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Commentary on the Song of Solomon.

"It is little to say that it is the best Commentary on The Song: it is one of the best Commentaries on an Old Testament book which it has ever been my happiness to peruse. For I have seldom found one which so delightfully combines scholarship and sound judgment with the devotional spirit, or one in which the results of much reading are so gracefully interwoven with the author's independent thinking. The book is especially valuable as a specimen of kind of Commentary much wanted in the present day,- bringing out as it does, the poetical charms of the inspired writer, and so commending the study to men of literary tastes. Almost the very day that I received your volume, a gentleman consulted me about a friend of his who had been sceptical, but who had now got the length of believing in the Bible as a divine Revelation generally, but who still stumbled at The Song of Solomon. I advised him to go at once and get your book, which he said he would. I do not know if I shall ever hear the result, but I suspect there are not a few to whom, in the same way, your work will be a word in season."-Rev. James Hamilton, D.D., Regent's Square, London, Author of Life in Earnest, &c.

"The Commentary of Professor Burrowes on the Song of Solomon is a gift to the Christian community of eminent value, and contains the rich results of a long continued investigation of this remarkable portion of the Scriptures. Without encumbering the work with a parade of learning, he has, nevertheless, succeeded in presenting all the valuable points of ripe scholarship as well as of a devout study of the Word of God. The purity of taste and varied learning of the eminent author are conspicuous alike in the body of the work and in the admirable selection of matter presented in the notes. The reader, guided by such an expounder of the Scriptures, will continually find new beauties in the Song, and will, above all, be greatly edified, and taught to value the privileges of the true believer, by the practical observations found on every page. This mode of explaining and applying the various portions of the Song, really shows it to be what he terms it in the Introduction, the Manual of the advanced Christian.' The work is worthy of the highest commendation."-Rev. C, F. Schaeffer, D. D., Professor of German in the Lutheran College, Gettysburg, Pa.

"I am delighted with your Commentary on several accounts. It nourishes both the intellect and the heart. When I wish to get very near to my Saviour, and have my love to him kindled afresh or fanned into a flame, I can get on my knees in private with your precious volume before me, and feel greatly aided in effecting this end. You must yourself have derived great spiritual benefit in writing this work, obliged as you were to think and speak so much of the • Beloved.' ”—Rev. I. M. Olmstead, Author of Noah ana his Times, &c.

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You have executed a very difficult and delicate task with skill and judgment. I think the book will serve to bring that portion of the Word of God more into the course of practical reading of pious people, and enable them to enter into its spirit. There is doubtless a great falling off in the devotional exercises of Christians of our day, as compared with those of some other periods of the Church. We have so many societies and so much outdoor life, that the work of the closet, and communion with God, and devout pondering on his Word, are often sadly neglected. Your work is adapted to counteract this evil; and I hope you will have the satisfaction of finding that it has ministered to the greater spirituality of the Church."-Rev. Charles Hodge, D.D., Professor, Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J.

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