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Practical Discourses

Upon the

Of our Lord and SAVIOUR

Three other Volumes of
By JOHN NORRIS, M. A. Rector of

Bemerton-near Sarum,

Printed for Edmund Parker, at the Bible and Crown

in Lombard-Street. 1724.

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Thoma Io my much Honoured pellen

Friend and Patron



BIS a Maxim of Prudence given

by some of the Nicer Describers ?T

of the Bounds of Gratitude, That it ought to be temper'd between a total Neglect and a full and just

Requital. To strike off all Scores is, they fay, as uncivil as to discharge none, and every whit as disingenuous not to suffer, as not to acknowledge an Obligation.

Now, Sir, 'tis one of the proper Happinefses of my little Fortune to be necessarily cald up: on this Measure. I am got too far in your Āccounts to be able to requite to the full ; some part of them I must ever leave uncrossed as a standing Hold upon me; and tho' my Gratitude it self be never so strong and pregnant, yet the most forward Instance of it can rise no higher than an Acknowledgment.

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AND as this is the utmost I can do, fo of do

this too I have fo few Capacities and Opportunities, that I am the less willing to let go any that offer themselves ; which indeed has given a speedier Issue to my Deliberation, whether I oùglie to Address these Discourses to your Patronage or no, which perhaps without the Formality of a Dedication, would of Right belong to you, as falling within your District, and as being the Fruits of that Retirement which by your Free Bounty I enjoy.

As an Acknowledgment therefore of this and your other constant Favours, I presume to put these Discourses into your Hands, which I hope will be able to do both Tou and Me that Justice, as to convince the World, that as you proceeded by generous and uncorrupt Meafures in difpo. sing of this Publick Truft, fo you was not altogether mistaken in your Choice, when you thought fit to Oblige

Pour Humble Servant,

Newton St. Loc.
April 21. 1690.

John Norris.

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HERE commend to thy serious Peru

sal a Set of Select Discourses upon the I

Beatitudes, which were at first under.

taken; and are now publisb’d for the Publick Benefit of all well-disposed Christians. The Subjects themselves are as Great and Noble as any perhaps that occur in all Practical Divinity, being the Prime and Capital Aphorisms of our Saviour's excellent Sermon upon the Mount, and containing the Fundament al Principles of all Christ's Practical in structions, and of a true Christian Temper and Life.

Here we may see what the Philosopher so much desired) the true Living Idea of Vertue and Goodness; nay more, what 'tis to be a Christian, an Interiour Christian, a Christian indeed. And I hear. tily wish that those whose Orthodoxy is chiefly employed in giving out Marks and Signs of Conversion and Saintship, wherein their End seems rather to be the distinction of a Party, than any real Promotion of Godliness, would choose rather to dress their Interiour by this Glass, and afterwards try it by this Mea.


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