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The Christian Doctrine of Immortality. By Rev. S. D. F. SAlmond, D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, Free Church College, Aberdeen. Third Edition. Demy 8vo, price 14s.

'For corwenlence' sake the subject of the book Is described as the Christian Doctrine of Immortality. But it wilt be seen that the word "Immortality" Is used in the large sense which Paul giues it when he speaks of "this mortal" putting on "immortality." Life, eternal life, the Immortality of the man, not the immortality of the soul, Is the message of the Bible, alike in Old Testament and in New, in Christ and in apostle, in John and in Paul. . . . The questions with which this book deals are not questions to be taken up lightly or disposed of easily. No one who understands their seriousness will be in haste to write of them. . . . The studies which its preparation have occasioned have been at times an anxious discipline. The result has been to confirm me in the conviction, that the teaching of Christ and the whole burden of the Christian Revelation make the present life decisive for the future.'—From tlie Author's Preface.

'Dr. Salmond's "Christian Doctrino of Immortality" is an able• truth-loving, and, from many points of view, comprehensive work.'—The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone.

'This is beyond all doubt the one book on the transcendent subject of which it treats. There is none like it—sound, frank, fearless, and yet modest in every page.'—The Methodist Times.

'Professor Salmond has rendered a service which merits the amplest recognition. Worthy of recognition are the courage which chose a subject bristling with difficulties, the patience and resolution which have weighed• sifted, and disposed of those difficulties, the method and scholarship which fit him to be a safe pioneer, the fairness of mind which inspires confidence, the lucidity and completeness of treatment which tell of a thorough digestion of the entire, multifarious material connected with the subject. The volume presents one of the very finest specimens of biblical theology that we have.'—Professor Makcus Dods, D.D., in The Bookman.

'The greatest work we have had for many a day on this great doctrine of Immortality. '—The Expository Times.

'The book steps at once into the front rank, and even into the first place.'—Principal Cave• D.D., in The Critical Review.

'This strong and impressive book has already, we believe, obtained a wide circulation ... its great and obvious merits.'—Guardian.

The Brotherhood of Mankind: A Study towards a Christian Philosophy of History. By Rev. J. Howard Crawford, M.A., Abercorn. Post 8vo, price 5s.

*.* The object of this book Is to show that the end towards which mankind are progressing Is a united brotherhood. This goal of mankind Is the key to human history. which unfolds a steady progress towards its realisation.

'A remarkable book. . . . The Church of Scotland has reason to congratulate herself that a book marked by such a truly catholic spirit, such a cultured tone, and full of such courageous criticism, should have issued from one of its country manses.'— Glasgow Herald.

'Mr. Crawford has done his work with highly commendable pains and skill; and he has succoeded in giving to it a charm which often amountB to a fascination. . . . The book is helpful and inspiring to an uncommon degree.'—Literary World.

'A very helpful book, and very timely. It is full of pregnant lessons from history and life.'—Methodist Times.

The Threshold Covenant; or, The Beginning of Religious Rites. By H. Clay Trumbull, D.D., Author of 1 Kadesh Barnca,' etc., Editor of the American Sunday School Times. Post 8vo, price 6s. 6d.

Professor A. II. Sayce writes:—'A thousand thanks for the advance sheets of "The Threshold Covenant." Like all your work, it is brimful of accurate knowledge and new points of viow, and is so charmingly written that a child could understand and follow you. I need not say I have been devouring the pages and admiring their wealth of references.*

Canon CHKYins writes:—' I am delighted to have been able to make early acquaintance with a book so full of facts which really illuminate the dark places of primitive times.'


Apologetics; or, Christianity Defensively Stated. By Alexander Balmain Bruce, D.D., Professor of Apologetics and New Testament Exegesis, Free Church College, Glasgow. In post 8vo, Third Edition, price 10s. 6d.

'Dr. Bruce has won for himself the foremost place among living apologists. . . . There does not exist in our language so satisfactory or original a treatment of the historicity of the Gospels, the claims of Jesus, and the significance of His appearance; nor have we so just and informing a criticism of the theories of primitive Christianity. . . . The Church at large will inevitably recognise Dr. Brace's "Apologetics" as a volume of great and permanent value.'—Expositor.

Being the Third Volume of ' The International Theological Library,'

St. Paul's Conception of Christianity. In post 8vo, price 7s. 6d.

'A living book, candid, clear, and supremely able; a book worthy alike of the author and the great subject with which it deals.'—[Review 0/ the Churches.

'There need be no hesitation in pronouncing it the best treatment of Faulinism we have ... A book of first-rate importance.'—Expositor.

The Kingdom of God; or, Christ's Teaching according to the Synoptical Gospels. In post 8vo, Sixth Edition, price 7s. 6d.

'To Dr. Bruce belongs the honour of giving to English-speaking Christians the first really scientific treatment of this transcendent theme . . . his book is the best monograph on the subject in existence.'—Bev. James Stalker• D.D., in The British Weekly.

'The astonishing vigour and the unfailing insight which characterise the book mark a new era in biblical theology.'—Professor Marcus Dods, D.D.

The Training of the Twelve; or, Exposition of Passages in the Gospels exhibiting the Twelve Disciples of Jesus under Discipline for the Apostleship. In demy 8vo, Fifth Edition, price 10s. 6d.

'A volume which can never lose its charm either for the preacher or for the ordinary Christian reader.'—London Quarterly Review.

'An elaborate study of the teaching of Jesus, which after twenty-five years is still unsurpassed.'—British Weekly.

'A great book, full of suggestion and savour. It should be the companion of the minister.'—Mr. Spurgeon in Sword and Trowel.

'That minister who has not read " The Training of the Twelve" betrays an indifference to modern thought which is unpardonable.'—President Harper in The Biblical World.

The Humiliation of Christ, in its Physical, Ethical, and Official Aspects. In demy 8vo, Fourth Edition, price 10s. 6d.

'These lectures are able and deep-reaching to a degree not often found in the religious literature of the day; withal, they are fresh and suggestive. . . . The learning and the deep and sweet spirituality of this discussion will commend it to many faithful students of the truth as it is in Jesus.'—Congregationalist.

'We have not for a long time met with a work so fresh and suggestive as this of Professor Bruce. . . . We do not know where to look at our English Universities for a treatise so calm, logical, and scholarly.'—English Independent.

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