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asked him why he absented himself another town, I would send him there so long; and why he came back again with his fine character. His reply to without being fetched ? " Master," this was— Master, me can't leave he said, " that school fetch me. this school. Suppose, Master, you Suppose me can go school no more, whip me, or put me in black-hole, that make me afraid--me know now that right-you do ine good--me thing, if I no go to school and learn." run away for nothing : but me can't I told him I would have him no go away from this school here."more in my school-he might go Miss. Register. Aug. where he liked: if he would go to

AMERICAN BOARD OF Missions. The following anecdotes of liberality and exertion in the cause of Missions, taken from “ The Missionary Herald," published in the United States, will, we trust, have their effect in England. On both sides of the Atlantic we may “ provoke each other to love and good works.” We copy the paragraph by which they are introduced, as equally applicable to the Missionary Societies of Great Britain, and especially to our own :

It is very manifest, that extraor- within a month from the time of form. dinary exertions must be made to ing the design, she remitted the first support the Missions already sent bundred dollars. She reasons thus: forth from this country, or they must “ W'ere it to redeem my father from languish, the Missionaries must be the prisons of the inquisition, or my disheartened, and the people among mother from the funeral pile, or my whom they labour be disappointed. little brother from the waters of the In order to shew what may be done, Ganges, could I not collect, in 36) where a disposition to make sacrifices days, by my own industry, by wellexists, the following instances are devised plans, and by soliciting from selected ; and they are recommended my rich friends,- do you not think I to the prayerful consideration of could collect a thousand dollars? every reader.

"Try,' said Obookiah ; and I will In a village, which is furnished try." She immediately resolved to with several of the religious publi- open an evening school for the incations of the day, which is frequently struction of illiterate females ; all the called upon to aid the various objects avails to be applied to the favourite of benevolence, and which, with the object. community in general, is suffering A gentleman lately sold an artide from the pressure of the times; in of convenience, and remitted the this village and its vicinity, a young avails to the Board, with the obserlady has recently obtained sixty-five vation, that he could better be tricks subscribers for the Missionary Herald. the article, than the heathen could be As she made application from house without the Gospel. to house, she reasoned thus: If one A note, inclosing three dollars, was of your children should be sick, do lately received from a lady, as fel you not imagine, that, in the course lows : “ The inclosed mite is the of the year, you could settle the avails of muslin wrought, in a very doctor's bill of a dollar and a half? short time, by rising a little earlier : “ () yes.” Then surely you can the morning, and retiring a little laore take the Missionary Herald: perhaps at night. While farmers are cutti it may heal some diseases of the vating their Missionary fields, Bar mind. “ ( yes," was cheerfully not ladies do much with their needle responded with the name of one suh. And thus, by united exertions, the seriber after another.

means will be afforded of aiding this The same young lady purposes to great cause, for which Christ an collect a thousand dollars for the into the world, even the salater Board, in the course of a year; and, souls."

Two country clergymen have lately members pay annually to the Eduremitted fifty dollars each as dona cation Societies enough to support tions to the Board. A clergyman, four others. Yet the object was good, who lives in the interior, and labours and the call was urgent. One of the half the time as a Missionary in the members sent a donation of a hundred new settlements and destitute places dollars; and, after having celebrated of ourcountry, for a moderate stipend, the love of Christ at the communion has made eight donations to the Board table, the chureh contributed three of fifty dollars cach, since Sept. 1, hundred dollars. Thus a single 1813. He labours as a Missionary church, besides taking an active part at home, and applies a large part of in supporting Missions and distribis hard-earned wages to the support buting Bibles, will enable twelve of Missions abroad. It is not too young men to pursue their studies much to say, that, if all professed during the present year, with the Christians in our country, would design of becoming preachers of the exert similar self-denial and perse. Gospel. There are probably fifty verance, the Gospel would be preached richer churches in New England, to every human being in fifty years than the one to which we refer. Let from this day, and every family upon the arithmetician take his pen, and earth would have a Bible.

compute what would be the result, if The most remarkable instance of all the churches in this favoured land liberality in a church, so far as we were to go and do likewise ; how many have learned, is that of one of the thousands of in.ligent young men churches in Portland. An applica- would be educated for the ministry ; tion was made to the pastor for a col- how many hundreds of the heralds lection in behalf of the American of salvation would be sent annually Education Society. There had been to the beathen. But wben the acthree collections for other objects count is to be taken of souls rescued within two months; a large sum had from perdition, and prepared for lately been raised to build a confe- beaven, by human instrumentality, rence-room ; the church already sup- the power of numbers is lost, and we ported four indigent students pre- can only wonder and adore. paring for the ministry; and the

To the District and other Treasurers of Methodist Missionary Societies.

The TREASURERS of the Auriliary and Branch Societies, and also the 'uperintendent Preachers of those Circuits in which Branch Societies do not t exist, are respectfully requested to remit, as early as possible, whatever onies they may have in hand, on account of the missions ; as the General easurers are very much in advance, and have large acceptances, which will come due this month.

ontributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the General

Treasurers, since the Account published for September.

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p Charles Grant, Esq (donation)

H. Foxall, Esi. George Towi, Columbia, America, (ditto) Mrs. Varden, and Mr. E Varden, Executrix and Executor of the late Mr. Thomas Varden, of Dudley: being the

amount of his Legacy, (duty deducted) A Friend to Missions Sundry Suins under £5.

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£. s. d. £. s. d.

£. 3. d. £. s. d. From Joseph Bulmer, Esg.

From Mr. T. Broadbent, Treasurer of the Auxi

Treasurer of the Auxili. Jiary Society for the

ary Society for the Lynn London District

St. George's Ladies'

Lynn Circuit - - 5 4 0
Branch .
. 15 5 7.

Wisbeach ditto. - 6 2 G
Chelsea Branch - 10 0 0

Walsing ham ditto . 13 13 6 Waltbam Abbey Circuit 8 11 0

25 00 Brighton Circuit

From T. Holy, Esq. Trea-
Eastbourne . 10 00

surer of the Auxiliary Colchester Circuit • 90 00

Society for the Sheffield

- -58 16 71 District... From Mr. Robert Jeffrey,

Burnley Circuit . . . 45 0 Treasurer of the Auxili

From Job Ashworth, Esq. . ary Society for the Aber.

Treasurer of the Auxiliary deen District...

Society for the Halifax Aberdeen Circuit - 15 2 1

District . . . . . . 100 00 Peterhead ditto - 0 15 6

From W. Hant, Esq. TreaBanff ditto

5 0 0

surer of the Auxiliary SoElgin and Keith ditto 100

ciety for the Birmingham Arbroath & Montrose do.7 6 6

District . . . . . 100 Inverness ditto. - 10 1 0

From Mr. George Osborn,

39 15 7 Treasurer ofthe Auxiliary From Mr. John Howell,

Society for the CanterTreasurer of the Auxili

bury District ary Society for the Made.

Canterbury Circuit, ley District . . . . . 70 00

Doddington From M:. Davies, Trea

From H. Holland and Wm. surer of the Auxiliary So

Mawer, Esqs. Treasurers ciety for the ed Welsh

of the Auxiliary Society District..

for the Lincoln District--Holyhead and Beau

Louth Circuit . . 163 18 3 maris Circuit . . . 3000 Lincoln ditio . . $0 0 0 From Thomas Thompson,

Horncastle ditto - 59 96 Esq. Treasurer of the

953 : Auxiliary Society for the

From Thos. Roberts, Esq. Hull District...

Treasurer of the AuxEpworth Circuit .

. 55 0 0 1 iliary Society for the From J. Maccullock, Esq.

Bristol District . . . . 91 Is Treasurer of the Auxili.

| From the Treasurer of the arySociety for the Guera

Isle of Man District sey District-

Douglas Circuit . . . 43
Jersey Circuit . - - - 60 16 0 From John Jones, Esq.
From D. Greeve, Esq.

Treasurer of the Antigua
Treasurer of the Auxi-

Auxiliary Society, (inJiary Society for the

stead of €121, as in SepEdinburgh District

tember Notices)

145 93 From Job Forshaw, Esq.

From D. Fisher, Esq. TreaTreasurer of the Auxili

surer of the Montreal ary Society for the Liver.

duxiliary Society pool District

From the Treasurer of the Warrington Circuit • 47 0 0

QuebecAuxiliary Society ..

$60 Wigan ditto - - 2000 Preston ditto • • 100 0 0 Liverpool ditto • • 33 00

- 200001

The Committee present their thanks for the following acceptable Presents to the Society: TOMr.J. Colling, for five vols. of the Methodist Magazine; to Mr. and Misses Dieuaide, Southampton, for sandry Magazines, and four parcels of fish-hooks; to Mr. Dring, Streatham, for a plough-share, for South-Sea Missions ; to Mr. J. Morris, and other friends, Merthyr Tydville, for six iron buckets, twenty-three tin cans, and one dozen pencils, for South-Sea Missions: to female friends at Jersey, for sundry rewards for Mission schools, and various articles or wearing apparel, for Missionaries' Wives; to Mr. Weller, of Brightlinersea, for five voks of the Methodist Magazine, and two vols. of the Evangelical Magazine ; to Mr. Cand er Colchester, for a present to the Missions ; to Mr. J. Wailer, Luton, tur forty worsted tippels for children of Mission-schools; to Mr. Eynon, and Mr. Graham, Pembroke, for three vols the Methodist Magazine; to Mrs. Shore, Whatley, by Rev. J. Sinith, Froine, for sixteea valg. of tbe Methodist Magazine: to Mrs. Read, Deal, for a piece of music, to be said for the benefit of the Mission-Fund; to Mrs. Columbo, Deal, for presents for the Missionary Scbeoka at Colombo, Ceylon; to several persons in St. Kitts, West Indies, for sundry valgeble ar ucles of household furniture, for the use of the Mission there ; to several persons in Daan nica. West Indies, for sundry valuable articles of household furniture, for the use of the Mission there.

Printed by T. Cordeus, 11, Cing-Road.

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