but that the whole mass

Ulian houses are heated by the is of an uniform glare (as if almoit vrani-
ineans of ovens; and the man- parent) before the openings are fhut;
ner of heating them is as fol- else the ugar or vapour is sure to succeed

lows. A number of billets of to mismanagement of this fort. And its

wood are placed in the peech or ftove, effects are as follows.

and allowed to burn till they fall in a If a person lays himself down to sleep

mass of bright red cinders; then the vent in the room exposed to the influence of

above is thut up, and likewise the door this vapour, he falls into fofound a fcep

of the peech, which opens into the room, that it is difficult to awake him, but he

in order to concentrate the heat. This feels (or is sensible of) nothisg. There

makes the tilcś of which the peech is is no ipasm excited in the tracirea arteria



or lungs to rouse him ; nor does the zen limb by means of fri&ion with snow. breathing, by all accounts, seem to be But what is fingular in the case of people particularly affected; in short, there is apparently deprived of life in the manter 110 one symptom of suffocation : but to- treated of, is, that the body is much wards the end of the catastrophe, a fort warmer when brought out of the room of groaning is heard by people in the than at the initant life is restored, and next room, which brings them sometimes that they awake cold and Thivering. The to the relief of the sufferer. If a person colour of the body is also changed from only fits down in the room, without in a livid red to its natural complexion; tention to sleep, he is, after fome tiine, which, together with some other circumseized with a drowsiness, and inclination stances, would almost lead one to suspect, to vomit. However, this laf symptom that they are restored to life by the snow seldom affects a Russian; it is chiefly and cold water somehow or other freeforeigners who are awaked to their dan- ing them from the load of phlogistoa gers by a nausea : but the natives, in with which the fystem seems to be recommon with strangers, perceive a dull plete; for although the first application pain in their heads; and if they do not of cold water to the human body proremove directly, which they are often duces heat, yet, if often repeated in a too Deepy to do, are foon deprived of very cold atmosphere, it then cools intheir senses, and power of motion, info- stead of continuing to heat, just as the much that if no person fortunately dif- cold bath does when a person remains cover thein within an hour after this too long in it. worft fage, they are irrecoverably loft: To the Minister of the Parish of for the Ruffians say, that they do not

REV. Sir, succeed in restoring to life thofe who have lain more than an hour in a state of The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury insensibility.

The recovery is always attempted, and port of a letter which he received from often effected, in this manner. They Lord Viscount Storinont, one of his carry the patient immediately out of Majesty's principal fecretaries of state, doors, and lay him upon the snow, with fignifying to him his Majesty's pleasure, nothing on him but a shirt and linen in consequence of an addreis presented drawers. His stomach and temples are

to his Majesty by the House of Lords in then well rubbed with snow; and cold July last, that his Grace should give di water, or milk, is poured down his rections to all the Bishops, his suffragans, throat. This friAion is continued with to procure from the parochial clergy. in fresh fnow until the livid hue, which the their respective dioceses, an account of body had when brought out, is changed the Papills, or reputed' Papists, within to its natural colour, and life renewed. their feveral parishes; and that they 'Then they cure the violent head-ach mhould have the same ready to be laid be. which remains, by binding on the fore- fore the House of Lords on the first day head a cataplafin of black-rye bread, and of the next fellion of parliament. (371.] vinegar.

I do therefore hereby require you to In this manner the unfortunate man is prepare such a lilt as far as relates to perfectly restored, without blowing up your parish, and send it to me in St the lungs, as is neceffary in the case of James's square, on or before the loth drowned persons ; on the contrary, they day of October next; and if there should begin to play of themselves so foon as the be any Papists or reputed Papitts in your surcharge of phlogillon inakes its escape parishi

, you will likewise inform me of it from the body.

by the time above mentioned. And I It is well worthy of observation, how delire you also to inquire, whether there diametrically oppofitellie modes are of is any Popish school or schools within resoring to life those who are deprived of your pari!h; and acquaint me, whether it by water, and those who have lost it any, and what number of children of by the fumes of charcoal; the one con

Protestant parents are taught therein. listing in the internal and external appli I am, Rev. Sir, your affectionate brocation of heat, and the other in that of ther and humble servant, R. LONDON. cold. It may be alleged, that the ftimu. Fulham, August 16. 1780. Jus of the cold produces heat; and the faâ seems to be confirmed by the Russian Bishops in England to their subordinate clergy:

Similar letters have been sent by all the method of restoring circulation in a fro

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