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Penyston Lord Melbourne, Viscount Mel Richard O'Brieo Boyle; to be his Aids de bourne, of Kilmore, in the county of Ca. Camps in Extraordinary. van ;

Stockholm, Dec. 8. The King of G. Briq James Lord Clifden, Viscount Clifden, Cain having been pleased to nominate Theof Gowran, in the county of Kilkeany; mas Wroughton, Efq; his Eovoy-Extraordiand

nary at this court, to be a Knight of the John Lord Naas, Vilcovat Mayo, of Mo. Most Honourable Order of the Bath, he was

invelled accordingly by the King of Sweden, Also like letters-parent, containing his who represented his Britannic Majesty on Majelty's grant of the digoitics of Baron and that occafion." Earl of the said kingdom unto Henry Lord

War-office, Nov. 4. Viscount Conyngham, and his heirs male, by the title of Baron and Earl Conyogham, of

His Majesty has been pleased to appoint

His Royal Highness Prince Frederick, BiMount Charles, in the covaty of Donegall, top of Ólnabruck, co bc Colonel in the with remainder of the barony to his nephew Army, by brevet; Nov. 1. 1780; Francis Pierpoint Burton, Elg: and his heirs

Li-Gen. William Augustus Pirt to be Comale. And like letters-patent, containing his Mordaunt; and

lonel of the soch dragoons, vice Sir John Majesty's grant of the dignity of an Earl of

Hon. Maj. Gen. John Vaughan to be Gothe faid kingdom unio Stephen Lord Vis. count Mount Cathell, and his hcirs-male,

vernor of Berwick, vice Sir John Mordaunt. by the title of Earl Mount Calhell, of Ca.

War-office, Nov. 28. thell, in the county of Tipperary.

Col. James Murray to be Governor of Fort - to appoint the Earl of lochiquin, John William, vice Maj.-Gen. John Vaughan. O'Neill, and Luke Gardiner, Elas, to be Alexander Rors, Erg; to be Commissary of his Majesty's Mort Honourable Privy of Stores and Provisions' at Well Florida, Council in the kingdom of Ireland.

vice James Barbut. 19. to appoint the Duke of Montagu to

War-office, Dec. 2. be his Majesty's Master of the Horse, [in 3d dragoons: Capt. Hon. Richard Lumthe room of the Duke of Northumberland, ley, of the 86th foot, to be Captain of a who has religoed). His Grace kiffed the Troop, vice Henry Rook. King's hand on his appointment, Dec. 29. 86th foot: Capt. Henry Rooke, of 3d

29. The Queen has been pleased to ap- dragoons, to be Captain, vice Hon. Richard point the Earl of Ailesbury to be Chamber- Lumley. lain of her Majesty's Household.

7916 foot : Lieut. Vesey Knox to be Cap29. The following noblemen and gentle- taia-Lieutenant, vice James Mounsey; Capt.. men have been appointed of the Prince of Lieut. Vefey Knox to be Captain, vice Wil Wales's Household.

liam Colvill; Lieut. Thomas Mounsey to Groom of the sole, Lord Southampton. be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Vefey Knox;'

Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, Earl of Capt.-Lieut. Thomas Mounsey to be Cape Courtown, Lord John Clinton, Lord Visc. tain, vice Bryan Blundell; and Lieut. Ed. Parker.

ward Marcus Despard to be Captain-Liccia Treasurer and Secretary, -LiCol. Ho. tenani, vice Thomas Mounsey. tham.

Col. John Reid, of 95th foot, to be ColoMaster of the Robes and Privy Purse, nel in the Army. Heory Lyte, Esq;

Capt. Joseph Smith Speer, of 99th foot, Grooms of the Bedchamber, Hon Mr to bc Major in the Army. Legge, Hon. Stephen Digby, John Johafon,

IVaraoffice, Dec. 9. Efq;

sth foot : Maj. George Harris to be Lieu.. First Equerry and commillioner of the tenant-Colonel, vice William Medows ; Stables, - Li Col. Lake.

Capt. J. Gaspard Bartier to be Major, vice Equerries, - Li-Col. Halse, Li.Col. Sir George Harris; Capt.-Lieut. Charles SteJohn Dyer, Br, Le-Col. Sievens.

phenion to be Captain of a Company, vica The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland hath J. Galpard Battier; and Lieut. Richard Cro. been plea fed,

ker to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Charles Dec. 25. to appoior William Edco, Esq; to be Stephenson. his Excellency's Principal Secretary of State. 40ih foot: Capt. Horace Churchill, of Mr Eden was sworn of the Privy Council, 86th foot, to be Captain of a Company., Dec. 13. and took his seat at the board. vice Alexander Mair.

- 30. to appoint Capt. Andrew Corbet, and 87th foot : Capt.-Lieut. James Wemysst Cap. Lord Strathaven to be luis Excellency's to be Captain of a Company, vice John De: Aids de Camps in Ordinary; and Capt. Sir lap Halliday; and Lieur. Alexander David (amet Erlkine, Bi, Capt. the Hon. Francis Bradthaw, of 66th foot, to be Caprain-Licu. pith, Cape. Arthur Ormsby, and Lieut. icoant, vice James Wemyss.


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The Earl of Lauderdale is sechosco and War-office, Dec. 12. 7th dragoons: Lieut. William Osborn to mously Rector of the University of Glasgow be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Ingram Ball; for the ensuing year.

Mr Thomas Smith merchant in EdioCape Fewster Johnson, of 19th dragoons, to be Capiain of a Troop, vice Benjamin burgh is appointed Sellion-clerk of faid city, Lambert

in the room of Mr Charles Wright deceased. hath dragoons: Maj. Richard Grant, of have appointed John Macpherson, Esc; i

The Directors of the East India Company Ioth dragoons, to be Major, vice Andrew Lyon

the Supreme Council of Bengal.

The Marquis of Graham is vnanimouly 19th dragoons : Capt. Benjamin Lambert, of 7th dragoons, to be Major, vice Richard elected Lord Chancellor of the univerfits al Grant.

Glasgow, in place of his father the Duke of

Montrose, who has refigned. Capt. Richard St George, of the 1st footguards, to be Deputy Adjutant-General to

Prices of grain at Haddington, Jan. 5. 178. the forces in North America.

Beft. Capt. Richard St George, of the ift foot

Second. Tbird. Wheat,

195. od guards, to be Major in the Army.

18 s. 4 d. 176.94 Bear,


6 d. | 135. 3d War office. Dec. 23.


gd. 3d foot guards : Capt. Charles Rooke to


9 s. 6 d.

85. Od be Captain of a Company, vice George Haftings

Edinburgh, Jan. 23. 1781. Oat-meal, sod. 41ft foot : Capt. Thomas Smith, of the 2 f. Bear-meal, 6d. 2 f. Pease-meal, od. invalids at Guerosey, to be Captain of a

Burials in the Grayfriars cburcb-yard, Edinburgh Company, vice John Wilson.

in December 1780. sorb foot : Licut. Thomas Beach to Be Captain, vice Thomas Pemberton.

Males 83d foot: Lieut. James Clarke to be Cap

Females 43386. Increased 29 tain, vice Alexander Munro.

Age. N DISE A SE S. No 881h foot : Lieut. Alexander Dirum to be Under

2 34 Aged Captain, vicc George Martin Leake.

T:& S 10 Apoplexy Sutherland Fencible meo : Capt. Hon. s & 6 Anhma James Stuart, of late 1211 foot, to be Cap

4) Bawelbive tain of a Company, vice William Innes.

20 &

30 3 Childbed Capr. Jobo Wilson, of 411 foot, to be

4 Consumption Captain of an independent company of in 40 & 50 3 Dropty valids al Guerpley, vice Thomas Smith.

60 Maj. Joseph Ferguson, of 40th foor, to

60 & 70

s Killed by a fall be Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army.

70 & 80

80 & Commissions signed by bis Majesty for the army in

Stillborn Irclund.

190 & 1oo Suddenly

Two dated Nov. 2. 1780. viz.

Water in be head
3d horse (or carabineers): The Ri Hon.
Lt-Gea. Sir John Irwine, K. B. to be Co.

PRICES of STOCKS. lonel, vice Li-Gen. William Augustus Pitt.

oth dragoons: Capt. Andrew Corbett, of the horse greoadier-guards, to be Captain, Bank Stock, "114th. vice George Warde.

South Sea New Ano. 583 41hs a 3 8ths. One dated 08. 30. viz.

3 per cent. Bk red. 58 3 40hs a , Bibs. 68th foot: Licut. George Earl of Gra. 3 per cent. 1751, 58 14th. Bard to be Captain, vice Nicholas Colthull, 4 per cent. Conf. 58 3 4ths a 7 8ths. who retires.

Diuo New 1777, 72 7 8ths a 73.
One dated Sept. 8. viz.

India Bonds, 10 s. Ps. John Handcock, Esq; to be Fort-Major Navy and Vid. Bills, 11 i 4th per cent. of Charles Fort, in the room of William El- Lottery Tickets, 28). bios, Esq; who resigns.

Eschcquer Bills, a s. Pr. sth or Royal Irish dragoons : Capt. Ro. bere Hobart, of the 30th foot, to be Cap- 3 per cent. Conf. 60 5 8ths a 3 4ths. tain, vice Andrew Kirwan, by purchase.

4 per cent. Conf. 58. From other papers, bc.

: Ditto New 1777, 71 3 4ths a 7 sibis,

India Bonds, os. a 1ns. Pr. Sir Watkin Lewis, Kt, Lord Mayor of Navy and Vict. Bills, 11 3 81hs a s halk London; and Aldermen Sainsbury and Lottery Tickets, 39 l. Crichton, Sberills of London and Middleses. Exchequer Bills, ss. a Os. Per

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30 &


so &

7 Fever

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Dec. 1S.

Dec. 25.






Ć O N I E N T S. TITLE-PAGE, Series of Events, &c. AMERICA. Col. Ferguson defeated 689. prefixed to Jan. Mag. in the binding.

Congress reward André's captors, and ePARLIAMENT. Sinclair honours claimed rase Arnold's name from their list of offi.

677. Report of the Commillioners of ac cers ib. Letters found in a captured mailib. counts presented ib. The number of sea The CoN-SEQUENCES 092. men voted 678. Of the pavy-e

-estimates On SCOTTISH ANTIQUITIES 695. ordinary and extraordinary ib. On thank. Investiture of Sir H. MUNRO with the on. ing the late Speaker Sir Fletcher Norton sigas of the order of the Bath 699. 079. Adm. Rodney's return for thanks Gov. JOHNSTONE: an anecdote 701. 681. On thanking Lord Cornwallis, Gen. On Salmon. Foul and clean described 701, Clinton, and Adm. Arbuthnot ib. On 902. Monoculi 702. Lernea falmonea 701, addresling for a state of the number and 703. 4. Many females for one male 704. distribution of our troops in America 682. A remarkable imperfection of SIGHT 705. On the number of Americans in our ar HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. United Provinces : my ib. On the army.climates 683. A Insurers memorial 706. Letters, C. Wel. petition from India, complaining of the deren and L. Stormont 706, 7.

Commirsupreme court of judicature in Bengal 684. sions to privateers, and conditions 707. An advertisement by the Westminster com England 708. Ireland 710. mittee complained of by Mr Adam, and EDINBURGH regiment subscribers 712. defended by Mr Fox 685.

State of the British FLEET in the West InOn Capt. Cook's death 687.

dies after the hurricane, &c. 713. Sir Is. NEWTON: An anecdote 787. Lists, &c. Caprures 113. !nfirmaries and Report of the Commiflioners of ACCOUNTS dispensary 7is. Mortality.bills 716. 693.




committee, Nov. 13. that the commit[642.]

tee Should 'vote the number of feamen N the beginning of the fesfion a pe- and marines to be employed for the entition was presented to the House suing year. Last year, said he, abont of Lords, by Charles Sinclair, Esq; 360 Mips of war of different sizes had

claiming the title of Lord Sinclair ; been in commiflion, of which 87 were vt and it was referred to a committee of the line; and the men employed on privileges.

board of them amounted to 93,000. This The Commons, on a motion made by year the number in commiilion had inSir P. J. Clerke, ordered, Nov. 10. 2!at creased to 406, whereof 99 were of the the commissioners appointed by an act of line; carrying all together upwards of Jast session [435.], for examining and ita: 99,000 men. After having made the ting the public accounts, do lay before committee acquainted with the vaval the House an account of their progress; strength of the kingdom, bis Lordthip

on the 13th, Sir Guy Carleton pre- moved, that the committee would refented the Report of those commislion, folve, “ That 90,000 feamen, including ers ;-and on the 17th the report was or 20,317 marines, are necessary for the ferdered to be printed. [693)

vice of the year 1781." Lord Lisburne moved, in the supply. Adm, Keppel withed to know, wheVOL. XLII.

4 R


ther in the 99 fail of the line now in many additional masters and commandcommission, were included the fhips un ers, and by expences on the Jamaica ftadr Sir George Rodney; many of which, tion; the total fum he meant to move to his knowledge, from service and mif for under this head was 386,261 1. 58. fortunes, were in fo bad a condition, 8d. The extraordinaries, on the conthat he doubted whether the Admiral trary, were decreased, fince the last year's would hold himself justifiable in fending estimates, by the tum of 27,8871. and athem home during the winter. As to mounted in the total to 670,0161. His the number of seamen necessary to navi- Lordship enforced, concisely, the pecu. gate a thip of war, he knew it could not liar importance of our naval force at the be less than one third of her complement. prefent ära; and, without expatiating But he also knew, that in the last war, a on the merits of the Admiralty board at method was pursued, which he was large, observed generally, that its attenforry not to see in use in the present war, tion to the increase of our feet had been of niaking framen; for then an encou. indefatigable. Every Bip in the King's ragenent was held out to the marines, yard had been occupied, and no opporto quavify themselves as feamen; and if, tunity of building by private contract oup calling ou their captain to be exa mitted. mind, they were found qualified, they Mr T. Townshend rose, not to opwere immerliately to be rated as able- pose grants for the support of the navy, house feamen. Thus our laudmen but to make such observations upon the were in a short time converted into good estimates before the House as he thought framin. He admitted, that it was by confistent with the ceconomy which in ourmarine only that we could put an end the present exigency of affairs was fo to the war: but he also contended, that highly necessary. He observed, that the canders we should put earlier to see next amount of the list for the enJei than we had the last, it was in vain suing year was exactly what it was the for us to flatter ourseives with any hopes last, though the navy had been increased that our navy would destroy that of the last year, and was still to be further inen my

creased next year. He wished to know Lord Lisburne admitted, that many what reasonable cause could be assigned, fruips in our fleets abroad were in a bad why there should be an increafe of the condirion, and would want considerable navy without a decreafe of the half-pay repairs; but then there were several ca- lift. In the beginning of the last war we pai thips on the stocks, that were co- bad but twenty-eight flag-officers; and ming forward, and in the courfe of the the whole lift of Admirals at the conyear woull be ready to replace them. clusion of that war was no more than I was ato to be confidered, that if we thirty.fix.-- But the present list of Ad. hvad suffered in the West Indies, the mirals was no less than; out of French and the Spaniards had crippled which about twenty or twenty-one only thip, allo; to that, on balancing accounts, were in employ; and of these, but two we should be found to have a proportion of the old lift were now in commiflion,

fal of the line fit for service, a Adm. Rodney, commanding in the Welt gailit aliy number that France and Spain Indies, and Adm. Pye, whose fag was Canopole to us.

nying as port-admiral at Portsmouth. Several other members spoke, but did The rest were all upon the lift, not keep close to the point in issue; and and their country deprived of their ferthe çuition being put, it passed without vices, by the conduct of the First Lord ad video.

of the Admiralty. Amongst the officers Lord Lisburne then moved, That the fo driven, as it were, from the service, fun of to! pounds per man, per month, the Grtt names in the navy were to be hiin!' d for the fu port of the above found ; those of Keppel, Howe, Byron,

and this motion, passed Pigot, and Campbell. It is true, thoie Boletinanimously.

officers were unemployed at their own tive tih of December Lord Lif- delive; but surely, if they consented to brine opened the business of the navy. risk their characters under a First Lord

"30%!*es, for the ordinary and extraor- of the Admiralty, in whom they could a, firvices of the encurny year. The have no confidence, and from whom feli 14; he stated to exceed those of last they could expect nu honour or fincerity, pe! 2 cheat of 87,9131. chiefly oc- they must be fit for bedlam. winni by the recent appointment of


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laft war.

Lord Lisburne replied, that there were forfeiting his great, his just reward, the certainly a number of Aag-officers out of approbation of that House. Former employ,– some from age, others from Speakers had followed such ideas, eninfirmity, and others from private mo- joyed a sphere of action thus uncircum. tives, which he could not account for. fcribed, and attained, after a faithfui difOne reason, however, he could assign for charge of their duty, fi mething more the increase of fag officers in the present than parliamentary approbation. Mr Ontime beyood the number of them in the slow, whose worth he would not injure

It was now a rule of office, not by comparing him to any precedent or to promote a junior officer without rai- subsequent Speaker that ever fiiled the fing all his senior captains; whereas this chair, received, on retiring from public attention to feniority was not paid to the bufiness, the thanks of the House, at. service in the period alluded to. He left tended with something more; the throne it to those officers who from private was addrelled to provide for him and his motives had declined the service of their family. He would not flatter Sir Fletprofession, to explain their motives to cher Norton by comparing him to Mr the Hon. Gentleman; but he was au- Onllow; but he would tay, that he had thorised by one of them (Adm. Barring: deserved well of parliament, had discharton) to say, that it was not from any dir. ged his duty ably, diligently, impartialsatisfaction that he declined the command ly, and on retirement from the House in chief of the channel-fleet; so far from could not be refused its thanks without it, he was ready to serve his country in ingratitude. When a new Speaker was a subordinate command: but as it was chosen in oppolition to him lately, no thought adviseable to give the command imputation had been thrown upon his in chief to a junior oificer, it was of character; one excepted, which was de. course thought necessary to order Adm. rived from conduct that did him infinite Barrington to ftrike his flag.

honour, his speech on delivering a moLord Norih produced a list of all the ney-bill at the bar of the other House: poft-captains, and masters and com- This had been called flying in the King's manders, appointed at home by the Ad- face (569.); yet it was a speech contomiralty for some time, and shewed, that nant to the common practice of that everthey were all persons who had remark. admired Speaker Mr Onsow, and such a ably distinguished themselves, such as the one as in the same predicament genlieutenant of the Serapis, the lieutenant tleman would probably have made; a of the Quebec [41. 566, 7.], and others speech too for which he had received the whose services and merit intitled them to unanimous thanks of the late parliament. preferment. His Lord'hip said, that o - He concluded with moving, “That ther captains had been promoted by ad- the thanks of this House be given to Sir mirals on distant stations ; but that was Fletcher Norton, our late Speaker, for a privilege which the commanders of his conduct while in the chair during the squadrons abroad had always enjoyed, two last Parliaments.” and no fresh reason appeared for depri Sir William Gordon said, he would ving them of it.

oppose the vote of thanks to Sir Fletcher The resolutions proposed by Lord Lif- Norton on the fame ground that he burne were agreed to without a division. supported the nomination of Mr Corn

Mr Thomas Townshend, Nov. 20. call- wall; it would be inconsistent in the ed the attention of the House to a no extreme to do otherwise. He thought tion he had intimated some days before. too highly of parliamentary thanks to He premised fonie observations on the vote them inconsiderately; in his opinion dignity and importance of the Speaker's they conferred the highest honour a iub. trust; many qualifications he described ject could aspire to, and yet it had been as necessary to fill the chair advanta- usual in the last parliament to bellow geously, but independence was the most them with great profufion. It would e Tential of all. It was indispensable that perhaps be foon said of them, if not more a Speaker should feel his character and sparingly conferred, as a French officer intereft affected only by the discharge of said of the Croix de St Louisom" The hohis duty; wbile diligence and impartiali- nour is, not to have it, and it gives no ty characterised -bis official conduct, it honour when bestowed.” Mr Odlow's was requisite he should enjoy the full rewards had been mentioned as a precerange of private opinion, without risk of dent for the prefent vote; that gentle.

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