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VII. (Moved by JAMES Fison, Esg. of Thetford, and seconded by the Rev.J.P. WANLIN,

A.M. Chaplain to the Swedish Embassy in London.) That the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Members of the Committee, for their attention to the affairs of the Society during the past year ; to the Rev. JOHN BURDSALL, the Rev. JOSEPH TAYLOR, and the Rev. RICHARD WATSON, the General Secretaries, for their services during the year; and to those Ministers who, in their several Circuits and elsewhere, have zealously advocated and

promoted the plans of this Society. VIII. (Noved by MR. SCARTH, of Leeds, and seconded by the Rev. WILLIAM HENSHAW,

of Portsmouth :) That this Meeting, solemnly recognizing that great principle of our Holy Religion, that the success of all human endeavours in extending the Kingdom of Christ in the world depends wholly on the Divine blessing, and considering, particularly, the great moral difficulties which are opposed in all Pagan countries to the progress'of the truth; earnestly recommends to all the members and friends of this Society, and of its Auxiliaries and Branches in every part of the world, to be more than ever abundant in supplications for the special blessing of heaven, and the promised outpouring of the Holy SPIRIT, on Missionaries themselves,

and on the Heathen world in which they labour. IX. (Moved by Jonx BURTON, Esq. of Manchester, and secondled by the Rev. JAMES

BUCKLEY, of Plymouth :) That the thanks of the Meeting are particularly due to COLONEL SANDYS, for his

attention to the business of the day.

We have the pleasure to state, that the Collections, Donations, and new Subscriptions, received in connexion with this Anniversary, considerably exceeded those of any former year. They amounted to upwards of ONE THOUSAND Pounds, erclusively of the engagement of a liberal Friend, in a Letter addressed to Mr. BUNTING, and by him read to the General Meeting, to give One Hundred Pounds to the Society, if a Missionary should be sent by it to Van Diemen's Land. This condition, though the benevolent writer knew not the fact, had already been complied with, by the appointment of Mr. Carvosso, whose affecting appeal in favour of that Settlement, inserted in onr Number for April, has so powerfully excited the sympathy and zeal, not only of the respectable individual here referred to, but of our friends in general. Such an increase of the Receipts at the Anniversary, when considered in Connexion with the increase which has, we believe, generally taken place in the regular Income of the Society, during the previous year, is highly encouraging to the Committee, in the more than exhausted state of the Fund, and has not failed to call forth their sincere gratitude to God, and to their generous Friends and supporters.

The most cordial and respectful acknowledgments of the Committee, and of the Society at large, are justly due to those excellent Friends, who so ably and efficiently pleaded, at this Anniversary, the cause of the Wesleyan Missions; and especially to such of them as, though themselves attached to other Denominations of Christians, afforded delightful evidence on this occasion, that they know so well the infinite and everlasting value of the Gospel of Christ, and of that “common salvation" which it proclaims to a ruined world, as to be able to say, in reference to its promulgation by “ faithful men" of any and of every name, that “therein" they “do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.”


Country. We are sorry that we have not room to give even an abridged account of the interesting Meetings of Auxiliary and Branch Societies which have recently been held, (in addition to those mentioned last month,) in various parts of the country; riz. at Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Newark, Pateley-Bridge, Gloucester, Stroud, Dursley, Kirkby-Moor side, (in the Malton Circuit,) and other places. The report of these Meetings is favourable, not only as it respects the increase, at almost every place, in the Collections, &c., but as it announces the increasing stability and growth of those prineiples, which must ever be the support of Missionary undertakings. Hence result the delight which the most spiritual and devoted Christians enjoy in these Meetings, and the prayerful and sympathizing frame of mind in which they retire from them ; and hence, too, arises the growing attention to system, and to steadfast and patient co-operation in obtaining, throughout the year, pecuniary supplies, for the support and further extension of this part of the work of God.


Letters have been received, during the last month, from our Missionary Stations in Ceylon; from those at Madras and Negapatam in Continental India; from South and West-Africa ; from some stations in North-America ; and from our Brethren in almost all parts of the West-Indies.

The accounts, contained in these letters, of the state and prospects of the Missions, are, in general, highly encouraging, and call for renewed thanksgiving to Almighty God. Extracts of them shall be laid before the public in the Monthly Notices, as soon as they can be admitted. In the mean time, we have much pleasure in giving the following very brief abstract of a part of their contents.

1. The Legislature of the Bahama Islands have unanimously passed a bill repealing the restrictive law, which had, for some years, prevented the public worship of our Negroes from being held before sun-rise, or after sun-set. This event has caused joy and gladness in many hearts, and it has, as was to be expected, been followed by a large increase in the congregations, in New-Providence and the adjoining Islands.

2. In the township of LIVERPOOL, Nova Scotia, two Indians have become the subjects of a very powerful work of grace. One of them, the chief of a tribe, has been brought to know and glorify God; and now exhorts his fellow-Indians, in their own tongue, to seek after him, if haply they may find him.

3. The Ceylon Mission, at all the stations, continues to increase in stability, and to extend its influence. Under the sanction of the LIEUT.-GOVERNOR and the other local authorities, granted in October last, we expect that the Missionaries are, at this very time, establishing Schools, &c. in a part of the interior of Kandy, where Christ had not been before named.

4. At NEGAPATAM, a town on the coast of Continental India, opposite to Ceylon, MR. SQUANCE began a new mission in September last. He was, on his arrival, affectionately received by the English residents and others; and the mission has commenced with very favourable prospects of success. The district of Negapatam is reported to contain two hundred thousand inhabitants ; and the town itself near thirty thousand. Mr. SQUANCE, who has been joined by Mr. Hoole, already preaches in Tamul to seven different congregations every week, besides officiating once in English and once in Portuguese. The word has been blessed; and twentyseven persons have solicited to be more particularly instructed by him, in private, as to the things belonging to their peace.

This “ good news from far countries" calls on the Friends of Missions at home to ir be steadfast and unmoveable, always abounding," by fervent prayers, and by liberal contributions of money, time, and influence, “in the work of the LORD; forasmuch as" they “know that" their “labour is not in vain in the LORD.”

ARRIVAL OF MISSIONARIES. We are happy to state the safe arrival of Mr. Duncan, and Mr. and Mrs. Young, at Jamaica ; Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse, and Mr. Felvus, at St. Christopher's; Mr. Squire, at Grenada ; Mr. Lane, at Sierra Leone ; and Mr. Morgan, at St. Mary's, West Africa.

DEPARTURE OF MISSIONARIES. The sailing of the ship Brixton for New South Wales having been delayed much longer than was expected, Messrs. Leigh and Horton and their Wives, and Mr. Walker, did not leave Gravesend till the 28th of April.-We again affectionately recommend them to the prayers of the friends of Missions.

The importance and the difficulty of establishing Christian Missions in New Zealand, and among the black natives of New Holland, 'must secure for Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, and Mr. Walker, a special interest in the intercessions of such as feel for the degraded state of the heathen in those countries.

To the District and other Treasurers. The TREASURERS of the Auxiliary and Branch Societies, and also the SuperintendentPreachers of those Circuits in which Branch-Societies do not yet erist, are respectfully requested to remit, as early as possible, whatever monies they may have in hand, on account of the Missions ; as the General Treasurers are very much in advance, and have large acceptances, which will become due in this month.

Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the General Trea.

surers, since the Account published last Month.

Monies received at the Mission House, or at the General Meeting.

. s. d. £. $. d. From A Friend, by the Rev. J. Burdsall

50 0 0 Thomas Allan. Esq.

10 10 0
W. H. Trant, Esq. .

5 5 0
T. E. Dicey, Esq. Claybrook Hall
Profits on Goods set apart for the purpose of increas
Funds of the Wesleyan Migsionary Society -

4 7 0
A.B., left at Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smiths
Y. M. by Messrs. Hatchard
Lord Robert Seymour -
A Friend, of London, by the Rev. J. Bunting .
A Friend at Lambeth, by Ditto . .
A Manchester Man, by the Rev. Robt. Newton
W.A. Hankey, Esq. for Re-building the Chapels at Tortola
Laytonstone Offering, by the Rev. J. Bunting .
D. Lister, Esq. Hackney, by Rev. H. F. Burder, A.M.
Legacy of the late Mrs. Davies, Battle Bridge

5 0 0
Sundry Subscriptions and Donations, under 25.

84 39 Mr. Kirby's Missionary Box

6 10 0 Sundry Missionary Boxes, each under £5.

18 19 10

324 - 00 From Joseph Bulmer, Esq.

Tottenham Branch. Treasurer of the Auxi

Society - - 91 38 liary Society for the

Westminster ditto - 72 0 London District

Deptford Circuit:
City-road Branch-

Rotherbithe 5 0 0
Society - - 300 0 0

Dartford 6 11 6
Queen-street ditto 196 % S

-11 11 6 Southwark ditto 80 0 0

Sundry Small CollecLainbeth ditto 41 7 lo

tions, London Circuits 28 4 6 St. George's ditto . 82 19 11

786 81 Bow ditto

13 15 0

From W. Carne, Esq. TreaPoplar ditto


surer of the Auxiliary Windsor Circuit - 811 5

Society for the Cornwall Brighton ditto, Groom

District bridge Brancb * 14 0 0

Penzance Circuit 116 0 0 Colchester Circuit . 9 00

Helstone ditto . 2500 Manningtree ditto 13 0 1

141 0 0

£. 9. d. ll. s. d.

£. s. d. £. 8. d. Froin Thomas Thompson,

w Bolton Circuit . . $1 I 6 Esq. Treasurer of the

Oldham ditto . . 34 5 S Auxiliary Society for the

Bury ditto

16 7 4 Hull District.. Hull Circuit

: Grimsby ditto

From R. Campion, Esq.
- 0 7 4

Treasurer of the Aurili.
Barton ditto - - 47 97

ary Society for the Whit.

848 5 il by District . . . 105 00 From Mr. Osborn, Trea.

Barnard Castle Circuit 49 10 surer of the Auxiliary

- 153 1 0 Society for the Canter.

From T. Roberts, Esq. bury District...

Treasurer of the Aux. Richester Circuit . 98 0 0

iliary Society for the Rye ditto .

3 18 10
Bristol District

260 ON Seven-Oaks ditto . 5 100

Froin the Treasurer of the

37 3 10 Dominica Auxiliary SoFrom H. Noyes, Esq.


87 9 10 Treasurer of the Aux

From Subscriptions of iliary Society for the

Friends in Jamaica - - 18 5 0 Portsmouth District--. Poole Circuit - - 3 5 6

From John Forshaw, Esq.
For Re-building Tor-

Treasurer of the Auxili.
tola Chapels -

ary Society for the Liver.
8 5 6 pool District o'

896 14 0 From Thomas Allen, Esq.

From Thomas Holy. Esq. Treasurer of the Auxili.

Treasurer of the Auxiliary ary Society for the Mac

Society for the Sheffield clesfield District...


210 OO Macclesfield Circuit 44 0 0

From the Treasurer of the
Buxton ditto . . 6 0 0.

Demerara Auxiliary So-
50 0

07 JS 3 From F. Marris, Esq. Trea.

From Christopher Wawn, surer of the Auxiliary

Esq.Treasurer of the dux. Society for the Manches.

liiary Sosiety for the Newter District

castle District-Manchester Circuit 878 5 10

Newcastle Circuit . 169 15 Ditto, S. S. Esg.

Sunderland ditto . 70 00 (Donation) - 0 0 0

South Shields ditto 6200 Salford Circuit - 76 1 9

North Shields ditto • 8000
Ditto, J. Burgess, Esq.

Durham ditio - - 29 15 6
Worsley, (Don) - 50 00

Gatesbend ditto - 25 9 3
Bacup Circuit • "400

Alnwick ditto - SO O O Rochdale ditto ...

The Committee present their Thanks for the following acceptable Presents to the Society ;-viz.

To Messry. S. and 1. Stocks and other friends, Manchester, for a chest of sundry valuable articles, for New Zealand Mission, including a present of books (Calmet's Dictionary, &c.) for Mr S. Leigh; to the Rev. W. Bacon, Bury St Edinunds, for forty copies of a Sermon on the Death of his late Majesty ; to Mrs. West, (hispenham, per Rev. W. Griffith, Bath, for six vols. of the Methodist Magazine, for New Zealand Mission; to Miss Hill, Portugalstreet, London, for Stepbeas's Meditations, 2 rols. ; to a friend at South Shields, for twelve voly, of the Methodist Magazine, ball-bound; to a friend at Manchester, for a piece of printed calico, for New Zealand Mission; to friends at Manningtree, for various articles for South Sea Missions ; to Mr. G. Clarkson, per Mr. Spence, York, for a bag of seeds, and sundries from two poor persons, for South Sea Missions; to John Newbury. Honiton, Devon, for two vots. of the Evangelical Magazine; to Mrs. Sincoe, Woolford Lodge, Devon, for one vol. of the Missionary Register; to friends at Greeuwich, for sundry articles for South Sea Missions; to the Juvenile Cominittee, Holbeck, near Leeds, for six yards of fancy staff for wais'coats, for South Sea Missions; to Miss Kenhy, Berrow, near Bridgewater, Some set, for part of fifteen years' Methodist Magazines, &c.; to friends at Knaresborough, fair sundry articles, per Rev. E Jones; to Mr. Musket, Warrington, for a present of books : to a friend at Redditch, per W. Whall, Birmingham, for eighteen ink-slands, and eighteen dozen black lead pencils; to Mr. Richards, ditto, for one gross of thimbles ; to Mr. Mole, diito, for four cleavers, for South Sea Missions; to a Lady (F. W for twelve dozens of the Lord's Prayer, in frames, to be given as presents to the children of the Mission Schools; to Miss Fanny Poole and Ladics in Taunton, for suadry articles for the Schools in Ceylon ; to a friend at Rye, for two vols, of the Methodist Magazine; m Mr. and Mrs. Cutting, Wir, (Manningtree Circuit,) for sundry Magazines for the use of the Missions; and to Mr. Lane Chester, for a box of various articles for the Missions.

Printed by T. Cordeux, 14, City-Road,

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