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more than ordinary Title to the Happiness of the Beatific Vision. This will include two things,

I. THAT the Pure in Heart shall have a clearer and more inlarged Sight of God.

II. THAT they shall take a greater Delight in what they do fee of him.

And First, They shall have a clearer and more inlarged Sight of God. This will depend upon

Two Suppositions. I. UPON the peculiar Aptness of this Difposition for the Vision of God.

II. Upon the Will of God to afford a greater and clearer Manifestation of himself to a Soul so disposed.

That Purity of Heart has a peculiar Aptness in order to the Vision of God, we need not doubt, if we consider that the only Reason why we fee not God, now, is the Grossness of *this Tabernacle wherein the Soul is incased. This is that Glass through which we now see so darkly, and which makes us do so, i Cor. 13. 12.

This is that black Skreen that parts the Material from the Intelligible World. The more abstract therefore we are from the Body, and from the Bodily Life, the more fit we shall be both to behold, and to endure the Rays of the Divine Light. We find that even now the purer and finer our Blood and Spirits are, the


freer and clearer are our Thoughts. The more bright and transparent this Glass is, the more the Ideal Light will dạrt in upon our Souls. And the same will hold in proportion hereafter. The purer the Soul is, the purer will all its Fa: culties and Operations be; the lefs it will retain of corporeal Gusts and Relishes, the more recollected and undivided will be its Powers, for Unity of Thought follows Unity of Desire; and othe fewer things a Man desires, the fewer will be his Thoughts, and confequently the more strong and vigorous upon the Object where they fix. To which we may add, that the purer the Soul is, the purer will also be her Resurrection Body, which is of great moment to the Vision of God, as well as to other Spiritual Operations. For we must then see through å Glass as well as now; only the Glass will be clearer, according to the different Purity of the Soul, which even in this Life gives a particular Brightness of Air to the Countenance, and makes the Face to shine with an unimitable Lustre. Purity of Heart therefore even upon this single account has a peculiar Aptness in order to the Vision of God. But to this may be added, Secondly, the Will of God to afford a greater

and clearer Manifestation of himfelf to a Soul so disposed. For 'tis highly rational to believe, that God who is so great a Lover, will also be a liberal Rewarder of inward Purity; and that he who delights to dwell in pure Hearts

will reveal himself in a very

plentiplentiful measure to such hereafter. So that both from the Aptness of the Disposition and from the Will of God we may conclude, That the Pure in Heart shall have a larger Share of the Beatific Vision.

Nor shall they only see more of God, but, Secondly, take a greater Delight in what they do fee of him. And this is the principal Ingre. dient of their Happiness: For 'tis not the meer having, but the delighting in a thing that makes a Man happy. And this is the Condition of Pure Souls. The same Purity which procures them a more inlarged Sight of God, will also make them to delight in the Vision of him, so that they shall Taste as well as See how good God is, Psal. 34. For the purer the Soul is, the liker it is to God who is Essential Purity; and the more it resembles God, the more it must needs love and delight in him.

LIKENESS is the greatest Indearment of Love," and the most natural Foundation of Delight and Complacency. We see this in all the Orders of Being, and in all the Degrees of Life. In the Sympathetic Associations of Vegetables, in the Voluntary Consortings of Animals, and in the chosen Friendships of Men. But most of all may

this be seen in God bimself. What is it but the molt perfeet Likeness and Conformity of Essences, Understandings and Wills that renders the Sacred Persons of the mysterious and adorable Trinity so infinitely lovely and agreeable to each other! This was that which made the Fa


ther say of the Son, Heb. 1. 3. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased, because he faw there the Brightness of his Glory, and the express Image of his Person. And upon this is founded that mutual Delight which the other Sacred Persons enjoy from each other. That therefore which makes the Persons of the Holy Trinity delight in one another, inust needs make the pure Soul delight in the Holy Trinity. A pure Soul cannot but delight in a pure God, and the purer she is, the more she will love and delight in him. Purity of Heart does even here Anticipate, much more then will it hereafter increase the Joys of Heaven.

It remains therefore, that having this excellent Hope, we study to purifie our felves even as God is pure, and so endeavour to resemble and transcribe the Divine Perfections here, that we may contemplate them with the greater Complacency and Delight hereafter. To which purpose, let us now and always pray in the Words of our Holy and Devout Church,

O God, make clean our Hearts within us, And take not thy Holy Spirit from us. Amen.

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DISCOURSE the Seventh.

MATTH. V. Ver. ix.

Blessed are the Peace-makers, for they sball

: be called the Children of God.


HE Words very well become the Mouth of him that spake them, who was himself the greatest Peace-maker

in the World. He made Peace in Heaven by the Blood of his Cross, and endeavoured to promote it on Earth. He first reconciled God to Man, and then tried to reconcile Men to one another. He chose to be born in the most quiet and peaceful State of the Roman Empire, when Augustus in token of an Universal Peace had shut up the Mystical Gates of Janus his Temple. And when he came into the World his Proclamation by the Angels was Peace; and when he was to leave the World, the same was his Legacy, John.14. Peace I leave with you, my peace, 1 give unto you. The Order of his whole Life was a constant Compliance with the Peace of the State, whereof he gave Two signal Instances, in Paying Tribute when not obliged, and in Forbidding Resistance of the Officer that seized him; and his last Prayer was for the Peace aiid Unity of the Church. And now, since by this great Love and Study of Peace he shewed


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