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the historical and Exalted Christ,

Diognetus, Epistle to, reference to, 313.
Divine and human in Person of Christ

not in antithesis, 47, 203, 213.
Dogmatic idea of Christ, 21.
Dorner on the Person of Christ, 208;

the idea of Christ in the Middle

Ages, 307.
Drummondon Messiahship of Jesus, 13.
Dual consciousness of Christ, theory of,


Dualism removed by Christ (see under

Dyke, Dr. van, the Gospel for an Age

of Doubt, 250.

Ecke on the theology of Ritschl, 310.
Edwards {The God-man) on Person of

Christ, 210.
Emerson on the exalted terms applied

in New Testament to Christ, 179.
Enoch, the Booh of, its Christology,


Ephesians, Epistle to, its leading ideas,

151, 162, 163.
Equal with God, the being, meaning

of, 189.

Esdras, Apocalypse of, on the sin of

Adam, 287.
Essenes, their doctrines, 156; references

to, in Epistle to Colossians, 153.
Everting on angelology of St. Paul,


Evil in the world, problem of, 173.

Ewald on Paul's Epistles, 34.

Experience, Christian, the source of
Paul's Christology, 14: what his
experience of Christ was, 34.

Fairbairn, Dr., on the Death of

Christ, 83.
Faith, in Paul's religious system, 94.
Fall of Man, Jewish opinion on, 83,

287; view of modern science on, 96.
Fatherheodof God, Paul'sdoctrineof,45.
Final cause of creation, Christ the, 177.
Flesh, the, in Christ, 38.
Forgiveness of sin, connection of with

the Death of Christ, 78.
"Form of God," meaning of, 189.
"Fulness of God," Christ the, 156.

Grss on terms "Son of Man" and
"Second Adam," 230; his Christ-
ology, 212 ; his Person and Work of
Christ, 26; the love of God in the
Death of Christ, 76; wrath of God
and Death of Christ, 283.

Gifford on Phil. iii. 5-11, 189.

Gladstone, W. E., on Christianity and

Theism, 136.
Clod on the Holy Spirit in the natural

man, 36; the Pauline pneumatology,


"Glory," meaning of, in Paul's Epistle*,

God-man eternal, theory of, 209.

Goethe on the Person of Christ, 226.

Gordon, General, on the Indwelling
Christ, 131.

Gore, on the Church as the extension
of the Incarnation, 127 ; the Catho-
licity of the Church, 162; the Inward
Christ, 131 ; the Humanity of Christ,
23; the Kenosis, 25, 207; on the
historical Christ, 237; on gradual
apprehension of the Christian ideal,

Gordon, G. A., the Christ of To-day

quoted, 211.
Gospels, Picture of Christ in the, how

far affected by Pauline bias, 225.
Gottschick on the divinity of Christ, 315.
Grafc, £., on Paul and the Book of

Wisdom, 118.
Gratt quoted, 17.

Greek Philosophy, influence of, on

Christian ideas, 195.
Green, T. //., on the Immanent Christ,


Gunkel on the Holy Spirit in Paul's
teaching, 115.

Ha'r/ng, on forgiveness and penitence,
90; the love of God in the Death of
Christ, 278; on Death of Christ as
demonstration of evil of sin, 286.

Harless on phrase tv Xpiorip, 121.

Harnack on resemblance between
Apollinarian and Pauline Christ-
ology, 212.

Haupt on Phil. ii. 5-8, 200, 216.

Hausrath on references to the historical
Christ in Paul's letters, 263.

Headship of Christ over Church, 167;
over principalities and powers, 170.

Heavenly Man, Christ the, 51; idea
of in Jewish theology, 201.

Hebrews, Epistle to: its Christology,
18; echoes in it of Paul's doctrine of
the Archetypal Man, 63, 172.

Herrmann on Paul's faith, 29; Jesus'
self-assertion in Gospels, 228; God
in the historical Christ, 252; Person
of Christ, 316, 318.

Historical Christ, the, 6, 238.

Hofmann• von, on Sonship of Christ
43; I Cor. x. 4, 187; the Gospels
and Epistles, 257.

Holiness of God revealed in the Death

of Christ, 88; of Christ, 37.
Holy Spirit, Paul's doctrine of, 113.
Holtzmann on difficult passages in Paul,

29 ; on the doctrine of the pre-existent

Heavenly Man, 201.
Hort on worship of angels in later

Judaism, 157; on imitation of Christ,


Hutton on Paul's teaching on the pre-
existent life of Jesus, 187; on the
Kenosis, 207.

Ideal, Christ the, of humanity, 60.

Idealism of Paul, 105.

Image of God, Christ the, 48, 159; in

what sense shared by believers, 160.
Imitatio Christi, Christ's doctrine of,

103, 286.
Immanence of Christ, 112.
Immortality, Paul's hope of, 130.
Incarnation, without a Fall, 54;

different views of, by John and Paul,


Intercession of Christ not a Pauline
doctrine, 142.

Jess quoted, 231, 319.

Jesus, frequency of name in Epistles,
10; relation of the Jesus of history
to the Christ of experience, 223, 236.

John, St., Christology of, 19.

Jowett, B., on the ethic of Christianity,
103; Paul's knowledge of the his-
torical Christ, 265.

Judaism, belief in angels in later,
166, 171.

"Judgments of value" in Ritschl's
theology, 311.

fulicher on the Epistles of the imprison-
ment, 28.

Kahler, on the sinlessness of Christ,
38; on the pre-existence of Christ, 197.

Kaftan on the Person of Christ, 316,

Karl on phrase " in Christ•" 294.
Kattenbusch on Person of Christ, 318.
Kenosis, doctrine of, 24, 205.
Ker, Dr. J., on the Christ of the

Gospels, 244.
Klopper, his Commentary to Epistle to

Colossians referred to, 153-
Ktwwling on Witness of the Apostles to

the history of Jesus, 263.
Wifxot use in Septuagint, 295.

Latham's rastor Pastorum quoted, 42.
Law, the bearing of, on the Death of
Christ, 82.

Law, William, on the Second Adam in
us, III.

Lietztnann on the "Son of Man," 230.
Lightfoot, Bishop, on Phil. ii. $-11, 189.
Lipsius on the pre-existence of Christ,

Logos, incarnation of, in the Lutheran
and Reformed systems, 207.

Loofs on Person of Christ, 318.

Lordship of Christ, 134; over His
people, 13S; over the world, 139;
in relation to God, 140.

Love of God, how viewed by Paul, 75.

Luther on the Immanent Christ, 123;
Christ's lordship, 138; the man
Christ Jesus, 147; Phil. ii. $-11,

Lutheran doctrine of the Person of
Christ, 205.

Marshall, W., on the Nature of

Christ, 305.
Mary, Virgin, substituted for Christ in

the Middle Ages, 239.
Matheson, Dr., on the historical Christ,

6; on the spiritual development of

Paul, 266.
Max Keischk on relation of Exalted

Christ to the Christ of history, 244,


Messianic consciousness of Jesus, 226.

Monothelite controversy, 22.

Mudie, Rev. P., on "knowing Christ

after the flesh," 266.
Miiller, Dr. J., on the supernatural

birth of Christ, 273.
Mysticism, dangers of, 132, 244.

Natural laws and faith in Christ, 173.
NOsgen on the term "Second Adam,"

"Not Paul but Christ," 224.
Newman, Cardinal, on angels, 302.

Owen, Dr. John, on the atoning ele-
ments in the death of Christ, 90,

Paret, his article on Paul and Jesus,
263; source of Paul's doctrinal con-
ceptions, 16; the Indwelling Christ,

Pastoral Epistles, Christology of, 267.

Person of Christ as known to us, 25;
mystery of, 218.

Pfleiderer on the Pauline doctrine of the
Holy Spirit, 115.

Pharisaic theology, bearing on for-
giveness, 81 ; on origin of sin, 288.

Phil. ii. 6 explained, 215.

Philo on the heavenly and earthly man,

Si- . . ,

Powell on the principle of the Incarna-
tion, 203.

Prayer to Christ, 144.

Pre-existcncc of Christ, explanations of,
I94, 197. 3'7-

Radb on the Divinity of Christ, 316.

Rainy, Principal, origin of Christian
doctrine, 152; the pre-existence of
Christ, 199.

Reconciliation, Christ's work of, be-
tween God and man, 78; between
man and man, 163; between man
and angelic powers, 165.

Recapitulation of all things in Christ,

Redemption not an afterthought of

creation, 177.
Reformation, the Christ then preached,


Reformed Church, doctrine of Person
of Christ, 206.

Resurrection of Christ, its significance
in the Christology of Paul, 17; con-
nection with His Function as Second
Adam, 55, 65 ; relation to His Death,

Return to Christ, the, I.

Ritschl, A., on Christian perfection, 125;
justification and its consequences, 78;
Phil. ii. 6, 202; service to Christ-
ology, 246; his Christology, 309.

Rothe, R., on the holiness of Christ, 38;
humanity the medium of a Divine
revelation, 49; his doctrine of the
Second Adam, 65; on angels, 302.

Sabatier, 18 ; on Christand the Spirit,

119; on the historical Christ, 263;

on supernatural birth of Christ, 272.
Sacramental acts in reference to the

benefit of Christ, 102.
Sacrifice and the Atonement, 84, 277.
Sanday and Headlam, Commentary on

Romans, 41, 143, 282.
Schleiermacher's doctrine of the Second

Adam, 64.
Schmidt, R., on the Death of Christ,

99; Christology, 26.
Schenkcl, on the Christology of Pastoral

Epistles, 269; on Phil. ii. 5, 191;

on the supernatural birth of Christ in

Paul, 272.
Schneckenburger quoted, 205.
Schweizer, on relation of Christ's Death

to Law, 83 ; on Sonship of Christ, 46.

Second Adam, Christ the, 52; three-
fold function of, 111 ; idea of, in later
Epistles, 161 ; relation to the repre-
sentation of Christ in Gospels, 230.

Seeberg on Death of Christ, 79.

Shorter Catechism, its Christology,22,47.

Self emptying of Christ, 191.

Simon {Die Psych. des P.), 36, 300.

Sin in believers, 129.

Solidarity of mankind, 86, 97.

Son of God, Christ the, 41, 140, 217.

Son of Man: meaning, 229; history of
term, 230.

Sonship to God: Christ's Sonship and
believers', 45; stages of, 46 ; Christ's
teaching regarding Sonship, 232.

Sovereignty of Christ in Kitschl's teach-
ing, 314-

Spirit, Holy, Paul's doctrine of, 120;
absence of mention of, in later Epistles,
158; Sonship and flesh, 35, 123.

Stanton on the idea of a suffering
Messiah, 13.

Strong {Christian Ethics) on the teach-
ing of Christ, 10.

Supernatural birth of Christ in Paul's
Epistles, 271.

Supremacy of Christ, grander view of,
in later Epistles, 152.

Teichmanou the Pauline faith in Christ.

Thikotter on Ritschlianism, 309.
Transcendence of Christ, the, 112.
Type, Christ, new t. of manhood, 57,
58, 61.

UstON of the natures in the Person of

Christ, 205.
Universaiism of Paul, its connection

with his idea of Christ as Second

Adam, 56.

Weiss, J. (Gottingen), on the preach-
ing of the Risen Christ in primitive
Church, 251; Paul's doctrine of the
Spirit, 119.

Weiss, B., on the Gospels, and the per-
manence of the Christian faith, 247.

Weizacker, on Death of Christ, 98; his
translation of New Testament quoted,
41, 135, 280; on the importance of
the Christ of history, 248.

Westcott on Incarnation without a Fall,

Wisdom, Apocryphal Book of, its doc-
trine of the Spirit of God, 118, 292.
Wrath of God and Death of Christ, 282.


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