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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat,

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A CHRONOLOGICAL SERIES of Events, continued from our preceding volume,

To cach article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found.

1779. Feb. 84. Capt. Cooke, the celebrated circumnavigator, killed on the island O’why'he. 43. Sept.7.21. Britilh forts on the Mislilippi taken by the Spaniards. 27. Nov. 17. Congress receives a new French ambassador. 79.

28. Omoa evacuated by the British. 143. Dec. 15. Motion made in the House of Peeis respecting the public expenditure. 70. 130. - 20. Meff. Stratton, Brook, Floyer, and Mackay, cried for the arrest and imprison

ment of Lord Pigot. 102. 30. Affociations begun, and committees of correspondence appointed, for obtaining

a redress of grievances. 51.

Capt. Fielding takes some Dutch merchantmeo while under convoy of Dutch ware 1780. ships. 46. Jan. 8. Adm. Rodney takes a fleet of Spanish merchant-lips. 93. 16.

obtains a victory over a Spanith squadron. 94. Feb. 1. A commission passes the great seal appointing Gen. Clinton and Adm. Arbuthnot

ommiflioners for restoring peace in America. 49. 14. Mr bu nike preseors a bill for the better regulation of the civil lift, &c. 194. 14. An act passed in the British parliament, allowing Ireland to trade to North A,

mcrica, the West Indies, and the coast of Africa. 100. 23. Adm. Digby takes a French man of war and some transports. 99. Marcban. The British ambassador requires of the States-General to give an answer in three

weeks concerning the luccours claimed by G. Britaia. 155. The Empress of Ruffia sends a declaration to the belligerent powers respecting

neutral ships. 212. — - to which these powers return antwers. 270, 71. 29. The states of the province of Holland alledge, that the fuccours claimable by

Britain are confined to wars begun in Europe. 156. April 3. Ruflia invites the States-General to join the armed neutrality. 213. 6. The British Commons take into consideration the petitions from counties, &c.

245. 6. The states of Zealand recommend a negociation with Britain. 112, 57. Great Britain suspends all the stipulations respecting navigation and commerce

with the States-General. 214. -17. Rodney's and Guichen's British and French fleets in the Welt Indies engage.

29. Fort St John on the Spanish main surrenders to the British forces. 379. May 6. Infurre&tions in South America against the Spanith government. 490, 11. Charlestown in South Carolina surrenders to Gen. Clinton. 253.

A great deal of damage done by eruptions of Mount Ætaa. 434.
June 2. Most destructive riots in London. 28r.

9. Lord George Gordon committed to the Tower of London for high treason. 403.
-9. Martial law declared in Pennfylvania. 425.
iś. The British and French fleecs in the West Indies engage again. 303.
28. Trials of the London rioters begun. 362.

A proclamation in America by the Marquis de la Fayette, inviting the Canadians

to join the American confederacy. $34. fuly s. Adm. Geary falls in with and takes part of a fleet of Frenıb Welt-Iudia ships,

8. Denmark and Sweden declare their accession to the armed neutrality. 431,
11, Executions of the Londoo rioters begun. 417.
-11. A French fleet and army take pofseflion of Rhode island. 426.477.

Twenty ships of a fleet bound to Quebec captured by the Americans. 534.
Aug. 2. A fleet of British East and West India thips taken by the combioed Heets of

France and Spain. 443. 546.
16. Gen. Gates defeated by Lord Cornwallis at Camden in South Carolina. 485.
18. Gen. Sumpter defeated by Col. Tarleton. 487.

Great damage done by a fire at Petersburg. 544.
22. The two thips which failed in 1776, on a voyage for making discoveries, arrive

in Orkney. $49. 30. Privateers prohibited from taking their prizes into Portugal. 544. esp. s. The Britilo parliamçat disolved, and apother called, 49$•


257, &c.

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