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We desire to inform you that our deeply beloved and revered Father directed, with almost dying words, a selection to be made from his Sermons, and presented to you. This proof of his tender remembrance of you in his last hours will (if possible) excite towards him in an increased degree, those feelings of reverence, gratitude, and affection, which ever warmed each bosom; and invaluable to you will be this precious token of his paternal love!

Thus “ the sacred Dead still speaks!" He urges you again, yes! on each renewal of your perusal of his pages he repeats his exhortation, “ Prepare to meet your God.” May the especial benediction of the Almighty accompany his reiterated instructions: and may He prepare the heart of each individual for the reception of them, that they may bring forth fruit a hundred fold.


These Discourses were not written with the intention that they should appear in print; nor have they undergone any revision by the Author as a preparation for the press.

Your Shepherd has not only cared for the sheep of his flock, but he has provided for the tender lambs! He has bequeathed a sum of money for the support of the School for female children and young females, established near Formby Hall, “ for the instruc“ tion and perfecting in knitting, sewing, “ and plain needle-work, the female children “ of the poor belonging to the Township of “ Formby, and especially in reading, and “ learning the Church Catechism.” The appointed Managers of this fund are directed to put it out at lawful interest, together with such sums as shall accumulate from such interest in the period during which the said School shall, as at present, be conducted and managed. He has also made a further bequest of a sum of money to be placed out at lawful interest, with the direction that the said interest shall, from time to time, be expended in the purchase of New Testaments, and Books of Common Prayer and religious Tracts, to be given to young persons, or to the poor, according to the wishes and at the discretion of the said Managers.

“ The sacred Dead still speaks” to you in the legacy of his example! Towards the

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