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general, and the cause of Missions We believed it to be our duty to in particular. The LORD hath un- petition the General Assembly, to dertaken for his people here in such a remove the restrictions under which manner, that it causes the "inhabit- we laboured, and with this intenants of these rocks to sing" for joy. tion, brother Rutledge and myself The restrictions, under which our waited on W. CARR, Esq. a memmission has laboured for more than ber of the Assembly, for his adfour years, are now, thank God, vice: he received us kindly, and fully removed, by an act of the Le- informed us that it was his intention gislature, in the present session; so to introduce a bill in our favour, which that we can again worship Gop in he hoped would save us the trouble the hours most suited to the circum- of petitioning; if, said he, the bill stances of our people. “O praise should fail, you can then petition the Lord for his goodness, and de. the House. He brought his bill in, clare his wonders among the children and it passed without a dissenting of men." Thank God, we have lived voice. On the 6th of March we reto see prejudice give way in a very opened the westward chapel in this great degree; the people, in general, town by candle-light, and a very no longer look upon our mission with crowded congregation was present. a jealous eye; they now believe it On the following Thursday I preached to be the cause of God; and not a in the eastward chapel, to a full few who, in times past, were its oppo- house. Our congregations on the nents, are now its warm advocates. week days have increased from two The past year in particular will be to three bundred more than they remembered with gratitude by many were, previous to the reínoval of the persons for years to coine.


Brief View of the Proccedings of the various Missionary Societies, extracted

from the latest Publications. The following very extraordinary account of the destruction of idolatry in the Sandwich Islands, has been published by the American Board of Missions. This event took place in November, 1819, before any Missionaries had arrived. Those sent by that Board reached their destination in March, 1821.

Early in the month of November, intervals filled with dry grass : the the Young King-who had himself roofs were steep, and thatched with been inducted into the office of grass, in such a manner as to defend High Priest before his father's death, from rain. The Morais, or sacred with a view to preserve his political inclosures, were formed by a sort of influence, came to the resolution of fence, and were places where human destroying the whole system of sacrifices were formerly offered. idolatry. This was done with full - Before these inclosures stood the deliberation, with the consent of all idols, from three to fourteen feet who had apy voice in the govern- high, the upper part being carved ment, and without any opposition into a hideous resemblance of the from the people.

human face. When the resolution was taken, The Taboo system was that which orders were issued to set the build- was perpetually 'used to interdict ings and inclosures consecrated to certain kinds of food, the doing of idolatry, on fire ; and while the certain things on certain days, &c; flames were raging, the idols were in short, to forbid whatever the king thrown down, stripped of the cloth wished not to be done. Oa some huog over them, and cast into the subjects, the Taboo was in constant fire; and, what is still moro mar- operation ; and had been, very provellous, the whole Taboo system was bably, for thousands of years. It destroyed the same day. The sacred forbad women and inen to ont tobuildings were, some of them, thirty gether, or eat food cooked by the feet square: the sides were formed same fire. Certain kinds of food by posts twelve or fourteen feet were utterly forbidden to the womes. high, stuck into the ground, and the particularly pork and plantains, iwe very important articles in those islands expressed a desire that Misislands. At the new moon, full, and sionaries might arrive, and teach quarters, when the king was in the them to read and write, as the people Morai performing the various mum- of the Society Islands had been meries of idolatry, it was forbidden taught. Tamoree, king of Atooi, to women to go on the water. Every and father of George, who sailed breach of the Taboo exposed the de with the Missionaries, was particulinquent to the punishment of death. larly desirous that teachers should But so well was the system under- arrive: he was very anxious to see stood by the people, and so great his son ; and has sent one of his subwas the dread of transgression, that jects, by a vessel now on her way the Taboo laws were very rigidly from Canton to Boston, with an exobserved.

press order for George to return. He We have said, that the Taboo sys- has also manifested a great wish to tem has probably been in operation visit Pomare, at Otaheite, and to see thousands of years. Our reasons for for himself the change that has taken thinking so are these. The same place there. system prevailed in the Society Both Captain Blair and Captain Islands, at the distance of three Clark, who have been acquainted with thousand miles nearly ; and in New these islands for more than twenty Zealand, at the distance of five thou- years, are confident that the Missionsand miles : while the New Zealand- aries will be joyfully received by the ers have been so long separated from natives that now is the very time for the Sandwich Islanders, that the lan- their arrival-and that their services guages of the two classses of people are peculiarly necessary to introduce have become exceedingly different. the truth after the destruction of The inhabitants of these remote idolatry. islands probably never bad any com- A joint Letter of the Missionaries. munication with one another till dated from Hanaroorah, in the island very recently, and now in European of Woahoo, July 23, 1820, gives the and American vessels only. But they following account of their arrival and must have descended from the same stations, and of the want of more race of men, after the Taboo System labourers, had been formed and was in full ope- Far removed from the loved dwellration. This must have been long ings of Zion in our native land, surago; but how long it would be use- rounded with pagans and strangers, less to conjecture.

we would lift the voice of grateful Captains Blair and Clark, both of praise, and call on our friends to reBoston, being then at the Islands, joice, for the LORD hath comforted left Owhyhee about the 25th of No. his people, and ministered unto us an vember, and carried down to Woahoo open and abundant entrance among and Atooi the King's orders to burn the heathen. But here we see no the monuments of idolatry there also. altars of abomination, nor bloody rites The order was promptly obeyed in of superstition. Jehovah has begun both islands. In Atooi, the Morais, to overturn the institutions of idolaand all the consecrated buildings, try, and to prepare the way for the with the idols, were on fire the first nobler institutions of His owl worevening after the order arrived.

The people of all these islands had While we were tossing on the heard what had been done at the So- waters of the Atlantic, and while the ciety Islands; and there is no doubt Church was on her knees before the that Providence made use of this in- HEARER of Prayer, He was casting telligence to prepare them for so won- down the vanities of the heathen, dederful a change. A Native Cbief, molishing the temples of paganism, named Tiamoko, has been for some and holding in derision the former time inclined to speak very contemp- pride and disgrace of this people. uously of the whole system of ido. We passed Cape Horn on the 30th latry: he was the chief man in the of January; and, on the 30th of island of Mowee.

March, arrived off the shores of these The Chiefs and people in all the long-lost and long-neglected Isles of

the Gentiles. But how were our ears he commands us, as the feeble follow astonished, to hear a voice proclaim, ers of the CAPTAIN OF Salvation, to In the wilderness, prepare ye the way go up every man straight before him, of Jehovah: make straight in the and, in the Name of our God, to set desert, a highway for our God! How up our banner. were our hearts agitated with new and "We have been allowed to plant the various and unexpected emotions, to standard of the Cross at Kirooah and hear the interesting intelligence at Hanaroorah, in this island; where " TAMAAHMAAH IS DEAD!-THE TABOOS the chiefs, the natives, and foreigners ARE BROKEN-THE IDOLS ARE BURNT! may, from week to week, hear the -THE MORAIS ARE DESTROYED!--AND sound of the Gospel. Most gladly THE PRIESTHOOD ABOLISHED!”

would we erect the standard on every This victory was achieved by that isle in this cluster, but we have no Arm alone, which sustains the uni- preacher to send. The people are verse. He, who in wisdom bas or without any form of religion, waiting, dained, 'that no flesh should glory in as it were, for the law of CHRIST; his presence, has saved us from the though they know not His Name, nor danger of glorying in the triumph; the way of Salvation. and has taught us, with a doring views At Kirooah, our brethren, though of his Majesty, to stand still and see subject to great privations, are allowed the salvation of God. Long, indeed, to engage in their appropriate work did we expect to toil, with slow and with flattering hopes of success. The painful progress, to undermine the king leads the way, as their bumble deep-laid foundations of the grossest pupil; and now begins to read intelliidolatry: but He, whose name alone gibly in the New Testament, desirous is Jezoval, looked upon the blood- to outstrip all his subjects in the acstained superstition, erected in insult quisition of useful knowledge. Two to Divine purity, and, without even of his wives, and two siewards under the winding rain's horn of a conse- their instruction, exercise themselves crated priest, it sinks from His pre- in easy reading lessons. sence, and tumbles into ruins; and


MISSIONARY MEETINGS. A Meeting was held, Feb. 5th, in Ebenezer Chapel, St. John's, Antigus, for the purpose of forming an Auxiliary Society for that Island, John Gilbert, Esq. in the Chair. The Meeting was numerously atiended, and the deep interest felt for the promotion of its object, promises much future success. --The Anniversary of the Bahamá Auxiliary Society was held in March ; and the Report states a considerable increase in its Funds above the preceding year.-A Society was formed at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Juge 20, and at Dudley on the 27th June; and Anniversary Meetings have been beld recently, at Leicester, Midsummer-Norton, Salisbury, and Newbury.

Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the General

Treasurers, since the Account published last Month.

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Monies received at the Mission House... Prom John Warner, Esq. Tottenham - . .

£. 3. d. £. 4. di Nottingham District. From Joseph Bulmer, Esq.

Newark Circuit iono Treasurer of the Auxi

Nottingham ditto liary Society for the

Leicester ditto - 31 London District-

Stamford and Peter. Biggleswade Circuit 12 8 0

borongh ditto . 27 St. Neot's ditto . 1 0 0

Ashby ditto . Sundries . . 5 19 11

Uttoxeter ditto

- --29 01 Burton ditto From Thomas Jerram, Esq.

Melton-Mowbray ditto 95 Treasurer of the Auxiliary Society for the

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