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Our grandmothers, though they were wont to

up the last in the family, were all of them fast asleep at the same hours that their daughters are busy at crimp and basset. Modern statesmen are concerting schemes, and engaged in the depth of politics, at the time when their forefathers were laid down quietly to rest, and had nothing in their heads but dreams. As we have thus thrown business and pleasure into the hours of rest, and by that means made the natural night but half as long as it should be, we are forced to piece it out with a great part of the morning ; so that near two-thirds of the nation lie fast asleep for several hours in broad day-light. This irregularity is grown so very fashionable at present, that there is scarce a lady of quality in GreatBritain that ever saw the sun rise. And, if the humour increases in proportion to what it has done of late years, it is not impossible but our children may hear the bell-man going about the streets at nine o'clock in the morning, and the watch making their rounds until eleven. This unaccountable disposition in mankind to continue awake in the night, and sleep in the sun-shine, has made me inquire, whether the same change of inclination has happened to any other animals ? For this reason, I desired a friend of mine in the country to let me know, whether the lark rises as early as he did formerly; and whether the cock begins to crow at bis usual hour? My friend has answered me, “ that his poultry are as regular as ever, and that all the birds and beasts of his neighbourhood keep the same hours that they have observed in the memory of man; and the same which, in all probability, they have kept for these five thousand years.”

If you would see the innovations that have been made among us in this particular, you may only Look into the hours of colleges, where they still dine at elmen, ani cup at sir, which were dobles the traits of the whole fatum at the time when those phases were finted. But al presunt, the units fjtieties # warım ortimd in Wester-ball at the fifth « 11 Wim kutus used to go to dintung in it. All tutures 1 driven furward, 'I he land. Inaiką of trit fathrea, if I may so call them, are reinwed, and polisated further up into the day iniwaintu hi, that lan stand our clergy will be obliged, if thimy expect full asigro gatunti, bot to look any thre upusti ti to stwiek in the morning, as a canonical lour,

In my own truiry, the dinner has crrpt by de. Nr to twelve oskurk to three, and where it will hix twirly known,

I have trietimes thought to draw up a memorial in the brouf of Supper against Ditur, setting furth, that the said Dinner has made several ineremu huwts up the said Supper, and entered very 1.1 upon his fronteras that he has banislied Lim out of several families, and in all las driven him from his head quarters, and forced him to make his retreat into the hours of midnights and, in short, that he is now in danger of being entirely contunded and lost in a breakfast, Those wlui have to Lucian, and seen the complaints of the letter T' wygainst 8, upon account of many injuris wid usipations of the same nature, will not, I believe, think such a memorial torced and unnatural. Ii dimet has been thus postponed, or, if you please, kapit back from time to time, you may be sure that it hus bren in compliance with the other business of the day, and that suppor bas still observed a propontuable distance, There is a vencrable proverb, whileli we liave all of us heard in our intancy, of

putting the children to-bed, and laying the goons to the litt," This was one of the jocular sayings of our furclathere, but may be properly uscd in this

literal sense at present. Who would not wonder at this perverted relish of those who are reckoned the most polite part of mankind, that prefer sea coals and candles to the sun, and exchange so many chearful morning hours, for the pleasures of midnight revels and debauches? If a man was only to consult his health, he would choose to live his whole time, if possible, in day-light; and to retire out of the world into silence and sleep, while the raw damps and unwholesome vapours fly abroad, without a sun to disperse, moderate, or controul them. For my own part, I value an hour in the morning as much as common libertines do an hour at midnight. When I find myself awakened into being, and perceive my life renewed within me, and at the same time see the whole face of nature recovered out of the dark uncomfortable state in which it lay for several hours, my heart overflows with such secret sentiments of joy and gratitude, as are a kind of implicit praise to the great Author of Nature. The mind, in these early seasons of the day, is so refreshed in all its faculties, and borne up with such new supplies of animal spirits, that she finds herself in a state of youth, especially when she is entertained with the breath of flowers, the melody of birds, the dews that hang upon the plants, and all those other sweets of nature that are peculiar to the morning.

It is impossible for a man to have this relish of being, this exquisite taste of life, who does not come into the world before it is in all its noise and hurry; who loses the rising of the sun, the still hours of the day, and, immediately upon his first getting up, plunges himself into the ordinary cares or follies of the world.

I shall conclude this paper with Milton's inimitable description of Adam's awakening his Eve in

Paradise, which inderd would have been a place as
little delightul as a barren heath or desert io those
who slepe in it. The fundness of the posture in
which Adım is representel, and the softness of his
whisper, are passages in this divine poem that are
above all commendation, and rather to be admired
than prais d.

Now Mor her ro‘y steps in the eastern c'ime
Advancing, sou'd the earlit with orien' reall,
When Acam nak'J, so custom'd; for his slecp
Was airy lig" from puellige stin bied,
Ardtemperate vapouis boud, which thi' only sound
Orleaves and fuming rll, Aurora's fan,
Lighly dispers'd, and the shall matin song
Of brds on every tough; so much the more
His wonder was to find anwaken'u Eve,
With tresses discompos'd, and glowing cheek,
As through unquiel rest. He on his side
I canlig hallorisu, will locks of cordial love,
Hung o ciber ebaroul'd, and belield
Benty, what, whether w king or asicer,
Shot forth peculiar giace. Then with voice
Mild as when Z phyrus on Flora breathes,
Her land soft wuching, whipei's thus : Awake,
My fairest, my espous'd, my lice i found,
Heavan's last linee gift, niy ever new delight,; the morning shines, and the fiesta field
Calls us ; we lose the prime, to mi k how sping
Our tended plants, how blows the citron grove,
What drops the myrrh, and what the balmy reed,
How nature paints her colours, how the bec
Siis on the bloom extr cting liquid sweets.

Such whispering wisk'd her, but with startled eyo
On Adam, whom embracing, thus she spake.

O sole! in whom my thoughits find all repose,
My glory, my perfection, glad I see
Thy face, and more relil n'd

MILTON's Par. Lost, b. V. I. 1, &c.

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N°264. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16,1710.

Favete linguis

HOR. I Od. iii. 2.

Favour your tongues.

From my own Apartment, Decemler 15. Boccalini, in his “ Parnassus,” indicts a laconic writer for speaking that in three words which he might have said in two, and sentences him for his punishment to read over all the works of Guicciardini. This Guicciardini is so very prolix and circumstantial in his writings, that I remember our countryman, doctor Donne, speaking of that majestic and concise manner in which Moses has described the creation of the world, adds, “ that if such an author as Guicciardini were to have written on such a subject, the world itself would not have been able to have contained the books that

gave the history of its creation."

I look upon a tedious talker, or what is generally known by the name of a story-teller, to be much more insufferable than even a prolix writer. An author may be tossed out of your hand, and thrown aside when he grows dull and tiresome; but such liberties are so far from being allowed towards your orators in coinmon corv'rsation, that I wave known a challenge sent a person for going out of the room abruptly, and leaving a man of honour in the midst of a dissertation. This evil is at present so very common and epidemical, that there is scarce a coffee-house in town that has not some speakers be

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