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us to pump every half Hour ; but the Leak being 17.28. much the same, while at Sea, we were the more easy about it: I cook care of those two Peopie that were fick, who soon recovered. The 3d and 4th Days of the Sixth Month, it was very windy, with Lightning, Thunder, and Rain ;' in which rough Weather one of our belt Sailors puc his Shoulder out of Joint, and they brought him to me to see if I could do him any Service ; I was not forward to meddle ; but the Man and the People believing, if I would undertake for hiin, I might help him ; I told them, that cho'l did not understand Bone-sercing, I would instruct them the best I could ; then I ordered him to set down up." on the Deck, and to be strip to the Waist, and got a round Piece of Wood as thick as his Arm, and wrapt a Piece of Cloth about it, chat it might not bruise his Flesh, and put it under his Arm, and ordered two Men, one at each End of it, to lift up strongly, and a third Man to stretch his Arm out, and keep it down withal ; which being done, the Bone went into its Place; for which I was thankful in my Heart to the Almighty.-About the roth of the Sixth Month we safely arrived at Speight's Town in Barbadoes, being the Pardadors First-day of the Weck. From whence I had an Opportunity, by Alexander Seaton, Master of a Veffel bound to Pensylvania, to find an Account of our safe Arrival. i

I had many Meetings in the Inand, and made several Visits to divers lick Persons, one of which was particularly to the Sacisfaction of the Perfon visited and his Relations : He died, and was buried ac Hearbcoti's Bay, where we had a large Meeting at our Meetinghouse, where was many People, and it was a good, seasonable Opportunity ; in which I had Occasion có remind them of their Mortalicy, and press them to a holy Life, the Way co a happy Immortality. I had divers Meetings at Bridge-town, Speight's-Town, and the Spring; where the Testimony of Christ's Gospel was well received. And after a Stay of three Weeks,

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1728. I left Barbadoes on che ist of the Seventh Month, and

t ook my Passage in the Amity, Charles Hargrave Master, At Sea:

who was very friendly to me in my Passage, as were all on board. We arrived at our Port without cafting

Anchor in all our Voyage, and laid the Vessel to the Philadel.

Wharfe at Philadelphia ; and on my landing I immepha,

diately went into the Meeting of Ministers and Elders (it being just Meeting Time) where we were much comforted together in Christ ; after which I went Honie, being lovingly received by my Wife and Family, having been from Home about ten Weeks.

After I came Home from this Voyage, I visited the Meetings of Friends at Philadelphia, Frankfort, German-town, the Falls of Delaware, Burlington, New-Hanover, Mount-Holly, Fair-Hill, &c.

The ad of the Ninth Month I was at the QuarterlyPhiladel

meeting of Ministers and Elders at Philadelphia, where phie,

I met with Josepb Taylor, a Friend, who had visited our Meetings pretty generally on the Continent of America, in the Ministry of the Gospel, and was now on his Return homewards, with whose Visie Friends had good Unity, and certified the same to our Brethren of the Meeting where he lived in Great Britain.

After this I was at divers Meetings in Pensylvania and Jersey; and the latter End of the Ninth Month, Sarab, the Wife of Jeremiah Elfretb, died very sud. denly, having been the Day belore walking in her Garden ; she was a fober, young Woman, and her Death much lamented; her Burial occasioned my Stay at Philadelphia, which I had divers Times shunned, because a Concern had been on me for some Time, to declare to the People of thạt City, Thac the Lord was angry with the Legislators of Pensylvania, because they were not so much concerned to promote Religon and Piety as they ought, and to make such Laws as might prevent the exceflive Increase of Publick Houses, which often prove Şeminaries of Satan ; but ftrove to promote Parties more than Religion ; And that the Lord was angry with the Magic 1728. strates, because they did not so much as they might, and ought to do, put those good and wholesome Laws in Execution, which were already made, against Vice and Immorality; And that the Lord was angry with some of the better Sort of People, because they seek and mind the Things of this World, more than the Things of God and his Kingdom. But I was helped to clear myself in the Morning-meeting, to the Sacisfaction of many of the Honeft-hearted, and unburden my Mind of a great Exercise that I had long lain under.

In the Afternoon we had a large Meeting at the Bank-meeting-house, occasioned by the aforesaid Burial; the Resurrection of the Dead was declared in that Meeting, according to the Doctrine of our Saviour Jesus Christ, the great Author of the Christian Reli. gion, and also of that eminent Apostle Paul; and that old and false Calumny, that our Society denied the Resurrection of the Dead, was publickly denied and refuted. The People were exhorted to live well that they might die well; and then they need not doube but that they would rise well at the Resurrection in the last Day: The Meeting concluded with Praise to the Almighty for all his Mercies, and Prayer to him, that he would sanctify that Day's Service to the People.

In the Tenth Month I prepared for anocher Voyage to the Inand of Barbadoes, and had the Ship Bristol Hope, consign'd to me, but the Winter setting in sooner than common, caused our Stay much longer than we expected, whereby I had the Opportunity to visit divers Meetings, as Burlington, the Falls of Diela- Burlington: ware, Neshaminy, Wright's Town, and Philadelphia. In Bucks this City a Concern was on my Mind to declare to Philadoim the People, that the Almighty had shewed me, chat pbia, he had often visited them in Philadelphia and Pensyl. vania, with his owa Hand; and with his own Rod;

wood, or was in a Strall, engaged co be a morao Years,

1728. but if chat did not work the designed End, for which w he visited them (of which they were told also before it

came to pass) he then would chastise them with the Rod of Man, and this was plainly spoken to me in my own Habication, as tho it had been the Voice of a Man, cho' it was not vocal.

The 12th of the Eleventh Month, being First-day, I was at Horsham Meeting, and had a tender bowing Time therein ; and in my Way home visired some Friends who were fick, it being a Time of general Visitation in those Parts, and the nixt Seventh Day I was at the Meeting of Ministers and Elders at Pbiladelphia, were we had a good Mieting; here I was

earnettly desired to be at the Funeral of Edmund OrpFrankfore. wood, the eldest Friend belonging to Frankfort Meet

ing; but was in a Strait, this Friend, being my Neighbour, and I had before engaged co be at the Burial of one with whom I had been acquainted near 40 Years, therefore I did my Endeavour to be at both, being each of them buried in the Afternoon, and five Miles disFant; the Days being short also, divers told me it was impracticable; I told them they might be mistaken, as they were, for though we had a large Meeting, and the Company of Rowland Wilson, from Britain, who had large and good Service therein, yet after Meeting we mounted and got to Philadelphia, about a Quarter ofan Hour after the Corps was brought into the Meeting-house, as I was informed; we had a large, and as I thought, a good Meeting, after which I went home, being weary in my Body, but thankful in my Heart, that the Almighty had been with us, and helped us to perform that Day's Service.

On the 20th of the Eleventh Month, and Secondday of the Week, I went into a Piece of Ground (which I was clearing for Meadow) in order to give Directions to the Workmen, and one of the Trees fell contrary to the Kerf, and also to the Wind, which was then at North West, and when I saw ic falling to

wards wards me, I ran from it, but before I could get out of 1728. the Way it fell upon me, across my Back, from my w Shoulder to my Hips, and struk me down to the Earth, where for some Time I lay speechless, and in all Likelihood I should have been immediately killed, if I had not been providentially preferved by the Body of the falling Tree lying on a Stunip, which prevented ics crushing me, as I lay on the Ground. A Friend that was near me with a Horfe, desired the Wood-cutters. (when they were recovered from the Surprize, and I to che Use of my Speech) to help me on his Horfe, and I rode home, but in extreme Mifery, and I was under great Concern, left I should surprize my Wife and Children suddenly. We sent to Pbiladelphia for Dr. Griffith Owen, who came in about two Hours, and let me Blood, and ordered several Things to be apply'd and taken, which thro' divine Favour proved very serviceable to me; notwithstanding which I was in great Pain many Days, and long and tedious Nights, not being able either to feed my felf, nor turn in my Bed, for a great while. In this Confinement I was at Times favoured with a very comfortable Sense of the Prefence of God, whose Providence is over all his Works; and as his Love to me was great, fo the Love of his People was also, many of whom, and of my Neighbours, came to fee me, fympathifing with me in my Distress; but among them I had one of Job's Comforters, who wick. edly abused me in this low State. I can fcarce forbear mentioning his Name, having Example for it in holy Writ, but through the Lord's Helpl'll put on Charity.

The gth of the Twelfth Month, I got abroad che first Time to our Meeting at Frankfort, with which divers expressed their Gladnefs to see me there again. In this Meeting I exhorted them to think on Eternity, and to prepare for it, by living To-day as tho they were to die To-morrow; for I found it by Experience to be needful, and then if fudden Death comes, it will not surprize us...


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