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Significance of Resurrection of Christ in this connection . 101

Paul's method as a moralist 103

Objection to his idealism 105

His faith in the invincible efficacy of Christ as Redeemer . . 106


Christ The Life And The Lord Of The New Humanity,

pp. 109-147

The twofold activity of the Exalted Christ as Spirit and as

Lord in

Christ as Spirit or Immanent in Man 113

St. Paul's doctrine of the Spirit of God 113

His distinction between gifts and graces of the Spirit. . . 115

The Spirit of God and Spirit of Christ 116

The Spirit and the Person of Christ 117

Relation of St. Paul's doctrine of the Spirit to the Book of Wisdom 118

Union between Christ and His people 121

Exposition of Gal. ii. 20 123

St. Paul's experience as pneumatic man 124

The Indwelling or Mystical Christ 126

The Mystical Body of Christ 128

The truth of Christ's immanence in the history of the Church 130

Mysticism 132

The Transcendence or Lordship of Christ 134

"Lord" ascribed to Him as Exalted 135

The issue of His life-work 136

The Lordship of Christ in the Christian life . . . . 137

Christ Lord, but subject to God 140

Identified with God in St. Paul's experience . . . .

Confession of His Lordship the confession of His Divinity . 145

Quotation from Dr. Dale to this effect 146


Later Developments: Christ The Fulness Of God, The Head

Of The Church And Of All Principalities And Powers,

pp. 149-180

Contrast between later and early Epistles 151

Historical circumstances of the Church at Colosse . . . 153

Enlargement of St. Paul's thought of Christ stimulated by these 154

Christ the "Fulness of God" 155


On its metaphysical side, the Person of Christ a mystery . . 218

The real proofs of our Lord's Divinity 219


The Christ Of History And Pauline Interpretation,

pp. 221-259

The relation of the Christ of Faith to the Jesus of History 223

"Not Paul but Christ" 224

Trustworthiness of the Gospel records 225

The Messianic consciousness of Jesus 226

Agreement between Jesus' judgment about Himself and Paul's

thought 229

The "Son of Man" and the "Second Adam" . . . • 230

St. Paul's representation of Christ as Son of God and the

embodied Spirit of God in agreement with the Gospels . 231

The meaning of Christ's Death in His teaching and St. Paul's . 232

Objection to St. Paul's representation that it takes account only

of the Death of Christ 234

Its one-sidedness, as ignoring Christ's work as Prophet . . 236

The Historical Christ in the faith of the Church . 238

Emphasis in modern times on the Historical Christ . . . 241

The plea for a Christology based on the history . . . 242

The importance of the historical for an understanding of the

religious worth of Christ 243

Depreciation of the historic picture by Dale and Weiss . 246

The virtue of the Exalted Christ in Paul's Gospel . . . 248

Van Dyke's insistence on the prophetic work of Christ in The

Gospel for an Age ofDoubt 250

The judgment of history on this view 251

Uses of the knowledge of Christ's earthly history in relation to

communion with the Exalted Christ 252

Harmony of the two Pictures in Christian experience . . 255

Von Hofmann on St. Paul and the Gospels .... 257

Lasting value of St. Paul's interpretation 258

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