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and as it were lost in a corner of the universe, without knowing who placed him there, for what object he is there, or what will become of him at death ; I am seized with horror, like a man who had been carried while asleep to a waste and desolate island, and who awakes without knowing where he is, or without having any means of escaping from the island. And then I can only wonder, why we do not fall into despair at so miserable a condition.-I look around me on every side, and see every where only darkness. Nature affords me nothing which does not fill me with doubt and disquiet. Did I see absolutely nothing to point me to God, I would determine on entire infidelity. Could I find every where the traces of the Creator, I would rest in the peace of faith ; but since I see too much to deny, and too little to be certain, I am in a most deplorable state."

““ It is in vain," says Pascal, in another passage, “to attempt to convert the wicked by pointing to the works of God, to the course of the moon, of the planets, etc. The creation preaches the Creator to those only who already have a lively faith in their hearts.” Compare with this the accordant sentiment of the first chapter of the Epistle to the Romans; how, according to Paul, the foolish, darkened heart of the heathen turned from the worship of God to the worship of the creature, and how the most shameful vices went hand and hand with this idolatry. How is it possible that so many divines, in the very face of these historical facts, should undertake to preach God and virtue to men, without

any reference to Christ ! It is the same as to immor, tality, about which many gaily dream in times of health, while they are unable, when it comes to that, to comfort a poor Christian when dying."

Among those who thus dream is Dr. Bretschneider, when he speaks of Astronomy as follows: “ This sublime science, which enlarges our conceptions of immortality by views so inspiring, and which, by opening a view of innumerable worlds, offers the surest pledges of our spiritual life beyond the grave.” . . Pledges ! What if we had no other pledges of immortality! In view of the stars could I, poor man, bound to the earth, and struck with horror at mouldering corpses, build hopes or rather claims for immortality ? This would be enthusiasm indeed!

* Instead of this astronomical phantasy about immortality, which resembles some sentimental sermons we hear, let the reader refer to the language of that horrible feeling, to which contemplation of nature, so far as it is just, must lead the man who turns away from Christ.

“ There has," writes Werther, “as it were, a curtain drawn itself round my soul. And the theatre of a boundless life has changed before me into the abyss of an ever open grave. Canst thou say that any thing is, since every thing


passes away ; ---since every thing rolls along with the speed of a tempest, and seldom outlasts the whole power of its being, hurried along by the stream, whelmed beneath the waves, or dashed against the rocks !-since there is no moment which does not waste thee, and thine around thee !... My heart is undermined by that consuming power, which lies concealed in universal nature, which has formed nothing which does not destroy what is nearest to it, and itself. Thus disquieted, I reel along,--the heavens and earth, and their moving powers around me; I see nothing but a monster ever devouring, and ever again reproducing ! "

· Thus does death sport with all these heathen phantasies of immortality, and shows his fearful power, which destroys the tender grass of the spring and the new-born infant alike, it may be sooner or later, but yet inevitably. “ In the midst of life, we are surrounded by death. Whom shall we seek for help, that we may


? Thou, Lord, alone, art able to succour us.

Yes, thou alone! In the wide, wide world, there is no other help. Therefore thanks be to God, who hath given us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.'



In the press, Professor Vaughan's New Work on the Causes of the Corruptions of Christianity, being the Second Volume of the Congregational Lecture.

In the press, The Truth and Excellence of the Christian Revelation, demonstrated in two Addresses to the Young and the Unlearned, by W. Youngman.

Preparing for publication, Illustrations, with a Topographical and Descriptive Account, of Cassiobury-Park, Hertfordshire; the Seat of the Earl of Essex. By John Britton, F.S.A., &c. The Work will consist of about Forty Pages of Letter-Press, in Folio, and at least Thirty Embellishments. The Publication will be limited to 150 Copies, price Three Guineas, and a few coloured at Six Guineas.

In the press, A Series of Essays on Revealed Characteristics of God, by G. Barrow Kidd, Minister of Roe St. Chapel, Macclesfield, in 1 volume, 8vo.

" The Country Town,” will form the fifth number of the popular and useful series of Treatises on Domestic Economy, now publishing by the Rev. Charles B. Tayler, under the Title of Social Evils and their Remedy,” and will appear early this month.

In the press,

In the press, Redemption; or the New Song in both worlds, by Robert Philip, of Maberly Chapel, Author of the Experimental Guides, Manly Piety, &c.

Dr. Southey is engaged upon a life of Dr. Watts, to accompany a new Edition of the Hora Lyricæ, forming the ninth Vol. of the • Sacred Classics.

The Rev. Ingram Cobbin has just published the first volume of an Evangelical Synopsis, for the use of Families ; or, the Holy Bible, with notes explanatory and practical, selected from the most eminent Biblical authorities, and interspersed with original remarks. This work will give the spirit of many hundred authors, and is adapted both for families and private students, &c. It will be completed in three vols.

“ The present state of Aural Surgery, or methods of treating Deafness, Diseases of the Ears, the Deaf and Dumb, &c. Addressed to the honorable the Members of the Committee, for inquiring into the state of the Medical and Surgical profession. By W. Wright, Esq., Surgeon Aurist to her late Majesty, Queen Charlotte, &c. &c. &c.

In the press, Baucroft's History of the United States from the discovery

of the American Continent to the present time. In the press, The Gun; or, a Treatise on small Fire-Arms, from the damascus down to the musket, or common iron barrel; with the various processes, suggestions for improvements, experiments, &c. &c., by William Greener.

Mr. Rowbotham has in the press, a New Guide to the French Language, in Conversations, Dialogues, and a Copious Vocabulary with the pronunciation to the most difficult words, for the use of schools and travellers.

In the press and shortly will be published, a Treatise on Physical Optics: in which 300 phenomena are stated and explained, on the Principles of Gravitation; including the most interesting and difficult relation to the Motion, Reflection, &c., of Light; the Solar Spectrum; Colours of Thin and Thick Plates ; Diffraction ; Polarisation ; Colours of Thin Crystals; Vision ; Colours of Natural Bodies, &c.

A History of British Fishes, with wood-cuts of all the species and numerous illustrative Vignettes, intended as a companion to Bewick’s British Birds, is in a forward state. The descriptions by William Yarrell, F.L.S. This work will contain about 50 species more than the last published catalogue of British Fishes.

The Van Diemen's Land Annual and Guide, for 1834, has just been received from Hobart Town, and will be published in a few days, containing valuable information for the guidance of Emigrants ;; a brief History of the Colony, its Commerce, Institutions, Schools, Agriculture, &c., with other useful and important intelligence connected with that flourishing Colony.

Preparing for publication, a Selection of Three Hundred Psalm Tunes, suitable for congregational and family worship, and adapted to the Hymn Books in general use in Churches and Chapels, arranged for four voices, with a separate accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte. The whole newly harmonized by Vincent Novello, Esq., or other eminent composers, with many originals by Novello, Samuel Wesley, Samuel Webb, Horsley, Atwood, and others contributed expressly for this work. To be published in three Parts. The first Part is expected to be ready by the 1st of November.

In the press, Human Physiology. By John Elliotson, M.D: Cantab. F.R.S. President of the Medical and Chirurgical, and of the Phrenological Societies of London, Professor of the Practice of Medical and Clinical Medicine, and Dean of the Faculty, in the University of London, Physician to the London University Hospital, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c. With which is incorporated much of the Institutiones Physiologiæ of J. F. Blumenbach, M.D. F.R.S. Professor of Medicine in the University of Göttingen. Fifth Edition ; with a large number of Anatomical Woodcuts, for illustration to the general reader. The last edition has been taken to pieces, and the contents arranged in a new and natural order; and a large quantity, of fresh matter has been added which has not yet found its way into any physiological work.

Preparing for publication, Observations on the Preservation of Hearing, and on the choice, use, and abuse of Ear-Trumpets, &c. By I. H. Curtis, Esq., Aurist to the King.

The Autobiography of a Dissenting Minister will be ready for Publication about the middle of October.

Friendship's Offering for 1835, will appear on the 1st of November, in its usual style of elegant binding, and with an array of highly finished Engravings, after celebrated paintings, by Chalon, Parris, Wood, Purser, Stone, Barrett, and other eminent artists. Its carefully selected Literature will also comprise contributions from the most popular writers, thus preserving that high character of superior excellence for which this old and favourite annual has always been distinguished.



BIOGRAPHY, Memoirs of Captain James Wilson. By the late Rev. John Griffin, Portsea. Fourth edition. With portrait. 18mo. 4s. cloth.


MISCELLANEOUS. Summer Rambles ; illustrative of the Pleasure derived from the Study of Natural History. With plates. Plain, 3s. 6d. boards; or coloured, 5s. silk.

The Trial of Captain Augustus Wathen, of the Fifteenth, or King's Hussars. 8vo, bs. boards.

The British Critic and the Rev. Richard Watson: Strictures upon the British Critic, No. XXXI., Article I.: Review of Jackson's Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Richard Watson. 8vo. Is.

Byroniana. The Opinions of Lord Byron on Men, Manners and Things ; with the Parish Clerk's Album, kept at his burial-place, Hucknall Torkard. 18mo. 2s. 61. boards.

The Truth and Excellence of the Christian Revelation, demonstrated in two Addresses, intended principally for the Young and the unlearned. By W. Young

12mo. 3s cloth. A Discourse of Natural and Moral Impotency. By Joseph Truman, B.D. A New Edition, with a Biographical Introduction by Henry Rogers. In royal 16mo. 3s. cloth.

Redemption; or the New Song in Heaven, the Test of Truth and Duty on Earth. By Rev. R. Philip, of Maberly Chapel. 18mo., cloth lettered, price 2s. 6d.

On the Atonement and Intercession of Jesus Christ. By the Rev. William Symington, Stranraer. 8vo., 10s.

The Philosophy of the Evidences of Christianity. By James Steele. 8vo, 7. 6d.



Cattermole's illustrated edition of Dr. Aikin's Calendar of Nature; or Natural History of each Month of the Year. With a few additions to the text, by a Fellow of the Linnæan and Zoological Societies. 48. 6d. cloth lettered.

The New British Province of South Australia; or, a Description of the Country. Illustrated with charts and views, and an account of the principles, objects, plan, and prospects of the New Colony. In a small pocket volume bound in cloth. 2s.6d.




With an

The Deity, a Poem, in Twelve Books. By Thomas Ragg, Author of “ The Incarnation and other Poems." Introductory Essay by Isaac Taylor, Esq., of Ongar. 12mo. 8s.

Philip Van Artevelde; a Dramatic Ro. mance, in 2 parts. By Henry Taylor, Esq. 2 vols., 10s. boards.

Travels into Bokhara; being the Account of a Journey from India to Cabool, Tarary, and Persia; also Narrative Voyage by the Indus, by routes never before taken by any European, while on a Mission to the Court of Lanore with Presents from the King of Great Britain. By Lieut. Alexander Burnes, F.R.S. With numerous Plates, 3 vols. 8vo.

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